examining expressions

For every destiny, there is a purpose beyond self. In contrast, fate is the existence of a decision, that self alone has meaning.

Within the elements of these two statements, are the summation of what it means to be, “the human you are/ or will become”. Because the reality of every decision is a decision to go beyond simply self/ or discard the world, to be simply self.
So, the question is: “what, does simply self mean”?
Reality states: simply means without concentrated complexity, as is seen within the essence of pride, want, hate, simply sex, cowardice, violence, and so on. While self, limits existence to the boundaries of; what I believe will benefit me the most. Or, nobody, nothing else matters/ I alone am important.
Thereby we know that directional stabilities are instructed in what to do, by the essence of who we have chosen to be. That choice is a decision to be “simply self”/ or go beyond self, to inherit the world of life.

The question then begins: WHY, would anyone choose (a decision) “only to be self/ isolated, and alone”: when an entire world awaits you to join in the creation of all that can be valued?
When we ask pride WHY? The answer returns as: I am bored, “lets play a game”> thereby I become “winner or loser”. As a winner, I claim superiority/ as a loser I claim THE RIGHT, to explain violence, and revenge; as justified.
When we ask want, WHY? The answer returns as: because I AM worth more than what I have/ therefore I lie, and expect the whole world to lie with me. Because with a lie, I intend to get even!
When we ask hate, WHY? The answer returns as, “I WANT TOO”. Simple as that.
When we ask simply sex, WHY? When young, the answer is always; “because the chemicals are good/ and I want MORE”. When older the answer is always: “because there are costs and penalties involved, and I don’t want to pay”. I need no relationship/ I need no responsibility/ I want simply, to use or abuse the chemicals I own. By trading something, for your body. Good or bad, makes little difference to me. Until tragedy or consequences convince me: “this is a problem”.
When we ask cowardice, WHY? The answer is always “self”. Or more distinctly, nothing is more important than me/ so I will risk nothing, protect nothing, live as if I don’t belong to anyone, and worship my body as if it could not die.
When we ask violence, WHY? The answer is “PAY ATTENTION to me”. It is little more. Once hate has attached itself: the intent is to play god, or; you are nothing, worthless, or the enemy.
Each of these is isolating, because they do not live outside self/ therefore hidden inside, where the trap door (I can’t get out) leads to depression. Which CAN then become the very serious expression of I AM ALONE, and without values or identity.

So lets talk values: the absolute essence of what it means to enter within the boundaries of a “beautiful life”.
Value means: I have formed the disciplines/ balance/ order/ passions/ purposes/ desires/ love/ courage/ spirit/ and essence of thought, necessary to search beyond myself, for a life greater than simply me. These are elements, rather than a decision/ that lets truth lead by the elevation of evidence, to expressions that do experience trust. All of creation proves by the evidence: THAT GOD (CREATOR OF EVERYTHING VALUED) exists within the relationships called thought.
So the question is: WHAT, is thought? A reality we cannot discuss, because of the vast descent led by “university knows”; into chaos and deliberate catastrophe. They would use that too, in every attempt; “to destroy our world”. As is nearly all, of what they do.
We can however discuss the relationships and boundaries created by value, for a life conceived by grace. Grace means: having accepted, that I am NOT “everything life needs to be alone”. I find in GOD as ascended by definitions created by truth; that I can and will trust the inevitable conclusion of human existence is to a place “nearer, to HIM”. Therefore, everything I do reflects this desire/ everything I am trusts this purpose as the boundaries beyond what I can be alone. Or more simply: the value of committing to a lifetime, is by its own essence and relationship; the very cause of a “beautiful life”.
The question is: WHAT does conceive of “beauty”/ and HOW does that interact with the cause called life?
Beautiful, is at its core, a freedom that will grant everything alive, “in me or you”, to be found. Or more distinctly, it is a path to purity, that limits the descent of our mistakes, by understanding: truth has a better purpose than this! We live and breathe by the foundations set into our lives, our humanity; that give our expression and experience the opportunity to teach: what is, or can be valued/ and what is not. That fundamental cause; DOES have an obvious purpose. To let each choose the destiny or fate of their own soul. A soul, is your relationship with GOD/ through the spiritual reality of truth found within you. All things spirit, are elemental truths, purified to the state of eternal existence. Thereby it is truth, that communicates with GOD. What then is true, in you? Lies, are NOT welcome.

So then lets examine expressions and the experiences of human existence; to determine the nature of value.
Examples work the best for teaching.
We begin with the most common, of all human experience: a body that presents us with chemicals/ and tells us, its “time for sex”. This occurs at a very young age, which is absolutely not ready for sex/ unless the species is in trouble. So the basic human framework is: to avoid extinction, our nature as a body is to prepare early, “just in case”. Discipline or the lack of it, enters here; as a deliberate decision to either participate in all the benefits of a chemical addiction/ or stop, and carefully prepare for the next stage of life, which is to learn how to identify and create a partnership with the opposite sex, “for life together”. As is true of every addiction, the first experiences CAN find pleasure. It is after the damage done is experienced: that balance must be found. Because without balance, survival can be harsh. Balance is: the fundamental truth, that along with order (such as survival first)/ there must be a sharing and caring to all sexual acts. OR, it will turn into use or abuse, by one against the other/ ending in turmoil.
Here begins the most useful of all human traits: passions exhibit the heart. Heart means, I have found inside self: that my purpose is to love and cherish you/ therefore my desire is to make you happy, and achieve foundations in respect to ensure, our lives together shall have meaning.
Love is an elemental sharing, combined with a critical caring, that goes far beyond the simple words “I cherish you”. Love is, entering within definitions of our souls united, that cannot be conceived of without true respect. Therefore the door inside, to where love resides; is respect. But it cannot be attained, without courage.
Courage means: to recognize that duty along with responsibilities to be true to oneself/ it is absolutely important to be true, to the foundations of life and spirit as well. Spirit confronts us only when we conceive within ourselves, that there is a reality; “beyond time” in existence. That requires one of the essence of life, creations in thought itself; to construct an eternity. Or more simply: if we are alive as humanity/ then what can we be, when dead, “to time”?
That functional relationship forms behind the very critical realities of what thought can do or be. Thought itself, then conceives of energy as the transportation of reality/ while existence itself understands: “the essence of life itself, is thought”.

I leave it there; by going back to the development of sexual discoveries. To ask the question of every participant: young or old? Is this about yourself, or us/ are you willing to pay this price, or make another pay for your theft/ will you be true, as a friend, lover, or for life? Or more simply: do you each truly care/ because love has a heart, and it can be broken. Leaving the soul, to cry! That has eternal consequences.
Want is not enough/ truth demands a respect that will not die. Even if your relationship does. We all make decisions/ we all try (good or bad)/ we all demand to remain “masters of ourselves”; or crisis will follow. Sex without love is chemical. Love identified with sex, is a passion that lifts desire beyond self; and elevates the simple words, “we, are alive”! As time passes, that foundation will either be supported with realities of work, sacrifice, disciplines, respect, courage, happiness, passions, duties, and purposes that will not abandon you/ or you them. Because love does, become more important than life. It is not complex, it is “beautiful”.


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