whine and cry

So, let’s talk about water/ oceans/ toxic chemicals/ and betrayal.

Can’t live without it; just a fact! According to the IL state water geologists: it takes 50 inches of rain, to recover one inch of water in an aquifer; in permeable soils. Agriculture has decided, by completely delusional tiling methods: to stop all water from entering the aquifer. Agriculture has decided; that trillions of gallons of toxic waste used to create their chemicals, “is just a cost of doing business”/ and they AIN’T NEVER going back to any sort of farming that is not chemical intensive. Agriculture has decided dumping trillions of gallons of chemicals on the ground, in streams, etc; which inhibit germination of specific broad based plants; is great. Agriculture has decided; factory farming which concentrates extreme animal waste in a very small area; has nothing to do with contaminating the aquifer. The elimination of ponds, through drainage control is the end of a spawning ground to repopulate lakes, rivers, and streams. The intensive and extreme demand to control insects, mutilating plants/ dumping toxic waste. Has nearly caused the death of an entire food chain for life in MANY other species. Such as almost no animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc here anymore; although they were plentiful 50 years ago/ before a complete chemical takeover. WE WANT EASY/ I WANT MORE, for me. OR more simply WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT/ don’t tell me nothing, I don’t want to know: damn you. And of course Reagan who disrupted the expectation of “paying bills”/ and therefrom the collapse of rural america for over half that population.
As always the government official targets every homeowner, about the smallest infraction of their rules/ threatening punishment far beyond the reality; hell, even the little tyrants have to use power, or they whine & cry. While industry of all kinds; goes free. Cities continue to pollute oceans and streams relentlessly; as they use, or create toxins per acre even more than agriculture. The garbage patch in the pacific ocean is “bigger than the USA”. Coastlines are filled with toxic nitrogen (limiting oxygen), causing algae bloom. Making dead zones out of enormous areas. Over-fishing is common. Taking the entire “fish colony”/ thereby emptying that portion of the ocean is constant: causing predator fish to die too. Oil spills, warming the ocean/ causing more severe floods, droughts, storms, and hurricanes (proven true), severe redistribution of weight on this planet; as is melted ice. Ice provides the platform, for a base food group in the ocean: soon gone. And more than I care to list.
But we aren’t done: because gas can migrate/ particularly when released from subterranean structures, beneath the aquifer. Per year; Ethanol consumes a trillion gallons, with another trillion taken for irrigation to support ethanol/ water flooding of old oil reservoirs takes probably another trillion/ mining takes a trillion or so, adding in countless chemicals to rivers, lakes, and streams/ as does countless other operations including chemical manufacturing: which does not return any “clean drinkable water” FOR LIFE. And in fact choose in many cases to pump toxic waste directly into aquifers now considered to be dry. Surface waters are contaminated. Horrifying consequences can erupt on any given day, at any given time; because the realities of what humanity has done; stand ready for a complete and utter catastrophe. That can cause entire areas of a thousand square miles of highly populated areas, or more; to be without water/ or even electricity; to save a little food.
But not done yet, in USA; the military in their pursuit of the ultimate horrifying weapons/ have polluted trillions of gallons of water in aquifers. Humanity has collapsed many existing aquifers making them unable to ever hold water again: they turn to rock. The cost of lost water, as in the entire state of California; suddenly going dry/ is they all have to move or die, within a few days. Consider the reality of that! And WHERE all these people are going to go!
Your university experts, are allowed to take measurements/ BUT NOT even inform the public, at the risk of their job: because the powerful want, what they want/ as does society itself. When one set of “limits” have been breached: they just change the limits. TO HELL with the costs to the planet: WE, haven’t suffered yet. Or as history proves again and again: nothing has changed, humanity ruins its environment/ and then blames “GOD”. It’s a common theme; take/ damage/ destroy/ rape/ abuse/ ruin/ ravage/ throw it away; and then claim “its not our fault”!

We add to that, the ever present propaganda: that what university does for the ocean and life; is to track every creature “for their protection”. The reality of course is entirely different: they search for every possible hiding place, so when a tiny need arises/ every creature can be found and slaughtered. Claiming “we saved this one”/ while the reality is, “you betrayed all the rest”. And you know, its true! But hey, “like the others/ I WANT my job”. Isn’t that so?
It doesn’t matter does it? “I know, you can all just whine and cry, “its all “GOD’S fault”. Just like humanity, throughout history. Nothing has changed, but the human threat, and possibilities; to exterminate EVERYTHING.


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