So, lets wander a bit, through the essence of life.

It begins with the three critical realities which identify and create life: freedom/ energy/ and thought. Each is crucial, but only thought conceives of life.
That at its core; cannot be dealt with here. Consequently we must search for understanding, in alternate less provocative ways. One of those ways, are the differences between male and female. Or more distinctly: WHY does male and female exist at all? Even though we know that physically, it is imperative to the existence of humanity/ that does not contend with the definitions of thought. As thought in and of itself needs no conception of male or female/ but only life.
So then we look more diligently, at the relationship of male to female/ female to male; and discover a reality of existence so different: that it opens an entirely different world, to both sides of the line which divides us, called gender.
Without male and female, expressed and experienced as a different existence within the same time; the world itself would be a far different, and less exciting place. Consequently thought provides for not only entertainment and need/ it creates in male, the foundations called duty: “We/I must”! While in female, the very essence of life itself, recreated: is a far more powerful experience. Once initiated, “if a correct building process”; there is no going back/ by natural means. Only abortion, a human choice/ that does not conceive of realities other than self.
Therefrom we enter through freedom, into the relationships we share. Each of which begins with either duty, or realities we cannot change; once the point of no return has pasted.
Freedom is: the measure or expansion “of heart”. Or, more simply: freedom discovers the distance you will go, either for love or hate/ or what lies between them, for one, or more. Time is the creation of moments, as all the rest merely “fills in the gap”. Time initiates belief, by understanding there are decisions we can make, which then influence our future. These decisions create the moments we define, as our experience (our participation as life expressed). Consequently value asserts: I am the “master of my life, or slave/ which then allows, perhaps yours”. Therefrom freedom gives value the potential to believe in superiority or loss. Love or hate. Value or worthless, to me. These are foundation elements, to the life you will become.
Nonetheless, without energy to transmit your ideas and intentions, from self, to life apart; there is only belief allowed. Energy begins the journey which separates us from the essence of participation as equals/ to become the reality of self, constructed to be “whatever we assume, we want to be”. Energy lets us play with life, thereby creating the boundaries, interference, theft, lies, OR LOVE as we desire with our own heart to choose.
Thought is the relationship we share with choice. Where there is love selected: I becomes, a vessel, which shares the existence of freedom, by balancing its purpose. I expresses the energy of my desire, as the beginning of disciplines, courage, and participation beyond myself. And I, experience the foundation of all thought, as the order from which I came/ thereby the essence of everything I can become. These are decisions allowed.
In contrast to that, where hate is selected; energy will be worshiped, as the foundation of life ahead. That energy then governs what decisions will be made. Because it controls the boundaries of what can or cannot be done; as freedom allows. Thought is irrelevant to hate/ there is no purpose, because there is no constituent balance. Or more simply: hate does not “see life”/ it “sees death”. An enormous gap, between humans who bear the same base elements within time. Hate is not a decision of thought/ it is a decision of flesh. Thereby only flesh (time in a bottle/ body) is important.
That gives us the directional stability of human existence: as a choice between everything that life can be conceived of within miracles/ OR everything that a body can do, or cause; in time alone.
This is, a functional essence of living as a human beings in time: and it varies tremendously with each individual.
So we then return to the elements of our existence which describe both male and female as a body of life/ granted the potential called love.
WHERE do the boundaries reside?
Man is the elemental creation of “duty and courage” inside. Or more distinctly, to be a man in its truest form; is to understand and accept, that your own life is dedicated to the disciplines represented by order, for the purposes of a duty to life itself. A value without a price, because it is given freely!
Boys play “with themselves; even if they use a female body”. Whereas men understand, the value of being an anchor in truth, for others/ being the stability needed for freedom to succeed (particularly in woman), as life unleashed.
Hate is not a man; it is descended from “devil: I won’t care/ and I don’t share”; because you are worthless to me. Or “I alone” have value.
As I encounter the elements of female: what is clear asserts, “woman, is a maze”. Or more distinctly: every turn issues the potential of a different life. The complexity then accepts, without stability; life can be “costly”. With stability, thereby trust. Both the anchor as is man/ and the freedom unleashed, as is woman, unfettered from fear by love: becomes a home for life in both, beyond self.
We fail each other, by refusing to ascend “beyond self”. Or more simply: wheresoever truth leads us as life, born of miracles; becomes a door/ that does lead to more. However; If you pass by the gate that binds you to the spiritual world. That reality changes life; the world of male and female “dies a little”/ as the challenge to survive, intensifies! Some live/ some die/ some are lost; because spiritual truth accepts no lie.
So long as your truth remains anchored into human experience and expression/ the path beyond self, is limited to whatever love can be, “within the heart you share”. It is asking to ascend beyond miracles; to conceive of creation itself; that turns the gate from time into eternity. Few enter/ much fewer survive: therefrom mercy, IS REALITY for us all.


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