Trapped or not

the one place a coward cannot escape, is their own mind/ but then neither can the courageous. Consequently realities state, the essence of who we are on the inside dictates the environment we must contest with therein. WHAT then is the essence of your life, because if it is anything less than love, respect, truth, order, courage, and life must come first for our world; there will be grief.


An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older or about one in four adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health,1 23.5 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009 (9.3 percent of persons aged 12 or older).

FIGHTING, with hate/ foundations that do work.

We begin with those who have gone insane: “I am trapped/ I have no options of value to me/ I hate you, because you took or kept me from every good thing about living”. These are commonly called “terrorist/ rebel/ ANGRY. etc”. While among them hides the truth: that there are those whose only desire is hate: to destroy/ to burn/ to kill/ to create fear; or even ridicule, gossip, etc in lesser development. The reality of numbers in “true hate” is not expected to be, even in grave conditions: more than one per one hundred thousand. In a world nearing 8 billion people, “still a lot (80,000 individuals, worldwide)”/ but NOT overwhelming, if you are prepared for them. The only thing you can do with true hate is remove them from society/ as they will never change, they can’t; its what they chose.
While all the rest, whether gravely infected with hate, or just a little; the foundations necessary to achieve, a better life:   so they can begin again, do not change. We look at insanity: finding people who believe themselves to be trapped, and may in fact be trapped. To understand three things are critical: what you accept to be the problem/ who you accuse of creating that problem/ and how you perceive the solution to that problem will be solved?  Do identify the future.

To solve their problem as a member of the insane:  “an enemy must be found”/ because without an enemy, you have no solution. Therefore a clear distinct purpose is to create “the enemy”:  by      finding someone, “within reach”/ to blame. Right or wrong is irrelevant, because all you need to conceive of a solution, is a direction:  “an enemy to be killed or defeated. That direction is hate, “everything is their fault”/ because this makes revenge possible.
If not hate, then you must accept the elements of life, have no meaning next to the reality of living which is: only love has true value. With love, and its forgiveness, or more distinctly; an acceptance of “GOD will decide from here”/ I can do no more. We move to, the essence of life itself: which is critically and truly “strictly inside”.  Without love: There is no purpose other than revenge. The only value created by revenge is: I can make you experience this, or more, “too”. Even, I can make you express the hate you drove me too/ just like me: with fear. Consequently men use heinous acts, to prove they can make you fear even more than they do. Which subsequently proves to be an incentive among the others: since this could be me as well/ WE MUST KILL YOU ALL. So war begins;  hate escalates;    because men trap themselves, in insanity.  By making people the enemy:   instead of accepting reality and truth determine the future.

The solution as a foundation for solving this,  crisis after crisis: is to let women rule society. NOT because they are better/ but because they are DIFFERENT. Not as men do, which is to find a leader, and then follow/ which does create a distinct enemy to search for. But as women do: “we are safer/ when we all work together, as one; in times of social need:  WITH LAW”. Or more correctly: history proves this is today,  the best men will ever do/ when confronted with troubles: they always turn to war, and express their fears with insanity.  “This is all their fault/ or even more simply:  lets take theirs”!

 Today, we are faced with an “endless list of threats against us all”/ because of what men and their universities did do, as leaders of humanity. That literally means: WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE.    There will be wars until the death of us all/ made particularly easy, with weapons of mass destruction: the destruction of resources: mutilation of nature: the complete destruction of money by counterfeiting it (calling it debt, even though it cannot be paid)/ etc. There is nothing about what men did do, especially at the university level:  by becoming “leaders, to HELL”.  Throughout these last fifty years especially!

         That is not a preparation for, “life ending” world war/ an entire planet destroyed.  That is a fact, that can easily be identified, with the evidence:  established by fantasy, power, pride, and GREED. Your media fail you in every conceivable way: instead of reality and truth in support of life and a future for this world/ demanding accountability. American media provide the foundations for failure/ hiding every possible need, refusing to defend; and constructing the worst of us, as a “university expert:  failure has been proven”.  Not only to come/ but right now. The examples of that are not only in evidence , BY hiding experimental risk to our entire world by universities. But the realities of : fear this/ want this/ judge this/ & be entertained, rather than informed: are the constants of tv media propagation. While a major portion of  media entertainment itself, has fallen into extreme:  “fantasy, lies, cheating, delusion, fears, traitors, thieves, and political races supported with counterfeit money/ which hide all intent from the truth. Or more simply: YOU CANNOT depend upon media to support or defend you.  History proves they have not, in any way, shape, or form. With only very few exceptions, “hidden in the corners” so as not to shake their control/ by creating “little things”.  They remain “aloof”/ we did something.   BUT:  THAT, was not enough.

            Nonetheless, the critical element is: TO LEARN WITHOUT ASSUMPTION OR BELIEF, exactly what our truth as a nation or world actually is? To identify and create, the knowledge that will assemble with some clarity: the true choices we have or must make in defense of our lives. To investigate and determine with honesty: LIFE FIRST;    demands, discard your want, and choose ONLY for truth; accepting the destination is, “whatever will be, will be”. After we return to reality/ only then do;  or are we allowed to look for what is left.  That we may use whatever remains,  for rebuilding our future as life on earth: by the elements true to our existence. Not want, as is the foundation of every lie.  But through honesty,  REALITY, truth, and courage found,  through RESPECT.
These foundations are neither “male or female”/ which means everyone must participate equally: to conceive and prove what is, and what is not WRONG! Having established those facts, we then begin with a new journey, to build a new world with nature; rather than against nature: by understanding, we must choose differently. You CANNOT choose differently, “if the same people are in charge”. This is what they chose/ this is what they will go back too; just as soon as they can. Because this is what they want/  a game instead of reality.  As proven by male leadership throughout all of history. Therefore we must look to women as “all women/ never one woman”:   thereby looking, or pointing to a new or different direction for society. By understanding: female want, CANNOT fix anything either. You must be true, to the life within you/ as creation provided. NOT as men taught you to be/ but as nature created instead.
Exactly what that means, is entirely for women to decide. Remembering clearly, and by accepting without a true decision: that this planet is over-populated with humanity/ and this must stop.  That it is a decision entirely based upon WOMEN will rule this!  But like it or not, “men are not a true part of any solution”.  IT TAKES WOMEN, to make babies!  Just one man, can be responsible for many children:  you can’t make them sterile and succeed.   IF you    try,  “a vasectomy, will end sexuality for you too”.   Because the chemicals which control the experience as a pleasure, is taken away.  Want is completely irrelevant, our situation is tenuous at best.  Failure means:    we all become cannibals, and horrify each other/ until dead. Our situation IS, “THAT SERIOUS”.  Everything decided by women: MUST BE VOTED UPON/ or it cannot be done. Because humanity requires a commitment from itself, or no movement will be seen. That gives men an equal say/ but instead of what men present as a direction: this is about what women decide, our direction as humanity on earth must be. Do you see the difference? If they choose for justice, expect and demand fair play, and identify what equality does in fact mean. Then we WILL see change. Because men desire that too. The male leaders, and their own ways of fighting for every resource “so I, or this group; can be rich”/  have made this impossible.  Consequently, as a last hope for life:   “women must try”.

          Of the critical decisions that must be made, several need no real discussion. They are life or death for our planet/ because being WRONG, is a failure we cannot permit. Or we all die.
1. NO GAMBLING/ life MUST be protected from the catastrophe or potential catastrophe, of human interference. NOBODY gets to play god/ or threaten us all, in any other way.
2. The future must be protected, or the children are assassinated. Therefore it is a duty/ NOT an option.
3. Nature is our only true friend in existence here as time: what nature does or does not do, “is absolutely everything beautiful, desirable, hopeful, or valued in this existence, its expression, and our experience as life”! NOBODY GETS TO PLAY HERE. We WILL protect all of nature as if it were our own personal life/ because nature builds every body of life; including our own. NO THREATS/ NO RISKS/ NO RELIGION/ NO RIGHTS, TO DO ANYTHING other than protect the miracles of our existence.
4. OUR environment is critical for nature to survive. That includes the planet, its oceans, forests, rivers, soils, and everything else that keeps the possibility we will survive here, intact. Every decision made by humanity MUST BE BALANCED, with nature. Which means, you cannot/ unless there is something being put back of substance to life and every future. No more insanity: no more want, reality decides for life.  Nothing unsustainable.
5. Critical to our existence is, the air we breathe/ the atmosphere we inhabit/ the relationship of wind, to the planet and its rotation, heat, cold, etc. IT IS, an absolute fact: that we destroy more oxygen today, than this planet produces. Nobody needs a guide to understand what that means. Therefore we either STOP what we are doing with fire to consume that oxygen. STOP what humanity is doing against this earth itself, by destroying everything that makes oxygen for us. And CHOOSE a BETTER way for our existence. Such as insulating everything/ working close to home/ neighborhood shops for walking; and so on. Because if we don’t, the day comes quickly when we cannot! Air-conditioning is, the greatest single contributor to global warming: which means you must stop it NOW, and choose a better way.  Such as INSULATE YOUR HOME.
6. OUR oceans, are not a garbage dump/ or they die. OUR oceans are NOT to be:  a death trap, because of human fishing. HUGE trawlers that take them all;  ending all chances for re-population;  etc/ or we die.  Absolutely necessary:  Because without food from the seas; we cannot feed already;  at least a billion people/ and we need more food, NOT less. The only 3 options we have: CLEAN IT UP/ STOP EXCESSIVE FISHING, and control net size, along with the size of ships/ FEED THE SEA (the only thing we have is: dead human bodies/ by whatever method works best for sea life). All of which you do understand entirely. Fail to accept reality, and you go hungry, which then demands war.
7. OUR DRINKING WATER, is under severe attack. And we will NOT drink/ unless drastic changes are made. That means: either you will fall into massive terrorist attacks; as people run completely out of water/ and somebody is going to die. OR YOU will protect and defend your water supplies, sharing them equally, but with caution; so that you can survive. Or you will face horror!  Water loss:  Past the point of no return, this cannot be fixed. “Is, very quickly: war/ or die”.
8. Reality has proven that leaders CANNOT handle anything important/ universities CANNOT be given control over themselves/ and everything else is wrong as well. Unless your desire is hate, and you want this world to end; which does include you.  SO:  Lets assume, that you desire life/ and you are willing to accept the necessary decisions: WHICH ONLY TRUTH ITSELF, can identify/ and then live accordingly. I give you a one percent chance of succeeding: as reality has proven “WANT, therein greed, etc; is everything to you”/ until faced with disaster.  Then its life that matters; until want can return. So the choice actually is/ as it has always been throughout human history: CHOOSE TRUTH/ instead of want; or a crisis will come. As is proven throughout human history: even though some do choose correctly/ IF THEIR NEIGHBOR did not. Then war is coming, because they failed themselves, and their world.  That is no longer realistic:  as tragedies exist all around us.  The historical solution: MOVE away from these others/ and be prepared for war. Don’t let them do it, MAKE A MILITARY.   Which Provides severe destruction of everything because of that decision. Such is life, “with men” in charge. Today, in a world barely able to keep itself alive/ you have no such option left. Either you fight for the end of destruction with law/ or you will fail. Simple and plain.
             The critical solution is: CHOOSE THE LAW, for ourselves/ so that it is in everyone’s best interest, to OBEY. That reality identifies individuals which refuse to do their part in keeping society, and LIFE FIRST for this planet alive. And removes them, “to situations wherein, they will NOT damage more than themselves”. Where there is hate found, that change is permanent. When less than true hate, what you will receive is less of everything/ than you have now:  until you learn.   No coming back/ until you learn: WE ARE, in this together, and you must do your part. Equal, is not simply “the same” for all. There is a difference. The failure to incorporate this as fact: creates a foundation upon which hate will come back/ therefrom war and destruction.

YOU WANT/ YOU WANT/ YOU WANT; has become your proven enemy.
Today, you WILL decide truth, respect, and reality are the only friends we can afford: accepting love is the value of every society/ friendship is the difference between life and war/ male and female bonding creates balance/ respect denies “traps, tricks, fears, fantasy, and failure”. Therefrom, keeping life sane. So says the evidence.



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