to gauge

TO; Gauge

The value, of being a little bit different, is we get to see life itself without being overwhelmed by the expectations of others. I have always been a little bit different inside/ a reality of living for life. Rather than being consumed by want, pride, or the desire to play games with someone else’s life. The difference is: life, the amazing miracles which surround us all; is a display of individuals. From a plant, or insect, or any other creature including men & women: each is an individual miracle without equal. Even when they all stand together, and you cannot tell them apart! Those who stand out “from the herd”, exist as the members who identify the extremes. Which means they do understand things that others do not; simply because they are different.
I am writing, not because you are a tiny bit different/ but because there are values beyond what other people see or desire. I made a decision at your age, that became the realities of my whole life. Consequently, I offer to you, just a little advice.
Time is an immortal, even immeasurable relationship defined by experiences examined with our own truths. They cannot be changed, once established: truth is, whatever it is. Therefore the decisions you make are very valuable (for good or bad) to you/ to each one!
What we can change about ourselves is: “what I as an individual, desire most”. The critical relationship of life is: every decision is either based in love/ hate/ or survival. One of these three control, either by a little or a lot; the direction of what each individual human being does; always. So, desire carefully; it does become your life. That fact, by its direction; leads you into eternity.
Eternity is the elemental expression of thought. Thought is, the dimensional integrity of time displayed, as the order/ discipline/ respect/ balance/ courage/ love or hate (they are opposites, “only one”)/ and ultimately the expressions of your heart. Heart is, the choice you made, to accept life has value.


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