The extreme tragedy of US government employees, exists because you let them tell us: FEAR, we are threatened/ therefore we must spend “the money” without regard for any other reality. Without a threat, they must live in reality; obeying, rather than leading. Today media tells us, that satellites exist as the very framework of our national defense; and they must be defended/ so we must spend money. Today Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, a US military installation, is completing and shipping the machinery for “ELI; the extreme light infrastructure” being deployed at the edge of Russia. At our expense. Three lasers, which declare “we will boil the vacuum of space”/ by using a billion times a billion watts of electricity ( a million one trillion volt lightning strikes, all hitting the same place at the same time). The instant, these are workable, coming September 2015. They can take out every US military satellite, within hours/ regardless of distance; over half the earth. Because that is the power released from these machines. “Oh no”/ we made a mistake: NOW YOU CAN’T refuse us the money, to play our games. So they will say: as “government and military employees”.


OOPS, silly me, I forgot to mention: EACH LASER, represents an energy burst of one million of the most powerful lightning strikes possible/ with a stated recharge rate, “if I remember correctly” of once every ten seconds or more. A true star wars weapon! Made by the US, paid for by counterfeiting our money; and delivered to Russia, or whoever might take it over. That means, as a weapon if desired: these concentrated together produce an energy burst equal 3 million lightning bolts at once/ at the speed of light, times three. Each laser being fully capable of bringing down a missile in mid Atlantic/ or a bomber. The consequence being, “well, we just have to unleash everything, to get through”. Gee, what could go wrong with that, its just a few thousand nuclear bombs.
Not to worry, these lasers are going to ignite this planet on fire; probably at the first use; as is biblically predicted. Because that, is what the energy being used has a very high probability of doing. The university diplomas, leaders, and military; have all wanted to destroy life on earth. “That’s what weapons of mass destruction are for”. But don’t worry, the university says: “We WILL ignite sun fire here, a ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds; will just extinguish itself”. So hell, we don’t have to worry about consequences, “that’s just insane”. “Isn’t it”? NOT to worry, the media, courts, leaders, military, police, etc; all say, “the university knows”! And CANNOT under any circumstance be called or questioned to establish: WHY should we gamble every life on this planet/ with a science experiment, that has absolutely no value other than as a toy: or a weapon against this USA.

AFTER, the delusions, the swindlers, the liars, cheats, thieves, and traitors get done collecting money. Or perhaps before; the solution will be, to place “suitcase size atomic bombs” at the laser sites, or their power plants. Got to do it, “ain’t that so”? The question is: how many nations will believe the same thing? After all, these lasers can take out Russian missiles, or satellites, etc. As well as French, north Korean, Chinese, etc.



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