Complex Elements

So, lets talk about “complex elements”; the definitions of humanity that bring about an action or reaction.


We act, by making a decision, and then producing a movement in that direction so as to enforce our chosen desire.  We react, to a reality; by choosing to establish what has been decided beforehand/ because when panic settles in:   all passages in thought leave.

When we combine these two base elements in human development of the individual: a decision is the direction chosen, which precedes a movement/ and a reaction is the reality of what has been chosen prior to a “surprise”.  We end with “the spaghetti strings”, that comprise the fundamentals of who we are on the inside.  More simply, the end result of what we do, or did do; is directly linked to the anchors within our mental capacity to accept something distinct as, or is true.  Thereby the strings which hold us together, as a mental development; are the evidence of what we have accepted as true.

So we ask, WHAT is true: in you?   To discover the values and basic strength or weakness of any and every human being.


Primary to all encounters with biological life creatures; are the elemental descriptions of “herd/ predator or pack/ and unique, or individual”.  Each will associate themselves with one of those descriptions.  A herd lives and searches for life together, rarely straying far/ because they fear a predator.  They want each other to think alike, do alike, be alike, and not allow any creature that is not alike into the herd: because in any panic situation, that will turn out badly.  As differences create turmoil, and death;  when close unison and critical behaviors must be the same to survive. To assert and assemble “who will lead”/ the herd selects those who prove, or seem to be “a little better at this or that, than the rest”; from those who demand to be tested. Pride erupts, in a winner; so the herd chooses “him”. Because pride believes, “I am the one, called superior”.  In simple animals, it is an effective method of sustaining survival.

The predator or pack however works with life in an entirely different way: their job, required to survive/ is to be liar, thief, traitor, fool, or whatever it takes to catch the unaware prey separate from the others.  So an attack can be quick and effective before an army to defend, is raised.


The individual, or a living example of “something unique”/ is rare.  Because this one must have the ability to survive alone, and without support from the others; even amidst the predators. Many predators live alone, separated from the rest; apart from stalking a victim/ but they are not unique, they are simply greedy “I won’t share/ I won’t care”.  So what is rare for life on earth is “something unique”.

Unique means:   functionally, having different or distinctive characteristics.  As an individual it is a fundamental definition of living within the essence of life, by accepting value as your own decision to sustain a living through sharing, caring, and thought. It is rare in humanity, because the herd is a powerful thing.  They respect you (this one can help us)/ or they don’t respect you (this one cannot be trusted, he or she is not like us); and that goes back and forth, until the herd is confident they have obtained all they can, for their own purposes;  from an individual.  Therefrom simply discarded.


The summary envelope of these three is then: the development of truth in a herd member is entirely related to “getting what I want, for me”.  It is not caring they represent as a herd/ it is protection for “me”.  The development of truth in a predator or pack, is simply: whatever it takes, to survive.  The development of truth in an individual, ranges from “I don’t and I won’t care/ to the much more rare, “I do care, and I will share”.  Each of these is a delivery vessel for life, as defined by the decisions of man. With a lesser version applied to the relationship, by women.


The critical differences between male and female human beings is: man sees life as a journey from where he is, to where he desires to go/ where respect exists, that is generally a straight line; with little or no true deviation.  Without respect, it is “a spiders web”/ stranded in one spot, waiting for a meal from someone unaware of the danger you present.

For woman;   like her body, life is a flowing graceful line, with gentle curves that fundamentally design a path with “a slightly different view” of what see desires, with every step she takes.  Thereby searching for what comes with “her prize” if she attains it/ or falls into it.


These differences form a complex, but not unique assignment of values; between the elemental views of male and female.  Resulting in a constant: “this isn’t what I thought I was asking for” reality. Expanding both gender worlds, with a new version of what life can be together: when combined as man and woman. Or “functionally married”.  Married means: to combine the differences between man and woman, to create a new, more sophisticated version of life for each.  “I know now, what you mean”! At least somewhat/ dependent upon your ability, and acceptance;   to unite with each other, as one.



Given these parameters of behavior, the fundamental question of what is true, “in you”/ has achieved a wide ranging relationship.  The struggle to survive does override the definitions of want. However when survival is considered sustained, individual members of a herd choose want; that  becomes truth for all the herd/ all the predators/ and all the individuals who refuse to care or share.  Leaving only the unique, separate from the rest, “without want (MORE than just me)”;  to experience or express what has value, as an expression in truth for the experience that is life, ALIVE.   Alive means: to ascend beyond the limits of time, by realizing “I AM,    A TRUE MIRACLE OF EXISTENCE”.  A gift to me, of “living time”;  beyond my knowledge or understanding. How, could there not be respect?


Nonetheless; These few unique ones, assemble the relationships that are not about want, or survival;  in humanity. By not be “part of the crowd”, they form all facets of an identifiable character.  Society loves some and hates the others; deciding by “value or no value to me”.  Limited value means: “help me get what I want”.  Disciplined and honorable Value means:  I have accepted, within the elements of respect; that life has more meaning, and a greater conceptual grace than anything known or experienced as survival, or living;  before this moment in time.  True Value then means: by the essence called love, the strength to accept courage, the ability to understand the treasury of what life itself means; has come forward; as life ALIVE.  Whereby love is then translated, as a passage between our lives.


Truth establishes a bridge, between what is known today, and what will be known tomorrow.  Thereby truth functions as the path upon which we all travel.  The variations of what you want, lead in every conceivable direction/ most to lies.  While the path, which is “fundamentally male (a straight line)”/ resides in the heart of what you value as truth.  The heart “lives in woman”/ whereby the elemental essence of two lives joined, becomes a treasury.  Within that vault of love, man ventures forth/ while woman lives for the results.  The balance they create, is life beyond survival.

Man searches for time/ woman searches for moments.  The difference is, “a moment is the expression of values created in us”.  While time is a journey, defined by destiny or fate.  Each is important to living a full and deliberate life.  Nothing superficial will show either truth.  These are the relationships we share, with the decisions that we make/ or must endure, because of others.  What is only on the outside, cannot show you what is critically true, about the inside.  “Your eyes alone” cannot help you here!  Judgment is rarely true, because the herd assumes security is most important/ while want is all a predator knows/ and “me” is the entire world on an individual without love.  None of which knows life.


Here we journey past the elements of male or female, to encourage the disciplines which arise as the beginning of thought itself.  Order is functionally the development of truth as an understanding achieved through respect.  Respect is a clear and certain appreciation for what has come first, what exists now, and what will be the end result of “everything, assembled as or for,  value”.  Thought is a release or freedom, to expand beyond the limits of your environment, to achieve or experience the consequences of what is not “simply known” by the physical evidence of time.  It still exists, although hidden: truth complies with every request, of pure substance.  Death will reveal that in you.  To go beyond time, apart from death;  requires an extreme risk/ few survive it intact.  Therefore the primary search for anchors, or more simply trustworthy elements of truth; per each human being, is mainly done in time.  Those who attempt to go beyond time, with  rare exception;  fall into lies.

It is from these elements, that religions are born: “I must have an anchor/ my life is out of control”.  Granting the search for what can I “believe”.


Belief is a function of “trying”/ or I accept what it is I believe!  But I am going to leave an exit, if I need it/ because this is wrong.  Those who alter that with I believe, what I believe; are subject to the realities of what is true, and what is not true within your belief.

Therefrom religion is about getting your experience as life, subject to truth; under control.  What you anchor that truth on, is then absolutely critical, to your own expression of reality.

The leader of a herd will tell you, exactly what you are to believe, the members obey.  The leader of a pack, will tell you exactly what you are not to believe/ or more directly what you will or will not want, by violence if necessary.  The individual who doesn’t care about anything but him or herself will tell you: not a damn thing matters, but ME. Or more simply only want, pride, or power matters.  While those who attain a unique form of living will understand: we must each search for ourselves, to discover what will become our own truth. That is our own individual job/ because it is truly important! Witnessing to what you accept as true/ is very different than telling people what they are to accept as true.


I accept GOD as CREATOR!   I accept JESUS as both, my teacher/ my SAVIOR, beyond this world.  Little more is necessary/ but everything true, aids in thought.  Thought is, a preparation for  eternity. Your decisions, equal your place in eternity/ which does mean: no one can make them for you.  Not a group, religion, leader; no one!

Machine 3

machine 3


The simple machine/ includes an assembled A-FRAME, which can then be hooked together with cables. To form a fence.  One stabilizing section includes a cross cabling to control sway/ followed or preceded by two sections with only one cable stay, for the cheapest solution.

The A-frames can be fixed or hinged, but includes pinning for cables.  Corrugated sheet metal is then attached to the fire facing side with screws to stabilize it. What is actually needed depends entirely upon wind.  Wood can be used for the A-frame, ONLY if you are using non- combustible spacers to give it at least 3 inches from the hot metal. ONLY if it is all sheet metal facing the fire, as ash will come through and potentially ignite the wood.  A non-combustible area needs to be prepared in advance.

This method allows for frames to be distributed quickly, and set up.  Followed by the sheet metal and crew to screw the entire fence together. Taller structures need wire on top, or the wind could blow it down. If these are prepared wire, then top and bottom are laced with piping.  So as to simply hook the wire on top of the A-frame,  and clamp the bottom wire piping, onto the corrugated metal quickly.  If on prepared ground, anchoring should not be necessary.


IF, the wind is not considered a problem; regular steel fencing posts can be driven into the ground and corrugated metal wired to it.  Once a non-combustible area has been established.  Such as,  by a small four foot wide tillage tool. A disk with blades that only focus dirt away from the center line, is probably best.  When it is simply a field on fire/ tillage tools to crush the flammable substances should be/ are usually enough.