THE PRICE, of love.

Every life is a path, because individually we must make the decisions that become “the treasury of our lives”. To surrender that reality, and enter within “the flock/ we go together as one”; is to destroy the integrity of self, and choose to “believe” you are a prey, rather than “simply human”. That brings us, to the moments which must be strictly personal, and cannot accept “a flock decides”. Or more simply: love, invades the soul, and gives birth to the intensities “of a beating heart” shared by you and me. It is not, “a community decision”/ or it will never enter within “the treasuries of your time”.

The price of love, examines the foundations upon which you will discover: just how much this love means to you. Want exists to destroy that love, by making people believe they can manipulate, tempt, control, or purchase the love of someone else; by deceit, sex, or any other method which moves them in a direction that you choose. This is plotting and planning, much like men do in war/ it is wrong. It will kill, cripple, or maim the life you could have shared/ or did not earn, could not earn, or was simply “not to be”.
Men and women commonly choose want over love, because they do not trust/ they cannot trust/ they are not trustworthy/ or they simply don’t want, “to pay the price” of love itself. That price is: to share your soul, and become a living example of what true happiness can be. Many, are afraid of that/ believing if I am that vulnerable, then I will surely be sorry; because people have treated me bad, or I have been discarded/ disrespected/ used/ or abused in the past. Even though at the time, “I did trust”. Children learn quickly, and then seek to use that learning; mimicking, even controlling adults and other children, “Just to see if they can”. These games invade life, cause distress in many, and afflict the ability to be happy; by removing the value “of you”/ to me.
Of the many games men and women play; sex is the predominant reality. I want/ I need/ I buy/ I steal/ I cheat/ I betray/ I love or I hate; are all elements of dating, for the vast majority. Every time trust cannot be maintained, because truth is denied or love is betrayed; life loses a little more ability to participate, as friends. These consequences are elevated by sex/ wherein the closeness or intensity of a chosen moment is compromised with lies; changes male and female relationships sometimes forever. As a young man, it can be said “I was desirable, at least for a time”. The consequence being: opportunities to share the experience of being “alive, in you”. That led to “claims of pregnancy/ assertions of abortion (can’t prove it); until you start running out of fingers and toes to count on. Even though, “yes/ yes, its perfectly safe”: too late now, “oh, I lied”; etc/etc/ etc! Can’t really blame a woman who is just trying to keep, what she believes will be a “blessing to her life”. Yet cannot stay, because lies ruin everything called love: “you cannot, be trusted”. Gender issues, then become a game/ or you simply have to stop; “can’t do it anymore”. The price is too high.
So the game people play, both as men and women is: to own the property of another, and control their lives for your own purpose and desire. At least, to attain marriage/ and then, “who gets to be leader: which is the same as saying, I WANT, what I want. Then I paid, for what I want/ you owe me. Which then becomes you must change.”? That too, becomes a different game, not love/ and depression will set in, where love should be. Because that is what “you” chose; instead of truth and reality should decide for time/ let only love through trust, decide for us. Either direction: That is what you chose together/ because it does take two, to decide we will try this anyway/ or do what love allows. Love isn’t fickle/ but it is seriously bound, to the possibilities of hope, and the desire filled with happiness.
When disappointed repeatedly, the common choice among men and women is: to entrap, so as to “get what I want/ as in I AM, going shopping now”. Which ends in lies, sex, and manipulation! Which ends in other things than love, which does include a child: “mine”. That decision is not love/ it is want, overriding the critical need, to belong to each other, “without ownership”. Because love, never owns/ it can only share, through an honest or even eternal, desire to care. Caring creates the blessing. Love creates the message. You establish “the life, you will share; within soul”.
So the real question becomes: what, does life within soul, as love; truly mean? Even though few will attain it/ because trust has died; the cost of want/ the decision to own, rather than share or care.
Life exists, through the essence of several processes combined. Soul establishes a communication between the very foundation of existence, “which is GOD”; and you. While love exhibits the fundamental truths, which combine into the creation of trust, which gives our soul, “a heartbeat” between time and eternity. No small thing.

No greater example of love exists, than the writing which describes “JESUS, called the Christ”. HIS path leads to the individuality, of a personal quest; to find truth, and establish a trust that will become eternal. The question of what happens when you die; is then limited, to love binds; because we choose to share. We accept/ respect/ and honor each other because we care. How is that not enough, to remove fear?

The questions of love extend, to a world on the brink of chaos. Even to biblical prophecy, that defines a state of mercy “as in GOD will allow this to end quickly”. Or as in Revelation: a reality of this moment, “they will accept true change/ or reap the reward they followed & chose”. If you get what you demand by freedom: is that not what you wanted, demanded, and did create for yourselves? Indeed it is. Or, if you change truly; that comes only with respect, and the dignity of a decision described as: “life for a planet, before the selfishness of me”. How is that not “a true choice”/ based upon your own decision, for a future, or not! Not a game/ life is not a game.

Love examines; the price of life itself, is to remain within the environmental constraints established by time and reality. If not, you are at war/ or in danger of destruction. The question raised by: I AM too angry to remain, in a world being destroyed by all things vile, cowardice, or evil. As in LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT, than this! Or, not without a fight.
That, is a reality of me; perhaps others, to one degree or another. If it is you, hate is lurking/ and you must be careful. As for me; hate is not lurking: because that would allow the creation of an enemy/ that would then be confronted. As is the evidence throughout all of history. When you create an enemy for yourself/ you disembody existence, and turn it into judgment. Let the law decide instead. Because nothing is more primitive or simple minded: than to believe change of value, will come “with a gun/ or bomb/ or fire/ or even an army”. It is the humanity itself, that must change to accomplish something better. Got a gun; how many can you kill/ still billions left; YOU will lose. Got a bomb; you simply destroyed resources life needed; now you have none: all LOSE, because the enemy here, does not begin with “I”. Got a fire? Are you prepared to starve too/ live in the rain and cold/ be surrounded by desolation and debris without value: or be attacked by the others who are now in need? Answer the question, ARE YOU not the enemy, of life itself, not just human? Or, got an army; “now we’re talking”/ we will make change. And indeed they do, raping/ ravaging/ destroying/ denying life the most important definition of time, “to survive, and create food, water, shelter, etc”. You win: desolation, starvation, thirst, death or endless work/ without the resources to rebuild; congratulations. Or, You lose, “slave/ maimed/ or dead”; congratulations, but should have killed more, “isn’t that so”; alas it was not possible. Therefore, Its time for “weapons of mass destruction”. BECAUSE IF WE LOSE/ SO DO YOU! “Savior of hell/ ain’t that so”; kill the world in REVENGE, cannot be taken back. It is the world of humanity, that must change, to survive this time. While all say, “WE ARE doing great”/ THE EVIDENCE does prove where your truth is heading. But it takes a mind at a minimum a tiny brain; and through university leadership and the propagation of delusions and their fantasies; that brain is missing. You have failed/ or we would not be standing, where all life on earth, can die soon. “Too big” for you to grasp? Some elements are listed on my sites, linked through here Go search, use your mind. Or, just consider the most obvious forms of threat; as in experiments deliberately trying to ignite sunfire here. A ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel. Their claim “it will just extinguish itself/ cause not enough gravity here”. GAMBLING OUR ENTIRE WORLD, on that brainless theory. No going back. Or in more insidious ways; a population increase of over 2 million more human mouths to feed every single week/ already standing as one person: per one acre of agricultural land claimed by nations; on this entire planet….with an ocean that soon will be extinct of all life. Or the endless reality of men; as is clearly identified with toxic pollution injected into the ground around high density population. Decades ago, I researched one in Chicago, made it part of a hospital billing trial (your leaders know): stated expectations for the site was, “filled, by 1980 I think it was”. Still using it today, calling it a permanent injection site now. Well over 30 trillion gallons of the worst poisons, injected in a tiny few wells, in America. At about 1200 feet, for the worst; the well stops/ injection begins. Measure out “less than one quarter mile” and understand this is: where the poison lurks beneath our feet. Then identify what happens when the flood “escapes”. Mutilating life/ mutilating food/ collapsing food chains/ destroying the climate, and moving trillions of tons of weight, in the form of water now not ice; around the world. And more, than I could write “On a thousand pages” of failure; because this, is where the universities led. NOT ONE damn decision for life. An entire world thrown away; Everything, for power/ greed/ selfishness/ or hate. And you follow them to Hell (we have lost everything), Armageddon (nature in chaos), the Apocalypse (kill them all/ they killed us). And so on, destroying the future for every child on earth that is, or would have been. To your eternal shame.

I, facing this reality that cannot be changed by force, or by men (because this is what they chose, as a majority together). Realizing men can’t change themselves; THIS IS the best, they did do; and thousands of years of written history prove that. Consequently I chose to ask women “what would you do”? Unfortunately, Women fear that kind of question/ and since “I ain’t too pretty anymore”; some, tend to fear me too. ALL are certain, “he sure as hell, can’t do nothing/ nor can we”; lets just be free, as in I WON’T care, or do one damn thing, even if I could.
That leaves entering the spiritual world, to ask the very essence of women; there, what is possible, with women in charge!
For what is male in me, that “functionally turned into a catastrophe of sorts”/ even though for the sake of life and living, [including this work of my own] it was the best decision I could have made. Even so, Hope returned, simply by understanding: Although men cannot change this/ WOMEN ARE, truly different, far beyond anything men understand. They could! So the question is: if the price of love, threatens to remove the value of male itself/ because even though I do try, “I cannot remove the past, from everything that is male in me”. Every time I look at reality or explain a lesson from the past; IT IS, returning to anger, again and again. BECAUSE YOU as in humanity on earth, THREATEN OUR ENTIRE WORLD! Not a reality of “I”, in any sense/ which means there are “no enemies” or armies to build; because the problem and the solution lives in all of us. Or, we all live, or we all die; together as one. The probability of even a remnant on earth is remote. Nature destroyed, every body of life mutilated by “science”/ a planet destroyed by men. How is that not true? Given the evidence of our reality!
A consequence which does fundamentally turn to work: until it is proven no longer possible for even hope.
A reality which will prove, the only real way forward, OUT of anger: Invites or allows, the essence of woman to control. Even though that wasn’t actually a choice, beyond opening that spiritual door. A fact of my life you don’t, and won’t understand; until you die.
Regardless; What a strange thing it is. Nonetheless, hate does not live here/ and I AM beyond tired of anger; and do need relief. “Its complicated”. The price of that control oddly enough; is the addition of “breasts/ tits” on me. They are VERY effective; as they aren’t male whatsoever/ I can tell in many, many ways. They come with chemicals, I have only recently begun to tolerate. So every time I get angry, these things grow; and disrupt “being male” so badly; anger simply dissolves. It is “quite a problem”/ or a solution depending on how you look at it. I have no control, not even a little; they have changed me. Consequently anger is now rare, and only when looking “back”; as is the terms of building a lesson for you. It is worth the price, if you learn and do something worthwhile. If not, it keeps me sane; so I don’t have to live with “male”. A war won’t help/ that is all he has left.
What is woman allows for teaching; insists! I do not argue/ I failed as strictly male; plain and simple, completely true. You, responded to nothing, not evidence, not reality, not threat; absolutely nothing! Therefore “its her turn”. The work is mine, the education is mine, the realities involved are mine, etc. The ability to remove my anger, so the teaching can arise is hers. Believe it or not.
The ability to conceive of, and distribute that information: is yours!


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