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You do have a momentary chance to intervene in all of that, through knowledge/ an acceptance of understanding inside as your soul allows/ and the wisdom to at the very least participate in: WE CANNOT ALLOW THESE FOOLS, TO BE WRONG! Life on earth, depends on us; each one, to say NO!

The foundation of this writing is very simple: when confronted with life or death for a world/ what can I, what can you: DO?  The primary answer is communicate;  because almost every problem we have can be isolated as “human caused”!   WE ARE THE PROBLEM/ WE ARE THE SOLUTION, OR “our own executioners”.

As an example: when you run out of water/ you have 3 days before you’re dead. So lets just ask: if California runs out of water/ WHERE AND WHAT do you think the people there are going to do? Can’t happen: well their aquifers are now dry/ tapping into the only water left, which is very deep, and won’t sustain them. There are many more, places around this world:  at the edge of water lost/ or water poisoned/ or,     “water or war”!  THAT, will be extremely violent/ as everyone knows, “time is limited”!

As an example: when a huge trawler “takes every last fish/ leaving NOTHING for the next generation to be built from. Leaving nothing for other predators in the sea to eat. WHAT happens then? Considering the sea is under tremendous assault: how can you doubt the result is your food supply disappears.

As an example: your universities promised, “everything will now be great”. From mutilating nature. Yet, everything they have touched over the last fifty years or more; is turning to disaster. The antibiotics are failing, after creating super-diseases, and over population. Machinery & fire consumes oxygen
beyond what the earth can produce. Manufacturing consumes every resource/ leaving the future dead, every child assassinated. The money is counterfeit/ while politics are filled with lies, to hide all the corruption as in (we at the universities DON’T need no damn constitution telling us what to do; WE SHOULD BE KING)/ and they are. Spending counterfeit money/ and building delusions which threaten the entire earth.

As an example: extreme pollution of all things exists/ climate change exists/ mass extinction exists/ not one thing for infrastructure has been done in America for fifty years by university leadership: only “lets build the colleges into a palace for me”. Education is a failure, and a fraud; discarding the masses, to pick for the universities their “special people”. Business is destroyed; by attacking individuals, to consume them, and create “we the few OWN IT ALL”.
ETC/ ETC/ ETC. And you let these the damned; more so, than all of history: be your leaders. Damned because they care nothing about life, only selfishness/ thereby choosing death instead. Failed, because knowledge without wisdom: is an enemy.

STATE OF EXTINCTION  1,    2,     3  a   4,    5,     6,    7,    8,   

status report     As many as 30% to 50% of all species are moving toward extinction by mid-century —

absolutely nothing is safe, from humanity    1    2    3    4    5     6

called “lungs of our planet”

cancer rate statistics


Since you do not willingly respond, to anything: not evidence/ not realities clearly coming/ not the cost of being wrong is this world on fire/ not a mutilated nature forever/ not the end of your children, because you stole their resources; to throw them in the garbage/ not biblical prophecy/ not “universities, stole all your money”/ not world war 3, because there is no more water, its all polluted and undrinkable/ not the burning of fossil fuels is consuming the oxygen supply faster than it can be created/ not even, “your university gods” plan and have worked to establish complete chaos on earth; intentionally! Not the end of your medicine, because without antibiotics, 90% of it is done. Not the end of your livestock, because they are completely dependent upon antibiotics, due to the factory farm. Not the end of pollinators (poisoned to death). Not the end of life in the ocean; trawlers take it all/ leaving nothing for the future. Not over-population, as humanity completely consumed this earth: we have to eat other living things/ yet you destroy more everyday; as always replacing nothing. Not extreme extinction, or forestry depletion, or climate change, or radiation exposure due to ozone depletion, or the food chain in every conceivable way being destroyed, or weapons of mass destruction, or interspecies biology (we can play god). Not playing with the food supply, because men “are never wrong”/ AIN’T THAT RIGHT! Etc/ etc/ etc.
I would spend money on advertizing/ since your media won’t report any of this on their own. Particularly since the public/ you, won’t listen: “you, want what you want/ DON’T tell me nothing else”…… So it won’t do any good!
I would go to college campus’s, because there are people there, with time to listen; but, these are the least friendly places to bring any “different idea’s”! The people in charge, can’t have their mass hypnosis of children; altered or played with. Yes children, if you can’t think for yourself/ still not an excuse if you should be thinking for yourself. Memorization and mimicry are NOT thinking for yourselves. Those who do, have no real influence either: because greed (I must/ I have too/ I want/ I can’t) control the campus; along with policing, to prove NO “different ideas here”. Only what we preach!
So that leaves organizations: religion says no, absolutely not/ we support our gods at the university: “believers never waiver”.
Others realize, CHANGE means change/ and nothing can be done to save this world without true change.  While the press, simply want to protect their jobs, “like everyone else”.
Women, the most likely army with a different plan; are afraid of men/ and they absolutely believe, as a majority: we like making the men work for us. Therefore we need not take the blame/ and always “sit on the high places”; looking down.
Politicians cannot move; because they depend upon money. Without power and pride to play with; they all leave! America is bankrupt: lock, stock, and barrel so to speak! Nobody wants to repair, replace, or rebuild: the “bribes are too good”. So what happens when the house of cards fall down? Answer: the children pay with their lives/ the earth dies completely/ fantasies take over our lives, threatening extermination of our world/ delusions control the schools/ anger increases, and then comes world war 3, with all its weapons of mass destruction. If we are not extinct before; by massive attacks on everything this earth uses to keep us alive.
Yes sir; “Why, YOU and your UNIVERSITIES are so damn smart”/ all of history should bow down before you! Ain’t that right? Who else could have conceived of, planned, built, and executed: complete planetary death!

So I end with: even if there is nothing that can make you rise off your lazy, useless ass. With a few descriptions more. Just because, “failure is forever”.

When we cannot afford to be wrong/ it is evil, to deny/ degrade/ or destroy, the truth.    1,    2,    3,    4,     ,,,,,,  our world cannot survive this!

so we look to antibiotics   1,     2,    3,    4,    5,   6,   ,,,,,,  your medicine nor your food supplies can survive this.

SO,  who owns the news, which keeps us in the dark?  1,    2.

who is buying our properties;    REITS

who owns US debt   1,   2,   3,      ,,,,,dispossessed!

who owns natural resources   1

who is buying US housing   1   2

who is buying US agriculture      2

Foreign individuals and entities reported holding an interest in 26.1 million acres of U.S. agricultural land
as of December 31, 2012. This is 2.0 percent of all privately held U.S. agricultural land and
approximately 1 percent of all land in the United States (see fig. 1 for State-level detail).

PROBLEMS   1,    2,    3,   4  ,,,, tremendous, soon unstoppable change.


data  1


reference   1
OR, more simply; “Your university gods” who have been completely in charge of this nation for decades. DON’T, AND WON’T DO ONE DAMN THING FOR LIFE!    EVERYTHING they do is either for selfishness, power, or pride;   including the delusions of mutilating life (they just want to play god)/ threatening a world (we are so important); etc.  OR, with rare exception:  just plain wrong, for life and planet and every child!
They and their followers, the cult of “University knows”: ALL SAY, “well nothing bad is going to happen in my lifetime”/ so I DON’T care. Surprise!


So, lets talk about “the extra special” people, who have a university diploma: and because of a little medicine or a few toys, “humanity likes to believe are gods”. Nope, “they can’t be questioned/ nope, they can’t be wrong”; cause they are so smart.

Of the many things it is possible to talk about, the most obvious is evolution: or as the university says, “its all just an accident/ chaos built life”! Nothing in the history of this world is more lame, dumb, devoid of intelligence, or just plain stupid: the facts are, “You CAN’T build a living body, one piece at a time”! It is that simple, you need it all. Chaos destroys anything complex, to its most simple form: the opposite of life. Adaption is merely the evidence of design: as in it takes thought to create. The human body is nothing: but an absolutely complex, beyond human imagination filled with design, building, utilities, manufacturing, transportation, mental “hardware and software”; etc/ etc/ etc. Proving beyond any shadow of a doubt: this ain’t no accident. No contest, “thought did this”!

Another favorite of the university delusion is: that Noah’s (world wide) flood didn’t exist. Proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by fossil fuels; that it absolutely did exist/ BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE, could have gathered together the amount of planet and life materials needed to create that fossil fuels. And then buried them together all at one single time. NOT covered up in layers/ buried together, to then form coal/ oil/ and gas. Which we know exists. Fossil fuels prove a world wide flood happened/ along with soil layering and other. Proven true. Which means all their geology lessons about this time period or another is just fantasy as well. Which means all their dating methods “have big holes”.

Another claim is the universe is 14 billion years old; so says their astrometry. However they fail the most simple test of all. The big bang did exist: WHICH MEANS, at the center of that explosion/ there will be almost nothing. Which means, that mass was distributed in all directions around that spot in space; “leaving it empty”. Which means when you find the empty place, which astronomy has: then that is the beginning of time after the big bang. Astronomy claims by looking past this empty place, at their time frame of about 5-6 billion years; that everything beyond that simply adds into time. Not so! The empty place is the beginning of “this time” in this universe.

Examining the vomit, delusions, disease, and death intended; by a university mind “those intent upon playing god”.
As all of human history does prove, a small percentage of men (are they not leaders)/ will always choose to be rulers. Their purpose is power, their demand is pride, their desire is rape, their disease is a rule, their rule is by making the rest “fear this”! Of the variations used throughout humanity; weapons represent warfare/ warfare represents death, mutilation, starvation, rape, destruction, disease, hatred, violence, theft, struggles, and slavery. These are effective measures used to make society accept “leaders”: or, someone MUST make these violent ones STOP. Which translates throughout history as the cause most significant: to let leaders, and their rules; rule society! Consequently rules become weapons, and those weapons result in the same descriptions as war; except for, “the visible severity”! Because some will always fight for justice/ which makes complete atrocities subject to rules as well. So the leaders give up their extreme violence/ so they can easily steal, kill, abuse, use, fail, and fantasize about “playing god”. That of course fails society, which then becomes bankrupt; allowing civil war to follow. To avoid that counterfeiting occurs; and the people faint, saying “yes lets counterfeit and lie” so we don’t have to pay for what these leaders have done to us all. That of course ends, when reality can tolerate the lies, theft, cheating, treason, and betrayal no more. To avoid reality, leaders find an enemy: preferably in a foreign land. Because without an imaginary/ or real, cause to build armies, weapons, and spies upon society/ it becomes plain: THIS IS a revolution against us, instead. So enemies are built out of nothing/ invasions occur, to hide the facts of our reality/ excuses to compile lists of “those who don’t obey our authority” will be completed: and leaders whose purpose is to dominate and destroy gain more power.
In america; Reagan gave the currency and accounting away to “the universities” who instantly gave themselves “a million dollar raise”/ for nothing. Reagan then invaded the securities of america; and sold it silently; as media enforced that theft, by refusing to report reality. The universities not happy with just playing “king or queen”/ began building their biggest toys; things to exterminate our world, and all its life. Completely discarding infrastructure, and a future for a single child; their obvious decision, “WORTHLESS, to me”. And now threaten our world with extinction.
So the critical question is why; but since we know that answer is power, pride, selfishness, and hate: it is mute. The more severe question is then HOW? The answer is by invading the securities of human existence itself; power manages again and again to thrust itself beyond peace and harmony to destroy and demand: ONLY RULES, can save you. Only we, the leaders/ which are now “entirely defined by a university diploma”; know how to enforce the rules/ and make them save your life. By killing the opposition to lies/ corrupting the courts/ controlling elections/ destroying reality: and punishing all who oppose their, “Playing god/ the disease of human disgrace”!
So we look, to understand WHEN, did our sovereignty as a nation/ as life on earth topple over, to the lust and disease of university cancer? The answer is: when the atomic bomb went off, it detonated a fear, that could not be diminished. The university now threatens our entire world/ not just a few. That fundamental, coupled with other horrifying nightmares of “biological weapons of mass destruction/ chemical weapons of mass destruction; and now mutilation of all life/ all everything living by the intentional destruction of nature itself. Along with the clear and deliberate intent to ignite an atomic fire here on earth. Destroy the very foundations of life itself on earth/ attacking water, preparing livestock for pandemic destruction, mutilating plants into poison or complete self destruction, ruining every resource useful to work or life, discarding environment, climate, oceans, destroying food chains, and discarding or diseasing every single need life has. And as a last resort, purposely and vigorously DID seize every last security tied to economy, stability, educational realities, and the last ties that hold society together in peace, and with even a tiny bit of harmony: to give you WAR INSTEAD!
Such is the reality of “university knows”; or, the dead inside have risen! Oh wait, let us not forget: they intend to be gods, “to save us all”. The purpose clearly: ONCE YOU HAVE NOTHING/ then YOU must beg those “who have a plan”. So the endless rulers of men and women, is critically and fundamentally truly described as: Those who purposely destroy/ to prove you must submit to their whim. After all, YOU WON’T do that, unless you are forced.Life in peace and harmony needs no rulers, it is happy, justified, and safe! Which makes that fact, the virtual enemy of every ruler on earth. The university HATES that fact: therefore they have attacked throughout the decades EVERYTHING that gives society peace. Purposely manipulating and changing every method, and every possibility that gives life a choice beyond their control. Destroying even religion (we want what we want)/ by infecting it with “evolution; the whore’s cookbook of death”. That is done by overtaking the schooling of children. Which then becomes the integration of mimicry (repeat ONLY, what you are told): or, let their be “a robot army”, by discarding a child’s right to think for themselves. Proving none shall question here, only the book matters! Because the book is god. Hidden behind the covers is: “we, the universities, are then god”. GIVE US, all your money/ and become slaves, or be discarded into the trash. Because we, the university diploma; control business, industry, government, agriculture, banking, medicine, and are invading ALL the rest. By making certain you have NO ALTERNATIVE. A tiny few, “control it all”! Let the courtroom deny democracy as it does. Let the policing understand: “your purpose is, to herd livestock”! Etc, etc, etc; As is america today.
So then regardless of the delusion, that exists only because of lies, cheating, destruction of every future life/ endless stealing, the destruction of democracy, tyranny, treason, and death coming for an entire world. America is on its deathbed. You are bankrupt beyond all resolution of the fact/ and must begin again; by taking control over government through democracy while its last remnants of existence still remain. You must choose for life first/ and discard the delusions of “satan himself”, which is clearly a university mind (we can be god). You must rise above selfishness, greed, and gluttony; or be destroyed. A fact you could not do, in decades past/ because you absolutely did not want to pay your debts, and refused all reality, truth, and even the future life of your own child. So you chose LIES/ and you earned disaster. To your shame!That brings us to the young! That removes the delusion, we can continue as we are: by demanding an investigation of the facts/ to prove reality itself. Because without reality and truth, even you understand: there is no future for you! We live and breathe, because of foundations which keep us all alive. Those foundations are ALL; under relentless attack. Regardless of the price, to return life, to life! Your only other choice is let life on earth go extinct/ the entire planet lost! Make your own decision. Because as the reality of our lives does prove: THE MAJORITY, not only can be WRONG. They literally are the enemies of life itself; proven by the truth of where we stand today. On the precipice of extinction; believe it or not/ that is true.
Nonetheless reality states: prove the evidence is wrong! Or fight for life. It is no longer a choice; life itself hangs in the balance. Because of what humanity did do, under the leadership of a university diploma. Under threats so extreme, even this solar system itself is at risk! To the eternal shame of many.

establishing questions

       We are, “the most powerful people on earth”/ because WE are THE WORKERS, WE, control what does or does not get done, in this reality.  Your professors, rarely lift more than a keyboard/ and can’t: they don’t know how.  Don’t know: no problem, “they tell stories”/ and use expert liars, to propagate their lies through media!  Your leaders rarely do more than talk/ or spend your money, bankrupting you for their own dreams, fantasies, and delusions.  Your media merely wants to control and manipulate you: none of these things get the job done. It is functional treason!  Even your military cannot survive, without those who work to keep them fighting. We the people ARE, “the engine, and the fuel of society itself”.  If we don’t go along/ the few who believe they rule everything, GET NOTHING.  Every diploma is nothing more than a few people granting “this one memorized, and did what he or she was told to do”. Is it not a demand “robots” should do the same?  That, is all a diploma is. We the people are the money: we do the work.  That, and resources: are, “what money is”! We the people are the resources/ they don’t gather themselves.  We the people in America: ARE THE OWNERS HERE/ and those we employ, are NOT free, to do whatever they want.  So says their SWORN OATH/ punishable by criminal prosecution; when they fail.

 WHAT, are you going to do; when babies only come out deformed. When you cannot eat/ you cannot swallow/ disease severity increasing/ or, when your brain no longer functions with your body/ when your teeth no longer have gums that actually seal; or ten billion more realities of mutilating nature itself. Nature is DNA; the building instructions, for every living body of life on this planet.
Geneticists mutilate that DNA, across this world; every single day. Hoping to create chaos in genetic structure/ order/ disciplines/ boundaries/ balance (two arms, two legs, same size; etc)/ etc. Because they actually believe: they will then learn how to “put it back together”. So they can play god, and say evolution rules now!
They promise to wipe away every tear; BUT REALITY KNOWS, they WILL destroy nature itself/ ALL of life, instead. Because they can’t put it back together; not even a little.
Life is more important than that: Is it not? Plants turning to poison. Humanity becoming vulnerable to all manner of complications: massive increase in autism/ breast cancer/ cancer of all kinds/ diabetes/ can’t tolerate gluten/ asthma/ a long list. Gee, what could have gone wrong? Answer the question!
What are you going to do when all the resources are gone? Wall street says, “we have manufactured more in the last ten years than in all of previous human history”! Resources keep us alive. What happens when they are simply gone?
What happens to the children when they have nothing left/ but your garbage?
Without antibiotics, surgery is impossible/ because an infection will kill you. What then?
The water supplies are under attack, believe it or not: its true. An aquifer only gains one inch of water in permeable soils per fifty inches of rainfall. Horrific realities exist.
The food supply is under attack: pollinators responsible for 50% of the diversity in our food supply are going extinct. Chains of life are being broken. Factory farming is entirely dependent upon antibiotics. Every plant is being mutilated.
We now exist as humanity as more than, one person per acre of agricultural land. Growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed every week.
The ocean life is approaching extinction/ believe it or not; its true.
Every fire (car/ furnace/ air conditioner/ etc) consumes oxygen/ every plant or creature that makes oxygen is under attack. We are going to asphyxiate ourselves.
Much more.

          Use your mind/ fight for your world.  YOU CAN, turn off the television and think for yourself!  It’s what you were born to do.  YOU CAN communicate, and enforce upon your leaders: that you WILL be heard/ is that not true? Is this not a world crisis: FIND help!  YOU CAN, recognize THE LAW, does NOT permit:   anyone to gamble with our lives/ our earth/ or our nature:   its called TERRORISM! When employees do it: its called TRAITOR or  TREASON!  That includes, “a university diploma”.  YOU CAN, organize a tax revolt: “boston tea party” comes to mind. Ban together/ or just pay the penalty: IS NOT this world worth “the price”?  I remind you: WHATEVER you believe, is absolutely worthless in terms of reality/ “whatever is true, decides our fate”.  If you can grasp nothing else: YOU CAN grasp, bringing the same fire here, that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer.  Is NO GAME.

           WE CAN demand To prove, what will or will not go WRONG:  WITH EVERY extreme experiment!  Before we pay leaders one more cent,  in tax.   Functionally our legal demand is: WE WILL HAVE FIRST AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL “redress of grievances”.  The democratic rule, demand IS: to create a trial/ and bring our employees of government, before WE THE PEOPLE, who own this nation!   WE BECOME: As judge and jury over our lives, our nation, our nature, our future, our children, our environment, and OUR WORLD!   Every politician and judge, etc: IS OUR EMPLOYEE!  We are not theirs!  We, the people: own this nation: So says the constitution itself.

It is a university statement: that the black hole is the densest object in our universe. That it collapses all material into its center core, and crushes it into “oblivion”. A black hole begins from a supernova event: the collapse of a star, by explosion. Or more simply: when the remaining fuel becomes overheated to the point of exploding, as all unstable elements do. At the point of release: by the law of physics “for every action there must be an equal opposite reaction”.  This then,  Determines the next phase. Where there is enough mass, within the center/ and enough energy so it cannot get out. Pressures require something must happen. Therefore the energy and mass turns upon itself and retreats into the center to become a black hole. With extreme pressures pushing into a center spot, it is consistent and conceivable that a “tunnel forms in the center”/ whereby that pressure forms a jet to push out. This will be retained in a black hole, because of the pressures pushing back. A black hole is then the incubator for all dark energy/ dark matter: because it is the reversed action of motion. A reality of energy turned back to compress itself. This becomes stable when no room for movement exists. This becomes an opposite energy: because it has no choice, it is forced, to remove all interior space. The consequence is: “something different”. When materials are drawn into the center of a black hole, because the jet created.  The extreme nature of the material. Anything that goes through the center will be forced “Inside out”/ there is no room for less. Because it cannot add to the center of the black hole/ there is no space for it. That material going through the hole,  is then ejected as strings of dark mass, at speeds consistent with dark energy. If no escape can be formed: the mass simply exists as a dense object. Atoms are formed with the opposite energy or mass in motion;  as was created by the force of a supernova explosion. When this mass in motion, is captured by these strings from a black hole, forced out.  That attraction:  causing the combination to interact during capture, by creating spin.  Eventually pulling the string apart once the atomic environment is formed. Electrons are formed from the initial crash. Elements are determined by the size of the particles capturing each other/ the neutron captures or retains  the electrons. The size of a black hole is determined by captured mass moving around the center/ when the mass captured, is too extensive to move through it. This does not form strings.

          There are, a tiny few men: who are literally playing “russian roulette” with our world.  If you knew “a man with a gun, was coming into your home.  To play this game with your head {will YOU die/ or won’t you: isn’t a question!  With certainty, if not the first time/ THEN THE NEXT, or the next}.  Today, You have four months maybe/ by biblical prophecy, and the initial construction schedule:  to the first experiment deciding life or death for our world.  What then, are YOU going to do? Too late is too late!  Answer the question/ because the evidence proves the threat is true.

         They don’t even have a valid experiment: it is only “a toy”/ built with delusions and counterfeit money. Or, more correctly: if they don’t have a new “bigger” project/ they lose their power, pride, and their job! A reality of bankrupt; for this USA, FOR US ALL:  because of their greed! With fantasies galore/ it has become so.  Which includes the premeditated murder, of sending people to mars: “already in their coffin (never going to get out)”.  Your university cult (can’t be questioned)/ because it is a religion:  people believe, we need no reality!  However their proven truth knows no reality/ neither does it care about life.  They have only their own delusions, fantasies, stories, & “foreign language (you don’t understand) to keep you out”.  By stealing your money, THEN your democracy, your courts, your media to propagate lies,  your schools to indoctrinate children, and everything else: they have taken over our lives. TO THREATEN OUR ENTIRE WORLD!  The counterfeiting exists:  for the purpose of enslaving your lives (do they not take “a million dollars more” each)? So they can play god!  How is that not “simple and plain”?  Wake up or die. 

         Or, more simply: if even the tiniest possibility exists, that I am correct about the potential this earth can be ignited just like the sun: “as is biblically predicted”.  OR MORE CLEARLY: if even the slightest chance exists, that  one billion times one billion times one billion times one billion times one billion times one billion WATTS of laser guided energy/   CRASHING into itself at the speed of light squared.   COULD IGNITE THIS PLANET ON FIRE, “LIKE THE SUN”.   Becomes, A reality proven true:  that the university could be, and IS WRONG!  Then we are all dead/ everything gone, even our world/ even the solar system itself!  Are you going to accept that result?    There are no second chances, NO “do over” or try again.  Just once is enough, perhaps for a single laser:  IT IS LIKELY/ our planet will burn!

     For an experiment, that doesn’t have ANY value at all!     It is true, “only a satanic cult” would say:   yes, let’s play with an entire world!  You can’t gamble with all life on earth: and be more.  It’s a fact……….!


The fundamental atomic bond, is as simple as opposites attract. Or more distinctly, those things which are unbalanced, cannot continue to exist, unless they attain harmony with  a sustainable reality.  Until they are balanced, that does not exist. The developmental reality of a balanced state, constructs the very first emblems, of what can then become an elevated sense of existence.  This is, “the beginning of life”.
The extreme tragedy of ignorance and failure as is the university story telling. A fantasy that became indoctrinated as fact, throughout much of humanity: in the form of “we know”. Even though blatantly untrue.  As is described by this case of delusion and many more.  Stories are irrelevant to life/ until it becomes a threat to every life as those in powerful positions have now done. We now exist until they prove themselves wrong/ OR WE STOP THEM from proceeding with death to our world.  THAT IS OUR CHOICE! Wisdom allows, that only truth can rule LIFE, and survive/ even though it must adhere in part to the consequences of reality itself. There is no room for want to lead. Want is the foundation of every lie/ therefore it is basically “the religious devil” described. Pride could be constructed as “satan”/ because an arrogance so extreme as to risk an entire world:  is surely nothing less.

Pride is an equally dangerous and deadly enemy, to every person: VERY hard to remove. Because it requires “to win/ the others must lose”; thereby I am superior/ or I want revenge, or accept hate. More simply; pride lacks balance and truth/ worshiping instead, “I or we, can play god”. You cannot. Rather the consequences of threats are:  that these can  play “satan”. Because destruction is the only result, they can actually do.

Pride is consistent with us all:  because it also aligns itself with, “I cannot be ridiculed/ because of who I am” and all other forms assigned by image.  OR more simply:   “I must protect myself, from what these other people say and do”/ to me, or mine.  To accept ANYTHING is allowed,  because LIFE is inherently mine/ therefore it is also, completely without subjection by other humans:   ONLY   GOD  matters.  Requires the acceptance:   literally “only   GOD”   matters!

WE NOW DO:   enter the time and reality, of everyone and everything has run out of time.   WE MUST communicate and defend ourselves!  NOW.

          With regard to the donation process: the foundation here is very simple.  My purpose, is to establish communication for the distinct desire:   that this earth should survive.  Not a game/ not a religious pursuit/ not a gamble or an assertion without evidence.  As machines capable of igniting our very planet on fire, will soon be completed. As machines which are already in service threaten that very thing.  Regardless what you believe:   you cannot survive a ten million degree F.  Fire/ just like what is on the sun.  Your leaders are trying to do that very thing! THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES! It is absolutely the greatest abomination ever conceived: that every life/ even the planet/ and even the solar system itself should be gambled with by men.  Based entirely upon the theory, that fire as is on the sun/ won’t sustain itself here: because there is not enough gravity here.

          Bigger fools, never existed! Their theory fails/ this earth is dead!

THIS FIGHT, for sanity and our world:   is not mine, any more than it is YOURS!     IT IS OURS! We will ALL be exterminated/ not just me! How is that not “your concern”?  This world CAN BE lost to arrogance, failure, and delusion:   THAT, is a decision everyone will make.  Because either you did do, what you could realistically DO, TO STOP THIS/ and PEACEFULLY assemble to prove we could, and we will do whatever is necessary.  Or you did not.  It is your own choice, that makes a difference for this world.

          University ARROGANCE is certain however, to destroy us:  if we do not stand up for life. Because the university says: the fire is just fusion: combining hydrogen into helium.  Their lawrence livermore laboratories, in San Francisco;  built for that purpose, HAS proved them wrong; yet they continue.  Reality itself, proves them wrong: because there is no helium in existence throughout our solar system: NOTHING in the  proportion needed, to prove or even consider, their theory has any foundation at all.  It is just a lie.

          They further contend: we have created this condition in the past with thermonuclear weapons/ and not “been harmed”.  That didn’t ignite the planet:   so we are safe!  However reality proves, that is an explosion/ whereas the fire on the sun is an atomic fire: the burning of atomic bonds!   See the difference: how is a fire, the same as an explosion? Do you understand, that our fires here on earth are created by the burning of molecular bonds? Same principle, just a difference equal in energy output;   as is the difference:  between TNT and an atomic explosion.

           If the sun were constantly exploding as they contend, we would see it in the fire/ there would be no supernova condition throughout the universe: there is.  If the sun were burning from the center out/ there would be no new fuel to create a supernova “exploding sun”: therefore it does not.  If the sun were burning from the center out, all the fuel would be engulfed, with nothing new to be added to the fire/ and it would burn out quickly.  That is the truth: Anything less is a lie.

          The fire itself, is the producer of solar gravity/ because as we all know, or should realize: it is an unwritten rule of physics, that to hold energy in place, therefrom keep it in a balanced state.  There must be something of an equal or even greater opposite energy attached. Or the energy simply “flies away”.  That is true of all atomic environments such as an atom as well: different elements exist, because of the interplay between energy forces.  The fire on the sun burns these bonds, which hold the atoms together. When released as an explosion/ it is a bomb. Alternately: the pressure release of a bond breaking down, establishes fire. The degree of energy clearly known: establishes an intensity released, which proves it is an atomic fire.   IT IS: The burning of elements, by releasing atomic bonds. THAT RELEASE, establishes an energy in two different direction: as is “for every action/ there will be, a reaction of equal value”.  Which does produce solar gravity. Prove me wrong.  In addition: the energy that is opposite of HOT/ is cold (NOT moving, as we know measurement to be); which substantiates the reality, the core of our sun, is not “on fire”. Rather it sustains itself, by thermodynamic laws: which move the heat from its surface, “just like a candle flame rises from its fuel source”.


            This is April 2015.  According to the construction schedule of “ELI”/ and according to biblical prophecy (NOT religious; just more evidence). Those facts, give us approximately until September 2015; before the most arrogant people who have ever lived:  ignite this planet on fire.

            Both predictions; are supported by evidence:  the extreme light infrastructure.  Which is:  3 lasers built to triangulate their beams into one location.  SHALL IN FACT ignite this planet, on the first try.   WHY, would that NOT be true? One laser all by itself could easily be enough!  With no second chances, to extinguish the flame.  Their combined simultaneous energy release/ is possible or capable, because electricity is loaded into capacitors.  Their prediction is,   all three lasers will produce an energy burst equal too: one times ten:  to the fifty fourth power. Is expected.   Or roughly equivalent to all the energy this earth  collects on its surface;  from the sun/ in the “second”;  of that releaseOne times ten to the sixth power is a million watt light bulb.  Touch a one hundred watt light bulb that is on, and “get a clue”.   Also equivalent to 3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible: each hitting the same spot, in the same instant of time.  Another way of saying it is:   that if we simply divide the difference of a fire that does melt steel here on earth at 3,000 degrees F/ into the fire on the sun at 10,000,000 degrees F.  An extreme forest fire flame here, is slightly less than 3,000 degrees F. they reach over one hundred feet high.  Multiply That BTU release by 3,333 times more; it would still,  be less than equivalent to  “flame on the sun”/ because the sun, has no real weak spots.  If we take the temperature of a candle flame at approximately 475 degrees, and divide it into 10,000,000 degrees as is on the sun: you multiply the effects by 21,052 more.  Or roughly equivalent, a one inch candle flame burning the same volume of fuel releasing atomic energy instead of molecular energy as is consistent with fire here: the flame would reach 1754 feet into the air. Multiplying as is consistent with thermodynamic laws, in all directions.  Just like an atomic bomb does prove, in comparison with TNT.


          These things, together with all the other MAN-MADE threats to our “very existence as life on this planet”: such as genetic mutilation brings us only chaos!  DNA IS NATURE,  instead of LIFE/  they are bringing us chaos instead, AS IS, “the purpose of their religion”.  Their leadership is  depleting resources at such a loss, there will be nothing left for any child!  The counterfeiting IS proven to be SO extreme in this USA, we are not only bankrupt, we are being dispossessed by immigrants with counterfeit money/ and much more; as is the consequence of  “university leadership”.  Who then leads:   must be dealt with NOW.  DO THEY NOT, all have a university diploma? Indeed they do.    Want this nation or this world or your life to survive: THEN Do something on your own work and life to stop it.  Buy advertising, etc.  Do something.

            Just remember this: once this planet is on fire/ our world is dead.  Once the fire ignites, it cannot be put out.  So then ask yourself: just what is important, TO YOU,  here? There are NO second chances/ how is that not “plain and simple” to understand?  Is your counterfeit pennies, “worth more than that?”

          What good is anything you worship or desire after that?  Or, once genetic disciplines/ balance/ structure/ integrity of design/ ability to recreate life/ the integrated knowledge necessary to live/ everything we need/ muscles which wrap and tie themselves in the correct way/ joints to move/ and EVERYTHING ELSE;   can all be destroyed, by one little thing wrong!  There is no going back.  And the primary cause of every pandemic known: is a disease, crossing species barriers. The university, business, military, etc;   genetics departments around this world.  DO THAT every single day.  Along with creating extremely more aggressive diseases from all the other things they do.  Then we add in the FDA; a tiny few people who proclaim, “hell yes, go ahead and mutilate everything”.  The same people who brought us every drug, that now finds it way into the courtroom, simply because they were wrong.  This ain’t no game, all of nature will soon collapse; never to be seen again!  Another threat leading us all, to a dead world!   THEY ARE:  Terrorists.

          There is no religious, “rapture”.  There will however,  be living people “flying off into hell”.  Because a ten million degree fire, has an extremely powerful updraft, that will suck into its flames:   literally everything around it for a hundred miles or more/ as it scavenges across this planet for fuel.  Fight for this world. Do it now!

          Your politicians say no: “we want what we want/ and we don’t want nothing we don’t want.  Regardless of the consequences.

          your media say no:   they are so heavily bribed, they care about nothing, BUT PRIDE, POWER, AND MANIPULATION.

          your courts say no: the reality of a ruler is, TO REPLACE ALL LAW, with their own rules, so as to gain absolute control over the people.  To ensure no one, makes them obey the law!  PROVEN true.

          your universities say no: they are so proud, even the idea they cannot play god, has become foreign to them. Are they not worshiped by you; even though truth would prove them to be your “worst enemy”?  Who else threatens an entire planet/ everything that nature or life is/ and leads the destruction of every resource, every society with counterfeiting, and much more;  on this earth.  Refusing reality so they can play with fantasies, by making us their slaves.

          your policing agencies all say no:   they are too busy, having been brainwashed to believe the “university knows” everything.  BLIND, To understand even the most blatant acts of terrorism on earth, begin at the university.

          your military says no:   the desire of the hierarchy; IS for “toys, and trinkets of another kind”; making them believe they can play god too.

          your religions say no: sold their soul to the university, when evolution threatened to take away their jobs.  FAILING every form of truth there is; because the majority want   “To live easy”.  No, I don’t even need to believe, to work here; making faith irrelevant “to them”. Does not the public agree? Oh wait, “the book, is their god”.

          and there is so much more! Because a RELIGIOUS CULT, such as is “university knows everything”;  can never be questioned/ that assumes or asserts, “we could be wrong”!  NOT going to happen, because a cult is only about power, and control. The pride of selfishness.

           That leaves the human population itself/ to fight for its life, without “university knows”.  Because every one of these groups identified above:  is governed and controlled by    “University knows. They all have a diploma (expert story tellers)”/ they want their power, pride, and greed to remain. They DO  control all access, communication, and competition for their job, with a diploma: thereby enforcing YOU cannot! They create their wealth by counterfeiting.  And they are obviously, completely, and without remorse,  drowned by their own arrogance & delusions!  So says the evidence.   

          All of that, is only the beginning.  Which does mean, ANY donation will be used to communicate as best “we can” for life on earth, FIRST.  Anything left over/ everything provided, should we survive:  will simply go to whatever is best suited:    for LIFE COMES FIRST/ JUSTICE IS NEEDED.  Those who contribute are welcome to participate in how; once, at least burning alive is over! Time is running out/ this is no game! Those described above, have had “forty years” to participate in anything and everything that identifies a threat against our lives and our world.  They could not do it, because the cult of “university knows” owns their soul.

          The reality of a university diploma is this:   regardless of benefits, the foundation of our reality in this day is, that we will all die/ our nature will go extinct/ our resource depletion, will force us into wars/ media searches for everything that could possibly make you fear/ our government is under attack by our employees, who have declared themselves to be our rulers/ our money is nonexistent, they counterfeited it away, and gave it to foreigners, who now threaten to dispossess us from this land.  They sold our businesses, to hide their debt/ so they could continue to fantasize about their delusions.  Every great discovery is little more than a delusion as well, a story with the singular purpose of controlling your lives, by creating an assumption of knowledge without a strict reality of truth.  They want your soul.  Or more simply: instead of believing in miracles, you are intended to believe in them!  And you do.  IS YOUR CAR an accident/ did it come from chaos, just throwing all the right parts together: OR, did this come from thought, was it not built with tools, utilities, resources shaped, etc? Did you not need food, in the process, along with everything else your body requires to survive? The answer is NOT AN ACCIDENT/ how much more so are every body of life in existence!   Noah’s flood, is also a proven fact: by the very fact we have fossil fuels!  These are known to exist, because plants and animals were grouped together, and then buried. Some under thousands of feet deep.  SOME in the ocean, etc! That does not happen in any other way, than a flood.  Even the grand canyon is merely a drainage ditch for that water. And there is much more. BUT, university refuses all the evidence of life, using make believe stories/ to live within their delusions: because it’s the only way, “they can play god”.

           Still scared I might not use the money donated, for these purposes/ and just pocket it?  PLEASE DO IT YOURSELF!  Demand your media outlets SHALL communicate these risks/ stand on their doorstep shouting.  Protest outside every courthouse.  Go to your “government sources.  Ask your businesses.  Use your religions & other organizations to demand or buy communication.  In every nation on earth!  Cut the electrical connection: which means, as a community or society/ DEMAND the electrical power station shall not provide this energy!  IN OTHER WORDS DO SOMETHING FOR LIFE:   THAT IS,   “WORTH SOMETHING!”   Talk about it!

           But if you cannot/ then let me; because time is running out!  As I have fought for forty years for this planet: do I sound as if I have surrendered? It ain’t so! You cannot survive a ten million degree fire either/ no more so than me. It is coming: How is that not true? “Your big brain scientists, & leaders:  believe they cannot be wrong/ they have “stories”! Let them prove to life on earth, EXACTLY HOW IT IS, they cannot be wrong?  It is that simple.  Don’t believe me, that is nothing/ don’t believe them, that is absolutely insane: PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, or don’t gamble with LIFE or PLANET!  BECAUSE: Wrong is dead everything on earth: HOW IS THAT, not a risk too great?  How is that, NOT SOMETHING IMPORTANT ENOUGH; as media:   to tell every person on earth:   THIS IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN, these experiments are real.  This is, going on today at NIF, and they can ignite that fire. They simply have not yet done so.  How many more, around this world?

           You cannot simply believe whatever the media tell you, or any of the rest: because they worship the university. DID THEY TELL YOU ANYTHING OF THIS/ THE RISKS, of gambling with our planet, or our nature? No, not a word! Which does mean, “they want you ignorant”. Demanding instead, just believe: “our gods/ at university” would never risk our lives or our planet/ that is just insane”. Even though, the evidence is absolutely certain! They are doing exactly that already. They are “your saviors”/ even though they are nothing as advertised; and have proven to be the biggest thieves in the history of the world.  Taking YOUR money/ gambling with our entire world.  Yet, Not a word from media regarding a threat so extreme: that the failure of their one single theory, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”:   ENDS OUR LIVES.   So they wait, to prove me wrong:   or, more simply, like spoiled children, “we can too” bring “sun fire” here!

            WRONG, Means this planet becomes a sun/ every living thing on earth destroyed.  And they don’t even know what gravity is/ but not only the university, every leader bets our entire planet on their theory.  Every leader, police, military, religion, etc gambles with all life on earth, in that very same instance of ignition, EVERY person who accepts this gamble: DOES the same.   When, “The fire exists: ignited”/  I guarantee, as is biblically predicted: it won’t go away. YOU will be exterminated for your, and their absolute arrogance. Still think you can survive a fire that clearly burns atomic bonds for fuel?  You’re wrong.   And the press so called, warn you of nothing!  How much less do they do, with every other threat in existence?  Not even a word, when all the gold in this nation was taken by Reagan/ and sold, to become “ain’t we great”:   just look at our war machine. You are abandoned by every form of leader/ and every single leaders which surrounds us, has a university diploma: and that, is why that “university cloak” of what can only be called a rampant disease, attempting to destroy our lives;  is allowed.   A disease, Which literally infects our lives, our very existence at this time; is given more attention than it deserves.  THE FEW, threaten us:  the rest “don’t care”.  That attention to university:  does NOT MEAN, that what has been good for life coming out of the university isn’t appreciated.  Rather WHAT IS BAD coming out of the university is so enormous and deadly and destructive: NOTHING else about university matters, at this time!

          IF YOU are worried about your money as a donation to stop the insanity from destroying us all.    I say: PLEASE GO SPEND THE MONEY YOURSELF/ and fight for this planet: in every way you can!  Because there are NO second chances.  Otherwise,  I ask you plainly: what good is money, even counterfeit money:  when confronted with an entire planet on fire/ the end of all life on earth;   within forty five days or so, the atmosphere will be ejected!  Answer the question: what good is your money, claims, wants, etc: when the planet as biblically predicted is on fire? Come if you provide the opportunity for change/  and be passionate enough: TO HELP LIFE SURVIVE.  If not, don’t bother me/ you aren’t worth the price!

           Not a game: the machines to ignite “sun fire” on earth:  that literal  very thing,   are built, or being built;   and it is a one time experiment, once ignition occurs.  No going back/ no second chances!

          The same is true for genetics: which is Armageddon (nature in chaos) coming! DNA IS NATURE, because it builds the bodies of life/ and the universities, etc: are mutilating LIFE every single day.  CLAIMING “WE WILL, wipe away every tear”.  Ask ANY PERSON, who has been mutilated/ if this is better, than nature provided!  Reality says:  they are NOT “helping life/ they are throwing it away”. While all the evidence of reality suggests:  “they are, less than a blind monkey” throwing garbage into nature itself;   along with every other piece of shit they can find.  A reality of failure, that consumes  life, by throwing it into the only “machinery of our existence” we cannot live without.  A body that works, is no toy!  At least a real blind monkey doesn’t know any better:   “these do”; who then is not greater than “university knows”.  You want everything/ you want “never to die, until you don’t want to live”.  You want “everything under your control”///////////!  How could it be said: that you have not received that control?  Just look around you, every threat but one, is absolutely MAN-MADE.  Even our potential  extermination from this planet, every living thing threatened with extinction/ even the solar system itself: is a decision entirely based upon what MEN DID DO.  

           And still you worship the people who enslave you/ lie endlessly/ hide everything important/ and fail at all levels;  establishing the truth:    “How few, honestly CARE ABOUT LIFE”!  Or will share CREATION itself.  They ALL, prefer GREED!  Even though they know: “you cannot build a body one piece at a time”.  As is the delusion of evolution! Particularly not without tools, utilities, construction ability, resources, food, or even a mind.  BLIND/ DAMNED/ DEAD INSIDE. AND YOU follow them, letting them teach trash to your children.

           Every other threat, IS MASSIVE as well:  Etc/ etc/ etc.  

          Which does mean:  You can “just give up”/ but IF YOU DO;  then you surrender every child, and every future child, and everything on earth forever!  Make up your mind/ time is running out.

            This is a one time deal; change all of these threats; or be exterminated.  Because that is what your university leadership chose/ and that is what you chose to let them do!  Nearly every threat: IS entirely, ALL “MAN-MADE”!  You made this/  therefore it is your duty, TO STOP THIS!  How is that, not  OUR TRUTH.

           Therefore: This is “our forever moment”/ and YOU ARE “on trial”.  There is NO, “wait and see”/ because there are NO options or realities that can extinguish this fire! YOU will be judged, even into eternity based upon what you did or did not do, to protect our world/ in these days.  Because these threats, unlike anything this earth has ever seen before: are forever, they risk everything!    GOD’S CREATION LOST:   

           Your vote IS:   YES, I will fight for life, and did do it/  or NO, I just don’t give a damn, or are unworthy of life itself!  There are no excuses, there is no middle ground.  This is: life OR death for our world/ by clear, certain, and visible evidence none can deny!   Therefore: Your choice is eternal, which does include running away, or hiding from reality/  that is, still your  choice, not to fight for this world!  Think or die.  Investigate/ examine the evidence/ prove what is true.  Prove what happens, when they are found to be WRONG!  And don’t take no for an answer!  How is that not true?  Even you, can understand, IF A TEN MILLION DEGREE FIRE is ignited here/ just like on the sun.  Then if it does not extinguish itself/ we are all dead, everything forever.  NOT ONE HUMAN BEING over the age of two; doesn’t understand the consequences of this experiment.  NOT ONE HUMAN BEING over the age of ten; does not understand, the reality of what an energy burst equal to 3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible ( electrical watts equaling=one times ten to the 54th power) could mean.  All hitting the same spot/ at the same time.  Means it ain’t no game.  Grab a one hundred watt light bulb, and get a clue!  One times ten, to the sixth power is a one million watt light bulb!           Wake up or die!




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