WAR is the reality of men: we cannot make them change; OR we need, and want their stuff; OR we have ruined our own environment; OR someone has to leave, we cannot survive this; OR MAN just wants to prove “I can”. Are all fundamentals of male driven society that have been proven throughout history since its beginning. CHANGE requires a different perspective, which can only literally be found in women. That means, in contrast to what men do: which is hire a leader to take responsibility for the rest. Women MUST NOT hire a leader; but find in their own environment: the disciplines needed as “women united from around the world”/ to balance society, nation, and world by understanding what will become a future we can survive, and learn to be happy within. Men cannot save this world/ THEY WILL, as quickly as possible: RETURN to exactly what brought us into this day and time. At the very edge of extermination! We MUST HAVE DIFFERENT: there are no other choices, “LET WOMEN TRY, it is owed to them”/ these are decisions that save or wreck, their lives too!


The inevitable truth, that what humanity has been doing, no longer succeeds. Therefore the question becomes: ARE WE GOING TO CHANGE/ or, is the army of our discontent enough, to go take theirs?

For thousands of years, that simple question has been decided almost exclusively as: “lets go steal theirs”. That is: “the male answer, when confronted with serious change”/ and its inevitable result: NO you can’t.

When men find themselves in powerful (we can make you change) positions; their choice is always, “lets make them change”. That leads to discontent/ which leads to hatred/ which leads to war and desperation as reality displays itself in the word “slave”. You took, or are trying to take “it all, for yourselves”. Demanding you are superior/ thereby no respect for the rest.

History will prove those statements true. It is not leaders that choose/ but inevitably the men who follow them: because without the army, there is no slave. Without a slave; “you, can’t live an easy, gluttonous life”. Or more simply “claim to be wealthy”: HELL NO, I, don’t have to do a damn thing.

Work is a need, and a respect which allows yourself, to be taken care of by the things you do; when resources are realistically available to you. In contrast, slavery is the lack of respect, that does not admit to the realistic contribution of your work. Thereby no resources are available to you, unless you beg. Begging consists of “give me a job, rather than accept my work/ I am truly desperate”. Therefore I will do anything you ask! Resources and ability determine wealth. Wealth is, the option to not only work for yourself/ but take care of others as well; and still have the energy to appreciate life. Without resources, there is no wealth for anyone/ except those who control the last bits and pieces of what we need to survive. They withhold/ demanding to play god; and war begins.

So lets review: men in charge refuse to consider the future, UNLESS they have been confronted with “hard times”. That ends, with leadership abandoning the future; just as soon as they believe themselves to be “rich”. HELL, I am going to die/ WHY should I care about you; go get your own. That then changes society into a “soup of discontent”; as the rest are forced to make changes because leadership believes no one can stop them. Intellectuals believe, “with deceit/ graft/ corruption/ conspiracy/ temptation/ and especially control through media propagation of worthless details and the dribble of fools”; no one can stop them. But alas, as reality now proves for the USA and others: counterfeiting does come do. The intellectual is certain; “NOT for me/ the slaves must pay”. But truth says, when you counterfeit every penny/ then every penny is worthless, and all fall directly into the same hole; intellectual or not.

That brings us to today: the time of change or a complete failure of society, across this world. Which always ends with war. Today, that will be any and all weapons of mass destruction. It takes only a couple of people, to release them all. Do you really believe your leaders can be trusted? Only a complete idiot or a cult believer would even dare to consider that a question.

So we begin: to understand what change truly means. Because of our increase in population, which now threatens existence no matter what we do. The consequence is: either we become HONEST with our realities of existence/ OR we war. There is no middle ground; even today, just growing children are going to need more. Assuming zero population growth. Our only solution, is to correctly feed the ocean, in hopes of creating food. The only food available, that we can spare; is dead human beings. Ground up, or whatever is suited to the purpose. People will say no: but cannibalism will take over life on earth if you do not. That too, assumes an immediate change in all things people do with the ocean. People say, “its bad”/ we must have a grave. But reality remembers your choice: if buried/ then the worms eat. If poisoned completely, so the worms don’t eat: how is that “great”? Burned uses oxygen and creates pollution; why, so the worms don’t eat. Why not let the fish eat, so you & your children can then stay alive?

Every part of what the university has led society to do, over this last century; is nearly all bad. But that is what power does, it corrupts and fails life.
Antibiotics were wonderful on a personal level, “I would not be here without them”. BUT, when changing nature, it is absolutely necessary to conceive correctly what these consequences are going to be/ and make changes accordingly. None (a tiny few don’t count/ they can’t change anything) did. Your current surgeries are nothing new; the difference is, antibiotics made them possible. When that ends, so does ninety percent of medicine. None should die of little things/ but all must die from “the big things”; stop being damned, for your cowardice. Stop making your children “die a thousand deaths; because you want, whatever you want”. Consequently no more playing games, reality must choose for life; and YOU must accept what is true.
The foundation of manufacturing is: “an endless supply of resources”! Take a look around you, with nearly 8 billion people taking whatever they can find, every single day/ every single year/ for “one hundred years of their life”. We will soon have nothing; but war. The answer of the university was: “throw it all away/ to keep the manufacturing going”. Nothing could be more disrespectful of a child! But, that is clearly what they do, in every decision they have made, throughout these last few decades entirely; “kill the children”/ why should we care; is their creed.
World law, instead of a world full of enemies; is blasphemy, to those who want power! They absolutely refuse/ because it takes the most powerful game of men away: “we can’t war/ without weapons, or breaking the law”. The powerful men hate that, and refuse. It shall be changed/ or you die completely. The criminal man hides in the shadows, thereby he will continue to believe, “can’t touch me”. But he too, will learn: with extreme population, comes the demand, “we are all in this together”/ and if you don’t accept that, then you will be moved beyond the boundary, that lets you return here. A clear and certain conviction in matters to be decided means: your time among us, is over.
The endless demand “I will just go get more”/ is over. That day has past, as has great individual wealth, beyond a clear and certain honest cause.
The endless demand: “I DON’T have to do nothing/ I WANT, WHAT I WANT; leave me alone”. Ends, because if you don’t fight for this world OF LIFE; you will be exterminated from it, by death of a planet. So grievous, are the things you have done.
The foundation principle: we must work, to provide for ourselves/ is an absolute right, which shall not be ignored or removed. But that does not mean: you get to immigrate here, and change our lives. It means, “FIX YOURSELVES”/ and then you won’t need to immigrate. With some exceptions for realities that cannot be mediated: reality demands, no more destroying what you had, and then coming here to take ours. STOP destroying this world, and when you learn that clearly and without exception (which includes population control)/ THEN immigration can be considered fair. The right to work is simple: you will share/ you DO know how. The right to a real education begins in grade school/ no more trash. You will use “limited capitalism”/ because that gives all a say, in what each will receive. Because if you don’t, only war is left: take a look at Syria today/ and make a true decision, if you want that “here”.
Every fire has a cost, and that includes engines, etc. Insulation is an absolute necessity, enough to make the fuel for heating or cooling insignificant. No more endless driving; period. Removal of all methods used to allow this, is required; everything. It is air conditioning that warms this earth/ stop it, in nearly every application.
There is no place, “for a stock market, or other constructions of investment; that have proven to be, in every sense: one of the primary causes for complete social and economic breakdown.
Contrary to the constant university scourge of “fear everyone/ make them separate”. Every media demand, propagating hatred, derision, disease, disrespect, and venom: The answer of society must be, fear no one until it is proven necessary. Thereby finding friends among the many, who need your acceptance. Instead of making enemies among the majority, by demanding give me what I want. Want is the basis of every lie; because if you don’t want it/ or want to hide it: you won’t lie! There is no cause.
The list of university failures, or male dominated leadership; is very long, and I see no cause to continue.

the foundation called war, applies to a great many realities of society. The most deliberate today is, the creation of an army using the diploma as their “uniform”/ and the organizations of educators and others as required to secretly gain access to “governmental office”; by pretending their purpose in this: is “For us”. When in fact, the absolute only purpose as defined by actions was to create, instigate, control, and then demand: CONTRACTS to enslave the rest, by giving themselves whatever they wanted through public office. Or AHA, “NOW you got to pay us/ because we signed this for you”! Its called “TRAITOR”, and or betrayal. But there are many such actions throughout society, and in unionization beyond what is fair.   BUYING long term POLITICIAN’S, is just part of that.  After all, “what difference does it make, if this is not important to me”?


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