the simple and plain

The simple and plain

With regard for this planet and all its life, we are threatened with extinction that will not stop, until all life is dead. OR, we the people will change that direction, and prove what is balance/ discipline/ and order in our own lives as humanity on earth. It is that simple, regardless of any other concept, prediction, or purpose.

That leaves us all, with the 7 choices that make or break our ability to survive, and keep these children alive.
They are:
1. REMOVE failure, manipulators, hatred, fantasy, liars, cheats, thieves, fools, traitors, terrorists, and those who believe themselves to be “god” from leadership.
2. REMOVE the possibilities of all out world war from threatening us, by creating world law, and the policing that enforces our law, upon “those leaders who fail us”.
3. STOP all human population growth “forever”/ and reduce our impact upon this earth, by doing all we can for life: INSTEAD of self. EVERY child is precious/ but if you bring a child into a future defined by cannibalism, war, horror, and hell: then you play “devil” with their future.
4. STOP destroying the chains of life. STOP destroying environment. STOP taking everything, so that other living creations can exist. STOP attacking resources, and let the children live. STOP destroying this planet, and find balance.
5. REMOVE THE CULT of “university knows”/ by reducing their stories to truth & reality, instead of their delusions and subsequent death of our world. Tear down their lies & respect this world/ all life/ and GOD.
6. ASSEMBLE the knowledge, and communicate the understanding that creates a peaceful world. That begins with the clear and distinct acceptance: self is not an answer/ war is nothing more than a plague by men/ reality understands only the distinction, disciplines, and structure of truth. Peace knows only the blessing of true acceptance, deliberate participation for life, and the honor conceived through love.
7. CONTRARY to the constant “well that ain’t never going to happen”! You will accept the price of your existence is YOUR DECISION to fight for this world, and keep it alive. Because unless we all do what we can do, there is no future; and your freedom to decide anything dissolves into chaos and hate.
So the question is; even though the majority cannot see, hear, think, speak, act, accept instruction, or do anything that is consistent with keeping this earth, or themselves alive: because selfishness has taken over their lives. The reality born into the rest of us is: unless we help them succeed, in being happy; all die.
The price: “someone has to pay for that”!
There is a difference, between being “blind/ deaf/ mute/ dumb/ etc”, which are all subsidiaries of selfishness either accepted, or forced upon you; and being dead. Its called hate. So the very first participant in a new world, is the removal of hate. Consequently, what is hate contorts and controls a future changed for life!
Without hate: there would be no war/ no “university” world terrorists attempting to destroy life, planet, and everything else. There would be no plain male terrorists, who believe and accept, “they are dead inside”/ because you killed them. Their trophy (I win: you lost more than me/ because I didn’t care), is then war against you. Nor even the little things, which are ridicule, gossip, etc.
So the question is: WHAT is hate, and WHY do you want it? The answer is “a game”. The reality is a very simple, “you are bored with life/ therefore other people are forced to react, tempted to act, or required to submit to the things you do; that then influence and control their lives, environment, or world of expression or experience”. The consequence of those actions displace peace, and create war, in all its forms.
The question is then: WHAT is boredom, and HOW do we fix that? The answer is, boredom is a refusal to participate in the reality afforded to us by life. The influences of hate which cause the other complaints will not arise, if the game is broken. So the question is again: how do we fix participation in a reality that will not refuse honest acceptance of each and every member of society, so that they can feel welcomed, happy, and consistently “family” with us and this world? The answer of course is in that description: to do your own best, “when liars are removed”; to be honest and accept each individual within a freedom that does not judge. Letting the law do that. Asking why, instead of using condemnation. Instructing where possible, without righteousness. Living within the elements of our truth, by joining society in the construction of what is best, for us all. Today you construct only what is completely selfish/ and abandon all society instead: because you have judged them to be selfish too. And so they are/ just like you. Which then divides, separates, infuriates, and limits the future to war; as history proves repeatedly throughout all of male driven society.
Hate can never be completely removed from humanity; because people want it (I am MORE)! Can’t be superior (YOU are less), “without hate”. Can’t play games with life (someone must lose), rather than just toys; without hate. Can’t be selfish (all is mine, not yours/ unless I play god, and give you something I don’t want), or even ignorant without hate; because selfish requires an enemy, and sustained ignorance demands “I won’t care”. That, is the epitaph, of a fool; when realities of life or death requires them to care. Especially for a world!
Critical for a future is: “let our recent past (as long as it takes) be dead”/ because we cannot assess or assign judgment, without destroying ourselves. You must let it go, allowing eternity to decide what is fair; for those who did so much harm, and failed so severely. But that does NOT mean: what was harmful, and what did fail, and what does threaten, and why are we facing extinction: and more. Are needed in determining how we came to these realities, so they can be fixed. Or more simply: take the humanity out/ and judge the reality of leadership, by assembling what is true. Never forgetting: “you, the people DID play a part in every aspect of governing, lies, games, theft, and more; that you allowed”. In America, during the last forty years, only an extremely tiny few could be found, that were not completely intoxicated and drunk without a brain: believing they could and would “be rich”. You amassed only counterfeit numbers, and death; but could not stop, even when confronted with reality by its truth and substantial evidence of proof. YOU are the problem, just as much as your leaders! How are they not the same?
So the critical question adds in: the complete insanity of a humanity that is bent over (can’t see a thing, but the ground. The “dirt & footsteps, of your own selfishness”.) upon “being rich”. WITHOUT any responsibility or respect!
It is not wealth, that is selfish/ it is the human desire to own someone else’s life (you will do for me; whatever I ask). Wealth can do many things for society and life; that is not the enemy, but it is the gateway for liars/ traitors/ fools/ failures/ enemies/ terrorists/ religious whore’s/ and a wide variety of other descriptions unworthy of respect. Which gives the vast majority its desire to be rich; so as to remove this plague of fools, liars, enemies, and others from my/ your life.
The power of wealth, and the reality of nearly all aspects of too damn much pride, etc; is removed and controlled by limited capitalism. Or, we the people control how much ANY individual can earn in a one year period. We control by vote, how much property or resources are allowed to be owned. So as to give ourselves an opportunity that is equal, or fair; to yours. It is a very simple choice.
The responsibility you owe to life, is a separate matter from all other disciplines required for balance either in this world, or in yourself. You do owe RESPECT, for all the gifts you have been given. That IS NOT JUDGED, by basing what you have against what someone else received: that is fraud! Your life, is your life; and what you have been given by nature or reality and its truth; are yours! What is “theirs”/ is simply theirs; and it does no one any good to believe this should be the same for each one. It is not/ accept that, and go on with your own life. A blessing consists of understanding what you do have, that is kind, loving, living, and useful to existence. Some would suggest this is selfishness at its core; because these words, and “this identified world” is strictly about “you/ me”. In contrast, our responsibility for the gifts we receive/ give value to existence. It is that value identified, that creates the basic input of responsibility, and our need to give something back “to life”. It is the various elements of everything we did not need to receive, but were granted anyway; that elevate respect, through “you cared”.
It is an unfortunate reality of human nature; that we can and do forget as time increases: the realities of our past, and the people who helped make our own decisions possible. This exists, because those who help, often hinder as well: creating a cancelling effect; if severe enough. Time heals, because we allow what was caring, thereby valued by us; to overtake and consume what was not. These are memories that drive us into the elements and environments of love. Whereas those who hate use these same types of memories to prove to themselves; no one cared, and therefore revenge is appropriate and earned. The lesson learned is: choose your future “with care”; don’t let failure choose you, sweeping you away from life, with power.

This is a beginning. We will approach the physical lessons of change, whensoever I choose to write it. Your duty is: to encounter what is true, by evaluating the reality of words within yourself. Make your own decision, and then act accordingly.


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