There is nothing, so extremely stupid; as a human being! Because knowing the cost of being wrong/ and doing that anyway, when its life or death for a world; is what, the leaders of people do. They do it, and are allowed to do it/ because the masses say, “WE WANT/ and if the leaders fail: THEN ITS NOT OUR FAULT”. Or, lets kill them/ or blame “GOD”; for what people in fact, simply chose to do. Even knowing: wrong means HORRIFIC. Which does make men in particular (their leaders) as they “lead the world”/ the most stupid creatures ever created.

Obviously they don’t have to be: which brings us to the question of WHY/ HOW/ WHEN/ WHERE/ WHO/ AND WHAT could they possibly be thinking?

Of the various questions that arise in addition to these things: most significant is, “WHY, do the rest of men go along with the clear & certain creation of chaos? So, we begin here.
Is it a complete lack of information/ is it the severe and utter disinformation, or mutilation of facts, used to hide reality from public view? Or is it simply mass hypnosis, on a scale never before seen throughout history?
The answer is all three!
The foundation of all university knowledge is: “create a multitude of words so elaborate, and so extensive, NO ONE can understand or compete”. Even if someone learns a few/ there will be more to make even the most simple of all statements: seem delusional, by their armies of a diploma, are done. Thereby all truth is hidden, in the chaos of language delusion. Thereby only “the educated” can talk/ because you don’t understand the language. For example: lets assume a university graduate wants to describe a common bolt & nut combination. Simple enough, “it’s a bolt fastener”. Alas not so in a university world: every view must be identified and named. Every shadow, every glare, every single step of the spiral ramp, from every potential description. Every surface, and a long list of descriptions on how to put both nut and bolt together; each of course having its own name. The resultant university description applied to everything they can find, just for a bolt fastener is roughly between one hundred and one thousand identified parts, along with all the words used to bind them together. As if it mattered. Hidden in foreign languages, are the means to betray, disguise, and prepare to destroy; assuming violence is their intent. With mutilation of all nature. Complete refusal to deal with any and every aspect of survival. Even threatening the entire planet and this solar system by deliberately intending and acting and building to ignite this planet on fire: just like the sun. Discarding all the lies: Violence, and the intent of violence; is a fact.
The “university gods”, who control all information; rather like the mythical character said to have grown a multitude of snakes around its body. Or, more simply leadership is: “one beast (I want only what I want; nobody gets in my way)/ that uses an attack by its constituent arms (snakes), which lie in wait behind every assumption of “safety”. There is no safety: Your university gods release “every possible good thing, that could fictionally come from each and every fantasy they devise. Even creating fear, where there should be none/ as is telling women, FEAR a heart attack, it kills nearly all! Never telling, old age dies from something: they just want your money, and your worship, “oh save us, mighty university gods”. Never once releasing what happens when they are wrong. Never once releasing the reality of what they did do, that was horrific. The universities specialize, in lies! Only presenting the toys, they make to keep the hordes of their army (both diplomas and slaves) satisfied: we can be children forever. Not true, but believers are believers, and they hide from every truth, they don’t want to hear. There is no cost to a believer/ because reality and facts, are hidden from view. Like every religion, “just believe what we tell you”. Men do: Because greed, want, insanity, selfishness, gluttony, lust, and cowardice rule your lives. And women push men to get what they want as well; To your shame.
Nonetheless, the very worst offenders of human history/ the biggest liars of all: are the propagators of lies, called media. Or more simply, their use of mass hypnosis to keep sanity and information about life and all its needs at bay. To keep the public misinformed and hidden by the continual onslaught of disinformation/ is certainly close to the top of the list. Mass hypnosis is: to assemble something, that either offends or supports what “these people” WANT to believe. Reality be damned/ truth is used only to construct a tiny key, that then opens the door to a flood of lies. WE WILL BELIEVE! Because its not our fault/ we were told! Therefore mass hypnosis is: the illusion, that it is ok and justified, to accept what you do want to do/ even though it is abhorrent. Because now you can blame someone else, for what you did choose to do! The television and other sources: “tell the people what they want to hear/ or direct them slowly into believing what the puppeteers of media want them to believe. By constantly surveying and polling the people; so as to regurgitate something palatable (modified to the purpose of mind control), that the masses will accept. Mind control is: identifying what can or cannot make them fear/ thereby herding the group, so as to collect them all. Because when the herd is moving, it doesn’t matter what you believe or desire; if in the middle of this, “You, are going too”. Like every war!

So now lets ask WHY, are men (leaders of this world) so intent upon believing whatever they are told, with few exceptions? Answer: because they know money rules their world/ their lives. Even though, it has no literal purpose in their happiness: OTHER THAN, if I don’t control the money I need/ THEN THESE OTHERS, are going to control me; family, and all! So they play the game of men: to fight, even murder or die/ to control the rest.
The issue most unresolved in human history is: HOW, do we end this game/ and WHY do we want too? The method of how do we end it is simply “limited capitalism”. Or we all have a say in how much control ANY ONE person can have over the rest. Ending tyranny, by controlling leaders, governments, and money for ourselves. By our vote. The critical reality of why do we want too/ invades the reality of men as a majority, to discover: WE WANT THE GAME/ because “I want to be richer/ than they; I want it all, and I intend to get it all. Because I WON! Even though reality refuses that description for all but a very tiny few; the vast majority accept the delusion, because they WANT “to play god” themselves. To your shame.
WHEN men play games with life/ life, environment, EVERYTHING loses! There is no respect, because respect gets in the way of games. There is no substantial desire for family or purpose for values; beyond greed/ because the entire purpose of their lives becomes selfishness. To their shame.
WHERE men play games, everything dies; including the future. Because they cannot sustain lies! Therefrom WAR exists to remove the winners, make use of the losers/ and reinstate the game again; so that others can take possession of their trophies. War exists, because when men lose: they WANT war, to remove the obstacle of law, and declare “now its my turn to decide your fate”.
WHO LOSES THE MOST? It is plainly women and children; because men chose to play/ rather than working to deny and refuse those who proclaim “life is a game”. Life is NEVER a game/ and it can never be sustained with lies. We exist today, certainly NOT because of men; but because nature until today, was able to override the consequences of male behaviors which ravage, rape, ruin, destroy, disease, and violate everything on earth. Today nature has lost, and that means every lie men make; worships the day of complete chaos coming soon. University is worst at this; doing everything in their power to insure CHAOS WILL REIGN. Unlike men of the past, the university gods are intent upon destroying planet, nature, life, future, order, disciplines, respect, reality, truth, and eternity for the masses. Believing they can then live as gods; even after destroying a world. “They will”. Their intent to be, “SATAN” (the destroyer of a world) HAS a prison forever sealed. None escape!

So the question is WHAT, CAN humanity do to stop the descent into absolute chaos; as leadership has declared MUST be done. Using lies, theft, failure, fantasy, delusion, traitorous conduct, corruption of everything, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction (fear us); and all the rest?

The answer is: violence merely opens the door/ to end life on earth. Nobody listens, to life! So the critical question is: HOW DO WE (not just me or you/ but us) communicate the foundations of change that make it possible to salvage anything, before it (our world) is all lost?

Reality says; a history lesson is necessary.
From my past; which begins in the fifties; altering media from “the free press”/ into propaganda for tyrants. As was the intent by those in government to create true fear of atomic weapons/ thereby controlling the people, to refuse the conditions called peace. While eliminating the entire money supply of this USA. These developments in Mass hypnosis; then brain washing followed; “weapons of mass destruction, are our saviors”.
Combating these delusions, requires a foundation in exactly what does happen when things “go wrong”. No more assumptions/ only reality. Which means we MUST ENFORCE WORLD LAW, on leaders; and take their most obtrusive and horrifying weapons away. Regardless of the cost/ it is the only way we survive as a world. World law is the answer for peace/ anything less is war, to end life on earth. Because we CANNOT afford to lose anymore, of nature or planet from the chaos of a university mind/ a mentally diseased politician/ or a military devil.
From my past: it is the Cuban missile crisis of the sixties, that formed the basis and determination of my own work. It is RECOGNIZING, those leaders who threaten a world/ MUST BE STOPPED. No more excuses, because the tools provided by a university depleted of all respect for life/ CAN now destroy us all. Fear controlled; which means fear itself must be redefined/ and realigned with different truths.
From my past: it is the advent of the seventies; which was a deteriorating respect for society by its leaders and itself. That leads to the cost and consequence of allowing the university thieves to steal all that is left from the USA. By releasing the money supply to a university driven fantasy; providing endless counterfeiting for every university delusion; destroying the last elements of balance in the money supply by university greed; attacking the children for their future, as is university treason and the clear purpose of assassinating the children, by one means or another as is driven by “university knows/ how to kill”. The resultant reality is of course, an entire nation built upon lies/ destroying itself, from the inside by traitors so delusional they believe themselves to be god (compared to us “mere mortals”). Liars/ traitors/ thieves/ whore’s/ bastard’s/ terrorists/ cheats/ failures/ fantasies/ and horrors all because media propaganda removes reality to support and defend those who invaded; because Reagan (one damned, diseased leader) said “go ahead/ I won’t care”. And all the world listened, because EVERYBODY AGREED: I/ WE, don’t WANT/ to pay this damn DEBT”. [Nations brought to bankruptcy, and war; for a bomb]. Brought about, because the university games (make them fear), and political or military ambitions (I can play god) of creating missiles hidden by media refusal to identify (we AIN’T going to the moon) its just a disguise. Thereby HIDING THE MONEY, for building rockets that will deliver atomic bombs, in plain sight.
NOT EVEN THOSE WHO STEAL THE MONEY, WHICH YOU WORSHIP WITH YOUR LIVES; was enough to deter GREED. Consequently the game of money MUST end. Which brings us back, to limited capitalism…..but unfortunately MEN worship the game/ which brings us to “let women rule life”. Because men cannot change themselves! “They want, what they want”. Women are different/ but unknown, other than the fact we stand at the very edge of extinction means: THEY CAN’T do worse!
From my past, it is in the eighties; that the sum total of everything coming from a university mind (we can change the world); EQUALS death for our world. Nothing more delusional, than the beginning of real efforts to mutilate life/ attack every resource/ create the national ignition facility, thereby means to ignite sun fire here on earth. AND A WIDE VARIETY OF OTHER THREATS so extensive and so extreme; NO possibility exists, that we or our world will survive their impact. Yet with evidence in hand/ determination and a clear concise development called “why and how”: not a single person was found, in this time; who cared about anything but GREED. The consequence to me is: beginning the search because of an extreme risk to our world/ at the very edge of life or death. Communication increases; Because it is true, that “if you can’t sell something except to friend or family”; you will fail. Those were not approached until much later. They too, found only greed and want; not a single concern for life. As did all the rest: they ran away to hide from reality/ because they too, could not prove me wrong. The endless rant: I WANT, WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT NOTHING ELSE; damn you for telling me what I DON’T want to know. Ends that entire story. Finding ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY of evidence or truth or cost of being wrong; EVEN WITH THE ENTIRE PLANET at risk; sufficient to make you accept your duty to life. Every possible approach blocked; the entire message and means for delivering this reality: WITHOUT CHANGE OUR WORLD DIES. Is altered.
From my past, the nineties increase the delusions of greed; as the internet turns to commerce. Reality proves nothing can be done until reality returns. Therefore questions, are used to initiate: “can religion be used”/ can knowledge to prove the university is wrong be used/ can fear be generated to instruct/ can media be brought back to “for the value and life of society; instead of only FOR power & greed” be found/ is war the only answer? And then: WHAT would women do, if they were in charge today?
The new millennium proves on 9/11 that fantasies are not enough; and a renewal of efforts begin. The law is used to construct a constitutional beginning; demanding that justice and LIFE MUST COME FIRST. The courts prove “NOT HERE”/ democracy is dead. The law is used: to portray an opportunity to use force against leadership as a means to get their attention. All law enforcement, military, and politicians through lawsuits/ etc; are contacted at various levels: to demand constitutional law must be enforced; or there could be trouble. They fail to see the evidence of threat/ or simply refuse it; and assume I am the danger. Jackass’s devoid of sense; prove the US is in danger at all levels of dying from insanity. Lawsuits are erected to enforce democracy, by commanding: LET ME IN COURT/ or I will refuse to pay the tax. Thieves, liars, traitors, treason, cheats, failures, cowards, and fools come forth to deny law and justice. They then refuse me access to the courtroom; calling life or death for a world as “frivolous”. A reality of delusion used against every public attempt to demand democracy or justice must rule. Simply ignore them and deny access: letting media use the word frivolous to lead the public into the insane assumptions, “leaders are our friends”. They are merely enemies in disguise/ doing everything in their power, to discard and destroy the United States of America. Because now, and for the last few decades: the only true course of action begins with bankruptcy; and they hide that truth.
Nonetheless, with the beginning of this decade; comes a few people who are not so insane, they belong only to greed. Reality has begun/ but it is so very late; even the possibility of our survival on earth is in question. No matter what you do/ because the devastation is now excessive and threatening our entire world. Even so: to surrender the world into chaos/ IS FOR COWARDS AND FOOLS. Some degree of hope must remain/ because nothing less will keep even the possibility of a remnant alive. How much less us all!

Summation is: I have been ridiculed “the world is not dead yet/ so you must be wrong. The money hasn’t collapsed yet/ so you must be wrong. The planet hasn’t been ignited on fire yet/ so you must be wrong. All life isn’t horrifically dismantled, mutilated, etc; so you must be wrong. The sustain-ability of resources, environment, ecosystems, chains of life, oceans, water, oxygen content, the food supply, and everything else we need to survive; hasn’t killed us yet/ so you must be wrong. The entire collapse of human society into grievous war/ cannibalism/ and absolute hate; wherein blood runs like a river: hasn’t happened yet/ so you must be wrong.
YET EVERY SINGLE THREAT IS FILLED WITH EVIDENCE THIS IS COMING SOON; and when proven correct, our world as we have known it is over. Every child lost. Every living thing we knew as value; will be gone. That is the price, or your arrogance!
YOUR, Pure blatant pride; or you would protect life and child; instead.

As to communicating the foundations for our survival as a world: those foundations have been declared sufficiently for your beginning work. As to communicating that work: that change MUST OCCUR or we are all DEAD. It is entirely up to you/ because YOU, are your own roadblock, to that reality of change. YOU DON’T WANT REALITY TO BE, WHAT REALITY IS: therefore you hide and run away from every truth that identifies NO MORE OF THIS.

GROW UP OR DIE! There are no second chances/ once the point of no return has pasted. That point will be known as: “We understand now/ we accept now; because we are trapped now”. So come save us from ourselves/ today we will listen. Instead TRUTH DECLARES, when you no longer need a mind to understand/ IT IS TOO DAMN LATE TO CHANGE. You, are the living dead/ prepared for, and entering HELL, etc.
And all the world will say: we DIDN’T want the world to die/ WE JUST WANTED MORE “FOR ME”! But to get it, YOU chose death for the rest of life/ denying respect to everything and everyone; as you fought for, and against fools. Shame on you all.

The functional ending for me is: I lost every battle with humanity at every level and dimensional stage of a decision for life on earth. Even when I won by the law, reality, evidence, etc. YOU, as is humanity in general/ absolutely DID NOT WANT to hear anything about duty to life. Period!
I also lost every battle with the spiritual world of women; as I did ask “what would you do/ for life in time”? It’s a long story/ nonetheless lost in terms of male. Their decision was: to teach you/ because force can do nothing for life. While that began in little steps, because your university gods steal/ use/ abuse/ hate/ abhor reality/ tell stories of fantasies/ are extremely delusional, etc. Any tidbit of knowledge CAN be used by them to further intimidate, and control you. Thereby knowledge is a weapon/ while understanding which is the purpose of my teaching; is a value to be used for life.
Answer the damn question/ and do your work. YOU can do something/ so do it! No excuses.


So, lets wander a bit, through the essence of life.

It begins with the three critical realities which identify and create life: freedom/ energy/ and thought. Each is crucial, but only thought conceives of life.
That at its core; cannot be dealt with here. Consequently we must search for understanding, in alternate less provocative ways. One of those ways, are the differences between male and female. Or more distinctly: WHY does male and female exist at all? Even though we know that physically, it is imperative to the existence of humanity/ that does not contend with the definitions of thought. As thought in and of itself needs no conception of male or female/ but only life.
So then we look more diligently, at the relationship of male to female/ female to male; and discover a reality of existence so different: that it opens an entirely different world, to both sides of the line which divides us, called gender.
Without male and female, expressed and experienced as a different existence within the same time; the world itself would be a far different, and less exciting place. Consequently thought provides for not only entertainment and need/ it creates in male, the foundations called duty: “We/I must”! While in female, the very essence of life itself, recreated: is a far more powerful experience. Once initiated, “if a correct building process”; there is no going back/ by natural means. Only abortion, a human choice/ that does not conceive of realities other than self.
Therefrom we enter through freedom, into the relationships we share. Each of which begins with either duty, or realities we cannot change; once the point of no return has pasted.
Freedom is: the measure or expansion “of heart”. Or, more simply: freedom discovers the distance you will go, either for love or hate/ or what lies between them, for one, or more. Time is the creation of moments, as all the rest merely “fills in the gap”. Time initiates belief, by understanding there are decisions we can make, which then influence our future. These decisions create the moments we define, as our experience (our participation as life expressed). Consequently value asserts: I am the “master of my life, or slave/ which then allows, perhaps yours”. Therefrom freedom gives value the potential to believe in superiority or loss. Love or hate. Value or worthless, to me. These are foundation elements, to the life you will become.
Nonetheless, without energy to transmit your ideas and intentions, from self, to life apart; there is only belief allowed. Energy begins the journey which separates us from the essence of participation as equals/ to become the reality of self, constructed to be “whatever we assume, we want to be”. Energy lets us play with life, thereby creating the boundaries, interference, theft, lies, OR LOVE as we desire with our own heart to choose.
Thought is the relationship we share with choice. Where there is love selected: I becomes, a vessel, which shares the existence of freedom, by balancing its purpose. I expresses the energy of my desire, as the beginning of disciplines, courage, and participation beyond myself. And I, experience the foundation of all thought, as the order from which I came/ thereby the essence of everything I can become. These are decisions allowed.
In contrast to that, where hate is selected; energy will be worshiped, as the foundation of life ahead. That energy then governs what decisions will be made. Because it controls the boundaries of what can or cannot be done; as freedom allows. Thought is irrelevant to hate/ there is no purpose, because there is no constituent balance. Or more simply: hate does not “see life”/ it “sees death”. An enormous gap, between humans who bear the same base elements within time. Hate is not a decision of thought/ it is a decision of flesh. Thereby only flesh (time in a bottle/ body) is important.
That gives us the directional stability of human existence: as a choice between everything that life can be conceived of within miracles/ OR everything that a body can do, or cause; in time alone.
This is, a functional essence of living as a human beings in time: and it varies tremendously with each individual.
So we then return to the elements of our existence which describe both male and female as a body of life/ granted the potential called love.
WHERE do the boundaries reside?
Man is the elemental creation of “duty and courage” inside. Or more distinctly, to be a man in its truest form; is to understand and accept, that your own life is dedicated to the disciplines represented by order, for the purposes of a duty to life itself. A value without a price, because it is given freely!
Boys play “with themselves; even if they use a female body”. Whereas men understand, the value of being an anchor in truth, for others/ being the stability needed for freedom to succeed (particularly in woman), as life unleashed.
Hate is not a man; it is descended from “devil: I won’t care/ and I don’t share”; because you are worthless to me. Or “I alone” have value.
As I encounter the elements of female: what is clear asserts, “woman, is a maze”. Or more distinctly: every turn issues the potential of a different life. The complexity then accepts, without stability; life can be “costly”. With stability, thereby trust. Both the anchor as is man/ and the freedom unleashed, as is woman, unfettered from fear by love: becomes a home for life in both, beyond self.
We fail each other, by refusing to ascend “beyond self”. Or more simply: wheresoever truth leads us as life, born of miracles; becomes a door/ that does lead to more. However; If you pass by the gate that binds you to the spiritual world. That reality changes life; the world of male and female “dies a little”/ as the challenge to survive, intensifies! Some live/ some die/ some are lost; because spiritual truth accepts no lie.
So long as your truth remains anchored into human experience and expression/ the path beyond self, is limited to whatever love can be, “within the heart you share”. It is asking to ascend beyond miracles; to conceive of creation itself; that turns the gate from time into eternity. Few enter/ much fewer survive: therefrom mercy, IS REALITY for us all.

grow up

There are three questions raised by the il commission on human rights with regard to homosexual unions. The illegal threat of a fine, & the overtaking of freedom/ the dismantling of democracy; by university delusion, and its intentional subterfuge. As history proves throughout human history: there are always, the pandemic of people who believe they are “right”. Or more distinctly: YOU must do what I say.

1. As declared it is a civil union, not a marriage/ therefore not the same. Ask any university biologist: IF ITS DIFFERENT, it has a different name. Clearly declaring: then it is not the same. Consequently the business which hosts marriages, which are entirely directed between a man and woman according to religious dictates: plainly proven true. Was entirely allowed NOT to expand his or her business to encompass more: that assumes slavery, a violation of law, assembling extortion.

2. US First amendment constitutional right reads: congress shall make no law, respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting it, the free exercise thereof.
Therefrom, the foundation used within the threat to punish for that expression is unfounded, and prohibited by democracy itself/ as this nation declares of through its constitution. A reality of government DENIED BY TREASON, amongst those employees who believe they can do anything they want. Whereas reality states: The constitution is our government. IT CANNOT be thrown in the trash/ it is the LAW OF OUR LAND. Employees who refuse that, against their own oath of office; present a reality that provides for their own punishment.

3. The US constitution provides: because this is a business conducted in the proprietors home. The 4th constitutional amendment presides. It reads “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. The mandate of a few/ HAS NO VALUE against the reality of our union as a nation which is constitutional law shall rule us all. Instead of right, the il commission seeks to demand: as is prohibited in amendment 3; “no soldier (no person without our consent) shall be quartered (the employees of government state: WE command YOU) in any house, without the consent of the owner.” A violation of constitutional law.
As to the reality of homosexual unions. They can indeed have equal rights under the law, within their own elemental definitions. They can indeed have freedoms, regardless of social reality or right: as is consistent with the bill of rights section 1 {one of three primary constitutional documents}. “That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.”
While they may find happiness in a civil union/ the other finds happiness in his religion: not the same, but entirely equal in their decisions. Neither the court, nor any other employee of government has a LEGAL right to interfere in those personal decisions. Good or bad/ religious or not; is irrelevant. Because its called freedom! Tears be damned; grow up.

To a person I know; You seem concerned. A
LETTER TO THE EDITOR; OR WHATEVER YOU WISH TO DO WITH THIS IS UP TO YOU. I have no particular interest in these subjects.

However: Modified, for a functional description of freedom; one of the three primary definitions, which illuminates the essence of soul. Elevating knowledge, does become something else.
The critical questions begin with: WHY is freedom important? WHY do people surrender their freedom for less? WHY is freedom allowed when the resultant destruction affects so many others? WHEN does life end its ability to be free?
This world is an incubator of knowledge/ for the specific purpose of teaching people; the differences between life as it ought to be/ and realities of death as they are going to be; unless you become wise. This world teaches: that freedom is an absolute essential condition within the human soul, that will not be denied its outlet. Even though each decision has its price. If it were not so/ then, whenever a human being made a decision that was going to adversely affect “our world/ our lives”; they WOULD be refused the possibility of continuing with that decision. With evidence all around of murderers, terrorists, thieves, even “satan (we are god): more distinctly, people deliberately mutilating life & trying to exterminate every living thing, by all possible means”. That fact proves: clearly freedom comes first. Requiring men and women to decide that this world and all its life is worth protecting; or you lose too!
Yet delusion and greed consume you/ cowardice rules, and want overtakes life to the point of extreme stupidity; bringing us all into the chaos of a world death spiral. If not simply burned to death, by experiments which have no purpose other than to cause your complete extinction. “All” run away, because freedom allows it.
So then freedom is both the essence of happiness itself, as in the spiritual relationship chosen with life. Yet it is also the very essence of horrors and hell, as well: because within your own freedoms, both have the cause to exist. Unless you “clean your own house”/ and remove what does not belong, where love and courage do choose to live.
People deny their right to choose/ as is freedom: because their purpose is to hide and run away from the fact, it is your job to protect life. It is your duty, to accept the price which must be paid; for the dignity, respect, disciplines, balance, and functional order needed to sustain the purposes of peace, love, hope, life, and the integrates of this living world. It is your job: to keep this world alive, for another generation/ by insuring, “what CANNOT be surrendered” to a game or a failure or a fantasy; FAILS, and is refused that opportunity, to endanger us all. “all (but a tiny few)” run away, to let life die. Forty years of fighting for life, and nothing has changed: cowardice rules. To your shame.
That brings us to when does life itself end? What are the definitions, from which we cannot return, to the possibilities called freedom? Freedom is, at its core: LIFE! Because everything else is a prison, in one form or another. Therefore freedom begins not only the struggle to find existence as we desire it within ourselves/ but the consequences for choosing wrong.
Therefore we must understand what does it mean: to be wrong?
We must understand, what is valued and valuable about being “love, and loved”!
WRONG means: the cost of what your decision has done/ takes from life its soul. Therefore everything wrong, is a decision to destroy (intentional or not) the relationship which created your existence, or its opportunities. Right, simply means: this time, although you gambled with life; you will survive without serious complications. As every gambler knows: you cannot be right all the time/ which ends in the similar tragedy of simply destroying your own life a little at a time.

To understand love, and to be loved: is to experience and express both VALUE, and its companion, “to be valued” as life shared with mine. Love is then the essence of caring, about each other/ and the truth, we are MORE together, than we are apart. Learn these simple things; and you understand love and value. TO CHOOSE THEM, however requires respect. Because without respect, there is no inward search to comprehend what truth itself can do. Every aspect of love, turns to trust. Every definition of trust, ascends from the very simple elegance of self (if purified at least a little); into the far more complex development of family (love rules, rather than “simple right, or wrong”). Even if it descends from who you could have been. The choice to be free, is absolute/ and so is the price: no excuses. Eternity decides.


The question of our time is not, “why are there terrorists”/ rather, the reality of our time is: WHY are the real terrorists overlooked/ and murderers glorified by media? The critical answer is: media uses a murderer to inflict and instill fear/ while their gods at the university prepare for complete destruction. Thereby insuring the true terrorists are allowed “to get their job done”. Media of course hates me. But it is nonetheless true, that their intent is to create drama; where only tears belong. It is their fantasy to create delusion: as is “candles and flowers” are “our protectors”/ not true! Every genocide on earth, was NOT influenced by candles and flowers, etc. Genocide is kept at bay, “because we, can kill you too”. Until reality proves, life has no meaning; without change! A murderer does not care/ that is why they murder: YOU are worthless, to me. Or, I can play god, with you/ by this weapon, and your lack. Being defenseless, is no answer. The enforcement of law, as a society/ NOT simply a police force; is.

People who deliberately and with true intent: are mutilating life on earth by damaging nature itself, as is DNA/ ARE terrorists. People who deliberately and with true intent: trying to ignite the same fire here on earth as is on the sun/ pretending they don’t know for a fact, that the failure of their so called theory: that fire will just extinguish itself/ means the entire planet becomes a sun; ARE terrorists. People who deliberately and with true intent: doing all manner of things to insure ALL life on earth is going to die, in the very near future; ARE terrorists. Media worship them/ courts protect them/ politicians finance them by counterfeiting; etc/ etc/ etc.

As to murderers, such as those in Paris; a total of nine people its suggested, decided to kill as many people as they could/ just like all other serial killers, maniac’s, and so forth do. There is no “jihad” here/ its just murder. Because jihad means: “to fight for life, for the sanctity and value of miracles, as have been given to us, BY GOD! As is seen throughout this earth! Against those whose purpose it is to damage, endanger, and destroy”. The Paris murderers did no such thing. On the other hand, I actually do/ even though Islam has no purpose here. The reality of Jihad in its purest human form; is simply to protect LIFE/ regardless of religion.
Murderers do not/ and neither do wars; it is failure magnified.

So then, lets review how people come to consider themselves “religious martyrs”. Reality says: these are primarily people who have been “backed into a corner”/ and challenged by predators: finding no other way out, the bravery ones fight.
So the question is: HOW & WHY, do people find themselves believing they must fight/ and kill, to get attention to their plight? An obvious example, can be found right outside my door, in the fall; and I am not a “terrorist”.
Here, in farming country; drying grain is a mandatory exercise for storage. Quiet fans for the purpose are more expensive/ so everywhere you go, nearly without exception very noisy fans are used; and they run 24/7 for a month or so in wet grain. The reason this applies to “making terrorists” is the realities provided by this noise; particularly to me. I have tinnitus, a hearing condition which can easily make my ears create a “squeal like noise, that is equivalent to a smoke detector going off at about 70% volume; glued to each ear/ for hours or weeks”. Now, the noise affects the majority of people here in a variety of ways/ but since, this has been done for decades; everyone assumes it must simply be endured. Not true, but they believe it; the courts insist “you can’t stop money from ruling life”; so it stays.
Nonetheless a large percentage of people have hearing loss, and nearly everyone complains to some extent about ringing in their ears; a predecessor of tinnitus.
I have one farm close by, with 5 grain bins/ and what seems to be a constant demand: I will run my fans 2 or 3 times longer than anyone else. So it does matter to me. These are the parameters.

So lets talk reality
One of the things known about tinnitus, at the level of damage associated with my own is: many commit suicide/ because they cannot escape the noise. In terms of other people: when the damage being done to their lives, whether intentional or not by others, becomes extreme. It is a fight, to control the anger/ those inclined, who do not commit suicide, turn to hate; as in your did this to me. Even though, that is not really true; as it is noise generated, period of time, and proximity to that noise that damages. It can come on over decades; little by little by little/ because “who notices, a one percent loss” per year? On the other hand, at this pace; after ten years: you lost ten percent, and wander why.
For other people; many face challenges that have no real answer, without legal or social help/ they are locked out, and face abject poverty or worse. Simply to survive, they sell their bodies, and so on. NOT because they want too; but because there seems to be no other possible choice. Even if a choice comes later/ it is hard to shake off, the reality of what has been; depression enters in. People die/ people get angry; because you didn’t care about me at all. You proved, that I was nothing but garbage to be thrown away; and so forth. Even though society itself, has been operating in the same channels of behavior for decades; many are discarded, and turn to hate or suicide. Because they have no true option or alternative with pride. Pride is a tragedy; and it buys violence & revenge. Criminal actions follow.
As indicated: the courts don’t care either/ justice is irrelevant and proven so in case after case; in this USA. Only money rules/ and there is no real money, only counterfeiting; so its especially foolish, to believe in what is so obviously worthless as is american money; by the numbers! As indicated, it is merely a matter of money, to solve the problem that faces me. A little bit, compared to the numbers being spent and used; not even one percent.
Same is true of those who have been discarded by society, without a safety net. But they do have to beg for that safety net/ and say thank you; to those who refuse to share the work, which means a “job for me too”. Not even at a low, living wage. Those who accept it, are functionally slaves; because it simply keeps you alive, to work; and nothing more.
America will soon have very similar problems to the Arabs. They have no money/ the universities stole it all, behind their backs; while media hid them effectively, so they could get their share. Politicians lie, because they are otherwise defeated/ courts are corrupt, because this cannot be “told, or known; outside these walls”. There will be rebellion/ or there will be bankruptcy with true democracy established; a very significant change.
Push comes to shove, when the invading army of money; changes even this picture to a more desolate reality for too many people. In other lands, that has been an increased; lack of water/ food/ land/ space/ freedom/ international competition, and more. Proving the future will be worse.
In this area: the elevator has greatly expanded its impact on this area. They also increased from one dryer to two dryers running for a wet season; very noisy 24/7 for roughly 3 months. And will probably get a third dryer in preparation of a wet season; because they are now buying small elevators to insure more grain comes here. “A longer, noisier season” than ever before.
When enough people are significantly hearing damaged; there will be lawsuits/ there will be costs, far beyond what is expected. As is a similar situation when food, water, space and other necessities of life are challenged by simply “too many people”. Just a different kind of war; maybe. 7.2 billion people growing at over 2 million more worldwide, per week. You WILL care/ when its too late to matter.

So lets talk about solutions: world law makes leaders choose for LIFE FIRST/ instead of money. “Limited capitalism” makes all people share/ by giving the majority, the right to control the money, and limit the powerful. Stopping the insanity of countless tragedies; instigated, established, or transformed into world chaos; by universities: is mandatory. As is ending overpopulation, and basically everything you do.
So the masses all YELL: HOW can we stop doing what we do/ that is letting life and society die. But it is not so/ rather what you must stop is letting money rule. CHOOSING LIFE, and all it needs; particularly the realities which enable us all to survive, MUST COME FIRST. Having done that, you may then look forward, into better ways and means to create a happy place. Rather than letting the effects, of both hate and money rule your lives and society.

Enforcing the law; is a foundation provided by all the people to themselves. YOU cannot depend upon “a few damn cheers; as in that is all I want to spend”/ and expect people to die for you, or run into situations where they might. Its stupid.
That means: we must support each other, rather than simply supporting the police by a few. But that also means: WE THE PEOPLE, must receive justice/ instead of corruption; to make that reality come true. Or, “I ain’t dying, or accepting that kind of risk/ for nothing”. There must be justice! One such “detail of living”/ as produced in one appeal I, presented. Is in America: the cost of a fine, for running a stop sign is the same/ regardless if you are a billionaire, or in poverty. Absolutely nothing is fair about that, because the punishment, is by no means of reality “the same”. It absolutely is not. One can’t eat, family in crisis & may be homeless/ while the other doesn’t even notice. NOT justice/ the courts refuse justice, as is functionally a percentage of income.
Or more simply: WHEN society fights for me, and protects my life, the same as all the rest; giving to me equal opportunities. It is then, that crime goes away. Even so, a tiny bit of hate will always arise, simply because some won’t care; regardless of reality.

examining expressions

For every destiny, there is a purpose beyond self. In contrast, fate is the existence of a decision, that self alone has meaning.

Within the elements of these two statements, are the summation of what it means to be, “the human you are/ or will become”. Because the reality of every decision is a decision to go beyond simply self/ or discard the world, to be simply self.
So, the question is: “what, does simply self mean”?
Reality states: simply means without concentrated complexity, as is seen within the essence of pride, want, hate, simply sex, cowardice, violence, and so on. While self, limits existence to the boundaries of; what I believe will benefit me the most. Or, nobody, nothing else matters/ I alone am important.
Thereby we know that directional stabilities are instructed in what to do, by the essence of who we have chosen to be. That choice is a decision to be “simply self”/ or go beyond self, to inherit the world of life.

The question then begins: WHY, would anyone choose (a decision) “only to be self/ isolated, and alone”: when an entire world awaits you to join in the creation of all that can be valued?
When we ask pride WHY? The answer returns as: I am bored, “lets play a game”> thereby I become “winner or loser”. As a winner, I claim superiority/ as a loser I claim THE RIGHT, to explain violence, and revenge; as justified.
When we ask want, WHY? The answer returns as: because I AM worth more than what I have/ therefore I lie, and expect the whole world to lie with me. Because with a lie, I intend to get even!
When we ask hate, WHY? The answer returns as, “I WANT TOO”. Simple as that.
When we ask simply sex, WHY? When young, the answer is always; “because the chemicals are good/ and I want MORE”. When older the answer is always: “because there are costs and penalties involved, and I don’t want to pay”. I need no relationship/ I need no responsibility/ I want simply, to use or abuse the chemicals I own. By trading something, for your body. Good or bad, makes little difference to me. Until tragedy or consequences convince me: “this is a problem”.
When we ask cowardice, WHY? The answer is always “self”. Or more distinctly, nothing is more important than me/ so I will risk nothing, protect nothing, live as if I don’t belong to anyone, and worship my body as if it could not die.
When we ask violence, WHY? The answer is “PAY ATTENTION to me”. It is little more. Once hate has attached itself: the intent is to play god, or; you are nothing, worthless, or the enemy.
Each of these is isolating, because they do not live outside self/ therefore hidden inside, where the trap door (I can’t get out) leads to depression. Which CAN then become the very serious expression of I AM ALONE, and without values or identity.

So lets talk values: the absolute essence of what it means to enter within the boundaries of a “beautiful life”.
Value means: I have formed the disciplines/ balance/ order/ passions/ purposes/ desires/ love/ courage/ spirit/ and essence of thought, necessary to search beyond myself, for a life greater than simply me. These are elements, rather than a decision/ that lets truth lead by the elevation of evidence, to expressions that do experience trust. All of creation proves by the evidence: THAT GOD (CREATOR OF EVERYTHING VALUED) exists within the relationships called thought.
So the question is: WHAT, is thought? A reality we cannot discuss, because of the vast descent led by “university knows”; into chaos and deliberate catastrophe. They would use that too, in every attempt; “to destroy our world”. As is nearly all, of what they do.
We can however discuss the relationships and boundaries created by value, for a life conceived by grace. Grace means: having accepted, that I am NOT “everything life needs to be alone”. I find in GOD as ascended by definitions created by truth; that I can and will trust the inevitable conclusion of human existence is to a place “nearer, to HIM”. Therefore, everything I do reflects this desire/ everything I am trusts this purpose as the boundaries beyond what I can be alone. Or more simply: the value of committing to a lifetime, is by its own essence and relationship; the very cause of a “beautiful life”.
The question is: WHAT does conceive of “beauty”/ and HOW does that interact with the cause called life?
Beautiful, is at its core, a freedom that will grant everything alive, “in me or you”, to be found. Or more distinctly, it is a path to purity, that limits the descent of our mistakes, by understanding: truth has a better purpose than this! We live and breathe by the foundations set into our lives, our humanity; that give our expression and experience the opportunity to teach: what is, or can be valued/ and what is not. That fundamental cause; DOES have an obvious purpose. To let each choose the destiny or fate of their own soul. A soul, is your relationship with GOD/ through the spiritual reality of truth found within you. All things spirit, are elemental truths, purified to the state of eternal existence. Thereby it is truth, that communicates with GOD. What then is true, in you? Lies, are NOT welcome.

So then lets examine expressions and the experiences of human existence; to determine the nature of value.
Examples work the best for teaching.
We begin with the most common, of all human experience: a body that presents us with chemicals/ and tells us, its “time for sex”. This occurs at a very young age, which is absolutely not ready for sex/ unless the species is in trouble. So the basic human framework is: to avoid extinction, our nature as a body is to prepare early, “just in case”. Discipline or the lack of it, enters here; as a deliberate decision to either participate in all the benefits of a chemical addiction/ or stop, and carefully prepare for the next stage of life, which is to learn how to identify and create a partnership with the opposite sex, “for life together”. As is true of every addiction, the first experiences CAN find pleasure. It is after the damage done is experienced: that balance must be found. Because without balance, survival can be harsh. Balance is: the fundamental truth, that along with order (such as survival first)/ there must be a sharing and caring to all sexual acts. OR, it will turn into use or abuse, by one against the other/ ending in turmoil.
Here begins the most useful of all human traits: passions exhibit the heart. Heart means, I have found inside self: that my purpose is to love and cherish you/ therefore my desire is to make you happy, and achieve foundations in respect to ensure, our lives together shall have meaning.
Love is an elemental sharing, combined with a critical caring, that goes far beyond the simple words “I cherish you”. Love is, entering within definitions of our souls united, that cannot be conceived of without true respect. Therefore the door inside, to where love resides; is respect. But it cannot be attained, without courage.
Courage means: to recognize that duty along with responsibilities to be true to oneself/ it is absolutely important to be true, to the foundations of life and spirit as well. Spirit confronts us only when we conceive within ourselves, that there is a reality; “beyond time” in existence. That requires one of the essence of life, creations in thought itself; to construct an eternity. Or more simply: if we are alive as humanity/ then what can we be, when dead, “to time”?
That functional relationship forms behind the very critical realities of what thought can do or be. Thought itself, then conceives of energy as the transportation of reality/ while existence itself understands: “the essence of life itself, is thought”.

I leave it there; by going back to the development of sexual discoveries. To ask the question of every participant: young or old? Is this about yourself, or us/ are you willing to pay this price, or make another pay for your theft/ will you be true, as a friend, lover, or for life? Or more simply: do you each truly care/ because love has a heart, and it can be broken. Leaving the soul, to cry! That has eternal consequences.
Want is not enough/ truth demands a respect that will not die. Even if your relationship does. We all make decisions/ we all try (good or bad)/ we all demand to remain “masters of ourselves”; or crisis will follow. Sex without love is chemical. Love identified with sex, is a passion that lifts desire beyond self; and elevates the simple words, “we, are alive”! As time passes, that foundation will either be supported with realities of work, sacrifice, disciplines, respect, courage, happiness, passions, duties, and purposes that will not abandon you/ or you them. Because love does, become more important than life. It is not complex, it is “beautiful”.


There is little in life, more destitute of dimension: than those who “cannot see” even though they have working eyes/ cannot hear, even though they have working ears/ cannot feel, etc; even though their whole body is telling them what reality is. Reality is, the miracle of our existence, the extreme and intensive beauty of our planet, the clear determination of life to survive, and all that every living thing means “to the experience or expressions of it all”.

Dimension is: the expansion beyond self! Or, in more simple terms; the ability to think. Yes, at the very edge of extinction for this planet and all its life/ I do understand, some of the information given to you; is far more than I desire it to be. But you are a disgrace to me; consequently, all efforts to re-ignite your brain; to more than living in a cult called “university knows”/ must be done.
Of all things called human, it is probably the most difficult; to stop religious delusions. Those who believe “the university knows/ or any other witch doctor delusion most religion is known for”; DO NOT accept evidence/ DO NOT question their leaders/ DO NOT review reality, to understand direction or purpose other than what they are told to believe. When confronted with facts/ they simply retreat inside themselves and declare, “I believe”. Which simply means: facts don’t matter. The university of course says, as all religion does; that they deal only with facts. However reality proves that is entirely untrue; as with all people to protect their power and pride, they simply make up any and every story possible to enforce control and manipulation of the masses. So they can play god themselves. With a few trinkets, or the belief; “they save our lives”/ the people fall down in worship; because after all, “we want to have fun/ we want “a pill” to take all disasters away. How is that not true?
But if we review the reality of our situation in this moment of time: terrible things emerge. The biggest army of thieves, the world has ever known; is in american government; counterfeiting beyond comprehension (how could it go on this long). Answer: PLEASE don’t make us pay for what was done! Biggest group of extortionists: medical means, without a cause, and without a legal right: criminals invade, and government employees fall down & applaud. The list is so long, it is truly pathetic.
Nonetheless the elemental expression of this purpose is to underscore the fact that our planet, all life, is a miracle; that humanity is now destroying in its entirety. As a direct illumination of that fact, are the following statistics: at the equator, our planet is about 24,887 miles long or a little more. That means the equatorial distance is a minimum of 131,406,739 feet. If we give to each human being on the planet at 7.2 billion people, a distance standing of 3 feet apart/ or a 3′ x 3′ =9 sq feet to stand in. In a straight line (standing on water too) we encircle the earth at its equator 164.3 times. Or we take up, just as humanity standing; an area of earth that is 64.8 billion square feet. And are growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed each and every week.
The complete disgrace that is media; not only elevates “university knows” as “god”; they bring us toys! They bring us medicine/ which when reviewed, returns as: DIDN’T the university create all this poison/ all this mutilation of life; which of course translates as the direct cause for why cancers exist? Indeed they did. So your worship of them/ and their ability to bankrupt you; is directly related to their toxic distribution of sickness and death. “It’s a trap”; they make you sick/ and then sell you a cure, that does who knows what else, to life and future. And you, call them god.
Of all the endless destruction; the extreme disgrace and disrespect for life, and planet/ the demand to end existence itself. Nothing is more demonstrative of that than trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. A fire scientists declare: has plumes of fire (explosive events), which extend 12 times farther than the earth is from the moon. Bringing that here, by declaring: “the fire will just put itself out, because there is not enough gravity here to sustain it”. Wrong of course, means the earth then becomes a sun; because the fire burns atomic elements. Everything is fuel.
Regardless, nothing is more callus/ disrespectful of life/ or a bigger disgrace to humanity itself: than letting “university knows” literally try to bring chaos into all life on earth. By mutilating genetic structures; which we know, are the essence of nature itself. Nature is a body of life/ genetics build that body of life. Mutilating DNA is mutilating nature forever.
But then we have the endless attack on everything we need to survive; driven, and directed by “university knows”. Trillions of gallons of toxins dumped into the earth. Trillions of tons of toxins dumped onto the earth. Trillions of tons of toxins forced into the atmosphere. Trillions of tons of toxins dumped into the oceans. Trillions of toxins “just inches” away from polluting all the drinking water we depend upon/ and cannot ever recover once the gate is opened. Then there are “the superbugs”. Changing, the very nature of what we must endure to survive here on earth; as in the elements of disease. Stopping immunity, by forcing diversity out of “germs”/ with antibiotic abuse. Sickness no more; death at the door. Particularly in livestock; because its easier.
The list is so long………..it isn’t worth writing.

So the question is: can we survive this? Of course not/ reality proves we are already extinct: except for one last direct, determined decision among all of humanity to say, “NO MORE OF THIS”. Whether we can actually survive beyond this decision is still debatable, but at least we have a chance.
How pathetic it is to write that eulogy; given the beauty of life and planet. Given the grace, abilities, expressions, and all things of life we inherited: LOST, in its entirely, because the damned don’t, and never will care.
Eternity exists, believe it or not; because life is neither simple, nor understood by men or women. The critical and true fact of a complexity so far beyond us; only the word miracle applies; is absolute. That fact, leaves us with the certainty: we ARE, more than humanity appears to be. As is life itself.

The extreme delusion of men, is a dead brain: declaring evolution “university knows” betrayed life. Stating among other things, that extreme complexity is the result of chaos. Chaos means: “Reducing complexity to its most simple form”/ which is the very opposite of life. Evolution states: “we built ourselves one piece at a time”/ while EVEN YOU know, that you NEED every part and piece of your body, to survive and be happy (desiring life). You CANNOT survive, without all the parts required! Such as a heart, muscles to move that heart, lungs and a stomach to feed that heart, brain impulses to operate and control the heart, blood to work with the body itself; liver, kidneys, etc. Even knowing this is absolutely true; a religious cult, as is university knows leads life itself into HELL, and worse. Because the order, disciplines, balance, structures, mental constructions, and every other form of : THIS IS A PROVEN MIRACLE, PRODUCED BY THOUGHT. Is being thrown in the trash, by the cult of “university knows”. While media, owned and controlled by a tiny few: prove what bastard’s, liars, whore’s, failures, fools, and devils they can be. They hide the cult. They produce lies and delusions of “university knows”. They refuse reality, and they worship money, power, pride, and control over you; as you worship them. And wait to be told, “what you think”. To your eternal shame.

You can do something/ doesn’t matter who you are! If I was offering you “one hundred dollars off, something you wanted/ like a black Friday special”. As is the evidence of our day; a multitude would trample each other to get it. Those who do not enter into that have counterfeit money, and therefore pride: because they stole the money, and left slaves to fight among themselves.
Nonetheless, reality gives you no excuse: this is not about a damn one hundred dollar bill of excuses, why you don’t have to pay/ because you can counterfeit.
This is about life or death for our entire world. Nothing is more important. Nothing is a greater cause. Nothing is an excuse, for not being involved. Because the evidence is very clear! Prove the evidence is wrong/ or stand up for life.
Anything less, is an absolute desertion of duty. To life itself.
I tell you plain and simple: either stop the mutilation of nature/ or take a last look, at the human body/ nature itself. Because soon, it will be no more than “chaos”. As is the biblical prediction of Armageddon. Because that, is what your “university diploma’s” are deliberately doing. Trying, to be god themselves. Or just don’t worry, because igniting “sun fire” here, will destroy the entire solar system; including you. After all, “YOU let them”! Isn’t that so?


The corners; of a human mind.

Relationships exist, when directional mass encounters a definable edge. Or, more deliberately: a decision is the acceptance of value/ or its denial. Either as love, hate, survival, or development.
Here again, after beginning comes the reality of artificial intelligence; an insidious disease, being built for horror. Including other failures of the pandemic called “university knows”. Can find use in the words.
Consequently discussion ends; the disease is too prevalent.
The cult too pervasive. As even when confronted with evidence of an entire world being gambled with: no substantive response exists. Because want is a liar/ and all liars hate reality by its truth. So the vast majority, simply run away; hiding from their own insecurities. As in “I CAN’T, fight against: the university”! They are too strong. So, the threat against an entire planet/ all its life/ even the solar system itself; continues on, until this world is dead. To the eternal shame, of all who did nothing.
In terms of this work, the definable edge is: you knew, “well enough”/ and still did nothing. Regardless of all other considerations including religious prophecy: THE EXTREME RISK establishing death for the planet itself from a “thousand different directions”; HAS NOT gone away. The EXTREME RISK AND ABSOLUTE INSANITY; of bringing a ten million degree fire here, that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel: PRETENDING, “that fire, will just extinguish itself”. A clear proven reality being tried every single day; leaves none in doubt, “what goes wrong, when the damned succeed”. You know what fire is. You know the sun burns your skin in summer from 91 MILLION MILES AWAY. And yet, without a word against these beyond terrorists (which leaves us only the word called SATAN); YOU, let them continue “not even a penny spent (something many just throw away)” in defense of an entire solar system, nor every life on this planet. How is that not, “to your shame”! Oh wait, I know: you must be told what to think by “the news media”/ because after all: they represent “the university”. Where brain washing is prevalent. Can’t get a diploma; “unless you can mimic, what the professor says”. Can’t pay your debts/ unless you get a job: “it’s a trap”.

a clear purpose

Let’s talk tyrants.

Tyrant means: “I neither care, nor respect your needs, life, property, family, or anything else that is not; what I consider to be mine”. In its lesser versions, this is commonly referred too; “hey, its just business/ nothing personal, so don’t get upset, that I just trashed your life, property, or future”. Is it not up to each one, to prove they care?

Tyrant in this USA adds in: THE MONEY IS RULER HERE/ nothing else matters, including you. MONEY decides/ the law is worthless/ the courts are corrupted: unless the holder of money wants it to be different. MONEY decides/ whine all you want; vote all you want: there ain’t nothing, you can do about it. MONEY RULES HERE!

So, let’s ask the question: are they right (nothing matters but money) or wrong (life matters/ constitution matters/ law/ matters/ justice matters/ fair play matters/ equality matters/ etc)?
By court cases established through James Frank Osterbur: it is clearly true, that nothing matters to the powerful, than money. Today, and for decades past: the powerful among university diplomas, have found their money by counterfeiting ours. Consequently every form of power, in this USA is nothing more than a lie. So the truth of our situation is: there is no financial power left in this USA. So says the accounting sheet for the United States of America: federal reserve.gov/ look for table L.5 total assets and liabilities for the USA. “Its in billions”.

Nonetheless; what we look too next is law. All the major laws which control the powerful, and protect the citizen have been discarded or destroyed or government employees refuse to enforce them. Which is why all our economic enterprises have been collected, and are operated by a tiny few. Leaving us nothing, for life/ but to beg. Money won; bribes are powerful/ but human greed throughout society for the last fifty years has been monumental; to your shame.
Regardless: the question is CAN MONEY continue to rule our lives/ OR, CAN WE REMOVE MONEY from its powerful position, and take back control over our lives and nation through the enforcement of laws, and constitutional rights?
The answer is: we can indeed declare that the constitution SHALL be enforced. We can indeed declare ourselves as the owners here/ thereby having the authority to make the changes we see fit, as a nation through our vote, under constitutional law; as we the owners, interpret it honestly to be, or change it according to our desire. There is only one true change that needs to be made in order to take control over government: WE MUST, VOTE ON THE LAWS THAT WILL GOVERN OUR LIVES; OURSELVES! No more voting for someone to vote for me: I will vote only on the law itself/ that then rules my life, and yours. Simple law/ plain interpretation/ no excuses. With that, true democracy exists. First amendment constitutional law states: WE HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT, to redress of grievances; against our employees. Or more simply it means: we have the right to take our employees to court/ and demand an accounting from them; NO excuses allowed, including claims for fifth amendment immunity from testimony. It does not apply/ because you swore an oath to uphold the constitution above all other things. This redress then: is about whether in fact, you the employee, did or did not do what you were employed to do. Whether you betrayed us, or not. Let the evidence decide.
To take control over the money: we need to do two distinct things. First, to tie the currency to the population count of citizens: so much per person/ that’s all. Stability is achieved, when you know just how much money is fair: because divided equally, we would all have this amount. So you know, where you stand.
Second: limited capitalism is a vote to decide periodically (so we can adjust), just how much income anyone is allowed to take. Just how much the minimum income anyone who works is going to receive. That includes property. But it does not include how long it takes to earn the income: earn it in a day/ you just don’t get anymore for a year. Your income, is what you take out for yourself; and it shall not be hidden in investment. Once a year whatever your accountant says you received, sold or not; shall be accounted as “income or loss”. In democracy we HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT; TO ENFORCE THE LIBERTY OF OUR DECISION: TO PROTECT OUR OWN PROPERTY AND INCOME RIGHTS. Therefrom you shall NOT take more than “your share/ by vote”. So the rest of us, can be RESPECTED for our work too.

2: as to the foundation realities of claiming the legal right to govern business and industry through democracy. The value of a law is paramount to the truth of any or every society. What you give yourselves to use, decides your fate as a nation.

So, let’s review what is to be valued in terms of money, business, and society. The easiest way to do this, is an example.

I will use the grain elevator at a small town in Illinois as this example.
Previously, in this small town; the ebb and flow of the community was “simple and plain”. The elevators took care of the community/ the community took care of the elevators; everyone was happy. Then came farming chemicals; which made grain farming EASY. Then came livestock antibiotics, which made livestock farming much easier as well. So the tragedy of greed soon consumed the farming and rural community; because now, extreme greed could not only take over farming because of chemicals/ it did. Causing well over fifty percent of that community to be cast aside. The elevators sold to an outside interest/ and may or may not have been bought back by the current manager. Who clearly wants to be “more”. Just like all the farmers; HELL NO, I won’t share or care, “its just business”. Big ain’t big enough; etc.
There is a caveat to this story. Because the USA is bankrupt/ they sold the railroad line from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian government. That meant: they transport our grain too/ BUT they don’t want no damn little spur lines that used to hook all the little elevators to the rail service, that we did have. All gone/ so now every elevator not on the main line; has no access to a rail car. That means some elevator situated on the rail line: needs to ship the grain for the others; because they must now truck that grain to the shipping elevator.
So, we review one of these main shipping elevators to assess, what is fair?
Prior to these changes; each elevator was a community affair. After these changes: the outer line elevators will soon be extinct/ the little towns removed of their tax benefits. It is no longer a community affair/ or a community elevator. In this example the elevator has built extensive railroad spurs to accommodate an entire one hundred car grain train. Which now comes empty at night (to divide the town, from traffic flow), and loads in 4-6 hours, then returning to the gulf in an endless procession as grain is sold. Very efficient/ its true.
But lets look at what is also true for this or any other small town in the same situation. Or any town, village, city, etc; subjected to “more invasion; than is fair” for us!
Without ANY citizen discussion to inform the people of the realities involved: “the army of, a shipping purpose”/ simply invaded the town. Changing a community grain elevator, into an industrial elevator. Changing the town as well. Not to worry, they gave a few pennies more in tax/ but nothing compared to the cost: personal health lost/ personal property devalued: soon to be known, because of the noise levels that now exist.
So lets look at the change first, and apply it to all realities involved: simply because this is JUST ONE, of the costs of the policies and realities; that the employees of US government counterfeiting our money, and throwing us into actual bankruptcy has brought. One trillion dollars, is ten thousand dollars, per each and everyone of one hundred million people. Which is the approximate workforce of this USA without immigrants.
So lets look at change as a reality. Every one hundred car train is equal to roughly one million bushels of grain being shipped. Each grain car is standardized at roughly ten thousand bushels each. A semi truck hauling a legal load: is equal to 800 bushels. That means it takes 1250 trucks, dumping their load/ and all the conveyors necessary to load that grain into bins, and then move that grain from a bin into the railroad cars. Plus all the fans used to aerate the grain while in storage.
One square mile is equal to 640 acres. In this area the grain yield is approximately 200 bushels corn at best/ 60 bushels beans divided 50/50 between corn and beans. So per acre lets say its one hundred and thirty bushels on average. For some it’s a little more. For many it is a lot less for the county I think its about 80 bushels for both. Nonetheless at 130 bushels per acre, one million bushels is 83,200 bushels per square mile. That equals an area of 12 square miles per one train. At 80 bushels per acre that equals 51,200 bushels per square mile. Which then equals 19.5 square miles of farm ground per one million bushel train. The reason this is important: is to determine just how large is the area, that an elevator is shipping for. As a community, the foundation for drawing a line has been the school district: or, this is our community! Therefrom anything beyond the square miles for your community school district is shipping for someone else. My ears tell me, roughly 100 trains loaded through the elevator next to me; at this little town last year. At: An average of one train per 15 square miles: that means this shipping elevator loaded grain for 1500 square miles of farm ground/ that equals 1,875,000 trucks. And they have now increased their railroad spurs to accommodate more. “Truckers are happy/ so are farmers”; but lets review the reality for people living in town, or around it.
To determine just how many trains are shipped; you can count them, or you can request for a legal information release; although you may have to file some type of legal claim. Regardless of that, in determining what has really been shipped can be functionally determined by the utilities used; you can read the meter yourself, over a definable period of time.
So the question is: if its necessary, to claim a violation of rights/ because we the citizens of this town have been invaded and betrayed: what are the grounds?
2a) One of the major changes is: now a railroad town/ usually with 3-4 locomotives at high idle with 6500 horsepower each; to fill the cars. 4 locomotives = 26,000 horsepower. And the sound waves do travel far/ at low idle just three can affect me “with tinnitus” at 5 miles. “More than a little noise”.
B) the minimum noise level for a loading train at 1.5 miles from the elevator is about 20 decibels. The maximum noise level for the elevator with all fans running, while drying with just one drier; at 1.5 miles is roughly 80 decibels. You can get an app for your smartphone to determine decibel levels/ I don’t have one. Drying season is: highly variable/ from a week, to nearly 3 months of continuous 24 hour a day drying if everything is wet. Added to that, are the farm fans which surround the town; for this area, that adds another 40-50 decibels in a wet year. Farmers usually won’t go beyond a month of drying. So the inundation of noise is high; and I live at 1.5 miles from this particular elevator.
C) people inside their homes, believe they are relatively safe from the noise; because it is considerably less/ however they must stay in their homes because of the noise. Other Business is affected. Unfortunately noise is not simple or truly gone. Because I have tinnitus; I know, that the major damage of noise is in the higher frequencies, even beyond what some people can hear/ not as much the low rumble. It goes through buildings easily. Tinnitus is a handicap; I cannot tolerate most computers for long/ cannot tolerate some flourescent lights/ many vehicles/ etc. Once you go past the point of no return: life, and the ability to earn a living changes dramatically. Noise is also responsible for secretly invading family and married life; because it does affect you after awhile/ and people become irritable; work, and home repair, etc suffers. Noise can make you deaf: while the railroad was installing more track this year, over two nights; I went deaf, or all but deaf in one ear for two months before it returned this summer. Deaf is NOT simply “can’t hear the birds sing/ which are nearly gone from this area”. It is far more aggressive: I have been deaf for a short time. It means, you cannot hear your body work either. You cannot hear your heart beat/ lungs breathe/ blood move, etc. It is really quite isolating: changing the view of eyes from a panorama of light surrounding me, to a far more narrowed look through the windows of the eye, from a place in complete darkness. A very big change! Which does mean: too much noise is a very BIG deal. So much so, it is unwise to have children who are even more vulnerable in the area. So say I, a person damaged by noise; it can be very harsh; as in “your smoke detector going off, at about 70% volume: glued to both ears for weeks at a time. The only thing that can make it better: IS DISTANCE. A reality NOT to be found in drying season during corn harvest.
The farming community has hearing problems; statistically, primarily because of grain drying. They must run or the grain goes bad; not up for debate.
What is up for debate is: the amount of noise anyone is allowed to make for any lengthy period of time. Everyone/ every machine: CAN be required to stay within 5% of the noise levels made by better manufacturers! How is that different than in cities? The court says: we will evade and deny the issues of noise in all concerns; because the powerful people have control, and they don’t want anyone protecting life or people first. MONEY IS GOD; That is the reality.

So then we have identified change. Established why the change deserves to be addressed. And now explore what can be done without the courtroom. Because liars/ thieves/ bastard’s and whore’s control the courtroom. THE CONSTITUTION CANNOT, be banned from a legal case/ nor can the law itself: that is treason. Society itself is imprisoned: because the lawyers, who are judges as well, pampered themselves with extortion, through criminally taking over the cry for justice: WITH WE WILL BANKRUPT YOU, THROW YOU IN PRISON: for pretending you have rights. Damn fool! Then we get to lawyers who spend five minutes on a case, and charge for “ten hours”; etc. A judiciary which lies in wait, to claim contempt: when that contempt is their own for the law, for society, and against justice, or even protection: for life. Corrupt on nearly every count, case after case.
So what can WE THE PEOPLE DO?
The answer begins with a clear definition of eminent domain: legally it reads “an inherent attribute of sovereignty”. So let’s discuss DEMOCRACY, AS IN WE THE PEOPLE RULE OURSELVES, by the laws we make! Our government is the constitution; simple and plain, we do not hire “kings or queens” who pretend to rule us. Rather the constitution is quite clear: WE THE PEOPLE DO, rule our employees, by making them swear an oath: to the constitution first! LEGALLY: THE CONSTITUTION rules/ our employees do not.
So we search the constitution for our consent as the governed under democracy and its law, that the constitution rules over our employees. That they must do, as the constitution says. Or more simply in this case: WE THE PEOPLE are the owners/ therefore in accordance with the constitution: WE ARE SOVEREIGN over our nation. Which does give us the right, to intervene on our own behalf. In this situation there are rules governing: how much noise, per hour/ does it take to do damage to a human ear. Look it up.

The current time required to load a train has gone from 4-6 hours/ it now takes 8-12 hours. Plus the amount of time grain is transferred to prepare. Trains now commonly come in at about 8:00 at night, and block the only road going through town until they are done. Housing has become hard to sell/ which means the price will or has gone down. Business has closed. People are getting hearing aids; and the fundamental reality is, this invasion is not un-similar in many respects to a blitzkrieg. Or we have been invaded: “We will take whatever we want/ you pay: WE absolutely don’t care”. Because its all about money. The town has been changed from a small business center, to an industrial site; with no true or significant warning this would be so. Making everyone pay, but the very few who benefit. No intent is suggested, the owners/ managers here expected to do great or significant harm: they just want money, power, and pride! Nothing more, “isn’t that like everyone else”? The reality however, whether intended or not: is absolutely clear. This is an unwarranted invasion of an entire town and its surrounding area. No longer a peaceful community/ now, merely an industrial annex: do you see the difference? Democracy says: “We all matter equally”. Therefore we look to the constitution for legal, fundamentally proven true, advice. To find in the fourth amendment our legal protection can be derived from these words: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. Our town/ our environment has been seized; against our will, in violation of our legal right to be protected. In violation of amendment 7 which states: “In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved….”
When contested, the powers that be will insist: “We are free to do anything we want to do/ and that includes building an industry and protecting it from those who were invaded; or, “they had their chance” and blew it themselves. By, Letting the industry be built!
Legal realities however prove: “Freedom isn’t free”, for instance you cannot rob/ maim/ murder/ or commit any other malicious act against another person or people, without legal ramifications. To criminally trespass over the boundary lines of a property, and invade the lives of another on their personal property, with force as has been proven sufficient to do harm, against their lives. GRANTS LEGAL PROTECTION MUST BE FOUND, in accordance with the union called America or this state of IL. Their constitutional demand as a people is: “We the people …..in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”

So then we look to eminent domain; and ask as a small town in control over its own destiny: to protect our hearing, and our property/ from those who have so clearly trespassed over the line, to invade our lives. Can we decide among ourselves: if a grain elevator or others MUST limit themselves to a realistic amount of noise/ so as NOT to harm the humanity that they chose to invade? The answer is of course yes, we have every right to protect ourselves, from all enemy trespass or invasion of our lives. And the constitution says: that we are entitled to demand those in government employ MUST LEGALLY give aid, to our need. It is an invasion/ without true or significant warning.

The second phase is: regardless of eminent domain. The foundation of illegal harm, is to knowingly assault and batter with a weapon. That weapon is noise beyond US GOVERNMENT compliant rules/ trespassing beyond private property lines. Which do establish: my ears, my health, my family, my job, my future; are at risk!
To substantiate that risk: a small town would be advised to seek out hearing professionals/ and create a foundation hearing profile per person: to either prove hearing loss, or not. Over the years, what changes? Lawsuits are easily created when you prove: this is responsible, for damaging my life. THEY KNEW/ and yet they did it anyway. How is that not so?

We then come to reality itself: as every farmer/ etc; will tell you, “YOU WANT FOOD”/ then you let me do what I want! Don’t interfere, unless I want you. Again wet grain does NOT store/ it must be dried, and shipped. But the variation in fans, and machinery which do this; varies from 10 decibels to about 110 decibels for the very same job. Louder ones are cheaper/ so they have massive numbers. They can be changed.
In addition: putting the fan inside the grain bin itself/ would greatly reduce the noise of an elevator much more. That consists of suitable tubing to exhaust or intake air, and its supports; a bit more. But entirely affordable/ and the arrangement would make drying or cooling grain much more efficient. Sensors in the bin stop the guessing. Concrete or other enclosures for containing or limiting noise at its source are required. Trains cannot sit at idle, they must turn off. And so on; excessive noise exists: because it has been allowed too long. The failure to spend a few pennies more; means entire farming communities now share “ear damage”/ without a justifiable cause.
In addition: unless the noise can be greatly reduced/ and the town accept a new arrangement: WE GET PAID TOO. MORE elevators along the main line must be built. That would greatly reduce the environmental impact of trucking great distances/ and share the load required by change in agriculture and railroading.

forever in time2

So, let’s continue; with when/ where/ why/ what/ and how with regards to “forever in time”.

Dating, for the purposes of finding a mate “for life”/ IS, a complex behavior that lends itself to a great many variables. The critical element of WHY, is then involved in two distinct ways. Why do we desire someone of the opposite sex in our lives? Answer, it eliminates or controls loneliness. Answer 2; it gives us each an opportunities to express and experience ourselves in different and unique ways. Answer 3; the reality of love can be found: IF you are willing to trust, identify yourself with truth, or give yourself to GOD; as in “love HIM” first.
Each of these has benefits that elevate our lives into the situation: “beyond simply me”.
WHAT you do with that reality, constructs and defines the definitions that will become your lives. So the critical question here is: given the opportunity to love, rather than simply lust or co-exist for a particular reason. LOVE ASKS, “I am free, to be happy/ are you”? That fundamental of human existence DOES require the freedom to express yourself, or experience life and living within the framework that you desire most. So the question then becomes: WILL YOU tolerate that kind of freedom from the one you have declared “I love”? Most do not, as they have a myriad of expectations governing their own behavior and yours. Such is, “living with someone who considers themselves to be “perfect (I know/ I decide/ I control/ I am right/ I am the important one here)”/ expects perfection from you (never let someone else see you falter, cry, or care unless there is a reward)/ is concerned more with the gossip of others (I never want to be ridiculed again/ NOT ever) or, don’t make me cry/ I have already done that because of others. Consequently freedom, and therefrom happiness between you; is a cost greater; than life with you, etc.
HOW we relate to each other matters a great deal in all interactions. Or more simply, if you can remove want from your life/ your interactions will be appropriate because of truth. Therefore the question is: can you be freed within yourself, of all the things you expect from life, self, and others? If not, want controls your fate. But if you can find the freedom and truth that comes with “being OK, within yourself”/ THEN, you have achieved the very first element of becoming “love, itself”. We must start within ourselves; because if you don’t “hold yourself as a treasure”/ it is extremely hard, to make someone else believe it without sex. Sex never lasts, because it is not strong enough, without love; to bind anyone. No matter how pretty you are! Consequently, those “particularly women” in this case; who throw themselves sexually at a man: are in fact simply trying to STOP the dating game (I don’t want to do this anymore)/ and make someone “their prize”. It does not work: divorce rates prove it.
WHERE we live on the inside determines our ability to conceive and create “more on the outside”. So the question is: do you live within your heart/ as a participant belonging to soul; or do you not? It is a simple question: is love, truth, trust, respect, and discipline the foundation of your ways/ or not? If these are foundations for your life/ then you have achieved the second critical link in finding true happiness to be shared. If love is not within you/ it cannot be found beyond you either; unless you steal it.
WHEN you steal love; it means, that you have chosen YOUR want to be greater, than their lives, hopes, dreams, etc! Or, only you matter when it comes to life and what it means to be happy for you/ the others do not matter, including the one you intend to trap. Consequently, this is a sexual trap primarily/ because little else other than spending a lot of money or providing significant pride can hold anyone to you; long enough, for the trap to enclose and contain them. Once trapped however, reality soon takes over; for both.
Children get mixed up in all of this; because people (both male and female) decide for themselves, “that I WANT a child”/ regardless of your decision. The end result particularly with women is: “I am pregnant; JUST DEAL WITH IT”. Like it or not/ prepared or not: I made this decision. But it has consequences; as in the other person being unprepared now looks for excuses, to try and find value for the child in their own lives. When this fails, they become faced with: I paid/ you owe me something. Perversion, pedofilia, and simply bad/ regrettable mistakes come: WHENEVER, any life or even resource becomes disrespected! Then the guilty party is faced with what has been done/ sometimes with a child that can put them in jail now/ and a host of other complications: NONE of which was expected. Unless this is not the first time. People sometimes die; because “I wasn’t ready, for this child”. Therefore it really DOES matter/ when both do not honestly choose, and deliberately prepare for a baby in their lives. Love is truly important/ NOT “just sex”.

So, lets consider what can be done to improve “dating life/ or finding friends after marriage”; because both have complications.
Jealousy walls off a companion, so no one gets close; without a threat. Jealousy is: I know, I cannot compete with “that one, or those”. Consequently I don’t want them near me or you. NOT because I care/ a jealous person cares about the relationship, not the person. The difference is: I cannot replace this relationship as easily as I can replace this person. Or more simply, “relationships take work”. Once the work has been done, we all expect “some time” to be free of worry. That in itself is not wrong. Wanting to control that situation, and in particular the person involved IS: “very wrong”. Because freedom is an inherent right, “I the individual OWN IT”/ not you.
Which leads us to the next phase of reality in relationships: “I found someone I might like better”. When love is tested with lies, or more. Every lie, is like building a coffin, to bury your marriage. That does not mean you need to “tell your mate” everything! Rather it does mean: everything from this point forward, should never have a lie between us/ because that ends trust. Without trust we cannot share a bond. Within these descriptions are: I had sex with someone else/ regardless of why, this is a harsh test for your mate. While it is possible, that having sex with someone else is more than lust/ that is rarely true. Within the tiny framework that is sex, because someone else/ or I, truly needed it. PLUS all the trouble that will follow that decision! There is true unavoidable depression; people can be lost here. That type of cost, makes this a decision, with penalties; IF you have love to spare. Lust has no excuses, its simply lust. But we add into that the critical realities of life: NO, he or she is not “truly defiled”. As for instance when dating: did you believe you needed or had to be “a virgin”? If so, then one time later/ and “you are not”. Think about that, just a little; and don’t judge, because the end result is “just like you/ IT IS their life”! Sexual realities are: some like it much/ some like it little/ some are just too tired from working all the time/ some need to be cared for first/ sometimes medical problems exist; and so on. Want is another tragic figure involved in sex. As people grow older, they face “I am going to die/ and it ain’t that far away; I just realized”. Or, “I HATE” the very idea of dying or getting old/ AND I WANT MORE happiness of some kind in my life, than what I have today. Period, I WANT MORE/ even if I absolutely DON’T want to lose what I have; I WANT more. So they sneak into other people’s lives, and pretend the game (let’s play) won’t end badly. Rarely does it not; for children too. Want is again “the enemy”.
Happiness cannot be bought! It is that simple. Sex cannot be “good/ if you’re tired”; consequently don’t work so hard, that you lose your marriage. At the opposite side, if someone is working hard for you/ HELP THEM, however you can. BOTH will then be rewarded, by making choices together in support of each other. Or you fail! Those who have no job, or a job with minimal effort/ have energy for sex; but no stability, and little future for you. Happiness comes with stability, therefore the work is IMPORTANT for your future: BE HELPFUL, “its important to you too”. Even if it reminds you of being your mother: “there are reasons why “good mothers have similar traits”. Happiness comes with patience; because “I cannot be/ what I cannot be”; isn’t that true? Therefore wait, so I can assemble myself into something you desire. Or more simply: even if I can’t be perfect/ love will allow me, to be the best I can be: IF, my heart is true. Happiness follows truth, because it provides the security to participate without fear or failure. Where there is truth, there is life/ because it is truth that sustains life. Consequently where there is life expressed without lies/ there are many opportunities to share and care about each other. Do the best you can, especially for each other/ why be less?

worse than fire

A warning: contrary to those who laughed, and said, “this world cannot die”. Discarding the reality of energy experiments clearly designed to exterminate our planet; “by university knows”. The religious or biblical prophecy of Daniel is not yet done.

The first death predicted; was a call to arms against those who are gambling with, and threatening all life on earth. Without the slightest hope of “saving the planet from these terrorists (religiously called “SATAN”; because their intent is to destroy our entire world). They were at this time refused that reality by GOD! Because the tools they created by counterfeiting and bankrupting nations: ARE more than capable of igniting this world on fire, at NIF or ELI. They ARE more than capable of doing damage to the atomic structures of this planet at CERN; and surely are. There are even more threats. None of which you intervened in: even though the reality is obvious/ the evidence is clear/ and the foundation of being wrong is: ALL DEAD ON EARTH. Even the solar system destroyed, because of what “satan” chose to do.

The first death, now past its prophecy was for “mercy”: simply let them die/ it is better than the realities predicted in Revelation. So then the consequence of passing by “mercy/ all dead, done, and gone; in forty five days or so.
Is a choice created in what Daniel predicted as the second death: or the book of Revelation begins at the end of the first prophecy called Daniel 12. Or, 2625 days from the first initial attempt, by a machine capable of doing so: to ignite sun fire on this earth; will be the end of time on earth by biblical prophecy. By all the horrors of the first eleven chapters called Revelation. OR, there will be the realities predicted in the chapters starting with 12. That includes true and irreversible change for humanity on earth. Much of that change is begun here; as a choice which commands you to accept. From this point on ONLY LIFE, shall decide what is important/ NEVER money again. From this point forward, true change can only be accomplished by women as a body voting to determine how they might redefine and recreate this world, by producing a “DIFFERENT way”. For life on earth. These are your choices; according to biblical text. Believe it or not. So then, in reality: the bible itself is on trial/ by its own prophecies, and what happens to ourselves and this world….. how is that not so?

The first attempt to ignite this world on fire was Men have built machines. We are “done building/ its time to do the work” at THE NATIONAL IGNITION FACILITY; lawrence livermore laboratories, San Francisco USA http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7403916n&tag=mg;mostpopvideo

The question to you is: do you believe in the bible, or not? Simple and plain, answer the question and make your decision for eternity. Its not a game. These prophecies are simply LIFE OR DEATH, by HORROR; for our planet/ our world. No small matter.