beyond duty 12

Love is the fundamental truth, its beginning; of every life on earth. Not just humanity, but “US ALL”. There is nothing of miracles, that do not declare, “built with love”. There is, the reality of choices that did not choose love, and fail life itself.

That given its due respect, underscores the value of that love, as the most precious treasure life itself, has. Nothing is then greater “than love”/ to the values of living. So we ask the question: what is love, even though we see the evidence, and understand the experience/ expressing its value; what is love, remains a mystery.

Not because love cannot be understood/ but because the mystery itself, is a valued and loving experience: why disturb that?
Even so, we live because of love and truth and GOD / therefrom respect accepts, that we do have a right to ask, “of functions and fundamentals”. So the question begins: where does love come from/ why does it enlighten and fill us with joy/ when, should we protect it, from the others/ who, will love us “grandly”/ how, shall the values of love within us grow?
We begin to answer only when truth is more precious than time, because all love comes from GOD . Therefore the answer does not exist on earth. We search the beginning of life itself, with the words “I AM ALIVE”/ and understand that, as a primal joy within the womb; a creation being born. To return within that moment, is to search within truth: discovering all the various realities of existence in time, that did influence or change our lives. To discard these, therefrom rebuilding life by an understanding chosen from within: as is thought itself. Identifies a path back to the moment when we first knew, “I am Alive”. What is more thrilling, than that?
Subsequently it can be said: everything being human teaches us, in one way or the other/ is a subterfuge leading us away from being or feeling truly alive. We are human too, which means we each one participates in that. But we are individuals, who can then retrace their own steps, discarding all that “is not clean/ and pure to the purpose of life, by the desire of love”. From here we begin again; a reality of work, that is neither small nor easy. So the question of who must we protect ourselves from; is answered by, “who would make us unclean” inside ourselves! That is not a judgment or a measurement of human values; but a relationship driven by the essence or core development that gives desire and purpose to life itself: within you. What exists or fails to exist in another; is not your concern. What you choose, is your life/ even your eternity; therefore choose well. You must live with each decision/ those things which do not represent love, respect, or truth can be harsh; EVEN for you! Time will prove that true. From here, we measure ourselves in a march to become pure enough, “to accept” the value of love inside of me; will not be abandoned, by GOD . Even if we are wrong/ this is the path to life, when that love rules instead of want. Therefrom, it is absolutely true: IF YOU choose to give the foundation of your own love, to someone else/ and they fail to return it. You will be abandoned inside, as your love, is now missing from its home. Therefore NEVER give the foundation of your own love away: give it ONLY TO GOD ! But make no mistake, even here, “liars exist”/ therefore you must carefully “think, prove, and choose for yourself”. So that none can be truly blamed, but you; anything less “suffers revenge”. A descent into chaos. Where life with humanity takes by violence; remember simply, “if you live as, a child following love to GOD” . Then nothing can take you from that path. To wander why, love should not be protected from violence/ from death: is to ask of mysteries, where we do not belong.

In the treasury of love where people are at the core of “experiencing and expressing what has value, from one soul, to another”. Every relationship begins or ends with respect; without respect you have nothing more than a game. Respect is the value assigned and accepted, that grants a relationship is true. Therefrom truth is itself, the evidence of a clear and honest heart.
Every heart is the essence of an individual life, developed from the rhythms of our own existence; it plays with the beat of time in us released. We are free, in love! We are burdened as a result of lies/ even if they are not our own! Do you see the difference? The heart sings with love, the soul lifts us back “to the moments we were most alive”/ even forever. Romance knows freedom, because you chose, to be “with me”. Freedom, knows romance: because I chose “to be with you”.
The participation in time, of one life supporting another life; gives trust its building blocks. Without trust, there can be no “truly grand” expressions of life or love. Because freedom is blocked by the consequences of being wrong. We must not be wrong, when sharing souls/ therefore trust must be earned, in no small way. We live or we die in each other as desire holds us true, to our own exchange of values. Courage asks for strength/ but a battle that results can take even a very strong life; so be careful, to make only GOD first in you! Forever. Give of yourself, what you can spare; to those who lost at love/ that they may rebuild within themselves, from that “tiny moment” you chose to care, or to share. IF YOU are able and secure within yourself. If not, “don’t die for someone else”; that means you have nothing for yourself, to build with. It is harsh, it is a trial that should not be. Never give “everything” away; do protect the core existence of your own self: it is your duty to do so. We are not “God”/ DON’T sacrifice; it is a sin. Every life has been saved, if they accept it: YOU CANNOT “save them”. Simply do what you can do, if that is your choice for love.

As to growing love inside, that cannot be done “with sex”. Sex is merely a human driven tool/ until truth marries you with respect, and treats you with trust that lives beyond yourself. Love then grows, because we have shared this time together. NOT me doing everything for you/ or making decisions for you/ or any other delusion that is constant with humanity to avoid taking responsibility for your own life and its decisions. Rather sharing the work, sharing the responsibilities, sharing the choices we make together; because they affect us both/ caring for your health body and mind, because it matters more to me, than a life spent for other things.
Do not choose people who want trophies/ they will abandon you; for another trophy, living or lust or property: their search is not love, it is pride. Do not believe in “slavery”/ it is not good for either, and will fail. Do not accept jealousy, “this means pride is at the door/ and abuse or use or depression will follow”: unless honest, verifiable change results. Jealousy is the fear, “I cannot compete/ I will lose”! Therefrom you are “a trophy”; if that proceeds to “a trophy they own”/ then little or large catastrophes, for you, will follow.
Do not accept pride, and demand of yourself, “I won’t do, for you: as in, a thousand things your mother or daddy did”. They are not your decision, YOU are the individual making this decision, is your “lover, friend, or soul mate” worth treating with honesty and respect, or not? If not, then why are you there? Is not the relationship between parent and child; at least intended to be a true element of love? Perhaps you should learn, rather than be convinced by peers; of how or how not, to live your life. You are the one, or the one you say you love: will bear the burden of failure, if respect fails from either side. Make your own decision, live your own life: it is your duty to do so!
Grow love inside, by accepting: the value of miracles inside of me/ deserve my time. The reality of expressions and experiences which honor and reveal love: literally do, “Begin with GOD” ! Its your choice, to treasure that fact, or deny it; if you don’t care. Simple as that. Share yourself, “it’s the only path to love” that there is! Plain as that. Love is a beautiful thing, never take it for granted; learn and live everyday, with desire “to share, and to care”, in your heart. Live with a purpose, that is true to yourself. Find happiness in miracles, “it is hidden among the leaves” so to speak.


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