Living is a destiny in and of itself/ rather than a gift, this requires your input, and accepts your decision to either be free, or present limits which control the influences of life and all it represents. The question of your life is then presented: Are you willing, to search beyond the essence of time? Eternity will remember this answer. The critical element is love. The essential ingredient of life is respect. The foundation of everything is truth. So the question is: are you willing to accept the journey, “life is more, than just you”?

Disciplines, are the destiny of all who seek truth! That is because without disciplined studies, there is no comprehension/ therefore understanding will be lacking. Beautiful, is a word and work designated to define and describe, those who are free within their own heart: to achieve the very essence of discipline itself, the ability “to feel alive”.
Critical to the boundaries which separate us all, who are honored with love, by life/ from our goal of more than existence: is a discipline, seeking its truth; by the order which reveals a relationship with GOD. Critical to being alive inside our heart and soul, is the development of participation in truth beyond ourselves. Or more simply, the passage between life, and its destiny; is the relationship we hold within our soul.
Happiness constructs a duty: to identify and create the essence of hope itself, as the order within which we become that participant in heart and soul. Order is: the wisdom to know/ the reality to achieve/ and the possibilities of existence created by which we understand; LIFE is real. Order in the construction of body, is far more complex, but that is not our job, nor is it our right to change or interfere: GOD’S WORK, is not for man to play with, or destroy. Those who do, are “biblically known as devil (dead inside)”. As to order in the living body of life known as humanity, not yet destroyed by disrespect. Our existence is identified by the truth we create within ourselves/ as experience and expressions will reveal. Or more simply, every path we take/ every decision we accept/ every purpose of the heart, and desire within our soul: has a price, that leads us into eternity. It is our duty to accept that reality, and keep it close to your heart. Forgiving as necessary, or valid: including yourself.
Hope comes to us as the delivery of a purpose, that gives value to your soul. Which means simply: “I know”/ life is about more than just me! Value is the desire expressed, that governs our hearts/ to achieve what is true as a decision of your own soul. Our relationship with GOD is about the value achieved in you/ that starts with respect, and it is unending; so long as you remain within the boundaries of love. Therefore even though life itself is greatly important/ love is even more so; because eternity is real.
Eternity means: a life beyond this body or mind/ an existence defined by thought, and the ability to experience “the essence of life”, within that creation, born within ourselves. Or more simply: to be reborn means, to identify and create a value that makes thought bearable to you. Which does ask the question: if thought is life/ then why can we not create it as we wish? The answer, is less distinct: “because we are human/ and must interact with time first”. The very essence of humanity is “the ability to measure, and assume”. Unfortunately, that does include judgment and lies, simply because we are fraught with the inability to accept truth at its beginning. Or more correctly, to be human without thought/ is to want, or not want; and that leads to lies. To conceive of time is to understand, we ourselves have been measured/ and will die. Alternately that fact, does lead us to thought itself: because we must face a reality we cannot entirely conceive of without thought. Represented, with only the evidence of death itself, as our truth. We must have more; as a consequence religion is born. Or more seriously, the walking relationship with thought, as determined by “common acceptance”: created “by us all”. Unfortunately that ends easily, nearly at its beginning: because want takes over/ and humanity does not let go, “or, I want what I want/ therefore I believe what I want, or don’t want as well”.
Thought has no ability to lie/ cheat/ or steal. Therefore it is almost never seen in any form of human conduct. A reality, rather than a judgment: because thought does not want/ it is humanity that wants, as time and this reality will allow. Want forms from the interaction of a desire that refuses truth: therefrom “I want”/ instead of I understand, exists as the norm. Order controls thought, therefore it cannot “come in”/ until want is removed. That fact asserts: very few people can inherit eternity, even though everyone is essentially invited. Because want, stands in their way. Pride is Also a critical disease to eternity/ and is refused from love at its door. Pride insists, “I win”/ which does in fact mean: someone else, if not many have lost because of you.
To enter within order demands: there is no judgment/ only truth can decide. To enter within truth demands: I have chosen my eternity/ I have become a participant in soul; by accepting, with clear and deliberate decision, “GOD is my truth”! That, is called faith. To identify “GOD”, IS NOT possible/ and to try is never wise. Therefore it is absolutely unnecessary, and to be abandoned before it begins. What is destiny: desires that only love shall teach/ my only participation in life shall know respect/ and my purpose shall be, to find honor in me, dignity within my soul, and a heart that shares in trust, everything eternal in me. These things are not small, nor are they easy. They shape your soul, and identify your eternity.
The quest to become an elementary participant in thought, is governed by the reality called destiny. Or more simply, “you cannot go anywhere/ your desire refuses to go”. Some call it drive. More critically, driving your heart, mind, body and soul to its chosen destination: limits the possibilities you may find “anything along the way”. A narrow focus means: no time here, for you/ or anything but me. Consequently thought begins with “BEYOND self”/ or more distinctly, and acceptance that desire should be only love, and the truth or laws of life. That said; my only life is governed by one critical focus: that all these threats against our very existence as life on earth/ must end. Want refuses, which means we then all die. Because that, is what humanity chose. Just like you are choosing to “destroy heaven as is this planet in so many ways”/ PRIOR to human destruction of everything, and the university in particular “playing god”; while literally choosing to end life as we know it. “They think”/ in the horrors of their little monkey brains, “they can do better”. Such fools, should never be born/ and in truth are not: they make themselves.



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