A discovery, that brings the essence of life itself, into focus. That then varies, dependent upon the direction you have chosen for yourself. There are only two directions for life: either love, or hate. Everything else is either survival, or simply human. Life is not human/ human is time. Life is the eloquence of each individual heart, that leads us distinctly into truth. Because only truth is eternal; therefore life itself, must become true.

Hope constructs a journey by which we engage Creation itself, to become acquainted with every participant that can influence life. These are a litany defined by time, but created to prove and identify similar developments in eternity. Thereby a warning, and a hope that conceives of a path. Spiritual existence surpasses hope, by elevating the experience within the distinctions provided by truth. Truth outlines the environment, but only understanding can conceive of life beyond this boundary. Once inside any dedicated spiritual truth, the only way out is through the essence of that truth itself. Love is a guide. The decision is yours, but the reality belongs to whatever truth itself desires.
Hate is a “satan; destruction is coming”. Fear controls.

Consequent to spirit, identified by the directions of your soul. Here, where love resides; there are more than one choice; or more than simply, “love or hate”.
The directions are: to conceive of acceptance, as in I belong within this truth. To construct isolation, as in I don’t desire this truth; becoming alone/ even if surrounded. To build a path between the disciplines and balance of where I now live, and life renewed and rebuilt. To live within order, and accept the limits and boundaries imposed upon me by law. To understand, removal from any spiritual truth into which I have entered: becomes a war, with consequences that cannot be survived. Or to acknowledge, time is now over/ by its essence, I have begun eternity, this is my destiny. Each is a direction, that becomes true by your own decision; that choice then dies, because your new life exists. Truth never sets you free/ rather truth binds you to its reality, as defined by the laws which govern your existence. Surrendering lies, does set you free.

In this world, where love exists; hope is your answer, to the elemental trial that is your life. The critical question being: in a place, where it is incredibly easy to fall into a want. After failing: CAN you, stand up & dig yourself back out. Thereby, to begin life again; without lies. Or will you die to eternity itself, by entering the eternal abyss that is want. There is no end to want/ unless you make it so; by your own decision, “life is enough”.
Any realistic Religion does help you “dig yourself back out of a lie”/ but they do not gain you eternity in any way or fashion. Religion is completely worthless in that pursuit. Religion is “we believe”. Reality is, “I stand alone, in the presence of my truth”. Whether good or bad, what I have proven, by the evidence, is my or your truth; even for an eternity.
Hope is a pursuit, it is not simply a by-product of your want. True hope abandons want, because it seeks within your heart, the essence of time itself; which is Creation. Boredom, and so many things created from human behavior; all come from want; as in “I want more/ or less, than this”. Thereby people begin to pray, and make choices imploring “god, to do something” for them. This is a bad choice for you. Instead, each and every day/ each and every night reveals the essence and the reality of miracles at your feet, within your body, and as participants in your life. YOU walk among the miracles you could never afford, build, or conceive of. Every single one: as if you were the wealthiest person every born. How is that not “amazing, for you”? If not, then you must expand beyond the limits you have set for yourself. Take away the boundaries, limits, wants, pride, gluttony; etc, and gain the experience of life: rather than self.
Self is the envelope of a body and mind in transition; on a journey searching for life/ or cast adrift in pride and want, to become lost in time. That is a personal choice, but it is not done alone. People who are abandoned/ are people who become lost: live at the edge of hate, or within the reality called “no one loves me”. Each has a consequence, that is driven primarily, by the failure of others. Every life, until proven otherwise, has a value; simply by being alive/ unless there is hate. Hate is the single determinant factor: that suspends the right to belong, and be accepted. To become a reality of law, rather than life, as an equal human being.
Hope sustains us all, because we cannot see the future/ therefore we must accept the limits of our time. Asking distinctly, to be granted a path back through the existence of Creation: to the place where GOD gave life. Here, at the beginning of our search, where love began with hopes far beyond our own: purity can be found. Love is the journey beyond ourselves, where life becomes our own distinct friend, where truth establishes an honesty built in trust, that binds us forever. Because we chose to care. The disciplines needed for this journey are passion (happiness expressed and experienced, where no measurement can be found)/ desire (an elemental truth, that distinguishes the purpose of love)/ heart (I will work for you)/ and respect (nothing in this world, could ever prove; your work, your decisions, and your life are not valued by me).
Hope is the delivery of a path. A path exists only when truth allows. Therefore hope participates within your truth, as the key which opens a door/ to become the essence of an environment where thought itself exists.
Thought lives, by understanding the dimensional differences that become the element called life itself. This is a passage beyond time.


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