worse than fire

A warning: contrary to those who laughed, and said, “this world cannot die”. Discarding the reality of energy experiments clearly designed to exterminate our planet; “by university knows”. The religious or biblical prophecy of Daniel is not yet done.

The first death predicted; was a call to arms against those who are gambling with, and threatening all life on earth. Without the slightest hope of “saving the planet from these terrorists (religiously called “SATAN”; because their intent is to destroy our entire world). They were at this time refused that reality by GOD! Because the tools they created by counterfeiting and bankrupting nations: ARE more than capable of igniting this world on fire, at NIF or ELI. They ARE more than capable of doing damage to the atomic structures of this planet at CERN; and surely are. There are even more threats. None of which you intervened in: even though the reality is obvious/ the evidence is clear/ and the foundation of being wrong is: ALL DEAD ON EARTH. Even the solar system destroyed, because of what “satan” chose to do.

The first death, now past its prophecy was for “mercy”: simply let them die/ it is better than the realities predicted in Revelation. So then the consequence of passing by “mercy/ all dead, done, and gone; in forty five days or so.
Is a choice created in what Daniel predicted as the second death: or the book of Revelation begins at the end of the first prophecy called Daniel 12. Or, 2625 days from the first initial attempt, by a machine capable of doing so: to ignite sun fire on this earth; will be the end of time on earth by biblical prophecy. By all the horrors of the first eleven chapters called Revelation. OR, there will be the realities predicted in the chapters starting with 12. That includes true and irreversible change for humanity on earth. Much of that change is begun here; as a choice which commands you to accept. From this point on ONLY LIFE, shall decide what is important/ NEVER money again. From this point forward, true change can only be accomplished by women as a body voting to determine how they might redefine and recreate this world, by producing a “DIFFERENT way”. For life on earth. These are your choices; according to biblical text. Believe it or not. So then, in reality: the bible itself is on trial/ by its own prophecies, and what happens to ourselves and this world….. how is that not so?

The first attempt to ignite this world on fire was Men have built machines. We are “done building/ its time to do the work” at THE NATIONAL IGNITION FACILITY; lawrence livermore laboratories, San Francisco USA http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7403916n&tag=mg;mostpopvideo

The question to you is: do you believe in the bible, or not? Simple and plain, answer the question and make your decision for eternity. Its not a game. These prophecies are simply LIFE OR DEATH, by HORROR; for our planet/ our world. No small matter.


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