as best we can

EVEN THOUGH, I have faith in GOD And in JESUS as biblically stated; without the additions of religion. I will not be discussing that with you/ regardless if you come or don’t come because reality brings you here. It is your eternity/ it is YOUR decision.
That said: I will also not be discussing “belief in general” as it is substantively “simply your want/ expressed in an organized; if we all agree/ then we get what we want” way.
There are no solutions other than truth! The argument about what is or is not true/ has merit. But it will not be “as you commonly do”; loudest voice wins. You will present both sides of any argument/ establishing your evidence, and confronting both the strong and weak points of that argument: to find “as best we can”. Only then, with clarity established, will I even consider joining in.
I won’t play & neither will you; in any endeavor we might undertake for life on this planet comes first. No bailing out; we finish/ or truth itself says no.
The value created by harmony is: THAT WE ALL PARTICIPATE, in the cause/ the practice/ and the solutions enjoined, and then shared by society; or internationally. No excuses.
World law and enforcement SHALL be done/ along with the removal of all weapons of mass destruction; and much military hardware, that will no longer be needed. Everybody complies, NO exceptions!
But unless you stop the main threats facing our world first/ I won’t do one single thing; you, are going to die anyway. Truth is truth; you cannot change that. But you can change every decision that threatens our world: they were made by your leaders, and whosoever followed. Therefore continued fighting for you“is worthless”/ until you fight for your world; your very lives, and children. MAKE THEM, Stop destroying this world! Do it now.
IF, I am to help you/ THEN, the only thing left is: will arrogance, greed, power, and selfishness have me killed/ before you arrive? Before you become alive again? Or before this world is dead; lost forever.
The reality is: you have shown no sign of helping yourselves/ THAT, is depressing. Consequently some degree of leadership is apparently required, I know not why? You DO care about your own lives/ yet you do NOT fight for them, or even your child: why?
“You want what you want, and nothing else”/ and you want more; as is selfishness stated. Regardless of the consequences to others. well, you can’t have that anymore. Greed demands “I want yours too”! Can’t have that anymore either: there is no longer enough, “to be frivolous or foolish or unfair”. Respect is required, Caring about the planet is required, Sharing our existence, resources, and realities IS required. Or, more simply: You can share what reality gives you by understanding; truth known! Thereby decisions accepted for life, become honorable. No more games (the end of pride/ equal), no more delusions (the end of university; as it is today), no more threats (life first/ not money: rules), no more demanding “let the children pay”(your debt/ you pay).
The end result of that is: MANY, if given the opportunity/ WILL try to stop their lives from being changed: “I WANT, what I want”. “The method of men is murder: can’t, intervene no more (even though the words remain, and they hold all the power of change)”! Even though failure to change, clearly means the end of the world. Believers (we WANT, what we want; evidence, truth, reality, consequences, etc: BE DAMNED!) have “no working brain”. A dead world means you’re dead too! But alas; Cults can’t think for themselves, only leaders are allowed to do that. Leaders rarely surrender power, pride, or selfishness; it means, they lose the game/ and must be equal “with you”. When did a rich man, say to a poor man: I would rather be you? We do have to share/ or you will war! Just how it is. This world has changed; we are too many people, for any other way to succeed! Not equal, as in the same. But within a new reality called “limited capitalism”: we all decide, what is fair! We keep it that way, by vote. Same is true of power/ world law removes most of that, and reduces leaders to being actually responsible to the law/ thereby, to their people. “War lords” hate that!    Assuming these words do become a threat, “to the status quo”. Not likely so far.  Just a game, they are using; to learn how better, to control you. That is the trouble with wisdom/ it can be used against you, instead of for you.

So, the question becomes: can you lead yourselves? Or, if you absolutely must have at least a minimal leader to help you find your way: can you keep me alive? If that is your choice? That too, is like an atomic fire; one second too late/ and life, is over.
There is no desire to lead you/ but I will help you keep this earth alive. I will help women, if they desire it; design a new path for life and society; as a decision to be made by all: through voting.   We need harmony, through peaceful means. Available only if humanity itself, can implement or accept change. “Save yourselves”, is at least partially true. Remembering; it is unlikely, I could even save myself; “from your guns, etc”.  Just a reality identified.
End of the line. You have to choose; what IS, important to you!
What is true says: in every situation of life, when you have done everything you can do, for the sake of a better outcome. Then you must accept whatever reality will be: because we are not gods. We can only do, the best we can do.
Consequently, when “working for life” is done/   I DID do, the best I could do! That means, simply continue living, as others do. Until called away by death, or a true and honest purpose established. By need, reality, or desire: to build for a future. Sharing the work!   How, is that not true.


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