grow up

There are three questions raised by the il commission on human rights with regard to homosexual unions. The illegal threat of a fine, & the overtaking of freedom/ the dismantling of democracy; by university delusion, and its intentional subterfuge. As history proves throughout human history: there are always, the pandemic of people who believe they are “right”. Or more distinctly: YOU must do what I say.

1. As declared it is a civil union, not a marriage/ therefore not the same. Ask any university biologist: IF ITS DIFFERENT, it has a different name. Clearly declaring: then it is not the same. Consequently the business which hosts marriages, which are entirely directed between a man and woman according to religious dictates: plainly proven true. Was entirely allowed NOT to expand his or her business to encompass more: that assumes slavery, a violation of law, assembling extortion.

2. US First amendment constitutional right reads: congress shall make no law, respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting it, the free exercise thereof.
Therefrom, the foundation used within the threat to punish for that expression is unfounded, and prohibited by democracy itself/ as this nation declares of through its constitution. A reality of government DENIED BY TREASON, amongst those employees who believe they can do anything they want. Whereas reality states: The constitution is our government. IT CANNOT be thrown in the trash/ it is the LAW OF OUR LAND. Employees who refuse that, against their own oath of office; present a reality that provides for their own punishment.

3. The US constitution provides: because this is a business conducted in the proprietors home. The 4th constitutional amendment presides. It reads “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. The mandate of a few/ HAS NO VALUE against the reality of our union as a nation which is constitutional law shall rule us all. Instead of right, the il commission seeks to demand: as is prohibited in amendment 3; “no soldier (no person without our consent) shall be quartered (the employees of government state: WE command YOU) in any house, without the consent of the owner.” A violation of constitutional law.
As to the reality of homosexual unions. They can indeed have equal rights under the law, within their own elemental definitions. They can indeed have freedoms, regardless of social reality or right: as is consistent with the bill of rights section 1 {one of three primary constitutional documents}. “That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.”
While they may find happiness in a civil union/ the other finds happiness in his religion: not the same, but entirely equal in their decisions. Neither the court, nor any other employee of government has a LEGAL right to interfere in those personal decisions. Good or bad/ religious or not; is irrelevant. Because its called freedom! Tears be damned; grow up.

To a person I know; You seem concerned. A
LETTER TO THE EDITOR; OR WHATEVER YOU WISH TO DO WITH THIS IS UP TO YOU. I have no particular interest in these subjects.

However: Modified, for a functional description of freedom; one of the three primary definitions, which illuminates the essence of soul. Elevating knowledge, does become something else.
The critical questions begin with: WHY is freedom important? WHY do people surrender their freedom for less? WHY is freedom allowed when the resultant destruction affects so many others? WHEN does life end its ability to be free?
This world is an incubator of knowledge/ for the specific purpose of teaching people; the differences between life as it ought to be/ and realities of death as they are going to be; unless you become wise. This world teaches: that freedom is an absolute essential condition within the human soul, that will not be denied its outlet. Even though each decision has its price. If it were not so/ then, whenever a human being made a decision that was going to adversely affect “our world/ our lives”; they WOULD be refused the possibility of continuing with that decision. With evidence all around of murderers, terrorists, thieves, even “satan (we are god): more distinctly, people deliberately mutilating life & trying to exterminate every living thing, by all possible means”. That fact proves: clearly freedom comes first. Requiring men and women to decide that this world and all its life is worth protecting; or you lose too!
Yet delusion and greed consume you/ cowardice rules, and want overtakes life to the point of extreme stupidity; bringing us all into the chaos of a world death spiral. If not simply burned to death, by experiments which have no purpose other than to cause your complete extinction. “All” run away, because freedom allows it.
So then freedom is both the essence of happiness itself, as in the spiritual relationship chosen with life. Yet it is also the very essence of horrors and hell, as well: because within your own freedoms, both have the cause to exist. Unless you “clean your own house”/ and remove what does not belong, where love and courage do choose to live.
People deny their right to choose/ as is freedom: because their purpose is to hide and run away from the fact, it is your job to protect life. It is your duty, to accept the price which must be paid; for the dignity, respect, disciplines, balance, and functional order needed to sustain the purposes of peace, love, hope, life, and the integrates of this living world. It is your job: to keep this world alive, for another generation/ by insuring, “what CANNOT be surrendered” to a game or a failure or a fantasy; FAILS, and is refused that opportunity, to endanger us all. “all (but a tiny few)” run away, to let life die. Forty years of fighting for life, and nothing has changed: cowardice rules. To your shame.
That brings us to when does life itself end? What are the definitions, from which we cannot return, to the possibilities called freedom? Freedom is, at its core: LIFE! Because everything else is a prison, in one form or another. Therefore freedom begins not only the struggle to find existence as we desire it within ourselves/ but the consequences for choosing wrong.
Therefore we must understand what does it mean: to be wrong?
We must understand, what is valued and valuable about being “love, and loved”!
WRONG means: the cost of what your decision has done/ takes from life its soul. Therefore everything wrong, is a decision to destroy (intentional or not) the relationship which created your existence, or its opportunities. Right, simply means: this time, although you gambled with life; you will survive without serious complications. As every gambler knows: you cannot be right all the time/ which ends in the similar tragedy of simply destroying your own life a little at a time.

To understand love, and to be loved: is to experience and express both VALUE, and its companion, “to be valued” as life shared with mine. Love is then the essence of caring, about each other/ and the truth, we are MORE together, than we are apart. Learn these simple things; and you understand love and value. TO CHOOSE THEM, however requires respect. Because without respect, there is no inward search to comprehend what truth itself can do. Every aspect of love, turns to trust. Every definition of trust, ascends from the very simple elegance of self (if purified at least a little); into the far more complex development of family (love rules, rather than “simple right, or wrong”). Even if it descends from who you could have been. The choice to be free, is absolute/ and so is the price: no excuses. Eternity decides.


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