To examine time, is to declare energy is valuable. Thereby the elevation of energy, to a participant in life/ comes into view. Or more descriptively; the challenge to wake you up/ has exceeded the constant, which borders everything that can have value to humanity. With what can now only do humanity harm; because the most destructive words men have ever found is “we can do it”! As is consistent with extreme (ALL) threats, that will exterminate this world/ DESTROYING the foundations of “everything”! Unless stopped “immediately”! Men, particularly as a group: DID do it. Those are the choices they made: to control life, nature, planet, resources, climate, women, and each other;  with what little they did find. We all stand at the edge of extinction, because of those choices;  which never included harmony; only power, pride, & greed. Believe it or not/ because the evidence proves that is so.
Those facts mean I have hit the impasse; we cannot do this anymore. I work/ you do nothing! Because your failures, your insanity, the gross disrespect, the hypocrisy, the delusions etc/ etc/ etc will only continue to kill.
LIFE in anyone still alive; MUST FIND ITS DUTY, and accept that responsibility, to our world, comes first. That is not a choice. It doesn’t matter what you can’t do/ life only cares about, what you did do. That reality of work and choices; proves of itself, why.
Today, is the end of information regarding anything other than human interactions; or other “can’t use this to destroy a world” means of understanding. What is given, is already too much; if you won’t wake up. But then you die and take this world with you; if you continue to refuse. So for this moment, “it doesn’t matter”. IF you survive/ then it does! Regardless, I am “unhappy” with giving you another option to destroy. Only, what is “safe enough” will be considered from now on/ world lost or not. From here: I write only for life/ not because of your insanity: if I so choose!
I have continued in this; because failure is forever. Today, if you still refuse to wake up, to information given that does demand at a minimum: the investigation of extreme threats/ the examination of what will go WRONG/ and create a foundation for the future. There is absolutely no purpose in continuing. We have reached the impasse. Nothing more of “extra value” materials will be given. The intent, and extrapolation of knowledge/ understanding/ and wisdom sufficient to challenge “the dark cloak” of university knows! Their how to hide; everything important, or against life: does have a “light shining above it”. That fact has succeeded in making you realize: “Not god”. You do understand, “the universities can be wrong, even all of them”/ IN FACT; so horrifically, this world can; and will end.

That fact means: “unfreeze” your life, and your soul/ or you die. Taking the whole world with you into HADES (eternal punishment/ because of what you did, or did not do)! It is now or never.

Communicate with your world/ do what you can do: whatever that is. Do not let it be said “this is too little”/ do it anyway. Participate as best you can for life! It is your duty.

In terms you can understand: at the beginning of this work, and throughout its 40 years or so. Everyone said: “you will NEVER succeed/ people will never listen/ nobody will help you/ you are throwing your life away, for a purpose that will fail”. Etc. As is consistent with the reality of this day: they were at least 98% correct. Because the endless chant is: “I only want what I want/ and I don’t want nothing else”. How dare you tell me things I don’t want to hear! Evidence or not: I DON’T CARE.
That said: I cause you again to listen to the words, that describe unmistakable threats, ON my sites: THIS SITE WWW.JUSTTALKING4.INFO.
Which can and will exterminate our world/ mutilate life, all of nature itself/ assassinate children/ and bring endless chaos. Clearly creating all the most horrific biblical prophecies made.
Recognizing: THESE ARE HUMAN CHOICES, that caused this! Which means: HUMAN ANSWERS! OR simply, you are the problem. Which means for instance: 8 billion people/ cannot do what 3 billion people could! This is a finite world; Just for starters.

REALITY NOW ASKS: what do you owe your world/ your life/ your family/ and the future? No more games.

The only reward you get: is time goes on, for this planet. Which does include you and yours! It is your choice. There are NO second chances/ and there is NO “fence” to sit on. Life OR death for our world is here! SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE. Which literally means: NO place to run or hide, anymore. Not even “for you”. Or, prove the evidence is wrong! If not, YOU choose to gamble with this world; just like the others.
LIFE IS CALLING/ what is your answer.


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