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Humanity worships the ability to make changes to life and environment, WITHOUT considering or conceiving of the consequences. There is no balance, because there is no true discipline: “you want what you want/ and that is all there is to your personal world”. Nothing more, an entire earth, all its life, and all lives regarding their future; discarded in the trash! So says the evidence/ as you worship “the witch-doctors of university”. Who now prove tragedy for our world, “Is the human mind”.

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It is functionally distinctive, and would appear necessary, to construct even more realities based upon an education that is not “a university driven fantasy”. Simply because SATAN, which is the demand and desire to not only threaten, but destroy an entire world of creation/ HAS fundamentally taken over parts and pieces of what is called the religion of “university knows”.  Extreme experimentation, with energy/ biology/ weapons/ environment/ counterfeiting/ story telling/ and other delusions which not only endanger our lives: but construct the machinery to destroy our lives, is not a little thing. It is no game, “to attempt ignition of the same fire as is on our sun”. As is obvious, to ALL; throughout the history of man. The entire orb burns/ how is it not clear: once ignition occurs here, our earth will burn just the same? Only a fool, would consider igniting this fire. Only what is called satan, would actually construct the machines, purposes, stories, and delusions to gamble our entire planet, with every life on it: just to say, “we did it”. Which is all the extreme light infrastructure (ELI) is about.

The absolute arrogance: “HELL, we blew up atomic bombs/ AND DIDN’T KILL THIS WORLD YET”! Is not, a “green light” to try something even more heinous/ it is a wake up call, for a world to say: STOP gambling with our lives. Yet the world of humanity sleeps, and those leaders who want only to prove “yes we can”/ are literally about to prove “YES THEY DID”. WITH A FIRE, that cannot be controlled or extinguished. Another sun, another 10 million degree orb on fire; which will become the end of this solar system entirely. What could be more shameful; than your own delusions, “I can just hide/ run away/ or pretend this doesn’t involve me”; or this world of life, which gave you time?

I know the propaganda machines of media and more, control you/ to your shame; they entertain/ create fears for you to discuss/ control your information, so you cannot gather or inform, the others.  Without a distinct effort/ confronted with arrogance; an army of words and diplomas all claiming to be “experts”. But the reality is: having learned, that 3 million lightning bolts, each of a size capable of causing a one hundred year old tree to explode/ all being directed/ crashing into each other by three laser beams “at light speed”. Called ELI: IS energy ENOUGH, to give even the most extreme critic cause to believe, “this could initiate, our world on fire”. Not a game/ it is even the completion of a biblical prophecy, that our world will end; consumed, with fire. Not a game/ no second chances; no do over. No possibility to even approach a ten million degree F. Fire out of control/ which will be instantaneous. And that, is only the worst of what “university knows”/ the cult threatening to destroy us all, is doing. With your money/ your investments/ your nation/ and our world. Not a game.

Nonetheless, after forty years of excuses: forty years of “DON’T tell me nothing/ BECAUSE I WANT THE MONEY: leave me alone”. And of course, “the university is your god”/ as is so obvious throughout this society. We now stand at the gateway, “of all they did do”, by playing god. Everything dead is coming!
The lesson of forty years is: that no possibility exists, to approach or change this road to destruction (everything else of value, has been tried); you are insane, as a cult. That leaves only, the most critical element of university:    to create a greater path to knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; than they.  As I have been doing. Desperation is an unwelcome, but at times, “necessary friend”.
Their assertion of knowledge & expertise; is what the “university (memorize, mimic, don’t think/ DO what we say) satan (not all)” holds against you: as their image of power.   Their take over, of our lives does prove;  “you are believers”. Or, more simply said, this path requires:  that you, STOP WORSHIPING THOSE WHO BRING YOU HELL! Stop being afraid of them too/ and fight for ALL of our lives:  for our world! WAKE UP,  and find truth/ courage/ and respect for life;  or you will and do surely and without doubt, help them: kill our entire world.  Fear is only for fools:   you cannot survive a world on fire.  and you know it!

The elements of life most critical to existence, form a three fold experience called thought. Thought is dimensional, within it is our relationship with truth, outside of it is your demand called arrogance, lies, etc. The existence of thought (beyond dimensional), is our relationship with GOD. CREATOR of “everything” alive.

The living dead (as is hate completed), have simply killed themselves!
The definition of a dimension is “an environment identified by its structures”. In the elemental base foundation of thought, construction reveals: the gathering of materials is akin to the considerations called knowledge. Knowledge is the transmission of all sensual recognition, into a state of existence/ that can be identified. It is functionally, “body realized”. The utilities version of thought consists of understanding: these base elements of mind or brain conceive of both the energy expressed, and the power to change as a recognition of experience. The functional elevation of wisdom, is the acceptance of truth itself.
Given these three elements to build with/ the creation of thought relies upon the dimensional acceptance of value. Without value, the understanding of critical passages, which lead to an enlargement of life itself within us:   there is no path to dimensional creation. Dimension means in this instance, that I have made room here; for more than just me. Or in simpler terms: the examination of self reveals “what a tiny world self is”/ therefrom the initial quality of thought is to accept value, and begin the journey beyond self.
The building process of life ascends from these three beginning foundations, to conceive of a journey: the quest to define and direct the path of “my life”/ back to its own beginning. Where creation itself begins. These steps include: the removal of influence/ the participation as directed only within truth itself/ the cleaning of substance (self)/ and the integration of discipline, balance, order: so as to create an environment wherein thought can begin. The dimensional need is: to choose direction, as the envelope which transports the essence of this beginning into the future as a destiny to be achieved. The identity created by decision, then moves forward along a carefully chosen path. That path is a desire which enlarges environmental awareness: for the clear purpose of what has value to you. Once the expression of self becomes a distinct decision, as opposed to all other things; an environment is created. Therefore whatever you desire as the single truth of decision, is called true, by its value accepted: identifies you. It is here, that truth itself has been encountered, as a spiritual element created NOT by passage/ but by definition. What is true, assembles under the creation of discipline/ balance/ and order. Therefore the critical realities of every truth has its own discipline/ including you; all forms of balance seek “a mirrored image” of its own truth; and all definitions called order, are subsequent to the elevation of truth itself. More simply, in the construction of spiritual purity (so as to encounter and participate with truth), discipline means: to remove everything, that is not consistent with this purpose. Balance constructs the elevation of desire, to participate within the mirror that reflects this decision within our/ shared: truth. While order conceives of the journey itself. The critical door is: even though you may enter within truth by constructing this journey, it will proceed as truth itself desires. Unless you understand the development of this truth; its purposes, value, and desire within yourself. Anything less, is entrapment: because truth enhanced to become strictly “its own destiny”. Does not know, any other path. That fact, identifies and creates the words: wherever or whatever truth you enter: that you cannot leave, past the descent called death/ will in fact become your eternal home.
We then begin with truth; the embodiment of life, by law. Whereas truth is a development of thought, it is rudimentary by nature. The law controls all truth/ therefore it is the law, that is superior. Critical to that construction is, the foundation of truth itself: that realities which can be depended upon, to do “the same thing” each time, are fundamental building blocks whereby life itself forms existence.
LIFE then comes to mean, wheresoever the purity of truth aligns with foundations that become law expressed: there can be life. THAT is an expression you DON’T deserve; and may come back to haunt you/ if you refuse to accept there will be limits: placed on you. It is nonetheless, an outcropping of desperation/ as your time to make changes; as well as your opportunity to defend this world from extinction: are now short, and without exception HORRIFYING. Change and accept: ONLY WHAT IS LIFE FIRST is allowed/ NO more gambling with everything. CHOOSE FOR LIFE, PROTECT NATURE AND ENVIRONMENT: or you will die even as an entire planet. The disease of “university knows” is pandemic: and threatens your entire extermination from this planet, in more ways than just one. STOP THEM, identify what has value/ and what WRONG DOES in fact mean. And at least try to use your brain for once, without an infection of “experts”/ or propaganda.

The functional discipline of this effort is: “if you want the food/ then you must swallow the medicine”. Which otherwise means: IF YOU DON’T heal yourselves of worthless and dangerous endeavors; chasing out all who demand to play god with life, or the future, etc. Then you will still die/ even if you stop the impending disaster of this world on fire.  The further development of this discussion is unwarranted, and will be dissolved.



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