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Exploring society; what can we do!

This presents us all, with a question: are you willing to share, in exchange for peace and harmony/ followed by justice, fair play, and equal treatment through law? Not really a hard question, as these descriptions conceive of a life valued by nearly all/ BUT, these also demand, that the incessant expectation of “I WANT, to be rich/ I WANT, to be superior/ I WANT, whatever I want, and I WANT THAT NOW!” These expectations, are all going to die. Along with money, & power rules society.
YOU, have to find your own answer/ and deliberately act or react in accordance with that decision. Its NOT “free”. Although compared to letting this earth and all its life enter “extermination”/ truth says, to accept “LIFE comes first; is barely a cost at all.
So the next question of course is: HOW expense, would this change be?
Answer, that depends upon humanity itself! Because these are choices made, for the deliberate purpose of changing society to: LIFE, in fact all LIFE, COMES FIRST! So then the change required of you is very simple by concept: instead of money first/ that dies by your own hand; and is replaced with LIFE FIRST. Once this decision is made; all other realities will be decided by truth. Simple and plain, will control. Through the laws created by “we the people”/ who then WILL be governing ourselves.

So, let’s talk about what we need to survive? The answer is RESOURCES & RESPECT: “food/ water/ shelter at times/ realistic healthcare for all/ fair play/ justice/ freedom by its rights enforced/ liberty by our consent: letting democracy decide. We do not need money: until everyone shouts “ITS ALL MINE”.
So the question is: what does “mine” really mean? Answer: “I have built this, whatever portion that is true; by myself”. Anything less, is not consistent with reality/ but exists only because of money. Everything else is substantively “ours”/ because money is a translation of “society owns this right”. Therefrom we ask: WHAT are the rights assigned by this society, to its money. Or “the money” belongs to all of us/ you simply collect it, use it, or abuse it as you desire or are able. What you contribute to money, is your labor/ and that is “yours”. Because every resource, is a gift of nature or planet; even though you don’t respect that, it is true. We now enter into the question: “just HOW much more, is your labor worth/ than mine”?
Everything else, belongs to society; because everything else, is fundamentally given to us all. Including mental capacity/ physical abilities & looks/ time/ etc; with very little exception, “its all a gift”. That does mean: substantially NOT earned by you/ or me. Therefore our contribution to society is labor, our determination to use that labor for human benefit, and our time.
That functionally means: with very few exceptions, we the majority; are literally very similar in contribution to society/ by the things we do. Limited capitalism: which is simply, by citizen vote, we shall determine for ourselves the limits of income ANYONE can make in any given year. By vote we will also determine the least anyone can make, for a work week. We will determine, and make law: what can or cannot be done, as an exception for the few. For instance: create your own true competition/ and we will allow you to have a little more. IF you prove a realistic accomplishment.
Capitalism is NOT; “take all you can get”! Neither is democracy, as is defined by the preamble of the US constitution.
Capitalism IS: we will control our resource usage by allowing competition to determine the price. Thereby capitalism is entirely based upon: conserving resources/ and has no other valuation. Government employees, commonly discard this fact to create “communism”. Which means: the few decide everything/ even though they claim no; this is a proven fact.
So then the question of society comes down to whether you will believe in: by vote on the laws themselves/ we can create the society we actually deserve. Or by voting or allowing (as is currently done); a tiny few who claim to be “nobility (currently a university diploma)” shall decide for us; as they wish.

Making this decision for life properly, as democracy enforced, by we the people. Then becomes: WE ARE, more people than reality allows, as a workforce. The competition is excessive, including robotics, etc. As history proves, humanity with open access to all resources: will quickly attack those resources, and we the people, will be without environmental protections, and then at war. Because if people are all “let free” to demand everything they want: to take anything they can; CHAOS does erupt. That is how “the wealthy” began: they say MINE/ and hire soldiers, judges, and governments: to keep it all, away from you.

What is critical then: is a decision by all the people/ regarding their own behaviors, expectations, and decisions defining what can or will be shared. What can or will be owned separately. And how can we participate as a society: when everybody knows, “people are extremely hard to control: failing often, within themselves”. Because want, pride, power, greed, selfishness, lust, temptation, manipulation, hatred, jealousy, and all the rest intervene: to stop or destroy; the possibilities called peace, harmony, and justice.
Or more simply, the primary problem of society is, the individual. Or more accurately their want, selfishness, greed, jealousy, and so on.
So then how do we change ourselves; for the benefit of society/ rather than “just me”? The differences are not great. You must know your enemies, so that you cannot be “charmed” into believing something that isn’t true.
1. Want is a grievous enemy; as it produces all that lying and liars become.
2. Pride is a grievous enemy; as it creates the games people play to become “winner/ so, I can call you LOSER”.
3. Power is a grievous enemy; as it is the force by which people are herded into fear. A primary cause of hatred, which then becomes violence.
These three are the substantive forces behind all social elements; NOT resource related. They are not completed as individual complications or components; they are, just social forces.

To change want; the most critical period is through “social pressures”. That consists of anything and everything; that tells you what to do, assigns a specific behavior to you, tells you what not to do/ tells you what to own/ tells you what to think, or don’t think/ and so on. This includes concepts in ethics, morality, and every other function of “herd behavior”: you must, because we say so. You are ridiculed, because we say so. You are winner because we say so; or loser. Etc.
The most clear subjection of socially produced “controlled thinking”/ by the propagation of media; begins with preschool. Advertizing is allowed to target them with toys: producing “you can play with it this way instructions”. Which are in fact, the first primary methods of mass human control; used in this society. While it can be said, “this helps a child, be prepared to play with the other children”/ it is more carefully true. This deprives from the “every child”; an opportunity to think for themselves. Decide for themselves or as their own little group, what is good or bad about this toy: because propaganda takes that away. Parents will contend: I WANT, whatever the child wants/ therefore let them be influenced to play as the others are taught to play. Some will say “this is great” because they don’t have to be “awkward”; they can know! So the question before every or any society is: DO YOU desire the children to think for themselves? Or, do you wish, they would just do, believe, or assume whatever they are told, is right?
While the concept of a thinking child, forced to confront, required to focus on a new or different situation may sound frightening to a parent/ it is not.
So lets look at “electronics” for the older child. “Focus in/ don’t let your attention stray/ DO exactly as the software demands: or you lose. Don’t interact with nature. Don’t interact with people. Don’t construct learning outside what someone else is telling you. Don’t be athletic. Don’t think for yourself, be impressed with “flashing lights”/ cause its EASY. Easy means, “you can ridicule and gossip” much more. Taught to want everything now, especially by television; Work is boring/ life needs “a drug”.
Not exactly “perfect parenting, or life in society”/ unless you want them all to be “robots”.
Beyond the parentally controlled ages; are the teenage years; elements of sex (I can) are added. The realities of fear (soon I must take care of myself)/ invade. The foundations of failure (no one wants me) and/ or success (I get more) as in the examples: we will play, so jealousy will arise, complicated by people lie!
These are elements for discussion: because change begins with thinking in a different way.

We examine the relationship of hate to society next; by defining the realities associated with, “I wish you were dead”.
The loss of respect, whether earned or simply denied makes no difference to most. Once you take respect away, the individual is forced into self, and denied access to the alternate equal constructions that participation with others, does provide. As a consequence: they must choose a direction for themselves in contrast with the others/ some choose revenge. Others most commonly become isolated either by religion or hate/ suicide or depression; sometimes both. With lies surrounding them, I cannot be ridiculed again; therefore to keep the decision quiet. Because you, cannot be trusted. The most common next step of reality “in trouble” are critical delusions; formed because of want. These are called, “the voice inside”.
Want, in this situation asks you: WHAT could make you happy in this/ IF you could go back, and do it again? Want then begins to give you options, as evidenced by the developmental memories, of your own mind. Whatsoever gets into your brain, by whatever way; such as television/ public or family behaviors/ anything that forms a memory; can create an “imagination”.
Therefore we ask, “what does imagination/ dreams and so on mean”? The answer replies: I have a need, to believe if not superior/ at least equal. If not happy/ then at least, in control of every situation in my life as time. If you do not have these needs/ then you do not have an “imagination”; as consistent with the others. Therefrom we ask, “what is an imaginary need”? The answer replies: without respect, there is no functioning as life. Because respect identifies and creates a relationship! Without a relationship, you are “dying inside”/ from loneliness.
The question then becomes, if respect or the lack of it, called loneliness are tied together as if they were one: then WHAT is the balance point, from which either erupts as in control? The answer replies: the critical path to a destiny called respect, is the understanding, “all life, and this planet, ARE true miracles”. The consequence of that is, EVERYTHING deserves respect, because it is here: but hate, or its variations! In contrast to miracles, loneliness is burrowing into self so critically hidden from view; that there is nothing left of life, “but you”.

Finally we come to power: the decision, not only am I superior/ I will prove it! But this has a backlash: “we the people” DON’T like you/ and isolation follows. Which brings about loneliness/ but instead of the common references to self therein. Power selects a different viewpoint: that is the difference between “being the boss”/ and being a tyrant. Power says, I need not feel lonely/ because you made me so. I CAN make you afraid, because I can ruin, or kill your life/ taking away everything you desire for yourself. Thereby instead of loneliness, “i will make myself, “god”!
So the question is: HOW, does the delusion of believing yourself so superior, that another miracle of life is less than “your own shit”; come to be? How is their life reduced, to nothing more than “pleasure or pain” for me/ otherwise worthless?
The answer is: you “sold your soul”.
That functionally means; there are no miracles in life, according to you. Nothing, just an empty void filled with pleasure or pain; or the games men and women play. Because life itself, has no meaning/ other than you.


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