beyond duty 10

Time is the elegant touch of eternity, providing the necessary eloquence through body, to achieve the blessing of heart.

Through love we experience all that true harmony, and excellent peace can be. Through courage, we experience and express, all that we (I), can be. Through discipline, the greater definitions of order arouse in us, to ascend beyond ourselves as life instructs us to be. With balance, we share our world, and care for each other by the honesty of our own truth. These, are moments. But time is also an event of the heart.
Heart lives inside, where only a tiny few can come. The passage between love, life, and hope is heart. Thereby heart is a journey, while love is a destiny, life is a decision, and hope learns from purity what shall be true desire in me or you. These are messages, which deliver our soul to the very edge of eternity itself; by accepting the miracles of Creation are true.

Since this is valentines day: a moment set aside to reflect, remember, and admire the values and dignity of our opposite sex. It is only fitting, to reflect on the treasuries of what is beautiful. Beauty reveals value without measurement/ thereby beautiful is “a miracle of life, released in a freedom of love: I need not, be afraid with you, or for my life with GOD”. Beautiful is the acceptance of faith: that truth shall lead me, all the days of my life; and reveal eternity at its end. Because miracles as are every living thing, even the planet itself; prove an eternity shall exist. With miracles designed and proven so, by love: there is absolutely no cause to be afraid: therefore beautiful shall come/ where freedom lives in hope, life, and love. Freedom is not “without boundaries”/ rather freedom is captivated by truth, and lives where only courage can come. The fundamental essence of love grows into a home; because it is our own value, which understands the true blessing of what we desire within ourselves.
Thought is an essence/ the body is merely a house. When freed, to participate only as the identity we chose, without restraint: what is true creates what will be real, in a passage that lives or dies because you cared for life, and shared your reality with someone else. That means, every relationship that has truth and respect, builds a purpose for life beyond self. Self is like a mirror, it reflects what you put into it. Body is like a conversation, it builds with whatever you put inside. But it is also a random event, which we must accept as our fate on earth; either good or bad. What we do with our conversation piece as is body and mind; becomes our story. What we do, with the reality of how others treat us, or the consequences we must, or choose to face; is the heart we exhibit for life. Every heart leaks a little, from the battles that were unfair. Every heart bleeds a little, from love that was spent/ but never returned. Every heart lives in the essence of our most pure desires; thereby giving purpose and romance its rhythms and song.
The challenge of our time on earth, is to become whatever truth inside will let us be. My truth, is a decision of my heart. While our love is a decision of
our hearts joined as one. Every love joins in soul/ or it is not so. Every love lives as the freedom we achieved, and learned to give to each other, as a blessing from “me, to you/ you to me”. For if it is not shared, but one-sided; then love cannot join, and it dies, or waits “as long as it can”. Love is at the core of thought/ because it builds from the essence of pure desire, to know and understand what it means to be ALIVE. That element of Creation, conceives of birth; as destiny unfolded in time. Every destiny shares an eternity with life/ therefore every destiny is a relationship with GOD!
When we ask of destiny, “WHO ARE YOU”? The answer returns, whatever truth allows for me to be. When we ask of truth, “WHAT are the limits of my time”? The answer returns: wisdom seeks a beginning and the ending as well/ but only thought achieves a journey. Therefore thought determines your limits, both here and forever. Thought is not an “intellect”/ no traps are desired. Therefore thought is the relationship you share with Creation itself: the possibilities of what you know and exhibit as true.
Truth seeks Creation itself/ thereby GOD and JESUS! Soul is that journey, through a path only truth can create. Beyond the boundaries of self, are the elements of our own creation/ the essence of life, by the variations of what is, or is not true. Thought confronts reality, and expresses freedom; but it is discipline that discovers and determines the value of life itself. Life is an opportunity to love, to join with freedom in your own march, beyond this time; as a reality you chose to be/ a truth you could not, or did not: refuse. Therefore love is a treasury we fight for, but not with violence or anything assigned by hate. Rather love is the vault, where every good thing arises, to prove “we, are alive inside our souls”. Every good thing is a relationship designed and created by respect. A respect that learns never to be arrogant or proud/ but always “a heartbeat shared”. The desire without end, is a translation of what our love means “to me”. This foundation must be built upon “by you”. Therefrom we achieve “our own forever”.
Love is not a game/ sex is not a game/ life is not a game: these are the rhythms born by our choices in soul. “To each his & her, own”. Life shared, is a living earned, a desire fulfilled, when all doubt is removed, and only “us” remains.

“A mother knows these things”/ learn them, and be blessed.


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