timing love

So, let’s talk about love.

Love is a destiny created “for two”/ even more. For we love with our lives, not our bodies. The body itself is essentially “a throwaway”/ as does the grave prove completely. Therefore love is an existence within the body, and the body is “its more precious gem”. Consequently what you do with a body, or happens to a body; is irrelevant. But the very nature of a choice, that exhibits itself as a body: is absolutely precious, where love is true. Consequently, the essence of your soul, finds its outlet as “body, mind, and spirit”. Making what you do choose to do, with the body, by choice: important.
So, lets talk love, the essence of every truth, wherein value is sown, reaped, or harvested with heart.
Love is life itself, unwoven from the fabric of our time: to become the essence of self, revealed by the freedoms of our heart. Wherein there is love, there is truth. Wheresoever there is truth, substantiated by reality; there will be trust. It is trust, that binds us to each other. Trust alone removes the inhibition, that makes true love possible. Because without the securities of a disciplined heart, that can be shown as a life, “in order”: truth is not possible. Because the balance of trust, can only be built with truth. Or, more simply: love surrounds us, but it exists at the outer edges of our own passion to prove “value” believes in me. The balance required to achieve that level of life inside is mine: requires taking the risk, to be all that you can be. If the one you love is unworthy; you will fall, “onto your heart”.
So, let’s talk heart: the desire of a purpose inside that lives in hope, sacrifices life to find value, and discovers truth through the possibilities called time. Heart is our personal decision, to participate. Participation is not guaranteed in humanity/ but it is guaranteed in spirit with GOD. Therefore each and everyone, can indeed find the essence inside themselves to be “more, than just me”. Participation is cherished; whenever value is found. Value is the elemental embrace, of a relationship formed through respect, that becomes a foundation or anchor that then lives “as a heart, in me”. Heart means: the living breathing reality, of my own innermost truth. That truth must be a desire of love, or it cannot survive. Therefore love and heart, form the destiny in time, of a place called home.
Every home, lives at the center: a place discovered as the reality called life in me. Not by definitions of body or mind/ but by respect for the qualities in design, that bring me past the edge of humanity itself; to struggle where only thought can live. Thought is truth at its core, a fundamental ascension beyond everything we have known/ into reality itself. Thereby thought is the essence of life; because it takes us from “a single moment of freedom (birth)/ into what is beyond simply me”. Thought is then the birthplace of love. The existence of everything valued, everything desired, and every purpose beyond simply self.
Thought and love are inseparable; they live through the essence of participation within each other. Thought builds/ while love, entangles a destiny for us both. It is cherished existence experienced as being ALIVE; because we can; as is true freedom expressed as love.
So then we ask as humanity: HOW may I become “heart, love, and thought”?
The answer is, to become an identity fully disclosed as “You”. Or more simply, because the essence of heart, love, and thought is freedom: only you can build it, in you/ as you/ because of you/ or cherished by me. Freedom is the fundamental key, that opens a door: beyond self (building love)/ OR, as only self (dissolving life).
Life begins in the elemental of freedom/ it then searches past the illumination of time, “to feel eternity”. Every touch, is then a moment; while every time existence can be experienced, the human expression becomes a path. Eternity builds life, through enforcement of value in the identity you created. Or, if you hated, it destroys you because of the identity you created. If you were “lukewarm” and chose not to build an identity at all: you will dissipate “into nothing”/ because you chose “nothing”. So the question is: what life do you wish to build?
Critical to that question is, the decisions of your soul. Soul means: I HAVE, a relationship with GOD ! Or, more distinctly, I have a relationship with the life inside of me, that is energy and thought and love released in me/ rather than simply with the human body. A gift, revealed by miracles; beyond our comprehension. Thereby the critical true map, back to where life began. Every miracle is a truth.
So we look to truth, and find the expressions of a human existence are largely NOT true/ even when they affect only you. People do “lie, to themselves”/ about who they are. Because they want to be more, or they believe they are more; therefrom discarding the evidence “to lie”. That has no value, and only subtracts from life itself. Because you cannot fix ANY problem, unless you are willing to admit it does in fact exist.
So then when love is calling: WHY, do people hide or run away? The common answer is: “I believed/ I trusted/ I accepted someone else was true, and loving to me”; but I was wrong! So people hide from the consequences of being wrong, about love/ never risking again, the reality of what is “truly right”. These are tragedies in time.

With these fundamentals; we begin to search, what love in time can be.
Every life builds a treasury of the moments, that touched your life. Every feeling of value, to you, embraced; becomes the heartbeat you shared. Every passionate desire, that is shared because you cared “together”; becomes a destiny, if it anchors your soul, by truth. Every discipline achieved, to belong only within truth, trust, and love; “is a home, waiting; for the door to open; without restraint”. Balance is the necessary force, that lives because of truth: thereby proving through reality, what can or cannot be done “with you”.
There is an order to life, and love. First “a birth, shall occur”. It can be difficult or easy! Beyond the moment where life embarks on its journey, there is a time “to be free”. But freedom has its price, and failure to recognize what truth and value are going to teach: is an end to the decisions reality will allow. The beginning of failure, by turning truth into, “I WANT this anyway”. Every lie fails/ every want is a lie explored in you.
So then the critical moment of every life in romance; is the decision to let truth and value teach the lessons of love/ or by discarding truth, become a victim to want, by its lies. Every lie has a price/ but life can forgive, if you repent. Repentance means: “I am sorry/ and will honestly seek, never to do this again”. So then whether you love or not, the keys to each and every future that “has a home”/ will become chosen by whether you want, or can accept the values declared and proven through order; which do build love.
Romance is the freedom experienced, that is neither judged or controlled. Rather romance lifts each other to new places in “my heart” because of you. When that heart becomes as one: romance changes to establish “our hearts beat together/ because we are cherished as if we were one”. Romance is lifting each other up, because we can. But alas, if you are afraid of being judged, by each other, or judged by you or them/ that elemental rise, can only be very small. Consequently you are advised: to be free, within the boundaries that never let you fall/ which is “less than intercourse itself”. At least while you are young. Because a wounded heart, does take a long time to heal.
So we ask: WHEN does a heart become as one, between us/ and invite the fundamental truth: “we belong together”!
The answer is: here, the question is really divided into three individual parts. Because there are three types of human love; between man and woman. I love you enough, to believe your need/ and express my concern for your happiness; even if we cannot share time beyond these few moments. I love you enough, to accept the value added to my life, and find this reality is enough: to share existence with you, through our time. I love you with everything; because this love is “given to GOD” , and I am HIS servant. Therefore when time doesn’t matter anymore, LIFE replaces everything else. Being alive, is being in love.
It is necessary to explain: a love “given to GOD”/ IS NOT, whatever you deem it to be. Rather that love expresses the treasury that is “GOD in me” as a blessing. That blessing then illuminates the values that prove, “we are alive, in each other”.


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