core facts

If is fundamental and true, that our world exists NOT because the sun makes us warm/ which is also absolutely necessary. But because the molten center of our earth, keeps the whole planet warm. If it was not so, we would be little more than a moon/ as is mars. Physicists assert, that it is the molten center which brings us gravity/ therefore the sun must have the same only more. But they have absolutely no proof, even if it does assist. Instead of a center at roughly 2-4,000 degrees. Your physicists guess: the sun must have a core temperature at over 12,000,000 degrees. While our core temperature remains at “melting (reducing the structure rigidity)/ NOT destroying (removing the bonds which hold atoms together) elements; which occurs at the sun surface. Destroying atoms removes the base, or reality of mass itself! Which then means NO core at all. Facts clearly prove by volcanic activity & measured by sun energies released: the energies involved establish a basic foundation difference. Here on earth; like melting iron, to pour ingots or castings; the elements remain the same. On the sun, the only thing that escapes the fire is, the very smallest lightest least vulnerable element to that fire, which is a small amount of hydrogen: the ash cloud of sun fire. Or the sun burns atoms/ not molecules, as on earth.


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