Contrary to all human expectations: there is an end to the resources, realities, and ability to survive on this planet; because humanity takes so much. What was possible with 4 billion people, is absolutely NOT possible with 8 billion people, and so on. Contrary to the university propaganda spread through media: our future is NOT, “billions more people” without a price. Our future is dead, unless we care enough to control ourselves, and protect this world, FROM US.

So we begin with, WHAT IF: we the people destroyed chains of life, that keep this earth in balance and provide massive links to a wide variety of diversity in life of all kinds? One of those links in the food chain is insects. Without them, there are few birds, reptiles, aquatic life, amphibians, small mammals, or pollinated plants. With 30 trillion gallons of toxic waste already in the ground years back according to the EPA. With trillions of gallons of toxic chemicals of all kinds spread across this world on a yearly basis. With the areas that have been injected with toxic waste considered to be full DECADES back. With mutilated plants overrunning much of America, including plants deliberately designed, with one small change; to kill insects. With a sea of chemicals released throughout cities. With pharmaceuticals to mutilate genetic materials throughout life on earth, “because they are invasive realities that: do something, to the body of life”. With trawlers that “take every last fish, and machines, university instructions “they fish, etc; are here”. With trillions of tons of garbage thrown everywhere. With trillions of tons of toxic materials in the air, from combustion, etc. With fires so prevalent throughout human populations, cars, housing, etc: the oxygen concentration of our atmosphere is diminishing. With antibiotics clearly the only means of “factory farming livestock”/ and there known end coming soon; most of the food, water, and even air we breathe will soon be gone. That leaves war, and cannibalism/ or lay down and die.

WHAT IF; your leaders in a frantic move to remove a few of these problems associated with fire/ decided to “ignite the same fire here” as is on the sun. Believing in lies/ discarding all reality, because what they want; is a solution which proves the university is their god. All bow down in worship of us. Risking this entire world; because once ignited, there is no going back. Either the fire simply extinguishes itself, because according to the university “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. OR, as realities and laws governing physics apply: the fire itself produces the gravity/ thereby it will simply grow and consume the surface, ALL LIFE, on this entire earth in about 45 days. There are NO SECOND CHANCES; once that fire which obviously consumes atomic bonds/ just like a fire here on earth consumes molecular bonds to get its energy: “The fuel” cannot be taken away. We all die! And yet people just look away, can’t spend a penny in defense of an entire world, won’t do one damn thing: because their fear of the university cult is nearly absolute. “They talk too well/ they will consume us/ they are an army of ridicule, stealth, and hatred of those they made into slaves: us, as in we the people”. If you believe you aren’t a slave/ then look at the accounting, and find clearly and without any doubt whatsoever: we are given only counterfeit money, in exchange for work. Even though that buys, until the collapse; reality will prove what it also does is REMOVE the future, by pretending lies are more than lies which cannot survive. They just make every situation worse/ every calamity/ every crisis multiplied; is that not so!

WHAT IF, we needed trees to hold the planetary atmosphere, in check with the rotation of this earth. Because the university says, where there is sufficient atmosphere: the “average atmospheric planetary speed of both Venus and Jupiter are roughly 700 mph for instance. Earth alone is different, and these planets HAVE rocks, and mountains. That ain’t the difference! WHAT IF, a spinning mass as this planet is; would need to be balanced, such as an automobile tire for instance. As a person who works with tires, very, very little weight; an ounce or less out of balance on one tire; influences the entire car. Humanity has already redistributed trillions of tons/ and that does include massive water displacement by the melting of ice.
WHAT IF the chains of life in the ocean were dependent upon a life source growing on that ice. WHAT IF, the organisms that produced oxygen and provided a base food source for the ocean were harvested in record numbers. WHAT IF, the sea was empty; and the predator fish could find nothing; but human garbage, traps, and toxic waste. All true.
WHAT IF; the university tried to make genetic materials/ genetic life, which is NATURE ITSELF; because that, “is what builds a body called life”: destroy itself? That is exactly what your scientists do/ and they invite every human being to try to do the same; stating “this will just improve your life/ because chaos as is the religion of evolution designed everything”. The damned/ the dead/ and the absolutely pathetic; controlling your world, gambling their religion can bring “grace and truth to life” BY CREATING CHAOS IN EVERYTHING WE DEPEND UPON TO SURVIVE, OR EVEN BE HUMAN OURSELVES. And not a single human being works against them, but me. SHAME ON YOU! Damn fools.

WHAT IF: the future was stolen from every child/ because every child needs resources to make life work. Without a resource, it doesn’t matter how smart you are/ you CAN’T do anything. Without a resource, there is no future! Humanity as in the powerful, as in human society; are literally throwing the future into the garbage; deliberately assassinating every child, and every other living thing as well. Humanity as in “university leadership”/ HAS GIVEN UP ON LIFE; because they are cowards, failures, and fools. We cannot give up on life, or the planet dies. We CANNOT be as the university diploma has been: I WANT EVERYTHING FOR ME, NOW. So I will steal the future from every child, because there is no future for them anyway; who can stop a world filled with liars & thieves! This is a fight, and no one is excused/ not for any cause: our world is dying, our world is threatened with extinction/ and it is entirely “humans at fault”!
WHAT IF, your universities and governments and other individuals; were building biological weapons of mass destruction/ because they know, soon we will be too damn many people on earth to survive even across this entire planet. So they have prepared: “SOMEBODY, is going to die”/ by the billions; even potentially all! WHAT IF, your militaries and governments were prepared to remove large portions of the population by other weapons of mass destruction: SOMEBODY has to die/ we are too many people”. WHAT IF, your contributions to medicine, were in fact the means to create pandemic’s across this planet. Because that is in fact, what they are doing/ along with intentionally mutilating life, and throwing anything that lives out into nature; in a desperate attempt to change this environment and create catastrophe. NATURE is DNA; and it will soon be IN CHAOS/ because of what the universities and others trained by university INTENTIONALLY, DO. All true. But then it is also true: if humanity does not get its population count under control/ there is NO future for anyone; period. A fact of life, that will not be discarded with lies. Even though the media itself knows nothing but lies, on any of these matters. OR, all the rest that waits to destroy this world. Lasers built that threaten, not only a world from the ignition of “sun fire”/ but threaten to unleash world war 3, just like the Cuban missile crisis threatened to end nearly all life on earth/ leaving behind hell; fifty some years ago. Much worse now! You are eating “the seed, for next years crop in the ocean”; think about that for one second/ and understand, that ends life.

To your shame, countless people have been approached over the last forty years: we must investigate/ prove/ and examine all these things for reality and truth! A very tiny few helpers, among an endless sea of contempt: because nearly every single one, COULD NOT see beyond their own greed. Nothing else mattered, NOTHING! Even though, “its all counterfeit, ITS ALL DEADLY to every child”/ and the university captured and destroyed, the entire treasury of this USA, to further endanger our lives and our world. Just what would “SATAN” look like or do? Answer: apart from religious connotations: the destruction of everything, would be that description of death. DAMN FOOLS. Wake up or the world ends for all.


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