WORK, the foundation of our individual survival. The reality of our society, as a whole.

The question presented is: HOW can we survive, with too many people/ and too few resources to continue as we have been doing? Answer: YOU CANNOT!

The question presented: WHAT can we do, if we do not do as we have always done? Answer: work for society, as in we all benefit/ rather than I alone shall benefit from this work.

The question presented: WHO, has a right to tell me what I can or cannot do? WHERE is the boundary between my personal freedoms, and the interference that is society choosing against me? WHY, must I listen, when my life “says NO”! Answer: we got here together, at the hands of university leadership in every conceivable method and way/ they chose, and you let them. Consequently we all stand together, with threats of extinction on every side: even if you cannot see them; the evidence proves they are real! That fact, coupled to the constant reality we are now: well over 7 BILLION people/ and cannot continue to live as if we were half that many, and nature could then survive what men did or didn’t do. That reality proves: either we WILL war/ or men & women will learn to curb their desire for children/ the consequences of their actions; as in the reality of over population. Or we are lost as a world, because we cannot continue this! That means we all share the responsibility/ we all threaten each other’s lives with overpopulation/ and nobody wants to die, so there will be more room for the others. Therefore we MUST change ourselves.
To that end, the freedom to take and use resources must be restricted. To that end “recycle/ reuse/ rebuild/ limit what can be thrown away/ and in all ways, protect this earth. Because if we lose our home/ we die. If they lose their home/ then they must invade another land or die. If they war/ they destroy more than the resources we have left to give them, or allow them to use. That includes the water! We are: at the edge of extinction/ because we are too many people, threatening to explode into billions more. Where nothing will be left but cannibalism, and HELL; for us all. When they cannot live where they are/ they search where you are, and must invade or die. Guess what, “what happens a world away/ NOW, matters to you”! Like it or not. So all the elders say: “well that, AIN’T never going to happen”; NOT in my lifetime/ just wait till I die, at a hundred or so/ THEN let the children pay. But alas: time’s up, and you don’t get to choose. Freedom lets you reclaim resources that are other wise going to the trash, or “what you can honestly recycle” should be free, as much as possible. Everything else is a decision that limits or destroys the lives of every future generation: as literally YOUR fault. They have rights, needs, and desires too!

So the question becomes: WHAT IS FAIR? The reality becomes: when confronted with the laws we design as humanity working for life itself; NEVER money again/ but life. Reality says, the more we do for the benefit of society itself/ the more good things we get to share as a participant in that society, for ourselves. That does mean, the simple elevation of rights and realities, that change our behaviors into a sustainable world/ working toward a greater freedom, by NOT participating any further in endless population growth. Gives us a new view both in life, and as a society itself. Such things as a shorter work week: provides more family time and freedom to experience and express what is your own personal decision. As to things we work with; opportunities to share in various ways do exist, and can be drastically expanded. IF you stop being liars/ thieves/ bastard’s/ failures/ whore’s/ etc. It’s a choice. When money no longer decides your position in society/ THEN, love/ laughter/ family/ happiness/ truth/ courage/ disciplines/ and all manner of what does bring value to our experience, or expression as a living body of life; will come to pass. There will be no more competition/ rather simply people who share our load. But that does not mean: an endless amount of humanity can fit, on the same piece of land. BUILD YOUR OWN, is a constant in nature/ and a reality required by humanity as well.
So the question is: HOW can I build my own anything/ if the resources I need, and the access to anything I require for the work I do: are not determined by my ability/ my “extra hours”/ etc; to get these things and work for myself? WHO the hell decides, if not ME!
Answer: the most flagrant violation of human rights and freedoms, COMES from the righteous and their rules. With a rule/ I can be your ruler! Consequently you CANNOT govern society with rules/ it will end in war. Just like the police cannot threaten and attack/ commit an assault, or pursue battery; with a robot speed trap or any other device that is deliberately and with intent “a trap”. These and other behaviors establish road rage/ violence/ and other failures in society and humanity. Freedom is too precious: to let others (or their machines) play, where they don’t belong. Consequently you CANNOT govern society with threats. It won’t work, you simply destroy the possibilities of peace.
You cannot bribe either/ as is the case called America: when the university was given control over all the currency by Reagan. The very first thing they did, what give themselves an enormous raise, and many “free gifts”. They then attacked society; and made America their slave for any fantasy they could think of. They made healthcare: a criminal enterprise/ and from there, a foundation that erupted into MASSIVE GREED (I want free money too) came to be. Even though it was all counterfeit/ which means LIARS, CHEATS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES RULE. Not enough to count stood in their way; because want, power, and pride ruled wherever greed stopped. Killing a nation, and corrupting a world. All because DAMN SEWER DRIVEN FOOLS, were given the right to bribe, steal/ and deceive by controlling and owning the press. Therefrom LYING every single day, about all that matters/ all that is valuable; to life. The cancer of a cult, called “university knows”.

Nonetheless, what then can we govern the fundamental realities of a society with? The answer is law! NOT the corrupted bastard conspiracy that is American judicial sewage. But the laws we make as WE THE PEOPLE/ shall govern ourselves, and make the hard choices we must make; in order to keep this earth alive/ across our world. Fighting to keep every nation apart: with WORLD LAW, as in taking any leader to court; who fails the demands we have made for life, on us all! Those laws discard the old/ every single one. And build not more than one hundred “as short and plain as possible” new laws defined and created as WE THE PEOPLE/ and then chosen, by our own vote. NOT a damn vote for someone to vote for me! MY VOTE, on the primary laws that will govern MY LIFE, and yours. MY FREEDOMS, and yours. MY RIGHTS, and yours. Etc, as we decide.
Controlling the currency by constitutional amendment; means there will be prison or death, for any and all who get out of line. Breaking their oath. Controlling the currency means: ONLY so many numbers per citizen/ because that gives us the knowledge, to know where we stand against or for the others. Controlling the currency means: international trade, shall not use credit/ but be determined by something that cannot be counterfeited easily; such as gold. Even though that can be plated, instead of solid. Those in government employ, who fail to stop this counterfeiting SHALL indeed go to prison/ and relinquish every penny they hold for themselves. YOU provide opportunity to steal. Therefore you shall inherit that failure, and be considered a thief.
Once we have everything “back aright”/ as in good enough for now. Then we can be relatively safe for a significant length of time. Today however, its university “LIARS/ TRAITORS/ TERRORISTS/ THIEVES/ FAILURES/ TRAGEDY/ THREATS/ EXTINCTION/ HELL COMING/ AND ARMAGEDDON LURKING, because the mutilation of DNA, is changing nature itself.” And more, like all the tragedy of men past: once someone is down, even the pitifully weak, want to pile on. As in YOU followed/ YOU let them/ YOU FAILED TOO!
Laws work, when enforced! When everybody knows what the law is: because its plain, simple, and we made this ourselves. THEN the fools will fail, and the tragedy of horrifying fuckheads, without a brain among them; will fail too. As we control the court/ the police/ the military/ the university/ and more; because we understand what our truth in law is. Damn few rules to control the individual. LAWS, which rule everybody the same! No exceptions. Juries to decide: if this is fair, in this society or not. Juries, to control and grade the judge/ the police/ and bring redress to court: to control our employees. Thereby enforcing according to the constitution, the laws we made.

The federal IRS will be discarded and abandoned. Those in higher positions of the IRS and the JUDICIARY withheld from finding employment in this field ever again; unless you can literally prove “I did treat the public fairly”.
Every form destroyed/ every law, code, etc REMOVED from society. We begin again under state rules. We will gather and employ by bidding. That business will then return to public vote every ten years or so/ as necessary: these are, the people who will collect the taxes as deemed necessary. We the people, and every business that is to be taxed: shall select and control our own forms. No more mazes to run like rats!


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