the THIRD choice

Of all the major problems and crisis realities of our day; the most critical non-leadership failure, is our population growth as humanity the world over. Its up to us/ rather than them. Refusal to comply with reality itself, by the truth of our existence, environment, and all other factors assigned by “just too many people, to survive”. Means we all die, with war, and every other horror imaginable; because nothing will be sustained if we cannot control ourselves.

It is fruitless, to imagine saving every child; just to make war inevitable, because the environment cannot sustain them. Instead, the only reality left at this moment: is to accept the price of survival itself; is dedicated to accepting the limits and boundaries this earth demands from us all. That means: to afford to “save a child”/ there must be attached to that action, the reaction: from this point on, “you, get no more children”. NOT because anyone is more or less than any other: but because we already stand on less than one acre of agricultural ground, per person as a world. And we grow by over 2 million more mouths to feed every single week: so says the statistical growth figures for this world, divided by 52 weeks per year. Each body needs more, as it grows; simple as that, our food requirements will grow even if not a single child is born over deaths, for the next twenty years. With an ocean already in crisis, and about to go extinct; for all intents and purpose of feeding us/ that is true.
So its not a question of want/ its not a question of rights/ its not a question, of who is or is not excepted/ or who will comply or who won’t/ or national preference etc. This is a question of truth: are you going to accept the limitations of this earth, this life in time/ save the children and their future; or, just go ahead and exterminate yourselves. Because it will not be a simple war/ it will be a war of mass destruction ending life. There will be released biological horrors, of many kinds. There will be few, if any survivors across this earth. And that relies upon GOD making it possible/ because men have done their best, to increase the tragedies available until nothing can survive their war. Every resource is under attack/ every future, regardless of wealth or poverty or power is in jeopardy. Every living thing is at the threshold of extinction: because humanity has escaped reality, and refuses the consequences of truth. Which is simply: we cannot remain this many people on earth/ or at the very least, we can no longer add to our population count on this planet. We cannot run away, means our only choice is to change this, and many more failures “of a university mind/ which refuses to lead apart from entering HELL”/ or WE die. Which brings us to the conclusion “even a gnat has a bigger working brain/ than your scientists”. Even they no better, than to throw an entire world away; the university does not, they are literally insane, and without exception in leadership; diligently trying to destroy our world. So this too must change. Every concept, every corruption, every lie, every consequence, every failure, every fantasy and delusion, every story without truth or substance, everything must be investigated/ examined for truth and reality, and removed from threatening life on earth. They are just as bad and even worse, than the horror of mouths we cannot feed/ nor even give water to drink.

So the question is again, one of realities! Men have no real possibility of creating birth/ other than rape, or other failures within their soul. That does mean: THIS IS ENTIRELY a woman’s decision not to have children/ not to have more than a maximum of two children (one to replace mom, one to replace dad)/ or to intervene in the lives of other women so as to enforce, a sacrifice we must all make for our world. Its not a game, and it won’t be easy. But there is no future at all, unless you do it!
Since it is a woman’s body that must accept primary limits placed upon it by the decision of women. It is men, that will pay them for their sacrifice: making this an equal contribution between the sexes “as best we can”. A vasectomy is not optional for men, because this is NOT as advertized: IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Because without the sperm, there are no chemicals released. And it is the chemicals that make sex pleasurable to man. Consequently although an erection is still possible/ there is no reward. Without a reward, men quickly decide “its just hot, sticky, work/ and then refuse it! Ending functional sex for female as well, at least with that man. So until a more deliberate and effective means of sterilizing men occurs, it is up to women; because men cannot give birth/ they can only contribute sperm, for “a moment or two”; all done.
You can argue, you can refuse reality: but reality will win, and this world shall starve until it wars, and with that war comes extinction. Leaders are preparing for world war 3 as this is written; because they are too proud, to let reality rule. This is a human decision/ rather than a leadership decision. This is a world participation in enforcement by all means possible; or an ending to our lives. Not a game/ not a choice beyond the recognition: the evidence does prove this is true.

We turn again, to the decisions which will keep us alive; “we hope”. Removing trawlers from the sea, for a year/ reducing their net size/ taking away everything that makes them “too damn destructive.” And awaiting a return for fishing populations before they may begin in limited realities again. Taking away the charts and things produced by universities for the deliberate purpose of emptying the sea; even though they claim otherwise. That is a lie: the oceanographer provides information to ravage and destroy; as does happen in every way.
Critical changes MUST be made to “fish farming practices”. They cannot remain caged up along the coast; it is creating disease, that will infect the entire ocean. To avoid this and remain raising food: you will tow feeding barges out into the open ocean. This timed feeding process, with a “sizing cage” to functionally protect the smaller fish, will keep the fish close by. Which a trawler will then collect at the appropriate times. The only food for this we can spare, is either ground up, dead human bodies/ or other types of “scrap”. Even if you believe the human body is sacred/ our reality is very simple: EITHER we keep the food supply we choose to eat alive/ OR we become cannibals. Make your decision. Religion is NOT allowed to intervene: this is eat or starve, BEFORE the numbers of fish in the ocean are so depleted, even that has ended. As will be sooner than you think.
To compensate for this primary food supply being lost for at least a year. You MUST end the production of other crops such as cotton/ and concentrate only on what humanity needs for food. Business is irrelevant/ war will come, when a large mass of humanity is starving to death, because you didn’t do what reality required for life.
There is a long, long list of changes required; you must at least attempt to make choices for our world/ before extinction is obvious. Or everything else is worthless/ even though your media and other university cult followers; won’t tell you a damn thing about what the evidence of our lives and our world does reveal. They want what they want/ just like you. Unfortunately for our world/ what you want, is no longer real. Their lies simply extend the delusions, forcing you closer to extermination; every single day.
The elderly WILL ALL demand: “that ain’t going to happen in my lifetime/ THEREFORE I WON’T CARE”. Let the children take care of themselves! Even though the elderly of this day are demanding: WE WANT EVERYTHING/ WE WILL TAKE IT ALL; give the children to HELL! So, truth says: they are going to continue lying/ cheating/ stealing/ sacrificing the children, and destroying this world. Because evolution says, as does the university at every level of their influence: that there are NO CONSEQUENCES, for anything they do. Fools, cannot be better defined! Insanity cannot be explained without the belief, “we are god/ NOTHING can affect us; or we can do anything we want; without payment of any kind”. Let the slaves pay, as is the common chant and demand, from every university! They used to call this “nobility”/ today, its just a diploma: that stole a government, and destroyed a treasury by counterfeiting. Oh well, “its all gone now”!

So the question left is: DO YOU, believe or accept, “that life is precious”! That is not distinctly an individual statement, but refers to all life; even the human individual. There is a difference, and it means significantly, “that nature is always functionally or fundamentally right”. Even though on an individual scale that might or might not be true. IF LIFE IS PRECIOUS/ then your responsibility is to protect life for a world, even from yourselves! Is that not so? IF LIFE IS PRECIOUS/ then your responsibility is to protect our world environment from catastrophe, as best we can/ TO INSURE we cannot be significantly or horribly WRONG! Is that not so? IF LIFE IS PRECIOUS/ then we MUST honor and respect every chain of our existence, which includes the foundation of other species as well; and choose for life. NOT for man, or his horrifying wants. IF LIFE IS PRECIOUS/ then the children have rights, and among those rights are the realities of resources left which they can then use for their own survival. IS THAT NOT SO? If life is precious/ THEN NO ONE has the right to experiment with mutilating an entire world, igniting it on fire, or in any other fashion destroying what can never be repaired: when WRONG IS EITHER MASSIVE DEATH, or even an entire world lost! THEN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS TO INTERVENE, as best you can, without excuse. Because LIFE, needs YOU!

The SATANIC influences of “a university education” as is proven by the overwhelming tragedies, that stand at the door, waiting to dissolve our ability to survive as a world: IS MASSIVE. Or more simply put: it is the university diploma, that has made every single decision which impacted this world for the last several decades. From every leadership position/ to every experimental delusion/ to every chain of life failing by genetic manipulation and the ravaging of this earth/ to the changes in trawlers, that make it impossible for our seas to survive. Everything bad, including the reality of antibiotics, which gave us medicine to intervene and allowed surgery, and prepared “MORE” so that we could multiply beyond all measure of sanity across this earth/ and threaten ourselves. Is clearly “university at its core”. That does NOT MEAN, everything was bad/ because it is not. BUT IT DOES MEAN: without accepting, this changes our future, and as a consequence we MUST change ourselves; actually seems to require leadership. And there is none/ just thieves, liars, cheats, traitors, terrorists, failures, fools, bastard’s, and whore’s. So much failure, so much delusion; can prove a cult. Because anything less than religious fervor/ with mind control, by the propagation of fools; and this would not exist. Fantasy is their base contribution to life/ not a brain among them (they want, what they want, and nothing else matters, including our entire world. How is that anything less than disaster coming)! Fantasy is a LIAR. Life is NOT a damn game! It is reality, based upon truth: because nothing else, nothing less, survives long. Devil is a religious term used to describe those who lead the rest into HELL. Even though they dress their fantasies up, to hide the turd inside: when the dressing comes off, “reality proves, its only sewage inside”.


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