Fundamental within all male dominated ways, are the realities which concede the future, “to WHAT DO YOU WANT”! Within that environmental sewage, are the leaders whose job it is to find “half-truths, by which the people can believe”. Never fully recognizing the consequences, or even considering anything but want, as the lie they will serve. If you don’t want/ then you don’t lie. There is no need.
Functionally, the consequences of pride form “the death squad” of male domination. Pride demands a game, and a game makes pride real, by proving who can be “the winner”/ and as their consequence, who is deemed a loser. Its called a death squad, because this simple element of human behavior is responsible for massive complications, murder, mayhem, and destruction.
Selfishness rounds out the big three; as the literal decision NOT to include any other life as important, or equal to you. Thereby judgment arises, and rules are made to destroy justice, life, government, or other realities of living, in society.
Lust creates a tension that destroys male and female relationships, causing an endless lie: “I want you/ when in fact, I merely want your body”. Therefrom tearing apart every element of trust most will experience.

The extreme disease of university, destroys life by building massive open graves from which their open pandemic stories arise to infect life. Media is used to spread the mutilated and dangerous manure, thereby causing an epidemic of failure, fantasies, and delusions. Such things as evolution to bring us all into chaos, by the worship of their religious god (all bow down to mutilation as your builder of life). A bigger disease of unproven slop, woven with the scrounge of theft, lies, and pure intentional deceit, does not exist. The biggest threat, so far beyond terrorism, that the only word which fits is “SATAN”/ is a theory. This ten million degree fire, as does obviously burn atomic bonds; “Will just extinguish itself”. Thereby gambling every single life on earth, because they want as leaders, and as people pretending to be god; to solve a problem, without changing any human behavior. Men want, what they want; therefore they declare war. War against nature, planet, environment, oceans, oxygen, food, water, every species, every chain of living, every ecological reality of our existence: is another literal proof, “only SATAN” could conceive of this. A religious word or not, it truly does fit.

So the world has come to its ending of days, because man has literally declared war upon everything associated with life/ even causing the distinct attack on each other, that is the counterfeiting of every single dollar, on this planet. To take, and destroy, everything they war against. They must, because nature has to die, to prove they are gods of destruction/ as is the reality of what they choose to do; with the aid of governments. Pandemic’s are coming, because geneticists (they, the witch doctors’ of evolution will prove chaos rules) and others (who could not relinquish their pride, want or selfishness); by their new name; “death maggots”/ made it so. Death will surround us, because man and his universities chose it. But only if, we do not die first in the incineration event of a solar system; because that, is what man and his universities chose as well. But hey, even if we pass by these two; every form of HELL (We are lost, and will not survive) on earth/ every form of ARMAGEDDON on earth (nature in chaos)/ and every form of an APOCALYPSE (there shall be endless war, every man for himself. With absolute cannibalism to the end, including the drinking of blood, because water will be rare). All because men and their universities chose it, instead of accepting there will be limits and realities and choices made by truth instead of want, pride, power, or selfishness. You face horrors, and the road back from this abyss is long and hard; consequently, you pretend and believe anything you want/ by refusing truth.

Nonetheless, I will NOT surrender all hope, but retain a last one percent acceptance; until the end is here, that some may choose life, instead of tragedy, extermination, and chaos.
So we begin again, to search for solutions that have merit: instead of just want, as is the foundation of all male desire. Instead of pride, power, lust, and selfishness as is the purpose of male domination, beyond survival.

The coming ignition event, which burns the entire planet as a sun; is based upon a critical knowledge, that we CANNOT continue as we are. It is simple and plain/ but no one want to surrender anything they desire as “a rich life”/ so they lie. That lie constructs a fantasy, that we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun; and control it, even though the sun itself is completely engulfed by the fire. To believe that, another lie is constructed, to make it seem plausible: that a ten million degree fire, “is just the combining of two hydrogen atoms into helium”. A bigger known lie, does not exist; because this one ends a solar system. Where is the helium? Not a single solitary person does not know how to conceive of “if the sun is making helium with every btu/ THEN THERE MUST BE ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF HELIUM spread around the universe”. It has to be EVERYWHERE; because there is known fire, and it is beyond massive! Helium is one of the rarest elements in the universe. Your scientists know it/ and so does your media. Your leaders are far too proud to consider themselves wrong; the belong to the cult of university knows. As with every cult: “it is against their law” to question a ruler, or its priest. After all, they just gamble with everything; why should that be questioned? The courts from least to greatest, say absolutely not/ proving anarchy against democracy itself. But none care, because greed rules this earth; as is the reality of man in motion.

We start with the truth: ALMOST NOTHING, of what the university has provided for life on earth is sustainable, or wise. Which means it will be torn down as truth reveals reality instead of “witchcraft”. Change MUST COME/ or no matter what humanity does, prays, or believes; life on earth will soon be over. That is the reality of failure, by a university diploma: ARE THEY NOT “THE LEADERS”? The people who chose our reality in this day? The consequence of their disgrace is: they absolutely refuse an investigation of their work, their theft, their treason. But then who would not, given the reality of criminal conduct forming the consequence; beyond terrorists, are here! The evidence: Beyond liars, thieves, swindlers, traitors, and whore’s (only greed matters), and HELL; surrounds us all.

Nonetheless; in the same way as I have had to change from male domination of life/ to the demand, “let spiritual female rule”; so that this message can be delivered to you. Only war was left in me, as strictly male; and it lingers, even though I know it cannot help you. Therefore You will surrender the future, to let women try/ BECAUSE THEY CAN’T DO WORSE! Because they are truly and without exception; different, than men.
As to energy and the consequence of what humanity does: as with all things, there must be a mix from old and new/ proving even though extreme tragedies exist because of university; we still CANNOT dismiss them entirely. What has value must remain/ what is little more than fantasy or threat, SHALL be exterminated. Or made to understand, no more of this, at the cost of your life, by torture.
We will demand energy in our future; current methods consume enormous amounts of oxygen and resources, causing extreme pollution; and it honestly cannot go on. Therefore, when every situation is insulated to the best of our ability, every reality of completely unnecessary is banished. Such as trains which sit and idle for more than five minutes. When every person is made to realize, they cannot have more than what is fair to the future, as well as themselves. When work is a walking distance away, and reality serves the community instead of power and greed. Then we have begun. Nuclear plants will be used, because the amount of damage to this planet will not allow us the oxygen to breathe unless they are. Critical design changes/ elemental reductions in size are required/ building under lakes, so that there will never be a water shortage when needed/ altering designs to allow safer methods/ and a deliberate evaluation of depositing non-explosive amounts of radioactive materials shall be placed on the ocean bottom where tectonic plates meet. So they can be “consumed by the earth”. And down the deep holes, where oil, etc is removed; thereby creating a depository; preferably under thousands of feet of ocean, and soil. Every weapon of mass destruction will be disassembled; the bomb materials made safe as possible. Every chemical factory that is not absolutely essential; will end its operations. Every chemical factory that is considered essential, SHALL be moved to extreme isolation; where few will be hurt in the event of a tragedy. Money SHALL NOT rule this earth. Truth and realities that are essential to life and happiness will be pursued as our answer. The list is far too long to be written, particularly when you are nearly extinct already. Look around, it can’t be so? Really, take another look at the sun: your universities, courts, leaders, media, and others have agreed “LETS ALL BRING THAT HERE”! Never mind reality or truth, we want it/ “For just one second”, before absolute horror grips your heart, mind, and destroys your soul. “Just the beginning of it all”. Believe it on not, no second chances/ because the evidence itself, does not lie.  You can’t do this over/ just like you can’t stop the mutilation of nature, once it is plain and simple TOO DAMN LATE.



The foundation of sexual awareness. If you are not attracted to the opposite sex/ then the chemicals involved have no purpose or meaning, and the experience will be abandoned. Therefore attraction is vital, to species survival. The common question is: how can I make the one I am attracted too/ be attracted to me? Unfortunately 75% of the population in both genders, are attracted to 15% of the people/ while an additional 10% are generally considered unattractive. The end result of that is a competition, depression, demand (stop looking at me), and a variety of definitions that make life both interesting, for some, and unhappy for others.
The constant of physical attraction for most is, “a trophy: YOU want this, and I possess this”. I win/ you lose. When this stops, so does the attraction unless you have found a way to respect each other, rather than use each other as a prize.
The critical reality of physical and health “beauty: freedom of life, has granted you an expression beyond most”. Is a reality that can be experienced within the next generation; therefrom it is important, and valued by all. Regardless of personal value, as in “we are friends”.
The critical relationship of male and female is respect; because without respect, you have no relationship at all. It is merely use or abuse, with a side of lust.
Here then we enter the environmental truth, that decides what your relationship shall be, and ultimately who gets to stay in a relationship of value, for life. Respect is the single demonstrated expression: I value you, because life has found you to be, an experience beyond yourself. Or more simply, the essence of respect is, “you have proven yourself to be an asset, rather than a hindrance; to life on earth”. Respect is then only earned by those whose decision is devoted to not only life, but a truth that gives quality to all life. That limits the available people for an honest and trustworthy relationship, to less than the majority. Nonetheless, these are the people of love/ and without love, there is no relationship either.
Those whose decisions are less than love, want companionship, and seek to buy, sell, trade, or steal whatever they want through manipulation, control, ridicule, abuse, rape, or temptation.
Physical Attraction is: to a man, “she is clearly woman, without the slightest doubt, or even a need to consider the question from all sides”. To a woman, “I suspect the same is true, by simply exchanging woman for man”. Isolating specific parts, simply “narrows the population”, to a more targeted approach.
Mental attraction is: to a man, “she completes my world, and my body. She can walk with me, through the edges and realities of my life”. To a woman, “I suspect, that the values of security, the realities of, my own independent choice”. The composition of an environment completed by love, but shared with a purpose not unlike my own, are all necessary elements; particularly if a child is born.
The spiritual attraction of lovers, lifts each other into the heights of heart/ then soul. That experience is earned by the honesty of a reality expressed beyond self/ because of, I trust you.
The physical attraction of sex, is the use of chemicals to bind my life to yours; while we discuss what the future could be. That is often a failed reality, that may or may not work for any length of time. Because sex all by itself, is never enough; to ask for a lifetime, and a commitment with you. Because sex, interferes with growing a relationship. With understanding the limits or values, of what the future can be. There must be more. When there is honestly more inside your heart, as the discovery of respect in each. Then sexual passions can and do ignite the values which appreciate into “lovers”/ not less.
The question is: HOW do I make the one I WANT, worship and support me, with their want?
The answer is: turn away from want, so that your own truth can arise, and prove the person you have chosen to be. After you have done that, the soul (I own love inside) you desire to love you will do so. But that is no guarantee, he or she will grant you a lifetime. There are many factors involved, love is just one. Even if it is the most important aspect of a personal destiny; LIFE can have different plans.
The question is: HOW do I prove “my love” is everything you need in your life: CHOOSE me?
The answer is: turn away from your pride, and dismantle your need for a trophy, thereby becoming true to yourself. Every love must be individually identified/ NOT assumed or created by fantasies, need, or want. This is a lifetime you request/ it is not a game, and no temptations are allowed. True love never wants a slave, love only desires love! Trust limits everything about every relationship, therefore prove respect. Trust binds us together, as nothing else can do. But it must be earned, through time.
The question is: HOW do I use sex to my advantage/ to make you want me?
The answer is: turn away from your selfishness, so that love can honestly bloom in the direction of your life. Because only truth, through honest acceptance, can create a lover.
The question is: HOW do I change the reality of our relationship, into something more?
The answer is: when faced with a turning point, as is common to all relationships, the reality is; each must choose for themselves. You cannot force “their choice, to make you happy”/ each one, must find that within themselves. Consequently if someone is drifting away, then you must let them go; reminding them only of what they are leaving behind. That act forces a decision, and if your relationship is true, they will return to you with more intensity than before. If you allow it!
The question is: HOW do I make someone want me MORE?
The answer is: you cannot, only they can desire you more; it is their choice not yours.
The question is: HOW can I keep the one I have/ I WANT him or her? I need this person in my life; they are VERY important to me; its not a game.
The answer is: life forces us in three primary directions. Primary to all considerations of purpose is survival in time/ as this is functionally necessary to every other pursuit or desire for our world. Second is love, the essence of all happiness displayed and credited with the choice we make “to survive/ and be found ALIVE”. Third is the critical steps we take to identify ourselves for an eternity; a reality that exists without exception. Within these three scenarios, are the decisions that make up our existence in time/ and control or change our fate, or destiny as a reality of choices made. These three control the steps we take. When love works for our lives/ not just yours; it is “inhaled, as the breathe we need as one”. When survival is not simple or plain or easy, this comes first; love demands it/ not a game. When we exist in the freedoms to express and experience the choices we make to create an identity; regardless of the path. That path must be respected and allowed, because eternity is no game. When “I must understand”/ then you must understand as well. When I must pay this price, then you must accept the reality of my choice; just as I must accept the life you choose to identify yourself as well. Children make these choices harder, but they also provide the heartbeats, which become an identity clearly chosen in love; IF that is you.
The question is: HOW do I meet someone, so that I can at least have a chance for true love?
The answer is: learn better how to participate. While it is true, that all people want those who are like them, to be with them. It is not true, that this child’s method of play, will gain you a lasting relationship. Instead, it is fair to say; those who are described as “happy/ rather than sad”; or upbeat/ rather than depressed; or understanding/ rather than judgmental; or willing to share or care/ rather than take or manipulate; will be chosen first.
The question is: I am not pretty or handsome; HOW can I compete?
The answer is: “everyone, is someone”. Be yourself/ because nothing less will find a foundation to build a relationship on. Remember the simple truth: “we live in a beautiful world, as nature designed and built”. Appreciate it while you can/ because everything is being destroyed. Like it or not, that is true; because university disrespect is horrendous. They live in their fantasy world, constantly stealing life from the entire population of this earth, to play their games. While they threaten, poison, mutilate, disease, and literally intend to ignite the planet itself on fire. Be at peace, because if you belong to GOD Then mercy will be found for you. Consequently as with any death/ it matters not, how. It does however matter, if you just let this entire Creation, and all the life which would follow us die: “Without, lifting a finger in its defense”. Shame on you, if you don’t care, about our world!



At its essence, an energy released that allows another life to bind itself to you/ and if it does return by the value of one life leading to another life sharing existence; then it is your opportunity to bind yourself to that person or life. There is room, for more than one “love”/ its up to you.
More clearly the essence of life itself, is an energy at its core; confined by “the grace of GOD”/ which then gives you the opportunity of soul. Or shared existence, when completed as the biological embrace of time.
Among the critical questions are: why does energy exist/ how is it confined, or shared/ what is its relationship with life/ when does energy transform itself into love/ and what are the restrictions that identify soul?
The only discussion presented in this document; defines the beginning of love, as our presentation of an opportunity. Or, more simply, the presentation of energy reflects the possibilities of power/ without the force applied through time. Energy emits power/ life does not. Life emits the possibilities of time/ love illuminates the discovery of “shared existence”. To share means: I have found value in you, thereby changing my own life, because you are worth the cost. Love means: to be alive inside, requires the passion of caring. To care assembles, the elegance and grace of my own choice to show “the world” my soul. Soul means, to accept the passions of trust, that begin my journey beyond this life.
Therefrom we begin love, with the question, “what does it mean, to feel alive/ be alive/ or accept life with respect for its own possibilities”?
Living suggests: isolation/ friendship/ or enemy. The concept of each understands the choices we make/ the choices we are allowed to share/ and the choices others make for us are all VERY developmental; towards the life we will live. The consequence of justice, fair play, and equality therefrom understate the values we find in our humanity, and as our society.
Love elevates life by sharing the disciplines that make life better. Love identifies friendship, by understanding the creation of freedom means we are not the same/ but that still allows for equal. Love confronts an enemy, only when it is necessary for life. Love is: the embodiment of a value that lives within our accepted destiny; as the creation of who we are in the building blocks which make life ALIVE!
Therefore we ask the question: what does it mean, “to feel alive”? We expand that question with: why do people choose to discard life, for death? Explaining the dimensional prison of isolation, with the words: “I could not find love/ but I refuse death, as an enemy”.
The critical elevation of life; beyond time, is the removal of want, pride, and self. Want constructs cause to believe in lies/ therefrom removing truth “little by little”. Pride constructs the demand to be superior/ thereby believing I am judge, I am more, you are worthless; etc. Self alters the concept of living amongst the miracles/ with elements of, “nothing is more important, than me”. IF, YOU can remove these three things/ THEN you can envelope the opportunity, to conceive of yourself as more than simply a body or mind; and become at its essence, “the feelings” which identify living as the truth greater than time.
Time is a relationship with cause and effect/ separated from chaos, which then brings us the opportunities to make mistakes and choose a journey which accepts the values we created within ourselves.
Love is, a relationship with feelings, that identify and create the moments of truth, that give us individually the grace to believe or accept: “this life, being shared with me, is greater than I can be myself”. Therefrom, I feel “ALIVE (more than I can be alone)” because of you. Within this moment, destinies are stirred; allowing the creation of an identity that searches for truth, in the boundaries that you have assigned with love. To be alive constructs this search as a journey, where participation includes definitions which allow creation to elevate you; as within, the possibilities governed by soul. That demands respect for life itself, and the true existence of miracles which gave that right, that reality of being alive, to the search for “GOD”. Our Creator, wherefrom the essence of life, by its recognition of freedom, the reality of disciplines, order, balance, structure, movement, the potential called love, and more all concede: that thought lives, as the foundation within this evidence of life. Therefrom thought conceives of a path, that lives in love, and searches beyond these miracles for evidence of eternity. That life in love which guides the possibilities of this search is JESUS . Believe it or not.
So we return to miracles, in the eloquence of thought, and construct destiny as the decisions which build our love. But before we begin, the endless human complaint is: if this is a creation of love/ WHY should there be hate? Should not GOD end it all? The answer is: humanity demands freedom to choose for itself, and is led by want/ pride/ and selfishness into all the catastrophes known by human decision without regard to life itself. It is not freedom, to be allowed: make your own decision then, if you will not listen or obey life. If that decision is followed by judgment. Freedom allows Reality to construct itself, rather than judgment demanding only the law shall rule. If the law did rule by “critical construction”/ you would not be free, to do, and destroy; all the things humans do. So love exists as the value of Creation identified. And hate exists as the reality of human beings, in their search for selfishness. Until the end. Hate is worthless, therefore life is found to be worthless as well. Stop hate, and most of your problems will disappear, IF YOU LET TRUTH DECIDE.
Nonetheless, this is about love, the complete opposite of hate; which is entirely “human”.
The question of love, becomes WHY must I risk “a part of me, that is truly valued”; to find a friend, lover, or accept the price of family? Or, why is not simply “my existence”; enough? The consummate answer is: until you have established trust/ you have not established true love. Trust requires the opportunity, to make a different choice, “other than me”. That then leads to the levels of trust, which can or cannot become “through the essence of who we are in the eloquence of caring; our change occurs, as shared living becomes life alive, in you”. As sexual companions trust, where opposites sexes live, to complete the journey into heart and soul. That becomes, trust emblazoned with truth.
The answer that is love forms discipline. The answer that is love achieves order through respect. The answer that is love balances as best we can, the intricate realities of existence, with survival, and the foundations required both for life, and happiness; as best we can. We create together, a life of love/ which does mean, you cannot be absent when needed. Time is for the creation of honest, honorable, values that lead to love. Therefore honest is a pathway. Honorable is the means, by which we find an opportunity to be shared. While values become the trusted existence, defining our individual truths. For all the world to see.
Friends exist, as the value of your own choices accepted by me. Lovers exist, as the value of our choices held within the respect given for truth, as the substance of our need; or the reality of our future. Respect creates the beginning of love, friendship, and lover. Without it in clear truth for all to see: none of these things exist. Without respect: Instead of love, you are being manipulated or tempted. Instead of friendship, you are being set up for theft, ridicule, or the realities of enemy. Instead of lover, all you get is lust “I will use your body, however I wish”. Or more simply: lust means, nothing but your body actually has value, or means anything to me; “you, are next to worthless/ therefore I won’t care”.

Love is a value inside of you/ that you must risk, to gain the experience of “being ALIVE”. NOT simply sexually, but in all ways. Therefore be adventurous, but NOT STUPID.
Love is a value inside of you/ that can be taken away by someone else. Because you did give them “something of yourself”/ by your own choice. That means even if it is not fair, they can take that away from you. It will leave you with “emptiness inside”. Therefore it is wise NEVER, to give away the very most precious realities of love that keep you alive. Unless time does prove, this person lives with me/ shares with me, because they care/ honors and respects me, as if I were their own existence: or more simply: “when we, is truly changed to one life shared as equals”. Only then, giving to GOD first, can the true elemental values of life itself be shared. If allowed by GOD. Believe it or not.
You should always know, and be aware of: the human body is yours, in its entirety, to do with as you please. Its yours/ and you will leave it behind in death; therefore it is only “dirt to dirt”. Or more distinctly, you must never be deceived that a body or mind, is more important than you. Here the common rage is: “our bodies and mind IS LIFE”. Which is the statement, no eternity can exist. Every miracle proves you wrong. Every element of true life in happiness, is built upon love/ which does prove you wrong. Love is a participation beyond the limits of time. Because it is not built upon an action or a reaction/ but the acceptance, “life beyond self” is better. That decision, is a reality governed by your own respect for truth. Truth cannot be changed, LIFE IS TRUTH, identified as reality formed through energy confined. The biological framework of our incubation in time, simply proceeds to the inevitable release; of an identity our own truth has formed. It is said by yourselves, your god of university: that energy explained is not lost, but merely held in place, or transformed into something else when used. We are “using the energy of our lives”/ to change into something else. What that will be, is by your own decision.



The clear & certain understanding, “we the humanity of this earth”/ have been given the freedom to choose, whatever it is that will be done, in our time. Both as individuals, and as society itself. Or, more simply: it is NOT “GOD” That decides our fate/ but ourselves. We choose/ we allow/ we follow or lead/ we respect, or DISRESPECT/ we fail/ you fantasize/ etc, etc, etc!
In clear and certain support of that fact: are killers/ rapists/ “hitler’s”/ liars/ cheaters/ thieves/ traitors/ weapons of mass destruction/ religious tyranny/ the destruction of a planet: and MOST OF ALL. The realities of gambling with every life forever, by trying to ignite sun fire here (can’t put it out)/ mutilating nature (can’t bring it back)/ destroying resources (never ending war)/ and simple disrespect, thievery, worship of university as the most deceitful and deadly cult of all. Regardless of the evidence.
More deliberately: this is then a clear and certain declaration, “that your claims, GOD won’t let anything happen here to this earth/ because that is what you want to believe”/ has no bearing in fact. We are, and we were given freedom to choose for ourselves: because that, is what humanity has demanded from the beginning, as is absolutely clear. The freedom to choose means: even if it is a bad choice, or a deadly choice, or a horrendous choice, humanity decides for itself. As you have done, unless you wish to state: “Your god” has deliberately created murders and mayhem and violence and destruction? Otherwise, freedom rules/ while GOD watches, and states biblically, if you believe, something like: “Let the weeds grow with the grain/ until the day of judgment”. If that were not true, then you would have a claim to present: “Its not our fault”. Making GOD “Something of a demon”. Every miracle on earth, proves this is not so; because every life, as nature intended; has true blessings. Every life that lost “its miracle”; as a body or mind mutilated, has been influenced by “man or woman or society”. You create the chemicals of cancer. You create the wars. You create the compositions that become tragic. You disrespect and devalue each other. You steal, cheat, ridicule, gossip, manipulate, tempt, lust, and so on. NOT “GOD”.
The point of this being: when confronted by the evidence of our situation/ and your obsessive convolutions in complete worship of university, and its propagation services called media. The absolute disrespect of saying “this is all GOD’S fault”/ and HE won’t let it get out of control”. Is the same as saying: you believe, that everything you or the others have done, to endanger and destroy HIS OWN CREATION/ is essentially the work of GOD . That of course includes all the weapons of mass destruction, all the mutilation of nature, all the destruction of environment, oceans, pollution, the imminent death of a planet by bringing sun fire here; and all the rest which is the deliberate assassination of every child alive, and every possibility of a child in the future; as is the summation of YOUR OWN WORK. Are “GOD’S fault”. That facet of your belief system, is not even to your shame/ it is beyond truth, so much as to be; the degree you claim to be “devil” for yourself.
We threaten life on earth, with our decisions as humanity itself. We threaten all of nature, with the decisions we allow the university to do. We threaten extermination by war and cannibalism with over-population. We are threatening every other form of life on this planet; by your worship of university and so much more. We even threaten the solar system itself; by turning this planet into a sun/ which because it is not functionally “round as a mass/ but consists of large amounts of water”; it will in fact explode quickly once fire engulfs it. Ending this entire part of the universe itself. How is that not “your fault”? Not only every life, but even this entire solar system as well. Welcome, to the world of “university knows”. It is horrendous. Do you not follow, in worship?



A question, and then a decision. Unlike the university disease, that a question is never meant to be answered truthfully/ otherwise, we are soon out of a job. Life demands truth, (not stories, wants, pride, selfishness, nor all the rest) OR, it collapses into chaos. Because it can.
Therefrom work is both a necessity of experiences to identify and measure reality versus the question called why/ it is also, the critical dimension of what can or will be shared for the benefit of all, rather than just self.
Question means: between the extremes, there is a place called balance where life expresses peace, happiness, and the values of harmony. Therefore we begin our journey in the experience of freedoms/ and end it as death, without freedom anymore. These are the edges of existence: what has true balance, searches beyond the limits of existence to question Creation itself.
Creation means: there are no answers in humanity for this! Creation means: this cannot be touched, because the sanctuary of disciplines used to create the essence and reality of miracles (beyond human conception)/ shall NOT be destroyed, for something so trivial as human answers. The university answers all its questions, BY DESTROYING whatever they touch.
Our journey through life is a question, dedicated to the composition of thought. Composition means: I have gathered, within the limits of human knowledge, a passage that leads into understanding. The journey is through that passage until the door can be found. Truth is a door, that completes a journey beyond the limits of human knowledge. Therefore it can be taken or opened only through thought. Thought therefrom exists, as your participation in Creation itself. Not as a question. Not as an answer. But as the true beginning of soul.
Soul elevates respect, by constructing the stairs beyond self. Therefrom the disciplines necessary to achieve respect, are aligned and accepted as “a knock on the door”/ which opens into thought.
Thought orders life, which means it is NOT entirely free. Instead, the laws which govern existence control that reality by its own set of truths. You must stay within the truths applied by law/ or you will be very sorry.
Therefrom we begin with law, the essence of survival, by the elements which will NOT be denied.
In our human existence: WE NEED water, food, oxygen, freedom, happiness, work (our contribution), resources (GOD’S contribution), body & mind, justice to limit and control wars; and the disciplines to know and accept what is fair for all.
Humanity today, under the leadership of a university diploma: have abandoned every form of law that exists to let this Creation survive. Their plan is destruction, & chaos; their intent is, “worship us as god”. Their future is HELL (we have nothing left, the chains of life have collapsed; we cannot survive), ARMAGEDDON (nature is in chaos, we are lost, life is mutilated forever), THE APOCALYPSE (get out your gun/ trust no one). Or, to burn this entire world & you, alive/ by igniting sun fire here.

Consequently, we SHALL make a decision as humanity on earth. Not as individuals, which means there is nothing you can do that will make a difference to what the university has already done. Which means: TOGETHER AS A WORLD, we live or die from our decision to obey the laws of life, and protect the reality of our existence: BY CHOOSING, to fight for our world. To stop the insanity of university, and control the direction of our lives and our planet, by understanding: NOBODY gets to destroy. We must live by law.
The decision for humanity is: “without DIFFERENT” than this/ we cannot survive. That limits the direction and influence of where are we going from here: “to let women decide”. Because they are different/ and because men WILL quickly return us all to these ways, because it is the best they did do, after thousands of years to prove, what they will choose. Women CANNOT “follow the leader/ as do men”. Women MUST gather together as one decision, putting forth the various plans and participation they believe will make a better world for everyone. Which all of humanity shall then vote upon/ until an agreement can be reached.
The foundation of a new society is: VERY LIMITED power or pride/ including government. Which means you must choose “limited capitalism”. By definition: we all choose our way, we all do the best we can, we all work together to insure NOBODY gets “too damn much/ or too little”. The critical path of survival, requires that everyone works; nobody is left out. That demands, want is irrelevant. That demands, an education is your right/ not their business. That defines our participation with each other as, the decision to accept friendship is more valuable than trophies.
You are on the edge of extinction, whether you believe it or not is absolutely worthless/ the evidence is clear. That does mean: ALL THE TRAGEDY, all the everything that does not accept LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for this planet; even before you. Will end by your decision, as humanity on earth; to rebuild as best you can. To grow up/ to clean up/ to establish RESPECT for everything/ and to STOP killing the children: OR ETERNITY will remember you as “devil”.

Machine 3

machine 3


The simple machine/ includes an assembled A-FRAME, which can then be hooked together with cables. To form a fence.  One stabilizing section includes a cross cabling to control sway/ followed or preceded by two sections with only one cable stay, for the cheapest solution.

The A-frames can be fixed or hinged, but includes pinning for cables.  Corrugated sheet metal is then attached to the fire facing side with screws to stabilize it. What is actually needed depends entirely upon wind.  Wood can be used for the A-frame, ONLY if you are using non- combustible spacers to give it at least 3 inches from the hot metal. ONLY if it is all sheet metal facing the fire, as ash will come through and potentially ignite the wood.  A non-combustible area needs to be prepared in advance.

This method allows for frames to be distributed quickly, and set up.  Followed by the sheet metal and crew to screw the entire fence together. Taller structures need wire on top, or the wind could blow it down. If these are prepared wire, then top and bottom are laced with piping.  So as to simply hook the wire on top of the A-frame,  and clamp the bottom wire piping, onto the corrugated metal quickly.  If on prepared ground, anchoring should not be necessary.


IF, the wind is not considered a problem; regular steel fencing posts can be driven into the ground and corrugated metal wired to it.  Once a non-combustible area has been established.  Such as,  by a small four foot wide tillage tool. A disk with blades that only focus dirt away from the center line, is probably best.  When it is simply a field on fire/ tillage tools to crush the flammable substances should be/ are usually enough.



A discovery, that brings the essence of life itself, into focus. That then varies, dependent upon the direction you have chosen for yourself. There are only two directions for life: either love, or hate. Everything else is either survival, or simply human. Life is not human/ human is time. Life is the eloquence of each individual heart, that leads us distinctly into truth. Because only truth is eternal; therefore life itself, must become true.

Hope constructs a journey by which we engage Creation itself, to become acquainted with every participant that can influence life. These are a litany defined by time, but created to prove and identify similar developments in eternity. Thereby a warning, and a hope that conceives of a path. Spiritual existence surpasses hope, by elevating the experience within the distinctions provided by truth. Truth outlines the environment, but only understanding can conceive of life beyond this boundary. Once inside any dedicated spiritual truth, the only way out is through the essence of that truth itself. Love is a guide. The decision is yours, but the reality belongs to whatever truth itself desires.
Hate is a “satan; destruction is coming”. Fear controls.

Consequent to spirit, identified by the directions of your soul. Here, where love resides; there are more than one choice; or more than simply, “love or hate”.
The directions are: to conceive of acceptance, as in I belong within this truth. To construct isolation, as in I don’t desire this truth; becoming alone/ even if surrounded. To build a path between the disciplines and balance of where I now live, and life renewed and rebuilt. To live within order, and accept the limits and boundaries imposed upon me by law. To understand, removal from any spiritual truth into which I have entered: becomes a war, with consequences that cannot be survived. Or to acknowledge, time is now over/ by its essence, I have begun eternity, this is my destiny. Each is a direction, that becomes true by your own decision; that choice then dies, because your new life exists. Truth never sets you free/ rather truth binds you to its reality, as defined by the laws which govern your existence. Surrendering lies, does set you free.

In this world, where love exists; hope is your answer, to the elemental trial that is your life. The critical question being: in a place, where it is incredibly easy to fall into a want. After failing: CAN you, stand up & dig yourself back out. Thereby, to begin life again; without lies. Or will you die to eternity itself, by entering the eternal abyss that is want. There is no end to want/ unless you make it so; by your own decision, “life is enough”.
Any realistic Religion does help you “dig yourself back out of a lie”/ but they do not gain you eternity in any way or fashion. Religion is completely worthless in that pursuit. Religion is “we believe”. Reality is, “I stand alone, in the presence of my truth”. Whether good or bad, what I have proven, by the evidence, is my or your truth; even for an eternity.
Hope is a pursuit, it is not simply a by-product of your want. True hope abandons want, because it seeks within your heart, the essence of time itself; which is Creation. Boredom, and so many things created from human behavior; all come from want; as in “I want more/ or less, than this”. Thereby people begin to pray, and make choices imploring “god, to do something” for them. This is a bad choice for you. Instead, each and every day/ each and every night reveals the essence and the reality of miracles at your feet, within your body, and as participants in your life. YOU walk among the miracles you could never afford, build, or conceive of. Every single one: as if you were the wealthiest person every born. How is that not “amazing, for you”? If not, then you must expand beyond the limits you have set for yourself. Take away the boundaries, limits, wants, pride, gluttony; etc, and gain the experience of life: rather than self.
Self is the envelope of a body and mind in transition; on a journey searching for life/ or cast adrift in pride and want, to become lost in time. That is a personal choice, but it is not done alone. People who are abandoned/ are people who become lost: live at the edge of hate, or within the reality called “no one loves me”. Each has a consequence, that is driven primarily, by the failure of others. Every life, until proven otherwise, has a value; simply by being alive/ unless there is hate. Hate is the single determinant factor: that suspends the right to belong, and be accepted. To become a reality of law, rather than life, as an equal human being.
Hope sustains us all, because we cannot see the future/ therefore we must accept the limits of our time. Asking distinctly, to be granted a path back through the existence of Creation: to the place where GOD gave life. Here, at the beginning of our search, where love began with hopes far beyond our own: purity can be found. Love is the journey beyond ourselves, where life becomes our own distinct friend, where truth establishes an honesty built in trust, that binds us forever. Because we chose to care. The disciplines needed for this journey are passion (happiness expressed and experienced, where no measurement can be found)/ desire (an elemental truth, that distinguishes the purpose of love)/ heart (I will work for you)/ and respect (nothing in this world, could ever prove; your work, your decisions, and your life are not valued by me).
Hope is the delivery of a path. A path exists only when truth allows. Therefore hope participates within your truth, as the key which opens a door/ to become the essence of an environment where thought itself exists.
Thought lives, by understanding the dimensional differences that become the element called life itself. This is a passage beyond time.