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At 13.7 cents a second; The price is too high/ UNLESS there is absolute proof, no criminal conspiracy exists to overrun and extort EVERY LIFE presenting because of medical need.  Many medical problems do not allow for negotiation, or referrals; they are an immediate need.  BUT, The pricing is controlled by a medical establishment that refuses to educate any more doctors than it did in 1960. Controlled by pharmaceuticals, that are little more than organized crime; and so on.


It is noted: having had a gall bladder out. That this is not “the simple easy, no problem” medical event people claim it is. Rather like all the rest that involves a body of life: the gall bladder performs differently as is primitively described; as follows.
The gall bladder having had it removed: is subsequently similar to the same purposes as a turbo-charger in a car. It gives added horsepower upon demand. Or more simply: there is no more “eat and run”/ as the digestive system needs time to handle the overload. Not horrible, but not the same. It further complicates the digestive system with any and all new foods, until the body resolves the problem with time, as best it can. Anything to do with “greasy foods” is not friendly….. remove the excess grease, and it works ok. Just some simple observations.
Everything has a purpose, even if it is not absolutely necessary. Not a game.

the time to understand our true risk, is not when we are potentially without options. Rather every advertisement that suggests “great things/ along with risk”: MUST INCLUDE, the easily understood realities of statistical comprehension. HOW MANY will experience negative results? No guessing/ years later, what is the truth; OR YOU, the pharmaceutical will be responsible.

Trial Results—New Medical Therapies

a significant amount of negative data from the drug’s clinical trials

Clinical trial data on new drugs is systematically withheld

That of course, DOES NOT include experimental information on, all the chemical compositions that humanity gets into. Doesn’t include the consequences of these chemicals in the environment or other lives, including bacterium, etc. Doesn’t begin to address the reality of genetic deformity or change that will affect the future. Doesn’t consider the “thousands” of different chemical combinations that will result, from changing the food, environment, water, creatures or plants.  Nor does this represent the countless chemical combinations that will result from changing those things. Or anything of real information other than, like agriculture, “we stuck his hand right in it/ or shoved it down their throat with “great promises”; and they didn’t ALL, immediately die. Therefore lets make “A ton of money”; and play god. Etc/ etc/ etc.  

Anyone who believes “the FDA” or any sort of derivative similar to them, has an honest clue, as to the complete story, or even more than a tiny part/ is a jackass.  THAT FACT, GETS WORSE, with genetic alteration of life. The word that applies is “devil or satan”.

The function of medicine, is to aid the body in repair of itself/ there is no other comprehension or purpose to force the body to accept a different chemistry than what it is. Pharmaceutical companies supply chemical combinations, which they now advertize as: SOME PEOPLE, will have horrendous effects from these drugs (chemicals)/ but others will be aided. Their purpose in such ads is to limit liability for financial recovery based upon an adverse effect. However legal realities stipulate: IF YOU KNOW, that what you give a patient WILL hurt some of them. Then you have a legal liability to inform correctly: as to how many people statistically will this harm/ in what way/ and to what end. They also having admitted to knowing: they will adversely affect some, and kill others; even causing tremendous medical costs along the way. Which means they are legally culpable! That knowledge means: “You knew/ and did this anyway”. In opposition to that: is the fundamental of patient knowledge, that bad things can happen/ but media, law, others all insist: TRUST YOUR DOCTOR, he can play god for you. Which asks the question: to what end must a doctor know more than a pharmaceutical company/ WHERE ARE THE STATISTICS. Because without full knowledge of the real world realities involved: NO distinct or informed decision can be made. Patient knowledge is rarely significant/ and always interlaced with the consequences of being wrong: perhaps worse off, than trying this medicine being RECOMMENDED as “a savior” for you. IF, you can pay the money. Within these elements of participation, what comes into view is: AN ABSOLUTE NEED for statistics to make an informed decision. Plus the legal right to sue pharmaceutical companies; regardless of an advertizement that gives a strong MIXED message/ with the intentional purpose of belittling adverse consequences: or statistics would be given. Legal Suit however is not infinite, NOR should it be decided by a jury. INSTEAD; when known trouble may exist: those patients who benefit will pay an equal share with those companies who make the product: a price defined with, public participation in determining who gets what. Or more simply: if you gained from a product that caused significant health loss for another person/ then you & the company owe them, as if you were gambling: because it could have been you. Because the pharmaceutical company does bear some legal responsibility for their work!

Having entered the hospital previously, and finding a clear lack of reality within the billing process. The foundation for legal review of the particulars which make up the bill itself, is valid and true. That said, while determining for myself, whether this legal effort would be worth the price to me/ considering the organized crime that is the courtroom of America.  Has been interfered with:   my sisters, decided to pay the billing from a trust account and eliminate that possibility. Even though I told them in no uncertain terms: DO NOT intervene here, some things are worth the price/ for life.
This is one of those realities that can or do tear families apart: to make my own decision is an absolute right/ so long as I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions. Same is true of many other questions presented, where people such as family believe “they must intervene”/ rather than let the individual decide. Even if wrong, it is still my life: therefore my decision. That said, it is equally true for all, that if I believe you are wrong/ it is a duty to share that information with you in your decision whether to proceed or not.  It is not my right, to decide for you/ as they did do.

Nonetheless, This is not a medical question, but a billing question/ as has occurred before. The question is: what is fair? The cause for the hospital is stated to be: because others cannot pay. But the reality is: when the price is so extensively wrong/ as to be organized crime and extortion. There is no wonder why at least some billing goes unpaid. The question becomes: if the billing is high to compensate for those who do not pay/ THEN where is the proof, that is actually happening? Extreme billing, means an extreme writeoff of taxation. Extreme billing means: many do not have even the slightest chance of payment/ so they are reduced to begging and slavery. Every penny ever saved, by the common man is lost/ along with more. When examining the billing, I am presented with the option that “society can help/ dependent upon my income”. Which is appropriate/ a percentage of income or wealth as the case may be IS the correct path to what is fair. When asking the question: since the hospital is collecting the money, to pay for those who cannot/ IS IT NOT true, that when society helps, that means what is called the “government” actually pays. Not the hospital! What is or is not true, is then substantively a reality of proof: to be determined by law.

I fell over- hurt ribs and wrist/ ended in the emergency room again; just 4 months after gall bladder surgery (muscle spasms across the heart), and find that incident: a wake up call, to the reality of what medicine and health can take. Consequently we begin with a petition demand, for fair and legitimate pricing in healthcare. Even though, at this moment the probability of our world dying is extreme; in just a few months. Because of extreme experimentation, that can have no other outcome:  without true change.  There is no reason to proceed beyond this   Do look/ sign the petitions. Unless you just don’t care. It is a choice!

IF, there are enough signatures, a separate account will be set up through this site to pay the court and legal costs to bring a useful and competent public trial to bear.  That is your choice/ and your need to donate for change.  Without a “crowd” watching, it is a useless endeavor.  With a crowd/ so as to enforce justice on the court:  there will be equity found.  This is a decision only you can make.



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