The clear & certain understanding, “we the humanity of this earth”/ have been given the freedom to choose, whatever it is that will be done, in our time. Both as individuals, and as society itself. Or, more simply: it is NOT “GOD” That decides our fate/ but ourselves. We choose/ we allow/ we follow or lead/ we respect, or DISRESPECT/ we fail/ you fantasize/ etc, etc, etc!
In clear and certain support of that fact: are killers/ rapists/ “hitler’s”/ liars/ cheaters/ thieves/ traitors/ weapons of mass destruction/ religious tyranny/ the destruction of a planet: and MOST OF ALL. The realities of gambling with every life forever, by trying to ignite sun fire here (can’t put it out)/ mutilating nature (can’t bring it back)/ destroying resources (never ending war)/ and simple disrespect, thievery, worship of university as the most deceitful and deadly cult of all. Regardless of the evidence.
More deliberately: this is then a clear and certain declaration, “that your claims, GOD won’t let anything happen here to this earth/ because that is what you want to believe”/ has no bearing in fact. We are, and we were given freedom to choose for ourselves: because that, is what humanity has demanded from the beginning, as is absolutely clear. The freedom to choose means: even if it is a bad choice, or a deadly choice, or a horrendous choice, humanity decides for itself. As you have done, unless you wish to state: “Your god” has deliberately created murders and mayhem and violence and destruction? Otherwise, freedom rules/ while GOD watches, and states biblically, if you believe, something like: “Let the weeds grow with the grain/ until the day of judgment”. If that were not true, then you would have a claim to present: “Its not our fault”. Making GOD “Something of a demon”. Every miracle on earth, proves this is not so; because every life, as nature intended; has true blessings. Every life that lost “its miracle”; as a body or mind mutilated, has been influenced by “man or woman or society”. You create the chemicals of cancer. You create the wars. You create the compositions that become tragic. You disrespect and devalue each other. You steal, cheat, ridicule, gossip, manipulate, tempt, lust, and so on. NOT “GOD”.
The point of this being: when confronted by the evidence of our situation/ and your obsessive convolutions in complete worship of university, and its propagation services called media. The absolute disrespect of saying “this is all GOD’S fault”/ and HE won’t let it get out of control”. Is the same as saying: you believe, that everything you or the others have done, to endanger and destroy HIS OWN CREATION/ is essentially the work of GOD . That of course includes all the weapons of mass destruction, all the mutilation of nature, all the destruction of environment, oceans, pollution, the imminent death of a planet by bringing sun fire here; and all the rest which is the deliberate assassination of every child alive, and every possibility of a child in the future; as is the summation of YOUR OWN WORK. Are “GOD’S fault”. That facet of your belief system, is not even to your shame/ it is beyond truth, so much as to be; the degree you claim to be “devil” for yourself.
We threaten life on earth, with our decisions as humanity itself. We threaten all of nature, with the decisions we allow the university to do. We threaten extermination by war and cannibalism with over-population. We are threatening every other form of life on this planet; by your worship of university and so much more. We even threaten the solar system itself; by turning this planet into a sun/ which because it is not functionally “round as a mass/ but consists of large amounts of water”; it will in fact explode quickly once fire engulfs it. Ending this entire part of the universe itself. How is that not “your fault”? Not only every life, but even this entire solar system as well. Welcome, to the world of “university knows”. It is horrendous. Do you not follow, in worship?


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