the SIXTH choice

The elements and creation of a new world, are not justified by anything more or less than true respect, functional participation with the decision “for life”. NOT the continuation of want, greed, selfishness, or the rest of “the games”; men have chosen for this earth. IT IS a big difference. But that defines the words “true change”!

The foundation of what that does mean requires the following measures of human decision/ participation/ action/ purpose/ desire/ and dedication to the results which can or at least could bring life and planet back to our survival. Those who argue, “everything is just fine”/ WILL BE taken to court: so that every argument is met with a justified truth, regarding the consequences of what each decision shall bring. Identifying the reality of what it does mean to be wrong, with life and planet. Demanding; WE CANNOT BE WRONG/ will justify every action in defense of life or planet. And choosing our future, instead of living in the fate that is the current tragedy of life: as chosen by “university knows/ under male leadership. The few failed. Which means, either we the people now make decisions for ourselves/ or we enter the consequence of man: which is war. “Its his only answer/ to every complex life question”/ after an endless deluge of selfishness, greed, gluttony, rape, ravaging the planet, plundering every resource, and fundamentally worshiping every lust men can find….. “I want what I want/ and I don’t give a damn about you”! It’s a game, of stealth/ horrors/ violence/ deceit/ temptation/ and revolution (we will take yours)!

Nonetheless, reality demands certain things from human society: we must work to survive. We must find some degree of justice to remain a nation. We must educate ourselves, to participate beyond what is simple and plain. We must recognize that health is important/ when its you: so practices that are functional and fair, must remain. We must protect all life, and particularly the chains of life, because without them the whole earth dies. We must protect our world from experimentation that CANNOT be wrong. We must protect ourselves from nature being decimated or changed by religious perverts so destroyed, and deranged inside; that they claim CHAOS is better. We must build an economy within our world, that justifies the consequences of every action or reaction: because that is what it takes to keep the children alive, and even ourselves. Not a game/ the complete and certain tragedy of male in charge must end. Because this is the best they did do, and we do stand at the edge of extinction by their choices through the cult (this is our god) of, “university knows”.

So what exactly, can replace the failed practices/ the realities of turning life into a game; as designed by man? The first method of learning is to understand how we did get to this place in time. The answer is fear! Or, “I believe, in the university”/ because the atomic bomb proves I don’t want to be their enemy. The answer is competition: I, believe in their business model because they can throw me into poverty, and even take my life away because of what they do. The answer is power: “because religion and government” all seek to control my life, or destroy it. The answer is treason: because with the law, and every form of invasion that is not resolved by a death threat/ is resolved with a life threat (prison for you/ because there is no justice). Slavery for you, because we the army against life and humanity; can! So then the few, who corrupt and entangle our world: do have the power of an action against the individual, which does limit their options other than war. Which when civil is: enough of us have suffered, just a tiny incident WILL organize us all!

Change requires that the power of a few, be removed, from influence over society!
That means: there is a limit, to the power allowed for any individual/ or, NO you can’t make decisions that affect the lives of very many people. Governments are organized for this purpose/ but then dissolve in the realities “just a few decide”; and can be bribed, etc.
The answers are: limited capitalism describes by vote both the least amount and the greatest amount of influence by money or power of property or resource; allowed to ANY and ALL individuals; by vote/ repeated every few years (to avoid changes made by those who want power back).
This answers the fundamental question of how to take back, and control: “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS AND NEEDS TOO”. People will argue “democracy proves you can’t do that”! They lie, as the preamble to the US constitution declares: we exist as a nation, to explore and incorporate these things, for the betterment of every citizen here. People will argue “that’s not capitalism”. But no capitalism exists here, and hasn’t for decades: because you run on counterfeit money. Not a dime, “is real”/ its all corrupted! Plus the reality of capitalism is: this style of economy is used for the distinct purpose of protecting the resources: by causing any resource that is no longer abundant, “to go up in price/ so the demand shall go down”. Government officials have destroyed that balance. Reality does not allow, for undue consumption/ its just a fact of life, if you want a future.
Changes in government run on money: therefore controlling the money supply ourselves, controls the securities which establish or destroy the stability of society for ourselves. Controlling the tax collection by removing “one entity from government” to produce independent, society based tax collection/ under our control by vote. By electing the companies who will do this work/ and writing the deductions, etc for ourselves: by vote among all citizens. Will end the constant failure of people who intend to make us their slaves. Controlling war: HELL NO, you the elected official CANNOT wage war under any circumstance, other than we are attacked/ and must defend ourselves immediately. We the people will decide. And we the people MUST choose world law and its enforcement upon EVERY leader in EVERY nation. Not an army to invade or war with nations/ a policing army to collect and bring leaders to trial, who have broken our laws for governing across this entire planet. No excuses, you go to trial, as a leader accused, to make your case/ or if we must: you go to death/ because we could not realistically bring you out. Warning will be given. The list of causes, and the reality of evidence by laws created: must comply with this clause before it can be granted.
Policing and courts SHALL be governed by constitutional law first. No exceptions! We chose as a nation, by writing those decisions down as a constitution/ and we the people WILL now enforce those decisions to create the nation we chose. No judge is exempt. No judge is allowed “bad behaviors or decisions inept or directly in denial of constitutional law or justice/ every courtroom, and every case other than juvenile; is open to the public without exception”. We will judge the judge/ the lawyer/ the official/ and the police officer ourselves. When necessary throwing out those who do not comply with OUR LAW, as a constitutional nation. No immunity is constitutionally granted to a judge, by constitutional law: other than “good behavior”. That, is the ONLY exception to a decision clearly NOT within written democratic and justifiable purposes. Our nation/ not yours!
The functional reality of holding a job, respecting ourselves and our society by the work we do in aid of that society and ourselves: is NOT a game! It is a requirement. The difference between democracy and capitalism is: democracy allows for “we the people”/while capitalism does not. Therefore we can explore the needs of the many/ but we cannot afford to refuse or deny the future its own chance to survive. To employ us all DOES MEAN: we have to share! Because overpopulation has taken all other options away.
To decide: that LIFE WILL be “good”/ even if you cannot have all the trophies which only end in the garbage anyway. Means, you must find in life/ NOT WANT: your own answers to happiness, hope, and being alive in this moment of time. To understand the varieties of potential change as can do this: is to identify what does or does not make you happy/ gives you hope, for a future/ or expands your vision of time into the creation of more than just self. Each of these, are fundamental choices governed by your own decision: to believe life is a game/ or NOT! If life is a game/ then its always decided by “trophies”! If life is about life/ then existence, truth, and realities are far beyond simply self!
So the question then is: CAN YOU discard “male leadership”/ because their historical perspective and purpose is absolutely: LIFE, is nothing more than a game! That is their proven reality/ and it is a lie.
Which then brings us: to leadership itself!
The question is: WHY do we need leaders? The answer is: because we are attacked, if not defended; and must be prepared against all intruders. So there are leaders to organize a resistence to the worst humanity can offer. Unfortunately as history proves, it is often the leaders, who turn into the worst humanity can offer or be.
Which functionally means: IF WE ARE NOT attacked by predators/ THEN we can be removed from leadership. Because it is not necessary anymore; beyond a minimal, governable amount. To remove the human predator from life means: they exist in three “classes of conduct”. Violence to life/ violence to the securities of work done, as in money/ and violence to environment or its other life.
To remove the violence from life in society/ is to recognize primary causes. That means the functional element MOST at fault for causing human pain and suffering in this regard is HATE. Hate is a definable reality, distributed across this world as the decision: “not only won’t I care about you/ I will take revenge against you, even if you aren’t at fault”. By removing this individual failure from society: “to a place of their own”. Society heals! Even so, the secondary cause of human to human failure; is overpopulation and the intensity of competition. Consequently as with all things a new world needs; it begins with population control. Then, the simple but true demand: today, as a nation, if you created or contributed to the problems you inherited within your nation/ THEN you will fix those problems as best you can; before you, or any of your citizens, are allowed to move outside your nation. You caused this means: YOU fix this first/ don’t spread the disease of a failed society here. We, don’t need it! A reality simply because: there must now be accountability from every nation, especially for the population count. Because we the people DO, damage everything. “We, have needs”/ we MUST find our own solution. Help must be available when honesty proves it to be useful and earned.
Violence to the money supply as a nation: MUST be confronted! Where bankrupt, that nation falls into a courtroom accounting; controlling the court, demanding the evidence without exception, assigning punishments to all who refuse the truth SHALL be learned. Whereby the people themselves take stock by the evidence proven true: to determine exactly who gets what/ with the poor being first in line. The rich man already took everything he earned; while the poor got nothing but slavery. Tying the national currency numbers to population count; citizens only. Means government officials CANNOT simply create counterfeit numbers OR DEBTS. Only the people can choose to increase the currency count, by their own vote: recognizing “THE NUMBERS involved” mean nothing/ until they become “our currency”. From that moment one, adding a dollar means the rest of that currency is now worth a little less. Remember it, choose by vote. New constitutional law controlling debt in all forms of government ARE to be established. NOBODY gets control over the money but ourselves/ and we will decide the tax, by public vote. Every “government position” shall be removed to establish “a bid job/ let the people decide, in open forums, which prove who will or will not do this job for us. Let their be NEVER AGAIN, a governmental employee union, of any kind! As reality proves: “they can’t, handle it”. As a group: They turn into thieves!
Thievery against the individual needs to be recognized as the reality taken: is my work/ my life/ and my future. Therefore the punishment to be given is: YOU WILL be my slave, until an appropriate return is given to me. If you do not work realistically as provided: then to the people of hate you will go.
The violence against this earth and its life by all manner, methods, and ways of male dominated society: are clearly terrorism! I CAN STEAL YOUR LIFE, AND DESTROY YOUR WORLD; is its purpose. Consequently when you challenge the living with environmental catastrophe: you accept the punishment will be “never again”. Which does result in your death/ because that, is what you chose. Let the laws be absolutely clear/ no excuses allowed: but with justice intended for all, including “even a child unborn”; a jury alone can convict. Where violence to the individual is significant enough, to endanger the peace and harmony of life: such as is kidnaping of women, for the particular purpose of making them do anything sexual or degrading, they are told. That is an attack on every woman, and every man who honors them; which means it violates the peace and sanctity of this earth. The punishment is: “you will never do this again/ and the reality is death”. Let the evidence decide/ no jury is needed. Their material wealth in every form: will be given to the injured. Those who do this deed/ and those who hire them or participate in those actions: shall be deemed the same! That includes people who drug, etc: the woman to make them vulnerable to this attack. No excuses; eternity, will take care of the rest!
It is the law that governs everything. THE LAW WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES/ by our own individual vote! Remembering once this law is finished, it need not be done again. Only refined as determined through the elements of a courtroom, and the decisions which ARE NOT consistent with public intent/ or its safety. Neither a leader or a judge has the right to create a law/ or place a rule at our feet: that right exists only as WE THE PEOPLE! Be clear. Be simple. Be certain. Be honorable enough, to protect what you have done; from traitors, rebels, and thieves against us all. We can control governmental leaders: because WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE, and its OUR MONEY/ OUR POWER/ AND OUR RIGHT to decide! We are the military. We are the police. We are the power of America; because WE DO THE WORK! WE OWN the air, and every transmission of media that goes through it; is subject to our decision! Because liberty, within constitutional intent and a well defined purpose: fighting for the protection of life, nation, nature, and world: is greater than any individual freedom, or business. So says the constitution of America.

Sharing the work requires, three deliberate decisions! In collaboration with those decisions, are the fundamentals that build for life/ apply the lessons of truth to everything we must choose to do/ construct the realities of what it means to be wrong, or not accept the limitations of this earth and our existence as 7+ billion people, who all have needs. As such, all public communication which DOES NOT build for life, environment, needs, realities of existence, or contribute to happiness are excluded from participation in our work to create a new world. Things like: “the constant delusions of media” shall be regulated to the “fantasy channel”. And must be bought as an individual item, much like any other deviation “unfriendly to life”. No university delusions allowed; as in evolution/ or we can ignite sun fire on earth, because it will just extinguish itself/ or global warming cannot be dealt with, because we use endless excuses, without a foundation or cause beyond we don’t want to pay or change. No more experts and their opinion; only verified proof of knowledge, by taking it into court, and allowing the evidence to be extreme.

1. Work is, the evidence of our participation with each other, and our world. By choosing to do what we can do, by accepting to do what needs to be done, by sharing the work, so that everyone has something of value for their life and living; the world itself will change. That cannot be done with money as your god, or power over people!
Which means the elevation of life over money MUST occur. OR, TAKE THE GAME AWAY! While some will say, we do that already/ reality proves you do not. While others will say: that means we get everything we ever wanted, without working/ you couldn’t be more wrong. No more welfare/ you get a job guaranteed if necessary, which will sustain a realistic existence: that can be exchanged for another when the possibilities exist.
To grant a job for everyone who needs it means: when necessary hours will be reduced/ machines will be replaced/ rebuild, reuse, recycle will become the norm. We will decide as a community or state or nation what is fair and consistent with our needs. One of the biggest changes WILL BE: that farming returns to “more like the fifties or sixties: a farmer on every 200 acres or so”. Bringing back rural America; as the chemicals are replaced with “hands in the field”. BECAUSE WE CAN’T continue to dump and make trillions of gallons of toxic waste; whether you like it or not. This can, and will be divided into those who run the equipment/ and those who pull the weeds; because reality demands it at this time. They share the result. Weeding is not easy/ DON’T be fooled! If you produce nothing because you didn’t do the work/ then you get nothing, more than a very basic survival for one more year. You will do better then, or be thrown out of farming for at least ten years. Truth by reality demands: those with direct family ties, to an existing piece of ground shall have the first rights to return to it. Change is coming. Like change applies to all. Monopolies often called conglomerates or corporations today; shall be disassembled, to one location only. As society demands. Pensions are dust, they are filled only with lies; which means the corporation and its promises to every employee: SHALL go to court/ and they shall resolve what can and WILL, be done; period.

2. Following the death of male domination as is making life and business a game, “of money”; by which there are trophies to be won. There must be an alternative to the constant whining, OR: “The dominant male, will have something to do/ that he enjoys: as is making other people; LOSERS”! Making war, by whatever means; as is bullying, gossip, ridicule, disrespect, temptations, manipulations, judgment, and so on.
LIFE says: there are only TWO true choices to our existence as a human being. We are ultimately free, to decide if we will love or hate/ because everything else is about survival. Survival is not a choice, even though there are choices to be made: because death, is not an option/ it is a reality. So then the fundamental teaching, which applies to everything we do, by choice; as humanity on earth is either for love, or for hate.
By taking hate, and pushing these members from those who love by forcing them into their own locations. We remove the constant obstacle to peace and harmony among the rest. Without hate, there will be peace! By making those who believe they want hate: taste the result of that choice before they are summarily isolated forever into that world; realistic opportunities for change will exist. Or more simply: anger has a cause that can be fixed/ hate does not. Once it is known, that you choose hate/ then the fact, you cannot add any value to society or life here in this place; means you go to the other. We keep the weapons/ you build your own. But be aware, the prisons do hold many who will be happy to live where hate rules the land. Some should be killed instead of released/ but that can be a decision made by those of the place called hate themselves. You want these, or not/ because we do not intend to continue as is. Make your decision/ that means all!

3. The foundation of love requires respect, responsibilities, and purposes that are chosen to add value to each others life. That desire illuminates the clear decisions which are “building for life/ constructions for hope/ and honoring everything we are surrounded with as is nature and planet: with our decisions, by building RESPECT, and taking responsibilities, beyond ourselves.
Women do not “get a free ride”/ men do not “get to own women, or assume authority/ children will be precious. Every life will participate, and be included rather than feared: so that happiness can rule all but hate.
To accomplish these things: women as a group, all included across this earth/ SHALL present the laws which will govern life from this moment forward. Those laws MUST be voted upon by all interested parties (except hate), including men and children over the age of twelve (its their lives too). When you get a majority, you can begin/ but it does not become a law, until you achieve 70% acceptance by vote. It will not then be changed, unless 75% approve that change. By this method, “DIFFERENT, will have its say”. While all consider the complications and effects of what they are about to choose, for life on earth.

Law rules the universe! Law that builds for life, hope, and happiness; with nothing less included: CAN, and WILL rule this earth; because nothing less can or will keep you alive. We are too many people, for any other way! Make your decision/ because past the point of no return; there is NO going back!


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