So, let’s talk about work/ workers/ rights/ and realities.

Fundamental, to the creation of a job; are the means to determine, what the value of this decision will be, “for me, & for you”. Because without value, it is a worthless endeavor/ that will not benefit life or society. Therefore we begin by asking what has value for life/ & what has value for society?
The value of a job, a business, etc for each living person is: I have found the means “to pay for myself/ & more”. Because absolute simple survival, is only valued for a “period of time”/ that varies per individual. So, we all want more/ or desire the opportunity to be more, than simply self. To want creates a delusion that expects whatever is to be “wanted”/ will in some fashion make you happy. It cannot/ happiness is not for sale/ nor can you steal it. Although if you keep refilling the pot, so to speak, you can achieve contentment (I need no one/ I have enough). In contrast, to desire to share yourself, and your experience, expression, and time with another life; because you care. Consists of an opportunity not only to be more than simply self/ but go beyond simply self, where love, happiness, and even joy reside. So then the question returns: WHY, can we be happy or content: “with a job/ either worker or boss makes no real difference”; so long as fair play exists.
Why is the fundamental journey, a chance to learn/ a chance to grow/ a chance to become “more than simple”. Simple means, “I have enough”. Whereas wisdom by its creation, becomes “something to share”. So the critical question of why is: what is the price of this journey? Because if you cannot pay it/ then you should not attempt, because you will fail. Just reality talking, not judgment. The price of every journey/ the reality of every job: is to learn what you must not do. Respect allows you to learn as you go, in most jobs/ but if you make a critical mistake: time itself can end, if not for you/ then someone else. So there are rules; but the rules rarely offer little more than “we own this job/ and you cannot have it”. Or they want a fortune, as in “college training”/ which also prepares you little for most real work. In contrast the preparations for a journey into wisdom: commands three distinct things. You must not carry with you ANY preconceived ideas. You must not believe as in “I will try/ or I will be prepared/ or I will not take any chances”; because wisdom does not allow it. Your search is into “something new”/ therefore you cannot know. The last thing wisdom requires is RESPECT; because no matter where you journey in time or beyond it, the reality of that experience is a path someone has taken before you. Some died/ some failed/ some went insane/ some survived/ and some did well.
Therefrom the value of a job is; preparation, respect, and purpose applied to your existence. The value of a business is: I have become a value that can be explained in both time and society. The value of survival is: I can adjust, to conceive of & build; a better future for me, perhaps even you.

The unfortunate truth is, people lie/ people want/ people hate; etc. This purposely infects the value of living “with sewage”. It is a confrontation between “everything we do value about being alive”/ and everything we don’t value about life and living, because others have chosen to disrespect, manipulate, control, tempt, or disgrace our lives, to make themselves seem more important. The value of life is, in everything called “a treasure”/ not to be confused with physical things. Every treasure is the distance we know, by the evidence: our lives are from love. Or more simply; “While it is truly impossible to understand exactly how much someone means to you while living/ it is fundamentally true, once they die: YOU WILL know.” So the value of life, is life. While the value of society, for each of its citizens is in justice, fair play, and realistic equality. Thereby law comes to mean: together we are “the past/ present/ and future” tied together as one decision: to create and accept law, through democracy.

A workers rights are very simple: I have the right, “to say yes OR no”/ I have the right and duty, to protect myself/ I have the right, to participate with realistically equal pay/ I have the right to my share of the work, and money/ I have the right, to attain a realistically equal amount of resources, with the others/ I have the right, to opportunities like any other citizen, or worker.
The rights of an owner, are equally simple: I have the right, to determine for myself, the direction this business shall go/ I have the right, to hire or fire as I believe is necessary for this work, and its future/ I have the right, to limit my involvement with labor: to a paycheck/ I have the right, to negotiate what is fair, to all parties. I do NOT have the right, to intimidate/ control, beyond what is fair/ threaten substantially/ abuse/ use/ or deny what is clearly justice for all.
That brings us to the realities of life: everything is dependent upon resources! Which also means: if the labor market is particularly crowded/ the value of everyone’s service: will go down. But if you abuse and use those resources “just to say, WINNER” today/ as is commonly done (the list is long). THEN tomorrow life will suffer or die, because you chose to fail your children/ to fail this world. Simple and plain.
Fantasies then arise/ delusions plague government/ society becomes depressed, and dependent upon drugs/ policing becomes a controlled chaos, until it becomes “out of control”/ and war breaks out. Because the lies, theft, and cheating: used to pretend we don’t really have to change/ will die, leaving their curse behind.


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