water realities

The foundation reality of Flint MI today is: YOU don’t know, what is or is not in your water supply. YOU don’t know how close you truly are to running out of water. YOU are not protected by your “governmental employees”; as is proven by this story, and my own experience. The aquifer I depend upon was threatened by an intended ethanol plant; which needs billions of gallons of water per year to operate. I went to the State of IL water survey; asked can this be sustained? They said no: it will empty the aquifer supplying water/ for people on about 50 sq miles. I asked: WHY are you not out telling everyone this NEWS? They said: we are not allowed too/ unless they come and ask. Consider those facts, and GO ASK! Find out what is, and is potentially threatening your water/ find out how much the water levels have dropped; ETC! Ask about over 30 trillion gallons of toxic waste pumped into the earth; trillions more dumped on the ground and into the water for agriculture ; etc/ etc/ etc
In alternate realities: people around the world do drink from similar piping/ if treated correctly it becomes the same your parents and grandparents drank from; even if better would be “nice”.


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