wake up

It is, the tragedy of both men and women/ that they hear only what they expect to hear; regardless what is said. That means, everything necessary to be heard: MUST be repeated again and again and again/ in slightly different ways so as to wear down the guards and barriers people have erected to protect themselves from “liars/ traitors/ and thieves”. Which does establish, the foundation for this failure to hear: is an expectation to be abused. That does come from experiences, throughout childhood and life; which prove, the majority (or at least the outspoken) only want to use us, rather than be friends with us instead.
The reality of hiding from life, is in fact hiding from people. The cause “you run away from truth”/ is established by the framework: if I do not hear/ then I have no duty to be involved. Consequently the purpose here is: to remove yourselves from participation; which then creates the potential to judge. YOU should not have/ YOU were there, YOU made the decision, or should have interfered; so its all your fault. Even though, “the judge (you) here” is absolutely involved, as a coward (deserter) first.
So the question is: HOW do we give the vast majority of humanity enough courage, to participate in life or death for this world? The answer is: by taking away your securities/ you will be forced to participate, and make decisions that will either save this planet, or let it be killed. Like it or not: these are the definitions which make you move toward life/ or war. Men choose war: “its all their fault”/ so all we have to do is kill them! Then we can have everything we want; it’s historically proven true. War today of any size, means NOTHING will be left for life; all dead one way or the other.
So, let’s ask women: WHAT would you do different? Their answer is not historically proven; because they have never been given the opportunity to be truly in charge. They are NOT functionally aware, of what it truly takes: to sustain existence, where men are constantly fighting “for more”. Where nature has little or no mercy, for those who are unaware.
Nonetheless, without true change of this entire humanity on earth; there is no future for any human being or other life form in this existence of time. Because of resource loss/ constant over-population/ and a thousand other major threats against our world.
Consequently men established knowledge is necessary. But NOT as the evidence now demands: “university knows” which means KILL EVERYTHING that is not money. KILL EVERYTHING that society has valued; so WE CAN RULE. And then KILL THE MONEY, to make the people beg; because we demand MORE! Now; Proven true, by decades of reality.
But rather LIFE is the most important thing we share, and it must be RESPECTED as the true value of our existence. That simple fundamental difference can be described as the functional difference between male and female. Or more simply: men have proven themselves by the majority of their “major moments as society”; to be entirely controlled by money (I will be free/ I will rule life).
Whereas the foundation of female, is fundamentally controlled by life first. As is the evidence of children not intentionally abandoned; (my children need care/ I must share; I deserve to rule myself, and be free too).
Those facts underscore the most critical elements of our future on this planet: IF WE DON’T SHARE, with life/ IF WE DON’T CARE, about all life, and prove that with our respect. Then the burden of what we do now, as a world overthrown with endless humanity; is subsequently going to be, our death.

You believe whatever you want: because you only want/ what you want. You only hear, what you intend to hear. But life, has a different story today than your parents knew/ than all of history combined could have known. WE ARE, SO MANY PEOPLE; that we live or die, from what even a “few too many” people did do/ will do/ or expect to collect.
If you don’t share: this world is soon over. The universities built you endless traps and chaos/ tragedies and horrors; because their only true concern is “playing god” with life. They will be castrated (you CAN’T stick your life, or your purpose in here, no more) forever; their power taken away, or controlled for LIFE MUST COME FIRST. Or, you’re dead very soon. There is no more room, for endless fantasies or delusion/ no more chaos in charge.
If you don’t care/ then the entire chain of life for this whole planet will fail apart; and take you with it. Death will surround us all/ with no way out. That is the cost of a planet overloaded with people. You CAN’T kill them all (or even very many)/ without destroying the planet itself.
Ultimately RESPECT for LIFE is our only answer. That respect cannot come, from those whose answer for everything: “Is money”. Your money is nothing more than a lie already; it too, at least in america; is dead/ counterfeited, to bring you all the latest world ending/ life mutilating threats to exterminate existence on earth. Courtesy of, “university/(we are gods), knows”.

Women united for a common cause: to bring peace and harmony through justice and law. At least women, have the potential to choose a different path, for humanity on earth/ even life itself, as that is now endangered from every direction, in every situation; by men.
Men, particularly through university leadership and threat; have failed entirely. So says the evidence: prove the evidence is wrong!
That leaves only women to try; they can’t do worse, than threaten extinction for all life on this planet/ as is the result of men, in charge; men following their leaders. Does not a university diploma exist through all leadership; particularly in government and the courts? The diploma led us here. That does not mean it is entirely evicted. But it does mean, they can lead or determine direction or control or rule or “do what they do” NO MORE. Without our own direct involvement/ without a fundamental discipline as decided by women. Not because women are better/ but because women are different; and we absolutely MUST have “different than this”! Liars/ traitors/ thieves/failures/ fools////////////////////etc; everywhere a damn penny can be found. WAKE UP, or die!


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