Of all the things life is, the one facet that clearly defines “life OR death”/ is water. But as is constant with all human activities, especially as led by men: is the fact, “given too much of anything, EASILY attained/ they will in fact try to destroy it all”. Thereby creating a control over what is left/ by which power can be exerted over the others. The few, then control by wasting what has value. Thereby they become in their own minds, “a god” over you/ because without this source for survival itself: you will BEG, capitulate, or die. “LIARS, WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU, don’t worry/ be happy”, what could go wrong!

It is, simple and sure: that WATER is neither a small or trivial matter/ and constructs the difference between whether life, can exist in any specific area or not. Because in this world, without water there is no life. Without water spread far and wide/ there is only the possibility of living in the areas which do have water. That means the protection of the water supplies are paramount to all things called society/ all things subject to human participation/ all things, that are relative to life and economies. Water therefrom becomes FAR MORE PRECIOUS than any form or claim to money. According to the state of IL water survey scientists: only one inch of water enters the aquifer/ per fifty inches of rainfall. Therefore, just because it is raining/ the water which supplies our society, and nearly every society: because it is cleaner. IS IN TROUBLE. Due to a wide variety of factors. Of interest, is a dry aquifer for any length of time becomes solid rock/ and ends the possibility of refilling: even if you gather rain water and pump it into the aquifer. Never mind the endless ground pollution and billions of tons of poisoning from agriculture/ cities, and the billion tons of poisoning it creates just for lawncare and insect control/ industry; the consequences of making chemicals & what is gathered by raindrops falling through air pollution. Nor the consequences of human activities which include mutilating life, altering bacteria with antibiotics, and antiseptics/ biological waste in all forms/ plus the billions and now trillions of gallons of water used just in the making of ethanol to replace gasoline. ETC/ ETC/ ETC. Then we come to the farmer recent development: which is to put in so much field drainage tiling: that it is impossible for water to seep down into the earth to replenish the water supply in the aquifer. Etc.
In other words the most critical resource of our lives, apart from oxygen to breathe: is being torn apart at the seams/ to let it all simply “go away”. Leaving us all with first massive migration, into the places with water. Demands for that water to be transported to “us”/ removing yours, so we are all in the same “titanic”. And then war, BECAUSE there ain’t enough for all of us/ and if there is no place to go: SOMEBODY has to die! Simple and plain.

Today fracking represents another severe threat to every water supply: by creating pressures, which CAN EASILY be Moved as gas through fissures created in the ground/ or seams in the soil, where different composites of soil, and previous vertical movements create weak spots, for pressurized gas to follow. Pumping water into these fissures created by explosive charges/ creates hydraulic pressures which can and due heave the soil above it.   Causing eThey JACK IT UP/  causing earthquakes BECAUSE with enough pressure, something has to move. As the ground erupts following the fissures already in place/ that crack continues to enlarge. To bring more gas into the line; thereby pursuing an even greater supply with even more pressure/ by moving the ground Causing earthquakes:  hydraulically. Once that gas enters the aquifer, it travels throughout the water supply;  in that aquifer, wherever it goes/ NEVER, for all intents and purposes here;  to be removed. Thereby even if the gas leak is one hundred or more miles away, with any substantial leak of gas into the water/ IT WILL get to you too. It is an undeniable fact. Hydrocarbons of any kind in the water supply are poisons which do tremendous harm to all of biology; which means the livestock can’t drink it either. Ending all livestock farming. The end of the water supply ends the human population in that area as well. Which means even the farmers cannot stay on their land/ they have to move to where the water is: or transport it from someplace that allows them to take their water. Buying it! The Ogahalla aquifer, that made it possible to end the dust bowl of the thirties: is now nearly dry/ from irresponsible irrigation, and ethanol production. Without the slightest chance of recovery. The water supplies in California are nearly dry; which means all those lives ARE GOING TO MOVE. Are you ready: it means you can’t drink either very soon thereafter. You have three days of not drinking anything, before the body you inhabit is in crisis: war is then immediate/ ready or not.
When we look at the water supply, we find mining consumes a tremendous amount. We find the production of ethanol consumes a tremendous amount, which does include irrigation for the production of ethanol. The military and various industries have polluted trillions of gallons of water, with radioactive waste. We find that oil production is consuming trillions of gallons for flooding old oil reservoirs to float the oil up from the bottom and make it retrievable: none of it, or very little is salt water, and cannot be retrieved for drinking. Which is where the current glut of oil comes from. We find that gas production is pumping water into the ground: to produce and pressurize gas to gain more money. We find chemicals consuming water/ and its products consuming trillions more water, or poisoning it. We find people using water in ways that are completely irresponsible: and we know, “that WAR” IS IMMINENT. And coming soon.
We also know, that the fresh water supply in lakes for a hundred million people can be lost in a very few days: with even MUCH more damage than that. And we know that all water stable water sources are at their limit, right now: without any reasonable method of increasing that water supply without cleaning salt water. Which is expensive and cannot be done in a very short amount of time; NOR in the quantities Required. Moving ice from the poles, even if you choose to do that, will not work much longer.
Then we come to the newest idea which is to put all the damn poison we don’t know what to do with: into the dry aquifers/ making certain NO ONE comes back here. Making certain, the future is horrific. Plus all the poisons that are pumped into the ground: because we have to do something with them. Which is then overloaded: TO DAMN EXPENSIVE to start over/ and they just keep pumping it in until the “bubble bursts” and takes control over entire cities. As is the cost of your chemicals hidden away/ until the day you are destroyed from the very environment you worship as your home. Not to worry, without water property values are worthless; got a million dollar home/ but can’t get a penny. Because without water, there is no living here/ and that means little, or no working here either. The list is very long/ the reality is very grim: your option to make changes, grows weaker everyday. The possibilities of “anything but hell” are disappearing throughout this world: because over population HAS CHANGED THIS WORLD. Nature cannot defeat humanity anymore.

So we then come to the reality of the pandemic disease infecting society called the university diploma/ or expert for short. And their absolute insistence through media propaganda: that even though reality points directly at the cause of any problem as created by these decisions. The university experts, being promoted by media, and entertained by leadership: ALL DEMAND, UNTIL THE REALITY OF THIS FAILURE, IS HORRIFIC/ we shall not change. The courts being their puppet, are only too willing to protect their bribes: the powerful rule/ democracy for all intents and purposes killed. Because the constitution is removed from the courtroom, and denied access by the people; as proven through the lawsuits that I have provided on these website’s. The thieves, liars, traitors, cheats, storytellers, media, and whore’s HAVE rebelled against us. Proving they can rule, with lies, by hiding the truth, discarding their oath/ letting democracy itself (we rule ourselves by law), BE DAMNED.

OUR LEGAL RIGHT TO PROTECT THE WATER SUPPLY IS PARAMOUNT TO ANYTHING ELSE IN LIFE; including your own. Because without water we all die. The option and opportunity to investigate and determine throughout all areas of this world/ and in particular this America: to create and examine a real world picture of what our water situation is. Where the true possibilities of poisoning and depletion exist. What happens then/ and where it is all going. Who threatens the water, AND EVERYTHING ELSE WE NEED TO KNOW TO SURVIVE. Is absolutely legally enforceable. However it cannot be done with “government employees”: because as is proven true/ the powerful rule, and they lie, cheat, steal, and destroy “for fun”. We must know for ourselves, and that means you need to participate in real actual terms, looking under every rock so to speak, FOR REALITY COMES FIRST.
It is a parasitic reality of the university diploma/ the bank robbers called lawyers/ the propaganda media/ and the cancerous court: that they insist “we have no responsibility, until horrendous occurs”. They will then move, escaping with all the money as always/ leaving behind the murder that will follow because of what they did do. The alternative is: to take everyone who assails us with insurmountable threats to court NOW/ AS WE THE PEOPLE. Reminding the court, and every leader, and every industry: THAT WE DO HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS. That among those rights, are the removal, and imprisonment of those who assault us. Where there is battery against this earth/ where there are fraudulent activities/ pyramid schemes using resources as their bait (its all good until the consequences of reality come)/ that criminal organized extortion exhibited, which is to threaten with a courtroom: demanding it costs you too damn much, in lawyer fees; to fight with us. To find FRAUD in leadership and propaganda of media: using power to control the people until they have no choice but war. And all other excessive realities of manipulation as have come through the university diploma: to invade our lives with tragedy coming. Reality does have a price/ the CONSTANT university fantasy is: “We won’t pay/ LET SOMEONE ELSE”.
The courtroom, as is our democracy: IS CONTROLLED by the reality of an audience. If there is no audience/ then they can and will do anything they want: those in power, watching over every judge to make certain they don’t “get out of line”. As is the constant of this day; proven true. WHERE WE THE PEOPLE WILL WATCH/ WHERE WE WILL INSIST THIS SHALL NOT GO ON: WE WILL RULE! BECAUSE DEMOCRACY IS, WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE/ AND WE PROVIDE ALL THE RIGHTS, AND ALL THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF OUR EMPLOYEES, by our own choices. As is constitutionally correct. Demanding an oath, for your job/ which means: THERE SHALL be penalties for those who deny their oath to us. This fact, and the constitution IS OUR GOVERNMENT; not the employees: IS THE FOUNDATION OF LAW, in this nation.
Learn you are not weak and without rights. Learn together we own this world, and can change the reality of every leader, by constructing world law. Learn how to communicate with each other/ and then DO WHAT IS NECESSARY, to keep us all alive. Because this world has changed, and we will not survive without true change. How is that reality not clear? LOOK BEYOND YOUR DAMN EYELASH; and find reality. Investigate and prove, or change: “the children are not being assassinated”! Because the evidence proves they are.

Some will say: “WE DON’T have to worry about a damn thing/ because that is what leaders and university and media are for!” In contrast to that, every foundation upon which we survive as life on this earth is threatened with real evidence, and critical realities that cannot be survived. This nation is bankrupted, a proven fact. And the media entertain/ they do not inform of anything that is necessary to know about life, democracy, nation, world, or anything else: or this site would not exist. That is partially “public fault”/ its what you want from them: BUT THAT is only because the university diploma HAS SEPARATED YOU, from your government, which is the constitution. THEY took over with experts, and media propaganda demanding “they are much smarter than we”/ therefore they decide. Reality however proves, with regard to anything about life or democracy or justice: IT IS WE, THE PEOPLE, WHO ARE SMARTER THAN THEY. The list of threats, would not be so long/ except for university delusions. They believe themselves to be “the nobility”/ or they get it all, and we get nothing: as pronounced on a regular basis, with media proving: they GET more/ as is the income differentials.
As to water itself, people believe that is what government agencies are for: its their job. That has proven to be untrue, with regard to leadership/ because as the water survey people of the state of IL proved with the intent to put an ethanol plant next door to me. THEY WOULD NOT INTERVENE. Even though when questioned they declared, that ethanol plant would have sucked the aquifer under this property dry, within 3 years. Ending the water supply for a fifty mile radius/ and every person and livestock dependent upon it facing REAL TROUBLE. They DIDN’T say a word, even though they knew. They had to be asked: and then they did do their job. I seriously doubt that was their purpose/ rather, a leadership position diploma most likely told them, or made them believe: you want your job/ you don’t interfere. Just collect data/ and do nothing else. As is the constant, for all manner of hidden agenda’s we are faced with as a nation/ a failed court/ a disgraced media/ and a foolish government employee based reality, who have been literally trying and taking over our constitutional rights. By replacing that constitution with their rules/ by ruling us: INSTEAD OF WORKING FOR US. It is an open rebellion/ from the top down: and has been so, for decades. That, is just the beginning; of our situation as a nation or world or life. To your shame. The diploma took over leadership, in every category: and we are in jeopardy of even losing our entire world. How is that “smart”/ it is fantasy, delusion, and a religious cult worshiping “university knows, everything”. Or more correctly, “THEY HAVE proven the road to HELL, starts with a diploma.

Because of the traitorous acts of the US supreme court, in this case allowing the media to be sold into a very tiny few hands: we are controlled/ by those who conspire to hide or remove the truth. That was, Constitutionally corrupt and vile: as always not a word from media. When its important! Because of course, any who dared can be “blacklisted”/ and never work in media again. Choosing instead, “whatever is their own purpose”.



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