beyond duty 9

If, I were your mother; I would remind the majority of humanity, “to look down”/ upon the intense mountain of trash and garbage, that you built “to get here”. I would remind you, that disrespect for nature, environment, GOD and JESUS; are a certain graveyard, without mercy: to you. I would remind you, the future is your responsibility; not your “treasury to rob, rape, and ravage or destroy”; as is consistent with this day. I would remind you, nothing can repair, what goes past the point of no return; nor can you make GOD Your personal servant to demand “HE, must repair, and clean up, your sewage”. It ain’t so.

I would then remind you: that life or death for us all is a decision being made in this day. A reality of experimentation that intends to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here. A reality of mutilation in nature, that will bring chaos to biology, as is the chant, and the intent; of university knows. A reality of resource and environmental destruction beyond all possibility called, sanity. A certain death for every child, even you. I would remind you, that a university education today allows nothing of “free thought”/ only memorize and robot-icily do what you are told. The end result being “propaganda spread thick across this world” so none will question, or be heard, about the cost of being wrong; for all these things.

If, I were your mother, I would ask you to reconsider the future, without your wants or pride controlling that thought. Thereby removing all but the truth. I would ask you to understand the disciplines of law: so that communication of what you honestly believe, shall not then be war. I would ask you to find courage, to seek respect for life, to understand the expressions of love cannot exist without miracles….. to search for your own faith; as this whole world of creation points entirely to one GOD. By design, by reality, by truth, by evidence, by thought which alone can do these things, through “life energy” manipulation. I would also ask you to consider the cost of being wrong in these things for yourselves; as eternity knows, the decisions you make. Reminding you: “Destroying GODS’ own work”, which is a truly beautiful world/ WILL have consequences. Realities as are life, “which you cannot now, truly understand”.

If, I were your mother; “to want what you want/ and little else”; is extremely selfish. Without our entire world alive; nothing you want would exist. You cannot survive without the other lives, environment, etc; either. Every piece of food which sustains you, “is another life”. Every type of destruction to the environment or its resources; are “a nail in the coffin” of something else that now lives or is dying because of men. It will not go on much longer. The answer of men is, and has always been: war! Because war is the removal of law, rights, and realities which govern what those who want from war, can then take. You can’t be “a god over life” without fear, or a weapon, or a right that refuses law as is war. Therefore we know that men are drawn into war; because a percentage of men, which always tries to get into powerful positions: do worship war.
The answer of life is law! The enforcement of that law, is what brings us peace, harmony, and happiness: therefore truth may rule. Truth never listens to want/ it is, what it is. Reality cannot be governed by pride: life is no game, “it is a billion times more important, than that”. Love is a treasury of values, that cannot be measured; only respected and achieved through the desires within your own heart and soul. Soul visits us, when we know: “every life is a miracle” and nothing less.

If, I were your mother; I would recommend to you: communicate with each other, as if your world depended upon it. Because it does!
I would tell you, listen to your own heart (where duty arises), and find your own individual purpose and design; thinking, through understanding and knowledge: WITHOUT “simply listening to your tv/ etc”. Know what has true value, is life as GOD made it; alone! The fantasies and failures of men who lead this world; do not recognize that, to their eternal shame. Life is not a game.
Remember each one, is a living breathing miracle beyond comprehension! Where judgment must be given/ only the law itself decides. Where mercy is honestly worthy, that can intervene; but nothing else, because as is true of nature itself. The individual is not as important as the whole; therefore we too must protect the whole of earth and life first. Even if that means an individual is not allowed, to “infect the rest with chaos”. It is simply true.

If, I were your mother; I would tell you to look beyond your time, and build for a future; even if you benefit little. Even if, “this is not your fault”/ because there is no future, for a single child; if we do not choose and work, “as life itself, on a mission”; to repair all the damage that has been done. That is no joke, no possibility of being wrong! This world is dying; the primary enemy has been: “men who lead by, university knows”! Therefore change must come here as well.

If, I were your mother; I would say to you “expressions cannot be achieved without substance”. For example; You cannot simply tattoo your body, and say “I did something”. It is not true. You cannot say, “I experienced something MORE, than the others; by watching tv”; it takes more than your fantasy. Not all knowledge has value; be careful what you wish for/ people fall into chaos, many to change their lives forever. With just a tiny error in judgment, decision, or acceptance of what is not true. Learn what is true! Truth substantiates itself, with evidence. Truth assembles what justice can be, searching for life/ not hate.
I would ask you: what are the values of your own heart, because these govern your relationship with soul. Soul is a path towards Creation; it will only be known within respect. Every value that lives, searches for love; what then is your search? What then is your identity teaching you, to do, say, and think? Time is a treasury of change; giving to each one, an ability to perceive “this is/ or this is not, where my life desires to be”. Therefrom creating a true and deliberate choice; identifying you individually from the rest. It is your decisions, that express your life. It is your truth, that brings experiences which can or cannot be valued.
If I were your mother; the values of sex would not be forsaken/ because the true essence of an intimate relationship between two of the opposite sex: determines the balance and harmony of society itself. Where there is love exchanged, there will be peace; as value increases/ so then does justice. Where sex is simply used or abused/ forced or hated; society falls apart, even if there is no other cause. Man and woman discipline each other; or there is pain, and will be chaos. Neither “wins”; a game has no value/ a trophy “is simply fool’s gold”. Soon thrown in the trash; “the moment” is over. Not so with sex or life; as these remain hidden inside; some for life, some for hate; some changing our world.

If, I were your mother; I would remind you one last time: to consider the consequences of what being wrong does mean for this world.

Particularly for things like ignition of the same fire that is on the sun; here!

Particularly for things like mutilating genetics with DNA or other chemicals or things; as life itself is being threatened in every conceivable way. When they say “its all good/ we will wipe away every tear; just leave us alone”! Remind them of what they don’t know; and the consequences of failure that cannot be reversed. Remind yourselves, “even cooking has consequences; due to ingredients, or heat, or timing, or lack of resources, etc/ etc/ etc”.

Cooking involves a few ingredients: building a body of life requires “HOW MANY, thousand or perhaps billion individual measurements, realities, controls, ingredients, and so on”? Answer the question, because if you don’t know even that tiny little bit; HOW could anyone expect less than horrors, to result?

What then happens if the mechanisms and means to build an entire life are tampered with? It is horrendous, and has absolutely no possibility of turning out well. It is terrorism of the worst kind!

The claim of geneticists, “to get educated for life”, with exception for only the tiniest few; is a complete lie. If it were so, they would have chosen to proceed with extreme caution. Instead, they have proven by the evidence, to have done exactly the opposite of that; worshiping evolution as their god of chaos instead. Their purpose to demand change throughout biology; thereby declaring war on life itself. They are, another core essence of “SATAN (we can destroy this world) himself”. Their choice is: to demand evolution will exist, by de-constructing life; so that it becomes a descent into “slime”! To their eternal shame and punishment.

 Just another example: the core essence of “university knows” hidden behind layers of lies and propaganda; is death to our world. As is so clearly proven without the slightest doubt, by those who are willing to gamble our whole world on their theory “a ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel; will just extinguish itself”. “Even a blind man, could see; the critical error/ and absolute arrogance of such a stupid, stupid, stupid disgrace these people are”. Why not you?

The cost of being wrong; is a fire none will escape! And you know it!

Remember your duty to life and child: which means, there is no excuse for being lazy, or not involved. You are involved, our entire world is under attack. None, are excused!


I would remind you as well, LOOK at the consequences of what you do, and understand HOW you are affecting the rest of all life. A case in point is; next to where I live, a ditch exists with a bridge. That bridge just replaced; had a small pond on each side since it was built. A watering hole for all kinds of life, a place where new fish generations were born every year; a tiny little ecosystem for existence itself. The new bridge, in an effort to insure “we won’t have to do this again for a long time” has large rocks buried on both sides of the bridge so there can and will “be no pond”. Or we are now in control, “we know how, to build what we want and protect it”. The end result of this is no life, only men patting themselves on the back, “cause they are so smart”. It is a man’s way/ life be damned; again and again and again.


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