the SECOND choice

We are threatened with extinction, in far more ways than one. Nonetheless, fools rule/ failures sacrifice everything we need to survive/ mindless bastard’s without the slightest respect for life or planet try to destroy us all/ and the endless threat that is a university cult, infects every reality of our world. Without true change, not a single living plant or creature will be left. Far sooner than you think.

Our reality as a world, “of at least potentially thinking people”; is then to either facilitate and transform our human existence/ and the governments that inflict damage upon us. Or, just lay down and die; letting the children be assassinated, the future entirely destroyed for an entire planet: because you just didn’t care enough to even try to make a difference for life! Truly different means “let women try”/ because this is, “the best men did do”. Those are the facts, as is simple and plain; while the work resting upon sites I provide demonstrate and define exactly what that means. Those sites are linked to this site which is

We begin by isolating just one major threat/ not even the most deadly; but we must address every issue that is not an accepted reality for life. That is weapons of mass destruction, and all that goes with them.
The geneticists are first; mutilating DNA, which is NATURE ITSELF. As that bit of information transforms chemicals, and the utilities of an existing environment, into the new, bodies of life. Satan, or the death marchers to hell; as the majority of geneticists can easily be called. Consist of a group, dedicated to bringing chaos into our world by destroying the stabilities, order, balance, structures, disciplines, programming, timing, methods and ways, and absolutely every other facet, purpose, definition, and desire of any and every living body of life; by throwing “trash into the machinery”. Without the slightest clue, they insist “we will learn”/ by watching what we destroy; just like watching buildings fail and so on reveals “just what we do need to put in there, and why”. The difference is of course, we do control the framework of buildings/ and we influence only one at a time. Which means they only sacrifice this one thing. Mutilating life, creates an influence on every other life; which means this is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT/ and works to sacrifice us all, along with every other possibility we could survive this future. Nature in chaos, is death forever/ and it will never be put back together; because every Satanic worshiper (geneticist/ world terrorists) that mutilates nature “can’t wait” to make nature pay the price of their failure & disease. They rush it out, to try and change what exists/ so they can say “I, am a god”; as the dead inside, consistently do. We cannot survive them, which means we cannot allow them to continue on in any way or form. Letting their work be limited entirely “to police work” as is the identification as best we can; of those who are in fact far less criminal than are they. Even if they are serial killers/ at least they don’t attempt to destroy an entire world of life. Because that is what mutilation means/ when the religion evolution is thrown in the sewer, which is just plain “too damn good for that pandemic”. Or, in reality evolution is a religion that should be eradicated completely forever.

Moving on, are the chemical weapons, that exist everywhere in most societies across this planet. Chemical concoctions are stored in every city, the release of those; is death for the masses. Which means they don’t belong in production/ or if it is necessary, then production must be moved into area’s which cannot do great damage as is the evidence of Bophal India. It’s a choice/ fail to make it wisely, and many will die; because plain terrorists are not far away from doing even more horrendous things.

We then come to realities of the atomic nightmare, which is male militaries and leaders who want to threaten and play as if they are god’s. Nothing more than that exists: they want to play god, simple and plain!
Some will argue, “we must have them/ and you would accept them too; if you saw YOUR ENEMIES, were clearly coming to kill YOU, today”! There is no going back. That of course like nearly everything else regarding a university diploma; is completely untrue.
Man is not god! Leaders have no right to inflict, choose, or cause massive damage on the rest of society or its life, or any other life; they are merely people hired to do what the rest believe they need to have done. We become enemies primarily; when the population has overrun the environment, and we the individuals of this existence; cannot conceive of any improvement in our lives. So there is war: to keep the others from taking “my stuff”. Consequently, the most egregious enemy of all, is over-population. A fact that must be dealt with, or all other efforts to keep this world alive do fail completely. Reality and truth must lead/ not war. Which does mean, men need to be replaced as leaders; because their answer is war. What women would do, is an unknown/ but an unknown is still better than an absolute, “we know, this WAR, is going to happen/ because thousands of years of human history cannot be wrong”.
TODAY the beginnings of all out world war 3 are being assembled. Too many people/ NO method, means, or realities for dealing or accepting what truth requires for survival/ an attack on absolutely everything/ terrorists to “push the buttons for you”. Then leaders who can’t refuse trying to gain the upper hand; as is the three lasers built in Europe, to knock military satellites and nuclear weapons out of the sky. What they really do however, is just insure that instead of a tiny few being deployed at a time: if these cannot make it to their targets/ a thousand more will come all at once to insure “they die”; as does the world itself. The university, and american leadership; has made another “Cuban missile crisis” with these weapons, disguised as a science project. They are not!
The oceans will soon be dead: thousands of trawlers at sea, 24 hours a day, with nets that capture “every single one”; removes the future for every fish in the sea. There is no next generation; the trawlers took them all/ nothing left to rebuild. HOW is that not obvious and plain; “damn fool”? Wake up or die by your own hands. There will soon be no drinking water: as it is attacked from all sides; by the men who rape, ravage, and plunder every resource, forever. Leaving nothing for a child, or even themselves: “Cause they got to have, another trophy”. ETC!
The military mind is: without war, I have nothing to do/ no real power to exert/ no substantial authority or opportunities to play god. Simple as that, so they build toys with “time off”/ using the money of an entire society, to threaten extinction for an entire world. Got a new toy? GOT to use it, or this ain’t no fun. Got the power to make people cry, or sacrifice themselves as their leader: GOT to use it, or this is just a job, without much fun. Male domination is without doubt a catalyst for war, because as history proves, the answer of men when they get into trouble is war. The reality of men when they want more is war. The consequence of men, who are pushed to their limits by others, is war. The answer of men when confronted by depression (the rich man won)/ will be war. The foundation of history in society is: men build new weapons rather than peace. The corruption of society and its courts by men; proves very simply, “they DON’T want harmony/ they WANT more, for me”! And so on, with lying, cheating, stealing, deceit, manipulation, temptations, violence, revenge, jealousy, hatred and all the rest that keeps society from being “safe”: men chose what the future would be. Including the realities of this day, which is an attack on every aspect of life, living, and the planet itself. ALL OF IT under clear and certain attack, without the slightest chance of survival for anything: because that, is what men did! Ain’t you proud! Of course you are, “nobody plays god, unless they are proud”.

Regardless, the path returning to life/ rather than extermination for our world; REQUIRES, WORLD LAW! No more nations simply killing each other. No more leaders with all the power they require, to make war on their citizens or others. No more attack on the future of life by needlessly destroying resources/ leaving the children dead soon. No more refusal to let truth rather than want lead. Where there is true respect, there can be at least the potential for a future. Consequently we search the essence of true respect for life on earth, and find the developments which grant peace, harmony, friendship, and the embodiment of love as a value unleashed.
That begins with understanding what truth means: “only the evidence decides, no want is allowed, no decision that is not honestly subjected to the consequence of being wrong, is accepted”. Only the values and realities that benefit all life, and accept the future has rights too; are joined to government. Critical respect means: with passion and desire, “we will care about life itself”. Critical construction means: with reality firmly grasped as is indicated by the evidence & consequences of what you have already chosen to do/ or propose to do for your future. With honesty we will share. With deliberate purposes that build your future and support your world, we will help. With realities of environment that have attacked you: we will aid the development of better ways and methods. With governing population controls that work, we will let you immigrate significantly where truth allows. Each of these, are a foundation for changing this world. But they need law, and enforcement to make it come true.

All known leaders want, to play god; because whether for good or for bad, “the people expect tiny miracles, from them”. Or they become discarded as waste, in the mind of the citizens. So they search, for what is easy; because humanity “wants an answer RIGHT NOW”! Period.
That fact, ties society together as the cause of something better/ OR, when fate decides “I have had enough of these people”; the bad comes forth, deceit/ lies/ stealing/ and more follow. Then comes war, because when truth surfaces: its either distract the people from their reality and their leader by choosing war against the others. Or let them fall into civil war, destroying the nation itself. Or attack them as government propagating “they are rebels”; when in fact the rebellion is from leaders, posing as government itself.

World law then requires: the broadest conceptions of truth, by which the reality of failure in humanity throughout a society can be dealt with. By choosing the least methods of intervention, for changing what must be changed; to keep men from descending into war. Either with themselves or “the others”.
That intervention is: to make rulers, leaders, etc; responsible to the laws, we make as a world; with regard to what and how these masses of people on earth, shall live, and protect the future for each child. Therefore the laws of this world, govern leaders. The courtroom of this world, brings leaders to trial: to investigate and determine the realities of what has been going wrong/ and what the future will be according to the evidence revealed. To examine and create an accounting by which both the securities and stabilities of an entire society SHALL be protected. To establish a policing force, by which EVERY LEADER, or other as the world decides is necessary to confront within a courtroom: SHALL in fact be brought to justice. Let the evidence decide. Let the world itself watch, what justice is. Let the people themselves make these laws, because it will govern us all. Let the military stand down, and remove all its weapons of mass destruction: with continual inspection, and severe penalties for hiding anything: by “this world”. Let the realities of our survival, be granted the necessary peace, to work for life, rather than war. Thereby proving with justice, the war budget is reduced by the consequences of an entire world of humanity intervening in, and controlling certain aspects of what threatens us all. By demanding the roll of leadership in every nation, comes with a demand to RESPECT life, society, and this world in its entirety by choosing what realistically supports every existence and child.
We are NOT, simply slaves to a few; as is the current and historical account of male domination. We ARE, the deliberate people, who have rights born into our reality: by constructing laws, to govern the few, who can or do otherwise attack us all.

World policing is done with members created, of a small army from every nation. They will be based entirely on naval carriers, and other ships; which can be confiscated or leased from nations. They will have weapon supplies spread around this world, and need permission to access those supplies. You will create treaties to govern participation by the military remaining in nations: so as to confront as needed: TO BRING TO TRIAL, the leader of any nation or their conspirators. This army shall not attack a nation/ but they will have the authority, to bring a leader out for trial, and if that is not possible within a realistic time frame. They shall be allowed the authority to then kill that leader/ if the courtroom shall deem it necessary. Lesser actions shall include the end of trade, blockades, and so on.
The courtroom itself is governed by law. Or more simply: the law is in charge/ not a judge. Therefore the interpretation of that law, as written; DOES become very important. Whenever the law is deemed incorrectly interpreted, a review and a vote of the realities involved must be established: all who then register as someone throughout humanity in all nations. Shall vote to either change the law, or accept this interpretation if they don’t. You must register, because if you don’t care/ if you fail to be informed of the realities involved: then you should not be allowed to vote. This is NOT like the current vote: “To vote for someone to vote for me”. THIS IS A VOTE ON THE LAW ITSELF, and how we the people SHALL be impacted by and from these words, which we do choose for ourselves; as best we can!
You know, how to do the rest; its not hard. But reality does demand; a new language should arise for an entire world. So that we can talk together as one. The rules for language are: you must include characters useful to the blind and deaf. You will choose to create a book of definitions, appropriate to the blind and deaf: because they know how to communicate simply, and to the point. Thereby leaving out the trash of more detailed language. WE WANT TO UNDERSTAND OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER; for this purpose, that is limited to true needs and realities of living and evidence. “Simple, and plain”!


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