the future

So, let’s talk realities

This human present, was created by the past/ just as the future is determined by what we as a humanity across this world decide to do, or not do: with the time given to us. What the earth gives to us/ what nature provides for us; are the elements from which we are allowed to govern our direction. That means, for instance; once the water is gone/ or the food is mutilated into poisons, allergies, autism, sterility, horrifying transgenic catastrophes, and all the other things “scientists” are doing; as they destroy life and planet. That direction is HELL, (we cannot survive anymore, and we now know it; our choice has ended)/ ARMAGEDDON (nature, the very fabric of our existence, is torn/ battered/ abused/ assaulted/ defiled/ destroyed/ and demeaned into chaos; nothing can be saved; we are “the living dead”)/ & THE APOCALYPSE (only revenge is left/ only cannibalism provides “food or drink”) hell is behind us; RAGE & RUIN are all that exists.

So, as is consistent with all “sewage”/ what began as “great”: has become excreted, into the catastrophe of what we as humanity have done.
And the people say: “We are LIKE gods”/ we are great, there is no catastrophe here. WE ARE, “so damn smart; the university is our religion/ our cult, beyond the grave. They are “saviors/ and all the rest, are fools, failures, or the wretched of the world”. So say the priests of “university knows”!
But lets review:
1. Antibiotics are great, we even have surgery now/ medicine is a god; those who provide it savior!
1a) but alas there have been complications. Doubling the population in 40 years/ which has stripped the environment, damaged every chain of life. A humanity attacking and is defeating nature, throughout our world. Even though the loss of nature, and all its delicate miracles means: we are truly dead, because of that. Changing livestock production to antibiotic dependent/ which now means, no food/ no chance to recover/ with one single pandemic disease attacking those creatures: humanity dies with them. Because war will come. The functional reality: humanity has been growing “super-diseases”; far beyond anything that has killed before.
So the net result of antibiotics is: for the first few decades, “it was great”! But now with the accumulation of consequences: these same things have risen against all life on earth; as a true threat to the future of life.

2. The “monkey trial”/ giving evolution its power to control and influence “government”. The POWER to attack life itself (we are god/ chaos rules)/ and thereby mutilate unending! That influence then taking over the schools, and programming every child: to be as robots are. HELL NO, you can’t think/ do only: exactly what you are programmed to do, or we will throw you on the trash. The dead brain, cannot think; “satan (let us destroy this world)” arises. Which then became: “lets all mutilate life” it will be great fun! What better way to ridicule/ or prove you “can be god too”.
2a) the consequences here are horrendous/ disrespect FOR EVERYTHING; multiplies to threaten an entire world. The children are taught other fantasies, failures, and delusions; and they become even greater robots (only the programmer knows) than their parents.

3. The atomic bomb is “GREAT”/ all worship, and let the world fear us!
3a) but alas, now the whole world has an endless supply of weapons of mass destruction/ enough to kill this world forever; many times. Controlled by fools, delivered “with the single push of a button”; available to all who hate. In a world filled with anger.

4. “Fossil fuels” are GREAT! There is no end to what we can now do. WE, will control “the world itself”. NOW, we have power over nature!
4a) but alas, there is a problem: pollution/ resource ravaging/ the rape of nature itself/ destroying and demolishing are endless/ extinction has risen as a true threat/ climate change is true/ ocean life massacred/ and “a billion more” consequences; because humanity, and in particular men. Who; Simply cannot control themselves beyond want, greed, pride, power, lust, or selfishness. So the world will die. And the university who see this coming says, “hell no we won’t change/ LETS BRING the same fire here, as on the sun”: it will be GREAT.

5. Chemicals are great, “they will change EVERYTHING”.
5a) and so they have. Poisons in the ground/ poisons in the lakes/ poisons in the aquifer/ poisons in the air/ poisons in the food/ poisons in the sea/ poisons in your home/ poisons on your clothes/ etc. Poisons pumped into agriculture by the trillion ton/ poisons spread throughout america, and across this world: because ITS EASY! HELL, “what could go wrong, with that”?
Other than, cancers; biological change; no water to drink; no food to eat; endless allergens created; birth defects; medical catastrophes; pharmaceutical invading nature; endless trips to the doctors office, as they give you even more medicines, which interfere with biological processes/ and then require you to take even more medicines; because you destroyed what nature made. Etc/ etc/ etc.
The human body, as well as every other life: is entirely dependent, particularly at its creation, on very small amounts of very specialized biological chemicals to direct, control, and create the processes which build a body of life. To remove or interfere with a single one of these chemicals nature made; is to remove life, or mutilate its existence; “forever”. People who “love their chemicals in all forms”: DO THAT, or attempt to do that, every single day. The children will pay with their lives! But then hey, “what’s cancer & tragedies for, if you can’t share it”. So lets make more biological weapons of mass destruction: “To celebrate: university knows”.

6. Industrial mass production, DAMN why didn’t we have this before; ITS GREAT! After all, we can make whatever we want; the future don’t need no damn resources. HELL, let them find their own/ nobody gave us nothing, “we had to go steal (take more than you need/ discarding the children, and their need) it”. Let them fight; “make em tough” .
6a) but alas, then comes the reality your children don’t want to die/ because of what you chose to do. And neither do you. But everything you need to survive, is either destroyed/ or in the garbage pit. GOT to keep this job: THROW IT AWAY, so we can make more. Amongst all the poison/ on top of the water supply: will soon be “all that is left of resources on this earth”. And there ain’t no money left/ cause its all counterfeit. And there ain’t nothing but hate (you need to die), fire (you can’t have this either), and guns (I can) left; because the future is dead.

7. University took over government/ exploited everyone and everything: just to prove, “we are gods/ you are nothing”.
7a) but alas, even though you have proven to be “satan”/ you can’t live either. Even though you took over all the money, and then counterfeited so much more: its worthless to you as well as us. Because it is based upon “an empty vault.” Every facet of corruption in government; after more than 50 years of “a university diploma” decides. Is yours! Every conspiracy to overthrow democracy and erect yourselves as rulers: is treason! Every threat we face, has been multiplied many times; because of what you did. Every life that will end in horror, is a direct result: of a university diploma, and the consequences of every experiment without respect for life. Every fantasy you forged from delusion; is poverty spread upon this earth. Every failure to accept the price of peace is justice; belongs to you. Every terrorist action, across this world: has been influenced by what you did or did not do; with regards to life itself. The disgrace of America; is you. The tragedy of a complete failure to accept the results of evidence by its own truth/ to honor this world of creation, and protect its life: is a propaganda campaign by media to say, “DON’T worry, the university is god”. Yet the only proven “god” you can be: is destroyers of this world. That is the summation of your work. Because nothing beyond life and planet itself, substantially matters. The judgment then is: you proved life; the sanctity of our world; justice; a future; respect (literally everything) does not matter! Other than your own greed/ to a university diploma.

As is true of all “broad based” reflections of any group or kind: this is “a view of the majority”/ NOT a judgment of any individual participant. Because each is responsible, for their own decision; as are we all.
Evidence decides what truth is. Biblical prophecy is, a method of interpretation based upon what people of that time were doing. The end result of both Daniel (we all die in flames quickly)/ or Revelation (we have a choice: either continue without change chapters 1-11/ OR choose dramatic change to save life on earth).
Regardless of the religious aspects. The words Do prove; what humanity was doing thousands of years ago/ is little different than today. The only real difference in what men (the leaders/ rulers both past and present) do today is: their fantasies & counterfeiting/ their fears: have let tools be built, to exterminate our world.
In other words: true change removes men from leadership, because this reality: is what they choose to do, as a majority led group. This change removes money from making the decisions: which DOES mean, LIFE MUST COME FIRST!
That leaves only women, as a group to try; as is the interpretation of Revelation 12 and beyond. They can’t do worse.
Are you certain: WE DON’T need no damn change? Because when the price of being wrong is an entirely DEAD earth; “perhaps you should reconsider”. Lies build nothing but chaos.
Because you will have to pay, either way.


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