note to self

Note to self

UNLIKE an atomic explosion, which can only extend through “excited material”. An atomic fire burns until it runs out of fuel. Every known physical law in humanity/ every part and parcel called science demands: an atomic fire burns atoms. Only fantasies and want, deny that. No second chances. Pride won’t save you, or this earth/ or your child@

Nothing in this world can be stopped, unless humanity as a vast majority joins in/ just how it is.
No amount of evidence matters/ no consequence is of concern; particularly to men; because they only want what they want, and nothing else matters. Until the destruction is nearly complete.
No reality of truth, that establishes complete proof of tragedy coming, makes a difference; because this nation in particular believes in the cult of “university knows”. They can’t be questioned/ reality does not matter/ ignorance is bliss; because the university diploma controls everything. Including the children, and all who became brainwashed by media.
Even the tragic realities clearly coming: of food, water, oxygen to breathe, resource loss, extinction, environmental chaos coming, food chains destroyed, all ocean life extinct, temperatures which will exceed 160 degrees in summer on earth soon, radiation poisoning from ozone loss. Or more simply, “absolutely nothing” can interfere with the university decision to destroy life on earth, by playing god. Not even the absolute threat, which none can refute: of bringing atomic fire here onto this earth. By letting the universities pretend that a ten million degree fire will just “extinguish itself”. Even after they have proven themselves wrong, by a thousand experiments at the national ignition facility; and everything else that is completely insane.

THIS IS, “GOD’S earth, & HIS CREATION”; but it was built for humanity to experience and express itself. Established by human freedoms, the lack of respect; the disgrace of continual lies, stealing, failure, etc; worshiping “university knows” even though they are “the creators of nearly all that threatens us with extinction”. The tragedies so clearly coming, by the evidence. Mutilating nature itself. Etc/ etc/ etc! The question that presents is: why would GOD care/ if you do not? Not even when threatened with an all consuming fire, as is on the sun. Clearly the fire exists. It is absolutely certain, by the evidence; “the universities” are trying to ignite that here! The only question is: will it extinguish itself/ or, will that fire continue, and make earth another sun: “its all or nothing”. That gamble is beyond insane; those who choose to risk every living thing, even the solar system itself: cannot justify the risk therefore “I give them, the biblical name of Satan”.

We have gone past the ability of men to control themselves and stop what they are doing; they failed completely. We have very limited time left for women to intervene for life, and choose a different direction. We are completely dependent upon “OUR CREATOR” at this point in time to keep us alive on earth. Because the threats of men are so severe, and so extreme, and so developed in machines, etc at this time; that our entire world can be lost at any second, on any given day.
Biblical prophecy does come true, and has been realistically interpreted, where needed (even if more can be done, its useless). That prophecy of an end to this world begins with the first experiment that gambles with this entire world, as is atomic fire [burns atoms/ which means everything is fuel here on earth; just like the sun. Same fire/ same result.]. Old testament prophecy in Daniel gave us 1290 days by law to stop this; men failed/ truly didn’t care enough. The new testament gives us an additional 1335 days to choose a direction for life on earth that will grant mercy for us all here in time. To date, absolutely “none of that”; women fail too. That leaves us with death by horror, of one kind or another/ even all.
People scoff at biblical prophecy, or preach it, but can’t believe it could possibly come true; NOT in their time. So that is discarded by the religious, with even more fervor than simple truth; even with evidence. Can’t think/ just don’t want too! All want what they want; simple as that. Discarding the reality at current population increases of about 120 million more people per year to feed. That means we need to eat at least one pound of food per day on average as a human being/ plus water. Which equals 120 million more pounds a day/ a demand equaling 365 days for a year, requires 43.8 billion pounds of “other life” added again this year. More next year, “above deaths”!    The catholic religion, leads the way!  Still can’t think of the cost here, to life or environment apart from self?  not even while it is absolutely apparent humanity has begun to “eat the seed, for next years crop”. Destroying the seas, jeopardizing every grain, mutilating every life university touches!  WHICH OF COURSE MEANS: food, water, everything required for survival,  is going to get much more serious very fast. Which means war; as it always does in a man’s world.  That will be “Syria, world over”/ until weapons of mass destruction fall.  Biological diseases are unleashed.
“University knows”, the religion which brought us here,  HAS BEEN stealing everything they could find along the way. Has proven to be the single most destructive element of humanity, that has ever existed; NEVER choosing for life. To their shame, not a single true decision for life or child or nation or world;  absolutely nothing for this earth. Strictly selfishness/ simply destroying the future for any child:  proving just greed, power, and pride matter to them. While choosing fantasies, failure, horror, tragedy, and chaos as the future for this whole  earth. Men follow/ while women and children, have no real say.
Nonetheless, a humanity that won’t think for itself/ or accept any version or reality of proven truth, cannot survive. That is the simple facts of life. Not up for debate, its just plain true.
As for the tiny few who did help with this effort: DO continue on, as a tribute to your own eternity. Its important! As for all the rest, who could nor would provide even the smallest contribution for life on earth threatened with horror and extinction. The simple and plain truth is: you chose, congratulations, “you get what you earned”/ or you earned the reward of those you followed, or refused to stop. Just how it is!

As for me, I pray for the world/ but without an honest response, you are lost. Prayer will not help, because that is the decision you made, and refused to change. Its called freedom/ regardless of how stupid, disgraceful, and disrespectful, blind, etc can you be. Oh I know, “you can go measure something (now you know: “nothing”), and call yourselves god”. Regardless, without true support; even though our whole world shall be lost/ there really is no reason for me to carry you further. Carry means: I made every payment, for this work; receiving next to nothing in return. You didn’t care! Not even for an entire world of life. The absolute tragedy of that, cannot be denied; up to this date and time. Where there is no use or purpose in conceiving that you might just change. Because no such evidence or truth of action does exist. I do, wish it was not so. But it is! Goodbye then. James Frank Osterbur 3/17/16


If you can’t stand up and sign your name to the work, accepting all potential consequences/ then you didn’t really take a stand for life or earth. Just how it is.

Depression is a state of mind, which measures the current reality, and decides “something important, cannot be changed/ and that fact is not enough for me”. Common response is: then to deny these facts exist/ making life a fantasy, based upon lies. Reality states: acceptance of the simple truth, “I can only do, the best I can do/ that is the fact of life. Regardless of the consequences which this matter defines”. Therefore, I have done my best; and may rest without depression/ because I did make my choice, and I cannot make your choice. Its called freedom. The fact then is: I did do, what I could have done. Perfect or not, the work I did do is the life I chose, the future I supported, the failures, and the realities of work and duty that are called “mine”.   Just like, “what is yours”.

It is fundamental, critical, and true, only dramatic real change will make a difference. Your every intent across all human lines is: HELL NO/ we don’t want what truth demands. None of us! Keep lying, even if the world itself dies, because of that choice! Just how it is. Your trial, for life or death of this planet; is nearly over. Believe it or not; the possibility to recover anything, for a future we can or wish to survive, is ending. That too, is just how it is.

note to humanity:
I choose,  to end this work, because without any help it is impossible to conceive of anything but “this example of reality”.  Our time, is not unlike people driving in a car at over one hundred miles per hour/ approaching a “dead man’s curve”. 3 or 4 times the probability we could survive. Got maps/ got information/ got evidence “look at the signs”: we are even now in view of the curve itself. Which contains a thousand foot drop-off on the other side. Can’t get out/ can’t stop the car/ none listen or care. “Until the tires are squealing, and the end of every life is near. You are already fundamentally past, the safe zone. It will now take a “professional driver” just to have a chance. Believe it or not/      because you are “completely unprepared”.   IF YOU PLAINLY JUST GIVE UP, then you accept the world is dead;  not worth trying to save!  Sacrificed by you, don’t care!  “Eternity will remember”.  I do guarantee that!

note to women
The bible was written by men/ for men/ about men/ with their language and their purposes; it has, says, or is little about women.  As is true of all religion! So simply disregard the claims such as “these are those who did not defile themselves with women….” As is nearly all the rest: A statement of men, about men, and for their purposes alone. Instead, women are indeed “GOD’S living TEMPLE on earth”! There is nothing “minimal” about that. Do the best you can for life; we all live/ or we all die together. Every single nation on earth at once, with the ignition of sun fire here. We all endure the consequences of our failure to respect life, and reality by its own truth/ instead of human want. It will be horrific, for every single life; yours too! If you don’t stop this descent.
The old testament represents men, and their version of law. The new testament represents JESUS as a man “using female traits” to alter the behaviors of men. The book of Revelation demands death by male rule for the first eleven chapters. After chapter 12; the prophecy changes & is about what can be, if women rule life (as I have provided interpretation). NOT free/ but life, with a future for happiness. That represents a choice only women can make; you are NO LESS LOVED. No less worthy to guide life on earth. Even so, there are no second chances if you fail/ just as men have already failed. That is your choice to make. We must have “different, than this”/ that is you.

 I will help you if you HONESTLY try, but no guarantees. It is, simply too late for that.

Here’s a little tidbit that I forgot to mention: in the extremely unlikely event/ an impossibility really/ that the ten million degree sun fire; as the university intends to create:   actually does extinguish itself. Millions more jobs will be lost. Or if they are wrong, every life on the planet/ even the planet itself, is lost forever. How is that worth the risk?  Think about it, every life on earth,  gambled on a single theory!
They can’t be wrong? Well just consider the lowly incandescent light bulb/ a propaganda campaign to dispose of them forever. But let’s review: throughout the heating season (anytime but summer)/ the light bulb simply heats the house. Which means in terms of heat release, it’s one hundred percent efficient. Unlike the circle flourescent, the light intensity of the incandescent: rather than just lumen’s is far more user friendly, “we see better”. In terms of mining and environmental impacts which include the garbage dump: there is no comparison. As to summer, sunlight produces nearly all the light being used in a house/ don’t need much from artificial light sources. Recycling is far easier with an incandescent, you just don’t do it.   MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHAT IF “your university gods” DIDN’T THINK OF EVERYTHING? BECAUSE ONCE IGNITED AN ATOMIC FIRE WON’T GO OUT/ everything here is fuel!

Or perhaps its just didn’t know enough, and assumed too much; as is consistent with the O.J. Simpson murder case. “If the glove don’t fit/ after its been soaked with blood, and dried in a hot sun”/ that’s because leather shrinks substantially, under those conditions. Wrong, don’t make nothing right!

There seems to be “one last thing”: if you come looking for me. My tits continue to grow; no choice of mine. Not gay/ never going to be gay; simple as that. Instead these female breasts do whatever they want to do; and I have literally no say. This has to be at least somewhat “like having a baby”/ this body just isn’t entirely mine anymore. A complete surprise! Even so, because I desire to be clear: My tits, just grew! “Didn’t do anything/ except open the door, to female spirituality; just to ask a question”. Life has changed, the explosion or whatever it was inside my head a few weeks ago;  was absolutely necessary to all things “simply male”. Believe it or not; NEVER my intent.  Never was there a day, when I didn’t like being “simply male”.   Oddly enough, it seems there may be something to astrology after all;   as my birthday is listed as “the twins”.  What has become female inside, now shares this existence:  respect is mandatory.  Not so bad, just not simply male anymore. A  complete surprise.   Strictly male, means you have no clue.  Not better or worse, but very different.  Its one body, but there are two lives living in here now;  “complicated”, but the war is over.   I don’t know the ending.  

It occurs to me, “I guess I got my wish, with regard to female”:  the question was, HOW do we survive as a world/ men can’t do it alone?   NOT what I expected.  But plain and simple, “it is the addition of a female spirit in me” that became the method, and the means;  of completing this message, of extreme threats.  Of establishing:   War is NOT an answer, it is that simple.   It is, simple and true;  when men face a problem they don’t know how to answer/ they find war their solution.  THAT, would end this world.  “Be grateful to women”/ they are at least   “hope”.


Realities by definition

Reality is a definition of living, in this world. Knowledge in its honesty called proven fact, is a development conceptualizing purity. Understanding is a dimensional trait, a distance from the truth that is recognizable. While wisdom sets apart those who want/ from those who let truth decide. With clarity of purpose, a desire unfolds. With a desire that seeks to encounter value as is integral with respect; there is a passage beyond this time: granting selfishness need not control your life. Pride is an enemy/ power is a fool, unless governed by truth. Trust determines the intensity of life and living, because it binds us to the securities we chose; thereby anchoring faith in our own ability to think, and accept, what is proven true, in both heart and soul.
Heart “gives us this physical life”/ heart as a more dimensional trait, identifies the values we seek as an individual; constructing doorways, by determining a path to desire. Soul means: to accept, we are living miracles by no accident/ rather as is evident by design, we are loved. That love expresses joy/ that joy seeks value/ that value brings us happiness; therefrom we do learn to seek GOD . That search recognizes love as the foundation of our world/ therefore it is the presence of truth and love, that identifies most about our Creator! THAT LOVE, is functionally real, by the written descriptions that are “biblical; JESUS, called CHRIST”. No other account, can conceive of the same levels or intensity or desire or design to bring GOD into our lives! This is the only one.

So the question is: Are you merely “time”/ or is there something that can be eternal in you? Men are always certain, of everything they believe; which brings us religion “with a thousand different obstructions” to the truth. That there is only one eternity, and that cannot survive without truth, and the laws from which life derives. Therefore the question of eternity, is developed only in the composite descriptions that can be “laws for life”. These are not for you in time; the levels of failure/ surrounded by fools and fantasy/ submersed in greed, etc/ etc/ etc. These are not for you.
However time allows, your acceptance of foundations which have no other definition, than miracles/ by that simple truth. Can give soul its chance to make you eternal. Eternal means: I have stepped beyond myself, to enter and encounter; values & destinies, beyond time. It is not a game/ truth takes no prisoners, it is what it is; only mercy intervenes.
So the question is: why should you desire eternity, when it requires “your whole life” here in time; just to conceive of its grace, truth, and life?
What value does eternity have, which time does not: that makes this choice, this reality of desire trusting life, as a value accepted by your heart? A purpose within your soul!
That answer begins with love; because love is the single treasury, making eternity worth its price. Everything else that can be sustained; is merely truth, law, and reality. Love is the expression of joy. Joy is the dimensional trait, that gives eternity its life. Without joy, we die. Because life is not worth its living. With joy, as assembled by love, life is eternal. A place without cost, because you came into my life to share your existence with me, and care about my world and myself through love/ just as I do so with you. When truth, respect, courage, and love lead, reality need not find sorrow.

So the constant question of man and woman is: WHERE do I find this love, this journey beyond myself as is called “the desire of life”!
That answer comes from you. It is the critical and true decision, that builds your own identity. Therefrom, the realities which you will face beyond an action or reaction determines fate. Eternity is given to those who can become pure life, as is the evidence of true love. That is a destiny. Destiny means: hope brings me into the journey that becomes everything life can be, for me. Your body has nothing to do with that. Your mind measures, for the purposes of body. Only thought conceives of eternity or life itself. Therefore it is thought which constructs eternal life. Where then does your thought take you? Is it not your choice, to construct “thinking, as you desire it to be”? Not fantasy; but real life elevations that accept hope in the fluid embrace of truth, can be whatever wisdom allows. Love transports us between each other, to experience the expansion called soul. Where is then your love?
The questions of eternity are not bound by the descriptions of time: therefore you cannot understand the relationship, unless you abandon time in favor of a relationship with thought. You cannot have that relationship unless you choose it, with soul. Therefrom, “soul, is the key to eternity”/ it is not thought. Rather eternity belongs to “HIM WHO CREATED IT”.
None will cheat. No lie will be tolerated. Only truth consistent with love. Only those who can purify their love will find a destiny “close” to the essence of life itself. Simple and plain; means not a game.
It is your choice, “to believe whatever you want or have faith in whatever you do desire by truth, trust, respect, love, and life. Actions speak louder than words; so to speak.

This path in time is not for the weak. There path is simply to have faith in GOD; and let mercy decide your love. To discard religion, assuming you have accomplished the disciplines they can provide: means you choose to encounter more. The spiritual world is more, “of life” than time. But it is fraught with peril, and gives life only to those who anchor themselves in the life of JESUS . Because there will be “decisions”. A wrong turn/ a wrong choice, has consequences if not eternal death. Keep it in mind! Don’t play.

Pride will get you killed forever. Want is a fool (knew better/ but did it anyway), and will be rejected. What you believe is a test/ the wrong belief, is a death trap: choose only proven truth. Your “Power” does not exist/ any attempt to exercise such is an act of war. If, you do not trust your own “truths”, or they are wrong/ you will fail. These generally return to earth as “schizophrenic (I cannot get past, truth I accepted: failed me)”.   To escape that consequence, you must adhere to the simplest truth possible which can anchor your soul: JESUS is SAVIOR!   Or, to reevaluate what can or cannot be accepted, correctly/ then where courage allows, these few may try again. Because reality says, “to experience this means/ you did leave something behind”; which then can be found; it is, “a small part of you”.    Bear in mind, the spiritual world has no mercy! It is, what it is.
        The spiritual world HAS rewards as well as consequences/ but only for those who survive. The “wrong turn”, even if it has very valuable consequences for life in time: still remains as  a decision that cannot be changed.  Unless you truly do understand the truth you have  chosen to encounter.  Spiritual demand is very simple: only the truth, consistent with the area of law you chose to encounter; is accepted. Anything less, is cause for consequences, which will occur.  You now have “fair warning”/ choose carefully!
Life says to me, that I should continue a bit more; so as to be clear.
The difference between seeking the spiritual world, and depending upon mercy is: those who survive truth and law in spiritual existence/ shall then become “children of GOD” (going wherever you please, with respect, by truth and understanding.). The term “God (a human word)” means in its most literal form, in time: “Creator of the future”. The reality of GOD OUR CREATOR; is so far beyond this definition, there are no words.
Those who depend upon mercy, by the evidence of truth and love; construct a home that is within the environment of GOD . But will not leave their respective “cities”. Or more simply it is conceptual, that life and love and truth, will be separated into its various elements; environment by environment. Being the same means, “we act and react together as one”; as does nature prove.
To conceive of this more correctly, understanding should arise: like elements here in mass, the foundation of life, beneath GOD in eternity. Is composed of an energy that can be manipulated, because it is not yet committed to a specific purpose. That energy can become life, or time; and exists in a state of potential, until it is dedicated, by decision. Life is fundamentally composed of many different complexities that resemble in some sense, the essence of elements (atomic creations). As with elements here on earth, where the specific realities of more simple creations can in fact join into more complex forms without problems or troubles; they can in fact join under the correct circumstances. Life, encompasses the universe. It is “bigger, than you think”.

It would be unfair, not to present the single fact of life in death that is important to every human being: again, that is “life is given to us by GOD” / it is not something we make, it is not biologic chemistry; life is a gift. Separate from body or mind! Life is an energy, as nothing can be done including existence: without the freedom associated with a choice. Energy then is the base of every choice that can be made/ thought is freedom to recognize and make that choice; these three things comprise life beyond body as well. Energy; as in the potential of life itself; the ability to make a decision as in, an identity is required; & thought as is the construction of freedom itself. When death comes, it comes because the energy of life itself, goes back to its Creator. That means IF YOU GO WITH that energy, by adhering to it as life itself/ THEN you will go back to not only creation, but your Creator; as energy itself travels to its destination, and yours. If you turn back, worshiping this life in time instead/ then you will be left behind, to dissipate into nothing forever. Make your decision early on: GO, with life. To find everything the fact this planet is filled with miracles, does indeed represent!


Crossroads; the demand for a decision!

Functional disciplines state: when you have achieved all the knowledge, that is consistent with a specific decision. When you understand the consequences of being wrong in that decision. When wisdom can no longer make a difference to the direction you will choose. Then you have no further excuse, but to make that decision; and live the destiny (I have hope in truth) or fate (I want what I want) you will earn. The consequences of being wrong in this search for a new beginning to human world order; is beyond harsh/ it is extermination, by a variety of difference threats; each of which is plenty to ensure extinction of humanity/ even all life, from this planet. Those are the decisions “university men and their followers” did make.
Which brings us to this moment: when all of humanity must decide to respect and protect LIFE ON EARTH FIRST! OR, let this entire Creation die! Its not a game; these are the choices we are left with: because for more than 7 decades, these are the choices men, and their leaders did make. Women are NOT “innocent”/ but, as in the vast majority of women: they were not allowed the opportunity to choose, or even truly influence: therefrom far, “less guilty”.


Biblical prophecy is literally: “for men/ by men/ about men, and their male leaders, and their male ways”. Their prediction is: men cannot save themselves or this world. I would agree! However; As is consistent throughout human time: women were never asked to contribute, nor allowed to make the decisions that determine society. Consequently biblical prophecy as with other religions: simply DOES NOT include women, OR what may or may not happen should they lead. Religion, is about men, and their lives/ it has little to do with women; because men wrote these words, in their own language, by their own decision. Even if influenced by “greater realities”/ religion is still, “about men”. Until we get to the twelfth chapter of Biblical Revelation; which begins the discussion, “what if women do lead”?   It is a question, that can only be answered by reality!


Crossroads mean: you cannot stay here, you must make a choice or die where you stand. We cannot go back, the destruction, or damage is massive; and the old ways will not work any longer! “To go left” is a synonym; assembling the trait, that you wish to go even further into selfishness, and blatant denial of responsibilities; discarding life entirely. “To go right” is a synonym generally associated with religious development. As in we can sacrifice our way out of this. Neither will work!

Therefrom the only choice for life, which you can make is to go forward: but with different leaders! The reality very simply is: “This is the best men did do, after a written testimony of thousands of years: which proves they cannot change”. This is the best they can do; simple as that/ even if they try it will not work. Because history proves men just keep coming back to what they chose before; different weapons and tools aside/ nothing in human society has truly changed in thousands of years. Still the same crime/ still the same trouble/ still the same power struggles/ still the same pride/ still the same abuse of women/ still the same environmental damage (just worse, do to machinery)/ still the same wars; etc. They cannot lead further, or life on earth will be extinct.
Children cannot/ that leaves women!

So the critical truth of our very existence as life on earth, now rests in the hands of those who must choose differently than men. Women will choose differently/ because they are very different people; even more so, than imagination will allow. So then different is not in fact a problem. What is a problem is the influence of men on their decision. This is a world filled with “I WANT, what I WANT/ and NOTHING else”. A product of men, a reality of money that allows just a few to choose for all the rest. This is a world searching again for war; because environmental damage and overpopulation demands: SOMETHING MUST be done. War is the answer of men/ world war three, will be extermination of life on this planet; that too, is a decision based upon “university men”, and those who follow. So the very first critical test of women is to create WORLD LAW, and the means to enforce it, by joining all nations together as one. If they fail/ we all fail life.

Even so, women are not men, and they must not choose as men do. Which means: NO, they do not get to simply decide and enforce their will on the rest! We will walk together, by joining forces in a vote/ by demanding ONLY THE LAW is allowed to rule us all. Therefore we MUST make that law together, and enforce it as one world/ or not less than each nation united, as best we can; for life, and a future.
The most controversial/ the hardest choice women MUST MAKE; are the rules and realities of population control! It is not a game, none get to play; this entire planet and all its life rests upon “NO GREATER NUMBERS OF HUMANITY”. This world is full, and overflowing; which means HARD CHOICES will be made or you die! Men wanted to play god/ now you must “play god” with your own lives; because you broke nature’s balance, with your decisions. Put it back together, or die. Your only decision is: FOR LIFE on this planet first/ which puts every individual second! No more games.
The reality of resource degradation and loss is: now you must protect all the rest, or there is no future. Now you will deal with job losses, that will be hard; because you have no resources to destroy. You must protect the environment as well. You must control those who will not obey reality or its truth: and move them all, to a location (dependent upon numbers) which is their’s alone. NO COMING BACK! You WILL enforce that. Not because you want too, but because there is no other way; to build a future in peace and harmony. Hate, and all its most egregious fringe elements must be removed. Without happiness, and in particular the sanctity and respect of “men and women in true love”; you will fail. Can’t do it: not to worry, “plenty of room in the graveyard”. Alas, “no coming back” from that either!

You will investigate/ examine/ respect/ balance/ and choose to bring REALITY BACK to life on earth. Discarding all the tragic failures of a university mind; and returning to what is real, as proven by truth. Demanding respect and responsibility for your life, and your world, and your children (so they can have a similar opportunity as yours). That is the price of mercy.
Which brings us, to the decision you WILL make for life or death on this planet.

The evidence WILL PROVE: you have failed life on earth. The evidence WILL PROVE: you have let your universities/ and their takeover of government: threaten all life on earth with extermination. The evidence WILL PROVE: instead of weapons of mass destruction being “your saviors”/ they are merely waiting to execute life itself. Etc/ etc/ etc! As is true of so many, many threats; particularly those which are “university derived”. The fantasies are over, the utter failure/ deceit/ lies/ stealing/ etc; shall end. NOW! Or you will, so says the truth.

This is, “a big job”/ because that, “is what men chose to do”. Simple and plain; “they just wanted what they wanted/ why is that wrong”? The answer is: want is not enough/ TRUTH ALONE MUST LEAD, because truth is the foundation of survival itself.  Want, is merely an aid used to create lies, excuses, and theft/ or worse.

I suppose that brings us to me, I can assist women/ I am not given to men. That is the decision of women alone will make, as reality has quite honestly removed my defenses. Or ability to stop what is “spiritual woman inside”. Its complicated (an explosion in my head; “removed, nearly equal”). Now: certain things, are Not my choice, just my reality. You can’t imagine; different. I don’t know why/ or why me. Simple and plain.  Not a game/ not a delusion or lie:  its spiritual, therefore you can’t understand.  Because you do not seek Creation itself!
Regardless, I am not your choice or your savior or anything else. I have brought you a message. Since this is the ending of life on earth if you fail to reverse and change everything that now threatens this planet and its life: I AM confident in saying, it is apparently because of the consequences, and by the methods used to educate me: a message from “GOD” . You, are free to disagree/ but you are not free to discard the reality of evidence by its own truth: we stand at the edge of extinction. Because of “university knows, and the vast majority of men who follow, and do their work”. Enforcing their decisions. Investigate, examine the cost of being wrong, the reality of continuance, the failures so obvious: and CHANGE OR DIE. Not a game/ ridicule won’t save you, or this earth. Claiming anything about me; won’t save you either/ or give you an excuse (those have worn out). You know that is true!
No you can’t continue to be as selfish as you possibly can. No, you can’t survive by pride. No, you won’t survive unless you share and care; only war is then left. No prayers won’t save you; “even if you believe they will”. This is about what men did do; and in particular “university knows” who claimed they could be, your gods. They failed you! Now you have to choose: back to reality/ or continue on for a few more months at best, “to extinction”. As the evidence without doubt, does prove true.
If you don’t “move for life”/ death will march in quickly! A “thousand threats”, are lined up and ready!
The decision is yours/ like it or not.
You are long past “excuses”; they will be heard no more. Reality will prove that; although as the Bible states: nobody knows exactly when “the hammer fails”. But it also states, once you go past the point of no return, it will not be stopped. Because that, is what you chose.
CHOOSE LIFE, AND FIGHT WITH RESPECT AND LAW, for your world, your child, and everything you value about life itself. Because this world has changed. Human population makes it so. University knows how to build death traps, even WORLD EXTINCTION; makes it so. The consequences of men and their endless destruction of environment and resources; makes it so. Military delusions and their purposes with weapons of mass destruction makes it so. A dying ocean/ drinking water losses/ burning oxygen beyond what this earth can produce/ and ETC/ ETC/ ETC……………………………………………………..ETC; ALL PROVE. YOU, as an entire world of humanity WILL NOT SURVIVE. By the consequences of what you did do. So says the evidence!
Without true, immediate, and real change/ that cannot go back to the way it was.
Make your decision: no second chances, a world dies only once!

make your personal decision;  “life or death,     for eternity”.

NO sacrifices (either choose for life, through respect or not at all)/ NO, “better not take any chances (bad choice)”/ NO gambling (odds do not exist/ only the reality of being wrong)/ NO second chances, past the point of no return:       MAKE YOUR DECISION, and live, work, communicate, and do the best you can:  FOR LIFE.

or,      be as selfish as you want today/ because that will not last much longer.  Eternity is “forever”:   so, “get your money’s worth/ right?”  After all, that is exactly what the university elite did; back in the sixties, when they could not stop the military/ or organize the public. When it became apparent what the future would hold, they quit, for life:   “got to get mine now”. They declared war, “on the money”, and stole everything they could! “What a good job they did”? Isn’t that what the evidence does prove!   Smart or stupid/ or exactly what you would have done with the information:  you decide?


Extreme experimentation is about panic (the end is coming/ WHAT can we do), and HOW DO we survive, “without significant changes to our lives”!
Tragic resource depletion and devastation is about fear: the consequences of extreme competition (not enough for everyone), and the realities of what men do, or refuse to do. Meaning I DON’T, want to “be tossed in the trash”: so I fight, as if this was war.
Neither version survives, truth isn’t in it. You will change or die. You will stop extreme competition by sharing the resources, caring about environment, and choosing to be friends with life, and each other; or fail. It is that simple!



The foundation of time itself, is: for every action, there will be a reaction of similar size and energy.      Sun fire, is fire!    Fire means: this WILL continue until the fuel runs out OR, an alternate energy controls the outcome.  THE MAJOR ACTION ON THE SUN IS FIRE;   therefore it is first on the list, of what can make this happen;  including solar gravity.  Atoms contain a lot of energy:  SOMETHING holds an atom together, or it would all just dissipate “into thin air”.   THINK ABOUT IT!

In earth fire, that alternate energy can be oxygen depletion/ or taking away a secondary chemical/ or changing wind directions; as the earth itself has more power than fire/ it simply runs out of fuel/ or men intervene as best they can. NONE OF THAT applies to sun fire, the same fire as is on the sun.  A ten million degree fire!
Because as the sun proves on its own: there is only one base fundamental working here/ the fire will not stop, until it runs out of fuel. Proven by reality, time is essentially nonexistent! by the amount of energy released:  it is atomic in nature!  Therefrom we know, once an atomic fire starts, there is no going back, until every atom is destroyed or a supernova event takes place. Because as it is so obvious, sun fire burns atomic bonds; to destroy elements by de-constructing atoms.  The fuel cannot be consumed from the core outward:  because then all the fuel is involved at once, which means it stops burning soon after.  The evidence proves, that has clearly not happened.

      Earth fire burns molecular bonds; to destroy complex chemicals, AT ABOUT 3,000 degrees;   and leave only atomic elements, along with various composites of what did not burn. The difference is similar to TNT versus the atomic bomb. However this is not an instantaneous explosion/ fire is a march, on fuel: like an army devouring its enemy. Fire is fire, and everybody knows what fire is, and what fire does!  Does not a forest fire prove, “you can’t” even control that. How much less, at a temperature difference of nearly 10 million degrees, with an updraft of a thousand miles per hour or more.  BURNING ATOMS.


THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE says: atomic fire will be great, its worth the risk! BUT THEY NEVER TELL YOU: THE RISK IS, Gambling life or death with our whole world. They never say, being wrong about a ten million degree fire, which they cannot and have not experimented with: CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED, if it does not extinguish itself; our whole planet burns! How is that, NOT important, and a vital link in what media, government, and universities: MUST be required to inform?  They are terrorists;  making decisions demanding:   life or death for others, even themselves!    WITHOUT A LEGAL RIGHT TO DO SO.  THEY DON’T, EVEN TELL YOU;   the plan is, “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”.   OR, there is no other plan, in case they are wrong!   How is that not important as well? 
The national ignition facility; has tried for over three years to prove “FUSION: the theory, sun fire comes from the combing of two hydrogen atoms/ into one helium atom”. They proved with 180 million degrees and half a trillion pounds per square inch according to them: they failed, and gave up; fusion does not exist/ it is a lie. There is no helium, adds to that fact! Still they continue to try igniting an atomic fire on earth; as do others. Another theory, the sun is made almost entirely of hydrogen/ it is not, the spectral analysis of sun fire does show hydrogen; as the only “ash cloud (didn’t burn)” which can escape the fire. Doesn’t prove anything about the fuel inside. The least dense material known in this universe CANNOT BE; the most dense material as university claims is the gravity holding a solar system together. The only thing with that kind of power, is the fire itself; descriptions are given elsewhere.
People say: “The university knows” what it is doing/ which is just like saying the government knows what it is doing! There is no such thing in reality: the university is a few people who get paid to theorize, or as scientists, they simply run test after test to find where the weak points are/ to what others have invented. While government is in democracy, the constitution: and everyone else is an employee hired to do what the constitution says. Failed or not, that was their job, even though they discard it. NEITHER of these conglomerations of individuals have a legal right, or an intellect capable, of gambling with ALL LIFE ON EARTH. Which is exactly what they are doing; today, with atomic fire/ or biologic mutilation/ or resource devastation/ or even all the thievery, lies, cheating, traitorous acts, and fundamental betrayal on all levels that is constant in humanity, and in particular this America. Proving for certain: the only thing university or government employees know is CRIME, and how to organize propaganda to control knowledge for their purpose which is to enslave us all. Simple as that.
What is plain is: “You want what you want/ period”! Even if this entire world dies; as the true evidence is clearly and substantively: WRONG IN ANY OF THESE THINGS, IS A DEAD EARTH/ AN EXTERMINATION OF ALL LIFE, even a hugely impacted solar system, as another sun (this earth) would be. There is no greater abomination than that; and all humanity volunteers Do participate in that abomination, “by saying nothing”/ so the terrorists can complete their chosen task. To destroy this world!

Biblical prophecy has come true (no greater abomination could exist, than to threaten our entire planet, and even the solar system itself), in Daniel, the first death has past; the law convicts humanity of destroying the foundations which keep us alive. The predicted second death is, the more critical “will there be MERCY, for this world”? That trial ends at 2625 days past the first test; of a machine fully capable of igniting “sun fire” here on earth. Roughly 3 years from today, biblically speaking the final decision will be made/ if not before.    NOT ONLY CAN THIS EARTH DIE; biblical prediction as well as other religions expect it; in both old and new testament. NOT BECAUSE IT MUST, but because humanity fails repeatedly under the leadership of men!   Particularly impressive is:  Because ignition of all consuming fire, can in fact happen at any time.  Biological mutilation cannot be reversed.  Resource devastation is real and massive!  ETC.
I demand, and have demanded from the beginning: LET ALL THE PEOPLE KNOW, WHAT THE COST OF BEING WRONG, in these extreme experiments  TRULY IS.  Your leaders , your media, your courts, your organizations,  your religions, and more;  absolutely refuse!  As do the vast majority of people;  who simply run away to hide, “from a ten million degree all consuming fire”.    How stupid, can you be?  

In each of these extreme experiments, the cost of being wrong is horrific or extermination of  ALL life.  WE ALL HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO KNOW:   so the public can honestly decide for themselves. So they cannot run away and hide from the reality of a decision they will make; and recognize THIS IS NOT A GAME.   Instead;
People everywhere run away and hide, pretending “this then, can’t get me”. Wrong: a ten million degree fire that burns atomic bonds will create another sun! How will that not “get you”? Dumb ass/ pitiful disgrace/ liar and fool! Proven true. One second too late, and the earth is lost; there is no going back. There is no ten million degree fire extinguisher; earth fire is 3,000 degrees/ and you cannot control that, when there is just too much fuel. Every single life IS BEING GAMBLED on one single theory. “Not enough gravity” to keep the fire here; so it will just extinguish itself. Even though you know nothing about the fire as established by facts. Even though your theories about the sun, are pure fiction. Even though there are NO SECOND CHANCES; and every university claim to fame has needed “millions of second chances” to find anything!
Ignition of atomic fire is a ONE TIME EVENT: either as the university predicts, “it just goes poof/ all done”. OR, AS I PREDICT; since the fuel is clearly an atomic bond, as fire does, “it will dig in, and burn us all” as it creates another sun! Out of this earth…..NO amount of propaganda will save you/ NO amount of prayer will turn back this fire.
NO assertion that “GOD must save you” is true. These are the things MEN CHOOSE TO DO/ just like other murders, do they not happen? Its called freedom/ its called YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to control humanity on this earth. To control yourself/ and exercise DUTY and DISCIPLINE to protect and respect life. Which you currently refuse to do; particularly as any and all religion. While the others are little more than fools with dreams so extreme they believe they are “gods (we can do anything)”. Religion is supposed to know better! Yet you joined their cult, and support their ways; and will get their fate/ unless you change this reality, by RESPECTING LIFE! A fact that does not yet exist in religion or men; while we find women hiding in the background waiting, believing “let men make this decision/ so we can’t be blamed”. Their decision is: TO IGNITE AN ATOMIC FIRE, here on earth. BELIEVING, THAT FIRE, which clearly burns atoms for fuel; “Will just extinguish itself”.
Which means: if women or those who are NOT leaders around this world DON’T DO THIS, for themselves/ then we all die! Because after forty years of dedicated service to demanding: WE, the humanity of this world; HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS/ YOU CAN’T GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES OR OUR WORLD! The proven foundation reality is: leaders, and those men who follow them, won’t surrender their pride! Not even when proven WRONG, by all methods of facts, truth, and reality!  NOT UNIVERSITY/ NOT RELIGION/ NOT GOVERNMENT OR COURTS or MEDIA/    NOT “THE PROUD”;  period!  Which does prove: THEY ARE “too damn proud”, to admit being wrong. Besides “this would take away their jobs (can’t play god, anymore)”; so they let the world, AND EVERY single life on it,  die instead!  Being wrong means, “now you have to pay”/ people won’t believe you/ power & pride will die, at least a little. And everybody involved says: “I DON’T want that”. Band together, and say nothing!  Even when its life or death for our entire planet;  every living thing:    the powers that be, “choose money”.

Several machines are now running in this world; each of which can ignite atomic fire;  they do it EVERY day!   “Its only a matter of when”/ if they aren’t stopped. Therefore every second DOES count! Because we don’t know when.
In the entire history of this world; NO generation or individual has ever been THIS STUPID/ THIS BLIND/ THIS “all out worship of the religion: university knows”. Than you! You get the prize; Humanity today is, the biggest fool ever born! Congratulations/ your world is dying, entirely because of you. Your life (humanity itself) can be over, in a single second: all it takes, is one ignition of that flame.
A reality known to exist on the sun, with solar flares estimated at 12 million miles long: “the moon, is only a quarter million miles away”. THINK, for once in your life/ or die. Grow up and fight for this world with communication and forces organized to stop extreme experimentation; or go extinct. Even a jackass; can make the connection; WHY NOT YOU? Sun fire, “burns your skin in summer” from 91 million miles away! How is that not enough, to make you stand up for life, and say: WE CANNOT LET THESE PEOPLE BE WRONG.
Get up or die!

Or as is constant of the cult, called “university knows”; make up a damn fairy tale, and claim “we know”. When in fact, the only sure thing they have found is: how to exterminate this world. At the university, the only thing worse than no clue/ which means we can’t get any money or play god here: is to leave it alone, until knowledge can be understood. The university is about “demanding we know”/ therefore instead of understanding, “they experiment”. This sun fire, is a one time ignition; wrong is, earth becomes a sun. Or more simply “THEY CAN’T EXPERIMENT” unless they gamble every life on earth. So they do! Not a game/ not a delusion: facts of our time.

That leaves us with this final warning; I am not allowed “to save you”/ as if that was possible, it is not. YOU MUST RECOGNIZE AND RESPECT YOUR REALITY ENOUGH, to identify and stop human caused, extreme threats: because YOU are/ humanity is;   the problem that exists!   The threat of extinction is human!  That statement means: people always believe, “there must be something; to prove he is wrong”! And they then search for ANY EXCUSE, to assume “something about me”/ is enough to demand igniting an atomic fire, on this earth: which can consume us all; is secondary. It is not, and you know it! Which means; if that is you, a liar exists in your head. Believe it or not/ that liar is pride; “as in, I WIN”. Pride insists everything is a game. Nothing here is a game; proven time and time again/ therefore pride is evicted, in this reality. Pride must be evicted in you/ before truth can lead you back to life. “Believe it, or not”/ its true. Pride is, “an enemy”!    There is NO, “fine print to be read/ NO, ulterior motives to be uncovered/ NOTHING to win: because we are all threatened. We will ALL DIE; nobody escapes, including you and me! How is that not motive enough, to claim this must be stopped; before it is too late? Answer the question or work for the solution.
No amount of force can honestly change your mind: instead YOU MUST THINK, for yourself! No, the television cannot do it for you; they too, are part of the problem. “A cult says: you can’t question our gods (including leaders)”! The propaganda of all leaders is: “University knows”! The reality of extreme experimentation is: WRONG IS EITHER HORRENDOUS/ OR EXTERMINATION. As is proven by the facts, the clear proven evidence; of what they do!
You must think for yourself: which means, when something is identified by your mind as true/ THEN there must be an acceptance of the facts, rather than this constant demand: “I want what I want; to hell with everything else”. Or more simply “you won’t care”. Life or death for this planet means: YOU BETTER CARE, or your dead, along with everything you value as well; including the future! Find your mind, or lose your existence.
I ask you to investigate, examine, and decide for yourselves if this gamble is worth risking our entire world! this is: Everything/ even the future itself. You turn away, as if this was a game. How dare you! Simple and plain. Even if you believe “your university gods are probably right”; lets say one million to one odds/ they could be wrong. THEN YOU STILL DO: HAVE TO PAY, IF THEY ARE WRONG. Are you willing to let them, be wrong/ because there are NO second chances. Not for a single solitary living thing on this planet survives. WRONG IS, EVERYTHING LOST!

Not a single possibility of extinguishing the fire exists. That is the price of being wrong.  we all die, as does the future/ how is that worth the price of being wrong?     EVEN if you don’t like me?  get over it.
FORTY YEARS of demanding “this cannot be allowed to happen”; has taught me only one true lesson about humanity.
{ REALITY does not make you care/ LAW does not make you care/ counterfeit MONEY does not concern you/ TRUTH is irrelevant to you/ CONSEQUENCES which include dying for you too; are merely controlled by believing the cult “university knows”/ PROPAGANDA controls you, as is media of all kinds/ SACRIFICING YOUR CHILDREN, is not a concern/ SACRIFICING YOUR WORLD, doesn’t matter “to you”/ EXTREME THREATS are a hoot, not a concern/ RELIGION merely wants to be paid/ DEMOCRACY LOST is not a concern, you don’t care/ WORLD EXTINCTION, just can’t happen; cause you don’t want it/ AN EDUCATION is for fools (we are believers)/ COURTS are for enforcing what the rich man wants/ FOOD & WATER doesn’t concern you, regardless of the facts/ ENVIRONMENT is anything you want it to be, regardless of extinction, habitat loss, pollution, and everything else. Or more simply “YOU JUST DON’T CARE” about anything but you! Simple and plain.   Not the planet/ NOT ITS LIFE/ Not the solar system itself: Just plain DAMN GREED, PRIDE, LUST, AND POWER.

                                         Not even:   TRAPPED IN    FIRE!
    YOU believe “GOD” is your slave!      HE has to do, whatever you want.}
Still think GOD Can’t let you die?    DUMBASS.
Why on earth, would HE support your life/ and clean up your sewage? You will just add more!

Answer the question: WHY, are you worth MERCY? WHY, should you not simply be allowed to cause the last phase of your own extinction; ON PURPOSE. As in this, “is what you chose”.

Or, you would do, whatever you can do: FOR LIFE! How is that not true?

beyond duty 12

Love is the fundamental truth, its beginning; of every life on earth. Not just humanity, but “US ALL”. There is nothing of miracles, that do not declare, “built with love”. There is, the reality of choices that did not choose love, and fail life itself.

That given its due respect, underscores the value of that love, as the most precious treasure life itself, has. Nothing is then greater “than love”/ to the values of living. So we ask the question: what is love, even though we see the evidence, and understand the experience/ expressing its value; what is love, remains a mystery.

Not because love cannot be understood/ but because the mystery itself, is a valued and loving experience: why disturb that?
Even so, we live because of love and truth and GOD / therefrom respect accepts, that we do have a right to ask, “of functions and fundamentals”. So the question begins: where does love come from/ why does it enlighten and fill us with joy/ when, should we protect it, from the others/ who, will love us “grandly”/ how, shall the values of love within us grow?
We begin to answer only when truth is more precious than time, because all love comes from GOD . Therefore the answer does not exist on earth. We search the beginning of life itself, with the words “I AM ALIVE”/ and understand that, as a primal joy within the womb; a creation being born. To return within that moment, is to search within truth: discovering all the various realities of existence in time, that did influence or change our lives. To discard these, therefrom rebuilding life by an understanding chosen from within: as is thought itself. Identifies a path back to the moment when we first knew, “I am Alive”. What is more thrilling, than that?
Subsequently it can be said: everything being human teaches us, in one way or the other/ is a subterfuge leading us away from being or feeling truly alive. We are human too, which means we each one participates in that. But we are individuals, who can then retrace their own steps, discarding all that “is not clean/ and pure to the purpose of life, by the desire of love”. From here we begin again; a reality of work, that is neither small nor easy. So the question of who must we protect ourselves from; is answered by, “who would make us unclean” inside ourselves! That is not a judgment or a measurement of human values; but a relationship driven by the essence or core development that gives desire and purpose to life itself: within you. What exists or fails to exist in another; is not your concern. What you choose, is your life/ even your eternity; therefore choose well. You must live with each decision/ those things which do not represent love, respect, or truth can be harsh; EVEN for you! Time will prove that true. From here, we measure ourselves in a march to become pure enough, “to accept” the value of love inside of me; will not be abandoned, by GOD . Even if we are wrong/ this is the path to life, when that love rules instead of want. Therefrom, it is absolutely true: IF YOU choose to give the foundation of your own love, to someone else/ and they fail to return it. You will be abandoned inside, as your love, is now missing from its home. Therefore NEVER give the foundation of your own love away: give it ONLY TO GOD ! But make no mistake, even here, “liars exist”/ therefore you must carefully “think, prove, and choose for yourself”. So that none can be truly blamed, but you; anything less “suffers revenge”. A descent into chaos. Where life with humanity takes by violence; remember simply, “if you live as, a child following love to GOD” . Then nothing can take you from that path. To wander why, love should not be protected from violence/ from death: is to ask of mysteries, where we do not belong.

In the treasury of love where people are at the core of “experiencing and expressing what has value, from one soul, to another”. Every relationship begins or ends with respect; without respect you have nothing more than a game. Respect is the value assigned and accepted, that grants a relationship is true. Therefrom truth is itself, the evidence of a clear and honest heart.
Every heart is the essence of an individual life, developed from the rhythms of our own existence; it plays with the beat of time in us released. We are free, in love! We are burdened as a result of lies/ even if they are not our own! Do you see the difference? The heart sings with love, the soul lifts us back “to the moments we were most alive”/ even forever. Romance knows freedom, because you chose, to be “with me”. Freedom, knows romance: because I chose “to be with you”.
The participation in time, of one life supporting another life; gives trust its building blocks. Without trust, there can be no “truly grand” expressions of life or love. Because freedom is blocked by the consequences of being wrong. We must not be wrong, when sharing souls/ therefore trust must be earned, in no small way. We live or we die in each other as desire holds us true, to our own exchange of values. Courage asks for strength/ but a battle that results can take even a very strong life; so be careful, to make only GOD first in you! Forever. Give of yourself, what you can spare; to those who lost at love/ that they may rebuild within themselves, from that “tiny moment” you chose to care, or to share. IF YOU are able and secure within yourself. If not, “don’t die for someone else”; that means you have nothing for yourself, to build with. It is harsh, it is a trial that should not be. Never give “everything” away; do protect the core existence of your own self: it is your duty to do so. We are not “God”/ DON’T sacrifice; it is a sin. Every life has been saved, if they accept it: YOU CANNOT “save them”. Simply do what you can do, if that is your choice for love.

As to growing love inside, that cannot be done “with sex”. Sex is merely a human driven tool/ until truth marries you with respect, and treats you with trust that lives beyond yourself. Love then grows, because we have shared this time together. NOT me doing everything for you/ or making decisions for you/ or any other delusion that is constant with humanity to avoid taking responsibility for your own life and its decisions. Rather sharing the work, sharing the responsibilities, sharing the choices we make together; because they affect us both/ caring for your health body and mind, because it matters more to me, than a life spent for other things.
Do not choose people who want trophies/ they will abandon you; for another trophy, living or lust or property: their search is not love, it is pride. Do not believe in “slavery”/ it is not good for either, and will fail. Do not accept jealousy, “this means pride is at the door/ and abuse or use or depression will follow”: unless honest, verifiable change results. Jealousy is the fear, “I cannot compete/ I will lose”! Therefrom you are “a trophy”; if that proceeds to “a trophy they own”/ then little or large catastrophes, for you, will follow.
Do not accept pride, and demand of yourself, “I won’t do, for you: as in, a thousand things your mother or daddy did”. They are not your decision, YOU are the individual making this decision, is your “lover, friend, or soul mate” worth treating with honesty and respect, or not? If not, then why are you there? Is not the relationship between parent and child; at least intended to be a true element of love? Perhaps you should learn, rather than be convinced by peers; of how or how not, to live your life. You are the one, or the one you say you love: will bear the burden of failure, if respect fails from either side. Make your own decision, live your own life: it is your duty to do so!
Grow love inside, by accepting: the value of miracles inside of me/ deserve my time. The reality of expressions and experiences which honor and reveal love: literally do, “Begin with GOD” ! Its your choice, to treasure that fact, or deny it; if you don’t care. Simple as that. Share yourself, “it’s the only path to love” that there is! Plain as that. Love is a beautiful thing, never take it for granted; learn and live everyday, with desire “to share, and to care”, in your heart. Live with a purpose, that is true to yourself. Find happiness in miracles, “it is hidden among the leaves” so to speak.

beyond duty 11

Being free of duty: knowledge is the essential of change/ understanding the relationship born to share/ while wisdom itself stands as guard over our own future; even now, this world.

IF, I were a mother; I would talk to you about “believing”! It is a cause and a consequence, that roils and revolves around want. Belief is where religion comes from: or, I believe because I want, what I want, to be true. From that moment of acceptance, belief is enlarged to construct a wide variety of actions or reactions to sustain, “what we want”/ because religion needs a herd, or it cannot function. There are many kinds of religion; each is based upon what people want; how they expect to get what they want; and when they expect to achieve the reward they agree to want, with the others; who give them the opportunity to believe by suggesting “we can’t all be wrong”! The largest religion of this day, in America at least if not around the world is: “university knows”. Or, the mind of a human being, can be, or play god. It is a constant, hidden theme in religion. However the religions that last all demand: “we can’t be god/ That, is something else”. University knows, will die, if this world does not first; because they will be found “less than acceptable, the maker of toys and trinkets and troubles”. Even the constant bribes, propaganda, and take over of governments & education; will not save them. They have already proven themselves failures, and fools of the worst possible kind: by gambling with all life on earth, discarding survival thereby all children, and assuming “extreme greed, has no penalties when your in charge”. Just like every group who claimed to be “noble” in every generation, throughout history. It is a lesson in democracy: NOBODY gets to play “noble”. It is a lesson in America: a little tragedy becomes a catastrophe; when they all agree, “we won’t pay for what went wrong”! Because then, all you are left with is: even “More lies, theft, cheating; and even greater troubles coming”. Until that collapses under your feet, so to speak, and a nation or world trembles, and prays to survive.
Humanity prays to life, and its CREATOR; when they know, how badly they failed, because the cost of being wrong is now apparent, and deadly. Like the biblical old testament, Jewish nation; nothing has changed throughout time; because men, will do what they need to do for life/ ONLY, when threatened with death. What nation is different? None! The instant death seems less likely; they immediately return to what they always choose: the very same ways, that brought them to tragedy. Again and again and again! Consequently in this day, we MUST have different than that; or our planet will fail/ life will go extinct.
Religious will say: CAN’T happen, “GOD” WILL NEVER allow that! Even if people believe nothing else/ they will believe that; stating as fact, “the world hasn’t died yet”: proof enough for me!
But alas, when humanity makes decisions for GOD ! That is extremely dangerous, you are NOT “HIS ruler”; even the horrifically mentally diseased, as is “university knows”; know that, because they will turn to pray, when faced with certain death. The religious believer however “believes”/ and becomes a zealot, when all that matters is what they believe, and nothing else can change it. Because they believe, with belief, they can be “children of GOD”. Which means, by that belief; they can judge, and even kill simply because you “don’t believe the same”. The new testament, biblical PAUL was an example of that: evidence didn’t matter/ truth doesn’t count/ realities which can be explained in no other way “than miracle”; are worthless. Until the new testament said: GOD challenged him, to change! If we turn the pages back: we find the extreme greed in humanity, demanded a conviction. Thereby using others, to kill JESUS, the very source of their “current wealth (pride is more important)”. “Not exactly GOD can’t let us all die”/ now is it!
Because HE tipped over their money piles, and they then lost “pennies”. It is no different today, threaten the money; and people will hate you. Even if, its all counterfeit; they all shut their ears, “and believe”! Because they don’t want to pay.

There is faith, a reality of truth; instead of belief, a reality of want. Faith means, to search diligently and carefully apply the evidence that is available to what you know or understand truth to be. It is by truth we survive, nothing less. It is by understanding reality is built of miracles, and nothing less can explain the existence of life, or even this planet: except things so complex, we need not try to understand that at all. Its called MIRACLE! Therefrom, upon the essence of clear and certain miracles; a value beyond comprehension: faith presents our own journey, to ascend into the essence of truth itself, and find the element called life. Life is at its core, a reflection of our CREATOR ! No, not the same at all/ but clearly built with love, by thought. Therefrom what we know to be true is: within that thought itself, we start to become: “at least similar to our GOD “! Thought translates time and body into humanity; without thought nothing exists. Because thought is our connection with life/ it is not body. Body is our connection with time. To want time, is to discard life; holding onto body instead. It is a very BAD choice.

The quest for a foundation upon which to build for life, the elements which conceive of eternity; begin with respect! Respect recognizes truth, understands that a miracle is something we are not entitled to alter or change. Rather respect assembles the necessary wisdom: “to walk carefully, within this garden of Eden (what men haven’t yet destroyed entirely)”/ by choosing truth.
A clear, certain, and fundamental example of DISRESPECT; is “university knows”. In all of history none, have done worse; no army more proud, or more violent/ no educator more certain “we are god”. It is true violence in the worst possible sense: to mutilate life forever, or threaten an entire world with extermination! Considering male domination, war, and revenge: that is indeed an accomplishment. But then threatening an entire planet with extinction/ even an entire solar system with tragedy, is more than noteworthy. Leaving us all, even religion; with the word called SATAN. They are worshipers too, surrendering what little they have; “to gain more power”. Pride, is a terrible thing; or they would have known better. But cults are cults; you can’t question “their god”/ and neither can they. That is what makes them a cult; truly no evidence matters, not even belief. Because instead of want, they choose to make themselves into slaves. Considering this better, “than life on their own”.

So the reality of being human is: a life on their own! Which means, some simply surrender life itself; as is suicide/ as is a cult/ as are the leaders of a cult. Addictions are an escape/ rather than a complete surrender. The difference is, even an addict can understand you don’t let someone else do all “your thinking”. It is less “than sheep”. Sheep want what they want. A cult wants to be put to sleep, so they can rest from reality, and pretend “this life” does not exist.
The lesson is: LIFE IS PRECIOUS, and so is your own ability to think for yourself. None are responsible for you/ but you. You are indeed responsible for every decision that you make, and establish: good or bad, it is your choice/ and that cannot be given away. You chose!
Prepare yourself with knowledge, by understanding what presents itself as evidence can include lies, misunderstanding, or is simply not yet ready to be an element of your own existence as a fundamental truth. We grow inside ourselves, by the essence of acceptance, when what we have faith in: actually proves to be true, again and again and again. Therefrom we gain wisdom, as in “I can perceive the future, of this path”. Because I have learned to recognize the realities it must pass; to become real.
The quest for wisdom is essential, regardless of intellect; that is just “trapping”. Wisdom is generated or cultivated, by preparing a journey from which you will learn: what it means to be free. Freedom is at its core, the reality of participation in life, without restraint. Just understand, that freedom without discipline or responsibilities; will NOT end well. Life is not a game/ if you treat it, as if it were: not only will you remain a child, without the right to grapple with or declare yourself an adult. You will be left behind, as a life which failed itself. Eternity needs no delusion/ it exists and remains, only because truth defines the law, and the law rules us all. Not a game!

beyond duty 10

Time is the elegant touch of eternity, providing the necessary eloquence through body, to achieve the blessing of heart.

Through love we experience all that true harmony, and excellent peace can be. Through courage, we experience and express, all that we (I), can be. Through discipline, the greater definitions of order arouse in us, to ascend beyond ourselves as life instructs us to be. With balance, we share our world, and care for each other by the honesty of our own truth. These, are moments. But time is also an event of the heart.
Heart lives inside, where only a tiny few can come. The passage between love, life, and hope is heart. Thereby heart is a journey, while love is a destiny, life is a decision, and hope learns from purity what shall be true desire in me or you. These are messages, which deliver our soul to the very edge of eternity itself; by accepting the miracles of Creation are true.

Since this is valentines day: a moment set aside to reflect, remember, and admire the values and dignity of our opposite sex. It is only fitting, to reflect on the treasuries of what is beautiful. Beauty reveals value without measurement/ thereby beautiful is “a miracle of life, released in a freedom of love: I need not, be afraid with you, or for my life with GOD”. Beautiful is the acceptance of faith: that truth shall lead me, all the days of my life; and reveal eternity at its end. Because miracles as are every living thing, even the planet itself; prove an eternity shall exist. With miracles designed and proven so, by love: there is absolutely no cause to be afraid: therefore beautiful shall come/ where freedom lives in hope, life, and love. Freedom is not “without boundaries”/ rather freedom is captivated by truth, and lives where only courage can come. The fundamental essence of love grows into a home; because it is our own value, which understands the true blessing of what we desire within ourselves.
Thought is an essence/ the body is merely a house. When freed, to participate only as the identity we chose, without restraint: what is true creates what will be real, in a passage that lives or dies because you cared for life, and shared your reality with someone else. That means, every relationship that has truth and respect, builds a purpose for life beyond self. Self is like a mirror, it reflects what you put into it. Body is like a conversation, it builds with whatever you put inside. But it is also a random event, which we must accept as our fate on earth; either good or bad. What we do with our conversation piece as is body and mind; becomes our story. What we do, with the reality of how others treat us, or the consequences we must, or choose to face; is the heart we exhibit for life. Every heart leaks a little, from the battles that were unfair. Every heart bleeds a little, from love that was spent/ but never returned. Every heart lives in the essence of our most pure desires; thereby giving purpose and romance its rhythms and song.
The challenge of our time on earth, is to become whatever truth inside will let us be. My truth, is a decision of my heart. While our love is a decision of
our hearts joined as one. Every love joins in soul/ or it is not so. Every love lives as the freedom we achieved, and learned to give to each other, as a blessing from “me, to you/ you to me”. For if it is not shared, but one-sided; then love cannot join, and it dies, or waits “as long as it can”. Love is at the core of thought/ because it builds from the essence of pure desire, to know and understand what it means to be ALIVE. That element of Creation, conceives of birth; as destiny unfolded in time. Every destiny shares an eternity with life/ therefore every destiny is a relationship with GOD!
When we ask of destiny, “WHO ARE YOU”? The answer returns, whatever truth allows for me to be. When we ask of truth, “WHAT are the limits of my time”? The answer returns: wisdom seeks a beginning and the ending as well/ but only thought achieves a journey. Therefore thought determines your limits, both here and forever. Thought is not an “intellect”/ no traps are desired. Therefore thought is the relationship you share with Creation itself: the possibilities of what you know and exhibit as true.
Truth seeks Creation itself/ thereby GOD and JESUS! Soul is that journey, through a path only truth can create. Beyond the boundaries of self, are the elements of our own creation/ the essence of life, by the variations of what is, or is not true. Thought confronts reality, and expresses freedom; but it is discipline that discovers and determines the value of life itself. Life is an opportunity to love, to join with freedom in your own march, beyond this time; as a reality you chose to be/ a truth you could not, or did not: refuse. Therefore love is a treasury we fight for, but not with violence or anything assigned by hate. Rather love is the vault, where every good thing arises, to prove “we, are alive inside our souls”. Every good thing is a relationship designed and created by respect. A respect that learns never to be arrogant or proud/ but always “a heartbeat shared”. The desire without end, is a translation of what our love means “to me”. This foundation must be built upon “by you”. Therefrom we achieve “our own forever”.
Love is not a game/ sex is not a game/ life is not a game: these are the rhythms born by our choices in soul. “To each his & her, own”. Life shared, is a living earned, a desire fulfilled, when all doubt is removed, and only “us” remains.

“A mother knows these things”/ learn them, and be blessed.

beyond duty 9

If, I were your mother; I would remind the majority of humanity, “to look down”/ upon the intense mountain of trash and garbage, that you built “to get here”. I would remind you, that disrespect for nature, environment, GOD and JESUS; are a certain graveyard, without mercy: to you. I would remind you, the future is your responsibility; not your “treasury to rob, rape, and ravage or destroy”; as is consistent with this day. I would remind you, nothing can repair, what goes past the point of no return; nor can you make GOD Your personal servant to demand “HE, must repair, and clean up, your sewage”. It ain’t so.

I would then remind you: that life or death for us all is a decision being made in this day. A reality of experimentation that intends to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here. A reality of mutilation in nature, that will bring chaos to biology, as is the chant, and the intent; of university knows. A reality of resource and environmental destruction beyond all possibility called, sanity. A certain death for every child, even you. I would remind you, that a university education today allows nothing of “free thought”/ only memorize and robot-icily do what you are told. The end result being “propaganda spread thick across this world” so none will question, or be heard, about the cost of being wrong; for all these things.

If, I were your mother, I would ask you to reconsider the future, without your wants or pride controlling that thought. Thereby removing all but the truth. I would ask you to understand the disciplines of law: so that communication of what you honestly believe, shall not then be war. I would ask you to find courage, to seek respect for life, to understand the expressions of love cannot exist without miracles….. to search for your own faith; as this whole world of creation points entirely to one GOD. By design, by reality, by truth, by evidence, by thought which alone can do these things, through “life energy” manipulation. I would also ask you to consider the cost of being wrong in these things for yourselves; as eternity knows, the decisions you make. Reminding you: “Destroying GODS’ own work”, which is a truly beautiful world/ WILL have consequences. Realities as are life, “which you cannot now, truly understand”.

If, I were your mother; “to want what you want/ and little else”; is extremely selfish. Without our entire world alive; nothing you want would exist. You cannot survive without the other lives, environment, etc; either. Every piece of food which sustains you, “is another life”. Every type of destruction to the environment or its resources; are “a nail in the coffin” of something else that now lives or is dying because of men. It will not go on much longer. The answer of men is, and has always been: war! Because war is the removal of law, rights, and realities which govern what those who want from war, can then take. You can’t be “a god over life” without fear, or a weapon, or a right that refuses law as is war. Therefore we know that men are drawn into war; because a percentage of men, which always tries to get into powerful positions: do worship war.
The answer of life is law! The enforcement of that law, is what brings us peace, harmony, and happiness: therefore truth may rule. Truth never listens to want/ it is, what it is. Reality cannot be governed by pride: life is no game, “it is a billion times more important, than that”. Love is a treasury of values, that cannot be measured; only respected and achieved through the desires within your own heart and soul. Soul visits us, when we know: “every life is a miracle” and nothing less.

If, I were your mother; I would recommend to you: communicate with each other, as if your world depended upon it. Because it does!
I would tell you, listen to your own heart (where duty arises), and find your own individual purpose and design; thinking, through understanding and knowledge: WITHOUT “simply listening to your tv/ etc”. Know what has true value, is life as GOD made it; alone! The fantasies and failures of men who lead this world; do not recognize that, to their eternal shame. Life is not a game.
Remember each one, is a living breathing miracle beyond comprehension! Where judgment must be given/ only the law itself decides. Where mercy is honestly worthy, that can intervene; but nothing else, because as is true of nature itself. The individual is not as important as the whole; therefore we too must protect the whole of earth and life first. Even if that means an individual is not allowed, to “infect the rest with chaos”. It is simply true.

If, I were your mother; I would tell you to look beyond your time, and build for a future; even if you benefit little. Even if, “this is not your fault”/ because there is no future, for a single child; if we do not choose and work, “as life itself, on a mission”; to repair all the damage that has been done. That is no joke, no possibility of being wrong! This world is dying; the primary enemy has been: “men who lead by, university knows”! Therefore change must come here as well.

If, I were your mother; I would say to you “expressions cannot be achieved without substance”. For example; You cannot simply tattoo your body, and say “I did something”. It is not true. You cannot say, “I experienced something MORE, than the others; by watching tv”; it takes more than your fantasy. Not all knowledge has value; be careful what you wish for/ people fall into chaos, many to change their lives forever. With just a tiny error in judgment, decision, or acceptance of what is not true. Learn what is true! Truth substantiates itself, with evidence. Truth assembles what justice can be, searching for life/ not hate.
I would ask you: what are the values of your own heart, because these govern your relationship with soul. Soul is a path towards Creation; it will only be known within respect. Every value that lives, searches for love; what then is your search? What then is your identity teaching you, to do, say, and think? Time is a treasury of change; giving to each one, an ability to perceive “this is/ or this is not, where my life desires to be”. Therefrom creating a true and deliberate choice; identifying you individually from the rest. It is your decisions, that express your life. It is your truth, that brings experiences which can or cannot be valued.
If I were your mother; the values of sex would not be forsaken/ because the true essence of an intimate relationship between two of the opposite sex: determines the balance and harmony of society itself. Where there is love exchanged, there will be peace; as value increases/ so then does justice. Where sex is simply used or abused/ forced or hated; society falls apart, even if there is no other cause. Man and woman discipline each other; or there is pain, and will be chaos. Neither “wins”; a game has no value/ a trophy “is simply fool’s gold”. Soon thrown in the trash; “the moment” is over. Not so with sex or life; as these remain hidden inside; some for life, some for hate; some changing our world.

If, I were your mother; I would remind you one last time: to consider the consequences of what being wrong does mean for this world.

Particularly for things like ignition of the same fire that is on the sun; here!

Particularly for things like mutilating genetics with DNA or other chemicals or things; as life itself is being threatened in every conceivable way. When they say “its all good/ we will wipe away every tear; just leave us alone”! Remind them of what they don’t know; and the consequences of failure that cannot be reversed. Remind yourselves, “even cooking has consequences; due to ingredients, or heat, or timing, or lack of resources, etc/ etc/ etc”.

Cooking involves a few ingredients: building a body of life requires “HOW MANY, thousand or perhaps billion individual measurements, realities, controls, ingredients, and so on”? Answer the question, because if you don’t know even that tiny little bit; HOW could anyone expect less than horrors, to result?

What then happens if the mechanisms and means to build an entire life are tampered with? It is horrendous, and has absolutely no possibility of turning out well. It is terrorism of the worst kind!

The claim of geneticists, “to get educated for life”, with exception for only the tiniest few; is a complete lie. If it were so, they would have chosen to proceed with extreme caution. Instead, they have proven by the evidence, to have done exactly the opposite of that; worshiping evolution as their god of chaos instead. Their purpose to demand change throughout biology; thereby declaring war on life itself. They are, another core essence of “SATAN (we can destroy this world) himself”. Their choice is: to demand evolution will exist, by de-constructing life; so that it becomes a descent into “slime”! To their eternal shame and punishment.

 Just another example: the core essence of “university knows” hidden behind layers of lies and propaganda; is death to our world. As is so clearly proven without the slightest doubt, by those who are willing to gamble our whole world on their theory “a ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel; will just extinguish itself”. “Even a blind man, could see; the critical error/ and absolute arrogance of such a stupid, stupid, stupid disgrace these people are”. Why not you?

The cost of being wrong; is a fire none will escape! And you know it!

Remember your duty to life and child: which means, there is no excuse for being lazy, or not involved. You are involved, our entire world is under attack. None, are excused!


I would remind you as well, LOOK at the consequences of what you do, and understand HOW you are affecting the rest of all life. A case in point is; next to where I live, a ditch exists with a bridge. That bridge just replaced; had a small pond on each side since it was built. A watering hole for all kinds of life, a place where new fish generations were born every year; a tiny little ecosystem for existence itself. The new bridge, in an effort to insure “we won’t have to do this again for a long time” has large rocks buried on both sides of the bridge so there can and will “be no pond”. Or we are now in control, “we know how, to build what we want and protect it”. The end result of this is no life, only men patting themselves on the back, “cause they are so smart”. It is a man’s way/ life be damned; again and again and again.

beyond duty 8

LOOPS, (thoughts, songs, things that create a circle and keep coming back). A fundamental cause of addiction, and other malady’s of life. Loops are a functional relationship between what we measure, and what we do, and how that conceives of “did I, or did I not adhere to my own values”.

Once in a great while, I allow myself to be convinced “to let measurements intervene in my own life”/ it never turns out well, in terms of value. Because even if the relationships form a trusted development of fair play, the reality of measuring is: that until you actually participate in the action or reaction of a decision (physical part)/ it is just a theory. Therefore when measuring, you play a game. When acting or reacting: you have now ended the game, and formed a real life decision that does have consequences. Those consequences spill into the lives of others, who then measure; and make decisions as a result of what you measured. The fundamental involved then is: was this fair/ did you achieve the value set out as your decision intended/ did you fail to be fair/ does this need to be redefined, realigned, and rebuilt from the beginning? The development of this reasoning, establishes directional signals in four different categories(directions of the wind). Each changes the functional relationship of your life, with your mind, and its directional movement. So the question is: now that the decision has been made/ do you, or do you not wish to continue. To achieve that, you must confront the reality of where that decision will take you. To understand that, you must account for the decision you made: to be certain, no lies exist.

The question is: WHY? The answer is, best given in this example.
I bought a small tool for a little over twenty dollars about 6 months before using it; it had a thirty day grace period (if I remember correctly)/ after that too bad, unless you buy the warranty. After using it for about one hour of work/ it failed to work properly, but with constant babying it would provide the necessary result. So it was used a total of about 2-3 hours of time. I said “oh well”; but bought another tool the same; could not buy from a different manufacture (they don’t make it). This time I bought a warranty. That tool worked correctly for about 15 minutes and failed; won’t start.
I then went back, got another (3rd one)/ considered the problem; and bought a fourth one with warranty. Believing since the first two failed very quickly, and I want to use this tool, because it does have a value to me (it does a job QUIETER, than others. I have ear troubles): I needed one as backup, so when the 3rd one fails, I can still use the fourth one; while I go get a replacement; hopefully before the fourth one fails too. I now have over $80.00 in what was supposed to be a twenty dollar tool. With no expectation of longevity. I WOULD HAVE, bought a replacement tool from a professional manufacturer; but they don’t make one.
This is the setup, which initiates the measurement: because I still have the first one, which would have been warranted within 30 days, if I had needed it at that time. The clerk, when I replaced the 3rd one and bought a 4th one said: “the same warranty would cover both tools” since I was buying two of the same. Having three tools the same; the mental suggestion is: warranty period is 2 years/ IS IT FAIR, to return the first one; for a backup? A question, which did not exist: UNTIL the second tool failed almost immediately/ which means the factory is using weak parts; not the same problem! So what is fair? We add in: when a tool is not functionally adequate for sale/ but sells anyway, largely to an unsuspecting public, which then puts it away until needed. Many are going to find, their tool does not work; after a very short time: which means they lost money, many become angry, and resources are lost, costing the future. These are secondary issues, which sets up the first measurement: what is fair to me? I am making trips/ I have now spent 4 times more than intended: but I made a decision, to keep buying it. Therefore I have established, “the value is worth the tool, at this time”; because I have a particular use in mind. I need quiet, as possible: “its important”! The second question is: is it fair to the business which does no more than sell the product/ to ask them to replace the original tool, under these circumstances? Is it fair, to let business and manufacturing “go free”/ when a lot of people will lose money on this tool, as described. Which asks the question: how best to intervene, for the future; regardless of this moment? So, I now have time invested in a problem I did not create originally/ facing a decision, I do not wish to make. But stubbornly insisting after the second one failed: if it’s a problem tool, and it is; again, “what is fair to me”? I decide, to take it back; talk to “lesser management on the way in”/ as conversation goes, didn’t get the whole story out, before a decision was offered. They did replace the tool “the 5th one”/ I now have three new tools (two warrantied and replaced, three paid for). Hoping to get about twenty hours of operation out of all three; to get a specific job done. Which means, the decision as to what is fair/ now revolves from theory into fact. Which again enters the mind as the demand for FAIR play; for all sides. Can’t go back now, and make a different decision: this one exists. I can go back, explain better; and let the management of the business decide for me. Which presents an excuse, and demands a judgment. I choose not.

This reality is weighted as “fair”/ however should the new tools have one more near immediate failure: that means this is clearly the manufacturers fault, and no element affects me. Should all three new tools work perfectly and given no expectation of trouble; being “essentially as advertized, usable and worth the price”: that judgment levels to even. We are both affected similarly. If all three tools fail quickly: then the question rises, “does a lawsuit” representing class action status (too many people were adversely affected)/ manufacturer and business; had to know: Need to rise. Time decides.

From this point on, as is predictable; the loop begins. From a mental point of reference, what exists preforms the function of identifying who you really are. Therefore the purpose and desire of where you intended to be, in terms of fairness; must now be justified by the reality. Or I fail myself/ and must rebuild myself, by cleaning out “the trash” which compromised the disciplines which live here with me.
Loops are created by measurements/ which lead to decisions that are not heavily weighted to one side or the other/ thereby removing any and all questions. When the scale of justice “so to speak”, clearly proves this is fair: it is then fair. However, when that same scale is only slightly, but significantly weighted in one direction as opposed to the other: the question erupts, “did you, or did you not attest and define all participants correctly/ or is there a hidden want, that lied, thereby leading to an errant conclusion”?
This is the circle: did you, or did you not (in this case, “me”) measure fairly, and thereby establish the foundation that becomes “justice”? Not pure justice as is a decision without doubts/ but realistic justice, based upon the realities of society that we live within! As you might understand, it is never worth the price to measure; it is always better to be above question! But when confronted by what is honestly fair, based upon the realities involved: sometimes, society needs “lesser answers” than just what will desire, for a life without measurement; allow.
It is these secondary issues which close the loop. Not only for me, but for the demand: we deserve better/ we shall not be cheated “somehow”. Which then seeks the other side, to establish: they must not be cheated either. The loop lives inside your mind as a confrontation for or against you, and may “flip-flop”, giving that a power to control your own experience of love or hate accordingly: until the critical judgment is made.
Critical means: this is “who I am”/ because this is the judgment I accept. That judgment sends your life, in the direction you chose: whether for truth, partial truth, or lie, is up to you. Where there is truth, there will be kindness. Where there are lies, there will be costs coming. What is in-between surfaces as doubt established in the rest of your life; making all future decisions harder. Every form of gray, is more difficult than “black or white”. There are costs, even if you are correct in your measurement: because being human means, “nobody is perfect”. Which then becomes, a judgment for them that may not agree with your own assessment; causing them to enter within the same developmental issues of what is fair, “to me”.

So, if I were a mother: the lesson of this day is, try never to enter within a measurement for justice; unless you must. Remember your duty to society is, “to protect and serve” the values of all, as best you can/ understanding simply, nobody is perfect; grey matters. Sometimes you are going to be less than “completely clean”/ because that answer does not exist. But the foundations which present an argument do: which means, a clear and certain developmental task of aligning facts with outcome must be accepted/ thereby making the future more clear, certain, and sure of going in the direction we each assert, “this, is me”. By, Accepting the fact; you are going to make mistakes too/ whether this is one, I leave to you. The cost of the journey into “who am I”; is worth the price. Because that is the only way we learn what must be cleaned, altered, changed, or embraced as fair.

Regardless of that, loops are dangerous things. They lead to addiction, because the repetition which refuses to leave you mind alone: demands an action, the addict cannot make. A decision, that establishes the direction for the rest of their lives; convicts them; or refuses to rest, until the next set of “definitions/ measurements in gray” must be dealt with, again. What is fair, begins with little things/ because law and justice established by truth and evidence decide the big things. Therefrom fair is an element of society, because what you are willing to do to me as a majority/ can be returned as what I then consider to be allowed for you. Within the category, of where I live my life inside. If you desire peace, there must be forgiveness; if possible/ because no one is perfect, and neither is the concept of fair. Fair is not perfection/ fair is within the definitions of who we intend to be as a society; even if we are not there yet. Consequently fair is an elevation of what we desire to be true. Rather than an immersion in what we believe to be true. That subsequently asks of this situation: did fair meet the standard, “I hope for better, or best; from this world, and me”? Within that standard, I have accepted within this writing, that hope does “live on”.
Adding in: every loop is stopped, when you quit measuring life/ and accept the journey to be “clean”; or, better than you were. As to me, the values and dimensions of my own life, in matters of gray; can be summed up more clearly in this experience.
When I was a teenager, I accidentally walked out of a store with sunglasses in my pocket (hands full, just put them there for a minute/ forgot). But noticed them before I got completely, out of the store: which established a loop of “Oh no, they will think I am stealing if I go back” and a string of immediate “Bad things: I don’t know what to do”. I was completely unprepared; a problem that needs to be remedied with education, for the young. Walked out without consequences, relieved; suggested to a friend “I forgot”/ which he quickly pointed out, stealing anyway. Didn’t take them back; unresolved. Ten years later, after being mentally reminded of that periodically, I went back: explained/ stated up to 20 times more to set it right. Owner had sold/ new owner didn’t care. Nobody is perfect, “everybody knows”, or arrogance controls you; whether you admit it or not. Fix what you can. Live with your decision, by cleaning house; thereby doing your best to fix what needs fixing in you. Pray, if you have faith. But do not simply complicate someone else’s life, “for little things”. That is simply being “righteous”/ it helps no one. These are, the decisions we make: therefore it is up to you, to resolve “life inside”/ changing what can or needs to be changed.


The problem with being young is, “we are unprepared; for realities we have not been educated to deal with”. Little things, can become big things; without a true cause. The problem with being old is, “elements of gray” color our world, and must be dealt with as a fact of life: making decisions, that will become a part of our lives. All the time in-between serves to understand: what we do not know. Or is abandoned, to serve oneself with pride. So the question is throughout life: who do you desire to be/ and will you work to attain that truth? You are going to fail some/ others are going to cause you to fail some/ you are going to cause trouble for others some: the end result is simply being human has a cost.

Songs get stuck in your head because they measure and remind: something aligned with, what you have not yet resolved.

beyond duty 7

Being free of duty: knowledge is the essential of change/ understanding the relationship born to share/ while wisdom itself stands as guard over our own future; even now, this world.

IF, I were a mother; I would answer the question, WHERE is “GOD” In our lives today? As best I can.

The foundation being: “If GOD loves us/ then why are we in so much trouble”?
The correct answer is: love grants freedom to those who insist/ but demands, “you must” accept then the responsibility for what you did do. Freedom is not free. Consequently, we are & we did as humanity on earth/ what we chose to do, and must take responsibility for those actions or reactions as the case may be. Added to that, is an almost complete lack of RESPECT: culminating in a very toxic relationship with “university knows”/ among others. The end result is: we are responsible, for ourselves.
But even that does not mean we are abandoned entirely/ because if that happens, life will not last long. Everything is prepared to exterminate this world: because that, “is what men chose”. If “GOD” were to save us from ourselves/ it would just be, necessary to do so again and again; because without true change, men and their university leaders DO, choose the very same things, again and again and again.

So the question of love, is one directed entirely to ourselves/ WHERE is your love! It is a “two-way street”. The reality of our lives, a very simple: WHY don’t you care?

Some will say, “that should not apply to me, I care”! If that is true, then eternity will be fair: is that not so? So the question is: because we now know, beyond any question of doubt, that our entire planet and all its life are threatened with extinction/ WHAT will you do? These are human threats, therefore they require human solutions; with no second chances. Within the reality of one single second too late, and our world is lost: WHAT THEN, WILL YOU DO? Do you not care! It is a choice, no excuses will be accepted. YOU CAN do something! No matter who you are, unless a small child, or with “terrible health issues”. Your chance to repay life itself, with your choice to protect and defend this world, and all its children; is right now. Not a game. Not ANY excuses. Your duty is clear, certain, and true. Mine, has ended: I am not your savior/ I did do my job. The message of change, is true.

As too the “hidden hand of GOD” And what HE does or does not do, that we are aware of in this human life, or for our individual lives, or any other life or environment: no one can truly say. Because anything said without “the human claim of evidence/ even if its clear”; will just get humanity in more trouble. As is so clear with evolution: nothing but a fantasy, yet humanity spread it, or allowed it to be spread worldwide. To your shame.

I can make you aware of my own testimony in such matters; as I am personally, the evidence of that. But what you believe is entirely up to you/ as it is no more than my own witness; and history proves you can and did easily discard me for decades/ regardless of the evidence proven true by reality. Its your choice, not mine.

Nonetheless, I will begin as a slightly, sickly child bronchitis! Nearly died, at about 4 years old. Awoke with a nurse leaning over; “I put a plastic knife down her blouse, when she wasn’t looking; and did my best to play asleep”. Out of the hospital quickly after that. I know not how it applies, but since near death; it seems important somehow.
The next experience was at Christian church confirmation; 13 years I think. Its called taking communion “did not expect much”/ I was wrong, that was a strong spiritual awakening; I was surprised, and honestly felt certain (I was one of four who received it). Don’t know why.
The next “visit” occurred at my wedding; didn’t expect much there either. But I was suddenly struck with “standing before GOD” and making a decision. The only thing I heard or saw after that, was do you take this woman: I said yes. Still divorced two years later; “it’s a long, complicated story”. Nonetheless, still a promise made: be careful what you choose.
The next reality of time is: an experience searching for Creation, was met with an image in “the open sky”; not a true image, and I knew it. But this was a clue, so I continued the conversation. To my great surprise, when I was prepared to simply walk away from it. The image asked: something about two false teeth (knocked out in grade school). I did not have an answer, for if this was or was not defiling “Gods temple as in a body of life”. The correct answer is: no, this living body is my gift; and I am entitled to use it as I desired. But thinking “better not take any chances”/ I knocked them out. Bad plans & bad consequences; go with bad decisions. Oh well. Nonetheless, keys were found in that experience that became absolutely important to enter the spiritual world later. The spiritual world is not “GOD”/ it is law, the enforcement of truth. Therefrom, it is critically important: to understand, “the question”, and know its honest answer inside.

There is a large assortment of elements assigned to or from the spiritual world. But the only one that translates down to this earth is: I did enter the spiritual domain of woman/ and have not been able to escape it. I don’t know how: “you have to be a woman, to know that”. Its complicated.
Nonetheless, that decision has been an unending reality of learn what it means “to be a woman”. Apparently what male in me decided as a teenager: “I am not woman; I don’t need to know/ anything but man” was wrong. Anyway, that continues unchanged until a few weeks ago: when some type of explosion occurred in my head (physical/ real). I lost my defenses, “what is female” now controls; you can’t imagine. It is “so different”. No idea how it ends. That pretty much sums it up, to this day! I cannot truly say, “how much or little GOD changed my life or directed it in some fashion” beyond these things.
I can say; a time or two, work was changed/ which means regardless how much I tried, “this was not going to go better”. Even though I knew how inside, something was to be changed through this: a new path would be taken. It is an odd reality, not really my decision: but this work is the end result.
It can also be said: the summation of my own education is simply BUT WHY? The end result a “short trip”; in someone else’s shoes; to understand how these results come to be. Its complicated; but reality knows; an education much more like “being thrown out of the frying pan into the fire” than simply reading a book. Not, “for the frail at heart”.
I hope it serves you to some degree, with regard to your own life.


Just a footnote: the female breasts SO DETERMINED to grow here/ are viewed by me similar too. “Flags”/ like men who climb a mountain or go to the poles; they plant proof “we/ I was here”. I can’t stop them/ they do, whatever they want to do.  A ten year + battle:      lost!