beyond duty 11

Being free of duty: knowledge is the essential of change/ understanding the relationship born to share/ while wisdom itself stands as guard over our own future; even now, this world.

IF, I were a mother; I would talk to you about “believing”! It is a cause and a consequence, that roils and revolves around want. Belief is where religion comes from: or, I believe because I want, what I want, to be true. From that moment of acceptance, belief is enlarged to construct a wide variety of actions or reactions to sustain, “what we want”/ because religion needs a herd, or it cannot function. There are many kinds of religion; each is based upon what people want; how they expect to get what they want; and when they expect to achieve the reward they agree to want, with the others; who give them the opportunity to believe by suggesting “we can’t all be wrong”! The largest religion of this day, in America at least if not around the world is: “university knows”. Or, the mind of a human being, can be, or play god. It is a constant, hidden theme in religion. However the religions that last all demand: “we can’t be god/ That, is something else”. University knows, will die, if this world does not first; because they will be found “less than acceptable, the maker of toys and trinkets and troubles”. Even the constant bribes, propaganda, and take over of governments & education; will not save them. They have already proven themselves failures, and fools of the worst possible kind: by gambling with all life on earth, discarding survival thereby all children, and assuming “extreme greed, has no penalties when your in charge”. Just like every group who claimed to be “noble” in every generation, throughout history. It is a lesson in democracy: NOBODY gets to play “noble”. It is a lesson in America: a little tragedy becomes a catastrophe; when they all agree, “we won’t pay for what went wrong”! Because then, all you are left with is: even “More lies, theft, cheating; and even greater troubles coming”. Until that collapses under your feet, so to speak, and a nation or world trembles, and prays to survive.
Humanity prays to life, and its CREATOR; when they know, how badly they failed, because the cost of being wrong is now apparent, and deadly. Like the biblical old testament, Jewish nation; nothing has changed throughout time; because men, will do what they need to do for life/ ONLY, when threatened with death. What nation is different? None! The instant death seems less likely; they immediately return to what they always choose: the very same ways, that brought them to tragedy. Again and again and again! Consequently in this day, we MUST have different than that; or our planet will fail/ life will go extinct.
Religious will say: CAN’T happen, “GOD” WILL NEVER allow that! Even if people believe nothing else/ they will believe that; stating as fact, “the world hasn’t died yet”: proof enough for me!
But alas, when humanity makes decisions for GOD ! That is extremely dangerous, you are NOT “HIS ruler”; even the horrifically mentally diseased, as is “university knows”; know that, because they will turn to pray, when faced with certain death. The religious believer however “believes”/ and becomes a zealot, when all that matters is what they believe, and nothing else can change it. Because they believe, with belief, they can be “children of GOD”. Which means, by that belief; they can judge, and even kill simply because you “don’t believe the same”. The new testament, biblical PAUL was an example of that: evidence didn’t matter/ truth doesn’t count/ realities which can be explained in no other way “than miracle”; are worthless. Until the new testament said: GOD challenged him, to change! If we turn the pages back: we find the extreme greed in humanity, demanded a conviction. Thereby using others, to kill JESUS, the very source of their “current wealth (pride is more important)”. “Not exactly GOD can’t let us all die”/ now is it!
Because HE tipped over their money piles, and they then lost “pennies”. It is no different today, threaten the money; and people will hate you. Even if, its all counterfeit; they all shut their ears, “and believe”! Because they don’t want to pay.

There is faith, a reality of truth; instead of belief, a reality of want. Faith means, to search diligently and carefully apply the evidence that is available to what you know or understand truth to be. It is by truth we survive, nothing less. It is by understanding reality is built of miracles, and nothing less can explain the existence of life, or even this planet: except things so complex, we need not try to understand that at all. Its called MIRACLE! Therefrom, upon the essence of clear and certain miracles; a value beyond comprehension: faith presents our own journey, to ascend into the essence of truth itself, and find the element called life. Life is at its core, a reflection of our CREATOR ! No, not the same at all/ but clearly built with love, by thought. Therefrom what we know to be true is: within that thought itself, we start to become: “at least similar to our GOD “! Thought translates time and body into humanity; without thought nothing exists. Because thought is our connection with life/ it is not body. Body is our connection with time. To want time, is to discard life; holding onto body instead. It is a very BAD choice.

The quest for a foundation upon which to build for life, the elements which conceive of eternity; begin with respect! Respect recognizes truth, understands that a miracle is something we are not entitled to alter or change. Rather respect assembles the necessary wisdom: “to walk carefully, within this garden of Eden (what men haven’t yet destroyed entirely)”/ by choosing truth.
A clear, certain, and fundamental example of DISRESPECT; is “university knows”. In all of history none, have done worse; no army more proud, or more violent/ no educator more certain “we are god”. It is true violence in the worst possible sense: to mutilate life forever, or threaten an entire world with extermination! Considering male domination, war, and revenge: that is indeed an accomplishment. But then threatening an entire planet with extinction/ even an entire solar system with tragedy, is more than noteworthy. Leaving us all, even religion; with the word called SATAN. They are worshipers too, surrendering what little they have; “to gain more power”. Pride, is a terrible thing; or they would have known better. But cults are cults; you can’t question “their god”/ and neither can they. That is what makes them a cult; truly no evidence matters, not even belief. Because instead of want, they choose to make themselves into slaves. Considering this better, “than life on their own”.

So the reality of being human is: a life on their own! Which means, some simply surrender life itself; as is suicide/ as is a cult/ as are the leaders of a cult. Addictions are an escape/ rather than a complete surrender. The difference is, even an addict can understand you don’t let someone else do all “your thinking”. It is less “than sheep”. Sheep want what they want. A cult wants to be put to sleep, so they can rest from reality, and pretend “this life” does not exist.
The lesson is: LIFE IS PRECIOUS, and so is your own ability to think for yourself. None are responsible for you/ but you. You are indeed responsible for every decision that you make, and establish: good or bad, it is your choice/ and that cannot be given away. You chose!
Prepare yourself with knowledge, by understanding what presents itself as evidence can include lies, misunderstanding, or is simply not yet ready to be an element of your own existence as a fundamental truth. We grow inside ourselves, by the essence of acceptance, when what we have faith in: actually proves to be true, again and again and again. Therefrom we gain wisdom, as in “I can perceive the future, of this path”. Because I have learned to recognize the realities it must pass; to become real.
The quest for wisdom is essential, regardless of intellect; that is just “trapping”. Wisdom is generated or cultivated, by preparing a journey from which you will learn: what it means to be free. Freedom is at its core, the reality of participation in life, without restraint. Just understand, that freedom without discipline or responsibilities; will NOT end well. Life is not a game/ if you treat it, as if it were: not only will you remain a child, without the right to grapple with or declare yourself an adult. You will be left behind, as a life which failed itself. Eternity needs no delusion/ it exists and remains, only because truth defines the law, and the law rules us all. Not a game!


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