The corners; of a human mind.

Relationships exist, when directional mass encounters a definable edge. Or, more deliberately: a decision is the acceptance of value/ or its denial. Either as love, hate, survival, or development.
Here again, after beginning comes the reality of artificial intelligence; an insidious disease, being built for horror. Including other failures of the pandemic called “university knows”. Can find use in the words.
Consequently discussion ends; the disease is too prevalent.
The cult too pervasive. As even when confronted with evidence of an entire world being gambled with: no substantive response exists. Because want is a liar/ and all liars hate reality by its truth. So the vast majority, simply run away; hiding from their own insecurities. As in “I CAN’T, fight against: the university”! They are too strong. So, the threat against an entire planet/ all its life/ even the solar system itself; continues on, until this world is dead. To the eternal shame, of all who did nothing.
In terms of this work, the definable edge is: you knew, “well enough”/ and still did nothing. Regardless of all other considerations including religious prophecy: THE EXTREME RISK establishing death for the planet itself from a “thousand different directions”; HAS NOT gone away. The EXTREME RISK AND ABSOLUTE INSANITY; of bringing a ten million degree fire here, that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel: PRETENDING, “that fire, will just extinguish itself”. A clear proven reality being tried every single day; leaves none in doubt, “what goes wrong, when the damned succeed”. You know what fire is. You know the sun burns your skin in summer from 91 MILLION MILES AWAY. And yet, without a word against these beyond terrorists (which leaves us only the word called SATAN); YOU, let them continue “not even a penny spent (something many just throw away)” in defense of an entire solar system, nor every life on this planet. How is that not, “to your shame”! Oh wait, I know: you must be told what to think by “the news media”/ because after all: they represent “the university”. Where brain washing is prevalent. Can’t get a diploma; “unless you can mimic, what the professor says”. Can’t pay your debts/ unless you get a job: “it’s a trap”.


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