The question of our time is not, “why are there terrorists”/ rather, the reality of our time is: WHY are the real terrorists overlooked/ and murderers glorified by media? The critical answer is: media uses a murderer to inflict and instill fear/ while their gods at the university prepare for complete destruction. Thereby insuring the true terrorists are allowed “to get their job done”. Media of course hates me. But it is nonetheless true, that their intent is to create drama; where only tears belong. It is their fantasy to create delusion: as is “candles and flowers” are “our protectors”/ not true! Every genocide on earth, was NOT influenced by candles and flowers, etc. Genocide is kept at bay, “because we, can kill you too”. Until reality proves, life has no meaning; without change! A murderer does not care/ that is why they murder: YOU are worthless, to me. Or, I can play god, with you/ by this weapon, and your lack. Being defenseless, is no answer. The enforcement of law, as a society/ NOT simply a police force; is.

People who deliberately and with true intent: are mutilating life on earth by damaging nature itself, as is DNA/ ARE terrorists. People who deliberately and with true intent: trying to ignite the same fire here on earth as is on the sun/ pretending they don’t know for a fact, that the failure of their so called theory: that fire will just extinguish itself/ means the entire planet becomes a sun; ARE terrorists. People who deliberately and with true intent: doing all manner of things to insure ALL life on earth is going to die, in the very near future; ARE terrorists. Media worship them/ courts protect them/ politicians finance them by counterfeiting; etc/ etc/ etc.

As to murderers, such as those in Paris; a total of nine people its suggested, decided to kill as many people as they could/ just like all other serial killers, maniac’s, and so forth do. There is no “jihad” here/ its just murder. Because jihad means: “to fight for life, for the sanctity and value of miracles, as have been given to us, BY GOD! As is seen throughout this earth! Against those whose purpose it is to damage, endanger, and destroy”. The Paris murderers did no such thing. On the other hand, I actually do/ even though Islam has no purpose here. The reality of Jihad in its purest human form; is simply to protect LIFE/ regardless of religion.
Murderers do not/ and neither do wars; it is failure magnified.

So then, lets review how people come to consider themselves “religious martyrs”. Reality says: these are primarily people who have been “backed into a corner”/ and challenged by predators: finding no other way out, the bravery ones fight.
So the question is: HOW & WHY, do people find themselves believing they must fight/ and kill, to get attention to their plight? An obvious example, can be found right outside my door, in the fall; and I am not a “terrorist”.
Here, in farming country; drying grain is a mandatory exercise for storage. Quiet fans for the purpose are more expensive/ so everywhere you go, nearly without exception very noisy fans are used; and they run 24/7 for a month or so in wet grain. The reason this applies to “making terrorists” is the realities provided by this noise; particularly to me. I have tinnitus, a hearing condition which can easily make my ears create a “squeal like noise, that is equivalent to a smoke detector going off at about 70% volume; glued to each ear/ for hours or weeks”. Now, the noise affects the majority of people here in a variety of ways/ but since, this has been done for decades; everyone assumes it must simply be endured. Not true, but they believe it; the courts insist “you can’t stop money from ruling life”; so it stays.
Nonetheless a large percentage of people have hearing loss, and nearly everyone complains to some extent about ringing in their ears; a predecessor of tinnitus.
I have one farm close by, with 5 grain bins/ and what seems to be a constant demand: I will run my fans 2 or 3 times longer than anyone else. So it does matter to me. These are the parameters.

So lets talk reality
One of the things known about tinnitus, at the level of damage associated with my own is: many commit suicide/ because they cannot escape the noise. In terms of other people: when the damage being done to their lives, whether intentional or not by others, becomes extreme. It is a fight, to control the anger/ those inclined, who do not commit suicide, turn to hate; as in your did this to me. Even though, that is not really true; as it is noise generated, period of time, and proximity to that noise that damages. It can come on over decades; little by little by little/ because “who notices, a one percent loss” per year? On the other hand, at this pace; after ten years: you lost ten percent, and wander why.
For other people; many face challenges that have no real answer, without legal or social help/ they are locked out, and face abject poverty or worse. Simply to survive, they sell their bodies, and so on. NOT because they want too; but because there seems to be no other possible choice. Even if a choice comes later/ it is hard to shake off, the reality of what has been; depression enters in. People die/ people get angry; because you didn’t care about me at all. You proved, that I was nothing but garbage to be thrown away; and so forth. Even though society itself, has been operating in the same channels of behavior for decades; many are discarded, and turn to hate or suicide. Because they have no true option or alternative with pride. Pride is a tragedy; and it buys violence & revenge. Criminal actions follow.
As indicated: the courts don’t care either/ justice is irrelevant and proven so in case after case; in this USA. Only money rules/ and there is no real money, only counterfeiting; so its especially foolish, to believe in what is so obviously worthless as is american money; by the numbers! As indicated, it is merely a matter of money, to solve the problem that faces me. A little bit, compared to the numbers being spent and used; not even one percent.
Same is true of those who have been discarded by society, without a safety net. But they do have to beg for that safety net/ and say thank you; to those who refuse to share the work, which means a “job for me too”. Not even at a low, living wage. Those who accept it, are functionally slaves; because it simply keeps you alive, to work; and nothing more.
America will soon have very similar problems to the Arabs. They have no money/ the universities stole it all, behind their backs; while media hid them effectively, so they could get their share. Politicians lie, because they are otherwise defeated/ courts are corrupt, because this cannot be “told, or known; outside these walls”. There will be rebellion/ or there will be bankruptcy with true democracy established; a very significant change.
Push comes to shove, when the invading army of money; changes even this picture to a more desolate reality for too many people. In other lands, that has been an increased; lack of water/ food/ land/ space/ freedom/ international competition, and more. Proving the future will be worse.
In this area: the elevator has greatly expanded its impact on this area. They also increased from one dryer to two dryers running for a wet season; very noisy 24/7 for roughly 3 months. And will probably get a third dryer in preparation of a wet season; because they are now buying small elevators to insure more grain comes here. “A longer, noisier season” than ever before.
When enough people are significantly hearing damaged; there will be lawsuits/ there will be costs, far beyond what is expected. As is a similar situation when food, water, space and other necessities of life are challenged by simply “too many people”. Just a different kind of war; maybe. 7.2 billion people growing at over 2 million more worldwide, per week. You WILL care/ when its too late to matter.

So lets talk about solutions: world law makes leaders choose for LIFE FIRST/ instead of money. “Limited capitalism” makes all people share/ by giving the majority, the right to control the money, and limit the powerful. Stopping the insanity of countless tragedies; instigated, established, or transformed into world chaos; by universities: is mandatory. As is ending overpopulation, and basically everything you do.
So the masses all YELL: HOW can we stop doing what we do/ that is letting life and society die. But it is not so/ rather what you must stop is letting money rule. CHOOSING LIFE, and all it needs; particularly the realities which enable us all to survive, MUST COME FIRST. Having done that, you may then look forward, into better ways and means to create a happy place. Rather than letting the effects, of both hate and money rule your lives and society.

Enforcing the law; is a foundation provided by all the people to themselves. YOU cannot depend upon “a few damn cheers; as in that is all I want to spend”/ and expect people to die for you, or run into situations where they might. Its stupid.
That means: we must support each other, rather than simply supporting the police by a few. But that also means: WE THE PEOPLE, must receive justice/ instead of corruption; to make that reality come true. Or, “I ain’t dying, or accepting that kind of risk/ for nothing”. There must be justice! One such “detail of living”/ as produced in one appeal I, presented. Is in America: the cost of a fine, for running a stop sign is the same/ regardless if you are a billionaire, or in poverty. Absolutely nothing is fair about that, because the punishment, is by no means of reality “the same”. It absolutely is not. One can’t eat, family in crisis & may be homeless/ while the other doesn’t even notice. NOT justice/ the courts refuse justice, as is functionally a percentage of income.
Or more simply: WHEN society fights for me, and protects my life, the same as all the rest; giving to me equal opportunities. It is then, that crime goes away. Even so, a tiny bit of hate will always arise, simply because some won’t care; regardless of reality.


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