the seventh choice

Discipline reminds you: that trophies do not make you happy/ they can only make you proud. Pride constructs a game, so “I CAN be the winner”/ you are loser. Which means, it is the first participant in hate unleashed. Hate consumes life; and its most prominent weapon, is a lie. Every want is the foundation of every lie: because if you don’t “want it/ etc”; then, you won’t lie to get it, or keep this away. That makes want an enemy of life. Want is not the foundation of your happiness either. To want means: I refuse to accept the terms of my reality, and judge it possible, to lie, manipulate, steal, cheat, or control something or someone: to GET ME MORE!
Those are just three of the variables which influence humanity, but they are prevalent and prominent as “common”.
The question of life is value, rather than time! That is a question only love can ask; because hate cares about nothing, but self. Therefore through the elevation of love, which is to live beyond “oneself”/ as a participant in being alive inside; we get to concern ourselves with “more, than just time”.
Love elevates life, because we can share each others soul; if only just a little. Love builds a blessing for each other, because that is what we chose to do, with our time, purpose, and desire. Love sees in life, a complexity beyond time; as is governed by the body of existence that all life is/ including a world like no other we know. Love respects the reality of our existence; because it knows and accepts, “this is a gift, TO ME”/ and to you, because we absolutely cannot create this world or its nature for ourselves. We can only live here, and build for life, hope, and happiness: or destroy.
The evidence of GOD, Designed and created us all/ is then beyond complete, and needs no other discussion. Nature and planet are proof enough!
The evidence of JESUS; As a description in time, of more than just self/ more than other human beings could be/ more than a participant in HIS time. HE proved, with realistic expectation, acts, and words: that we are NOT abandoned by GOD . But noticed, and given the opportunity to share not only this life, with those who love; but an eternity as well, with GOD himself. In like proportion to what, and how; we chose on earth. Its not a game, this is a personal choice no one/ no group, can make for you.

As to critical truths which simplify understanding to its basic foundations: we ask the simple question. If things are believed to make you happy/ then how happy, would you be, if stranded alone on a deserted island, never to see a living thing again. Even though you have every trophy, or non-living object you can think of.
Answer, you would not be happy long. Because a trophy is meaningless, without a crowd. Because life is “dead”/ without the living! It is true, therefore you should consider the reality of your life; by the games you play for trophies. Instead of, people to love you.
People don’t love/ people hurt/ people don’t accept/ people use and abuse/ people steal, etc. Isn’t that so! But how about you: do you accept others, even if they aren’t the same? Do you judge? Are you righteous, “everyone else is wrong”? That list is long too, for very many people!
Happiness is the result: “I am not alone”. Which then translates as; happiness is a state of existence wherein life is more than just me, or just about me. Therefore happiness NEEDS life, to exist!
Selfishness removes your life from its participation with others/ thereby “digging a hole” inside your soul; to hide in. This is NOT happiness, even though the possibility exists, that you could arise from that place, and begin again: it is YOUR choice. No one can make it for you/ you must do it for yourself, because no one else can be you! Or you them either.
Happiness understands that loneliness is a lack of participation, wherefore the ability to heal someone else’s life is then to participate with their existence, and help them understand, they need not be alone. Few do that, because of university driven fears/ media propaganda/ and other concerns that are more self centered, than learned. Which does mean happiness is lacking on this earth.
Hope constructs a boundary between us. Or more specifically, hope says “if you do this/ or don’t do that” THEN we could participate as one. Marriages form in this way, because most of humanity isolate their fears and their fortunes into one simple choice. “Its easier”! But that does not mean better: people are more complex, than one simple choice. So is life!
Love represents the struggle: to build a life beyond ourselves, which is honorable and true to the miracle we inhabit. Therefore RESPECT is an absolute requirement/ followed closely behind, “as if one”; by love itself. Therefore heart, the existence of why we desire life; is absolutely tied forever, with respect. Suicide commonly represents those who are not respected, and find themselves alone: because you would not care, in a moment when it truly did matter.
If you do not think, for yourself/ then you will not survive this time of destruction; all life dies, because that is what men chose through their universities and leadership. You can’t go back. You must think about the consequences of being wrong. You must learn what is true about experiments and realities which threaten all life on earth, or even less. You must respect the evidence, and identify what you can do: in defense of this world. Because if you don’t/ if we don’t: there are then no solutions and we all die. So says the evidence. DON’T believe/ GO SEARCH FOR TRUTH! As best you can. Start here, on these sites for a beginning. Talk to each other about life, experiments, realities and consequences for being wrong. Do whatever you can do, because we all must: our world is in danger. Because of us! That makes the result of this: up to us/ or our fault; for not doing what we could have done!

I am NOT the question presented. I am irrelevant, to the realities displayed as threatening. I am merely a messenger proclaiming: the evidence says we cannot survive much longer, all the things men and their universities have done. A listing of many different reasons why, have been given. Along with useful information to aid you along the path you must travel, to gain both knowledge and truth. That path is: to search within yourself, for what you do truly care about. Because if you don’t care/ then its “to HELL” we will go! All the realities are certain/ all the consequences are clearly visible/ all the tragedy without end, cannot be stopped; once we go past the point of no return. Like a building imploding; once the first sign of real violence ignites/ this world falls down.
No second chances. No excuses or mercy will be found. This is your choice: to stop the insanity, and accept responsibility for life and living and the future/ BY RESPECTING LIFE! Or die. “Its not a complicated decision”/ you do understand. Which means, your choice/ or lack of action: is your decision. The cult of university is little more than a liar/ they cannot stop any of the true consequences they did help entirely, to create. You will just die, without even a remnant remaining . Or you will choose for life!
So says our reality, by the consequences of what men have done; under university direction.


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